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Chapter 40 – In My Eyes


Edward seemed just as excited as me when planning our wedding. He was also busy on the phone with his sister who had agreed to be my bridesmaid and hold our best man who was Markey, or Junior as Edward insisted.

Planning this wedding with my dad here to walk me down the aisle was surreal. I'd never had a father before and Charlie was really amazing. He was constantly finding new pictures of me as a baby and telling me stories of me spitting up on people he didn't like. He coddled little Markey like he hung the moon and looked at me like I had done it, too.

When he agreed to sell us his house, I realized I might be taking advantage of him and asked him if he was really okay with it. He just kissed my forehead and promised me that he was happy to give it to me. He planned on moving to his little cabin and having an office in town. Turned out that second key on his key ring was to a nice little cabin on a lake not far from our house.

"You didn't like long car rides and I liked fishing and hunting, so I bought a little cabin on the lake so we could spend weekends up there and give your mom a break. That was before I knew how sick she was. I thought she was just stressed at the time." He let out a sigh and shook his head. "I was so stupid, peanut, will you ever forgive me?" he asked.

I just hugged him and kissed his cheek. "It wasn't your fault she was sick, Daddy. It's not like you're a doctor, and you were busy working. You tried to help, she just wouldn't let you," I rested my head on his shoulder.

"I promise to do my best to take care of you and your little family now. I still have the fishing boat. You're always welcome to come out for the weekend and take some time off. You used to love chasing the birds and squirrels and collecting rocks. I guess you've outgrown that, though," he said sadly.

"Well, I might still collect rocks if they're pretty, but I'll leave the animal chasing to the boys," I said glancing over at Edward, who was using a stuffed animal to tickle Markey's tummy. He had just learned to laugh and had yet to stop. Everyone loved the sound of our son's giggles.

"You know, he's a really good man," my dad said watching my son and soon-to-be husband play. "The way he dotes on him and you, I don't think I'd be willing to give you up to just anyone, but I know he'll take care of you both."

I nodded in agreement.

Alice came bursting through the door with a baby in her arms. "There's my brother and nephew. Look at your cousin, little Nate. You're going to be best of friends," she said completely ignoring everyone's shock at her sudden presence. Jasper came trailing in behind her with a diaper bag and a few shopping bags.

"Where do you want this?" he asked her.

She looked around and then said, "Try the kitchen table." She then walked over to me, grabbing me up in a hug. She suddenly burst into tears and squeezed tighter. "I'm so glad I found you that night. I know I was drunk, but it was the best decision I ever made. You've made my brother so happy."

I stood there awkwardly patting her back.

She stepped back and fanned her face, "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm such a mess, my hormones are still all crazy. You'd think they would ease up by now already. Anyway, I have sample ribbon and pictures of flowers for centerpieces. We need to pick fast. If you pick something that's somewhat boyish like navy or whatever, Jazz and I will cover the cost of half of it since it's kind of for the christening as well."

I looked at her shocked, but she didn't seem to notice as she took off into the kitchen. My dad looked at Edward and he stood up. "Do you want me to step in, honey?" Edward asked worried.

I shook my head no and kissed his lips softly. "It's fine, maybe we can do navy and burgundy, those are pretty," I said.

I guess Alice heard because she came running in with a page of arrangements and a few ribbons. "Oh, I'm so glad. I really didn't want to do mint green or anything."

I started laughing and pulled her and Edward down on the couch with me. I saw Edward look up at Charlie as Alice and I discussed the different flowers and it seemed like Charlie was snickering. Markey started to fuss, and Edward used it as an excuse to get away from the flower discussion. He was more into seating arrangements and cake. My boy did love his cake.

There was another light knock and Esme came in and quickly attacked both the babies. "You've got to move here, Alice. Can't Jasper work from home? These boys are going to be best of friends, I just know it!"

I was surprised to see the pleading look in Alice's eyes and the sigh from Jasper. He scratched his chin, "We have to wait until our lease is up in a few months, but I guess since everything is settled, we can move to town. I just wanted to be sure Alice had a good hospital when she delivered."

Alice bounced excitedly and I was surprised at how excited I felt at the same time. When she hugged me, I hugged her back, really thrilled that my son was going to have so much family around.


Father Carter was thrilled to have us wed and our nephew christened. My mom somehow invited the whole town of Forks. Everyone came, interested in finally meeting Bella, the long lost daughter of Charles Swan.

It turned out that he was the only insurance salesman in town and everyone knew him. He was the man that gave them money to repair their houses after a big storm and was there to mourn with them when they lost a loved one. He helped out if there was an accident or a new baby or marriage. I never thought of an insurance salesman as anything but annoying, but the whole town knew better because Charles Swan went the extra mile and he was loved by everyone. They all came to celebrate his daughter's return and you could tell he was on cloud nine as he walked her down the aisle.

There were happy tears and cheering once we were finally pronounced man and wife. Bella had her father-daughter dance and they both smiled and cried. I took my beautiful bride in my arms and carefully moved her around the dance floor. I was by no means a dancer, but my mom made sure I knew enough to get through tonight.

Tonight, our house was officially ours and we would be honeymooning in it. When we finally left the church in a shower of birdseed, I was sure I was flying. I felt so light and my face just couldn't stop smiling. When I looked over at my girl, my wife, she had the same huge grin on her face.

I carried her up the steps and over the threshold, loving her giggle. "You're mine, all mine, Mrs. Cullen," I said kissing her lips. She quickly deepened the kiss and I realized that we would be breaking in every room in this house this weekend.

Charlie had left most of his furniture since his little cabin was already furnished. He did take his lounge chair, but not his bed. Thank heavens, that air mattress was killing me.

I pinned my girl to the freshly-made bed that was covered in flower petals and surrounded by lit candles. I suspected that Alice and Esme had had a hand in setting this up for us. I rubbed the soft flower petals against her skin, amazed at how similar it felt.

"You're so beautiful," I whispered kissing her madly.

I had been waiting for her to make the first move, but we hadn't been together since she had gotten back. I had been afraid of what had possibly happened to her while she was in Chicago, but she finally assured me last night that she hadn't had to be intimate with anyone there, which I found a great relief. She had just wanted to wait for our wedding night and make love for the first time as a truly free and redeemed woman and as my wife.

I still didn't want to push her, but I was getting nervous now that she would want to stop. She suddenly pushed me down on the bed and crawled down me, working my pants off. I knew exactly what she was going to do and considered stopping her, but I decided that I would last longer if I let it happen just this once. Like the genius she was, she had me coming fast and hard, calling her name. I pulled her up into my arms and kissed down her body. It was her turn. I watched her reaction as I slowly got closer to her apex. Her breath sped up and I suckled the skin below her belly button. I moved to her thighs, reveling in how good my wife smelled.

"My wife," I groaned in pleasure just thinking it.

"My husband," she smiled down at me.

My mouth enveloped her and I lavished her with my tongue. It wasn't long before she was screaming my name and yanking me up her body. I slid into her fast and hard, thrilled to finally be home and complete with my girl. She was mine, she was my everything.

We made love all weekend, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and in several different places, but it was always perfect because it was always with my girl, my wife, my Bella. Life could never get any better than this.


Once we were settled in the house and in a sort of routine, I got up the nerve to talk to Edward about getting my GED. I had nothing to worry about because he thought it was a wonderful idea. He embarrassed me by talking to his mom about it. Esme ended up spending most days at our house to help me study and help with the baby if I needed to go over some stuff alone.

"What are your plans after you graduate, dear?" she asked.

I just shrugged, not really sure. I just wanted to have it so my kids wouldn't be disappointed in me. Honestly, this school crap was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I mean, I knew the basics, addition and subtraction, and I could read most words if they weren't too big, but the crap they wanted us to know was insane.

"Do you want to go to college?" Esme asked and I shook my head no.

"This stuff is so hard sometimes. It makes me feel so stupid."

Her arms were around me in an instant and she pulled my chin up to look at her. "Don't ever think you're stupid. This is a challenge, one you'll overcome. You're a smart, beautiful young woman and my daughter in law and no one talks bad about my family," she said with a wink. "Now, let's go through this one more time and then we can discuss how many more grandbabies I can expect," she grinned.

I couldn't help but laugh.

Edward came home happy and hugged and kissed me and our son. I was working on dinner. Esme had been teaching me some of her recipes and Edward was literally eating it up.

"How is my beautiful wife?" he asked.

"Good, how is my handsome husband?" I asked and he blushed. I snuggled in, kissing his lips softly. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too," he said and our son let out a squeal from his high chair, wanting his daddy's attention.

Edward, of course being the wonderful father he was, he hopped over, making silly faces and making our boy crack up, and then pick him up, loving on him. It was amazing to watch a good father in action and it made me want to have more babies with him. I'd had my IUD taken out and we had decided to just let things happen if they happened. That was three month ago and I still wasn't pregnant. Little Eddie was almost two and I was getting nervous that he would be the only baby we could have. Of course, my husband wasn't worried. He said that I just needed to give it time and I should focus on my studies.

After the third try, I finally passed the GED test. I was officially a high school graduate. Charlie threw a big party down at his lake cabin and our families celebrated together. I was about to grab a drink when Edward passed me a bottle of water. I looked at him confused.

"You're late," he said smiling.

"Late?" I didn't understand; we had arrived on time; and since when did being late to a party mean you couldn't drink?

"I was in the bathroom this afternoon and noticed that your new box of tampons is still closed. You're late, beautiful."

My eyes widened, but I was too worried to get my hopes up. "But I've been stressed."

Esme came over smiling and handed a small brown bag to Edward. "Let's hope it's positive," she whisper-giggled.

Edward pulled me into the bathroom and handed me a pregnancy test. "You're three days late, baby, it should show up."

I took the test and sat on the toilet lid with my eyes closed and fingers crossed, afraid of what the results might be. I wanted another baby, and Edward deserved to have another child to spoil.

"YES!" Edward shouted startling me and then picked me up, swinging me around in the confined space.

I was even more surprised to hear cheering from the other side of the door, only to open it and find half of the party standing there with huge smiles.

"We're having another baby!" Edward announced loud and proud. His stutter was a thing of the past as he settled into the town and got to know everyone and was openly accepted.

Congratulations were cheered and Alice pushed her way to the front of the crowd. "Oh, thank god. I'm three months along and was hoping you would get pregnant again soon, too. Nate and Eddie get on so well I was hoping we could do it again."

"Wonderful!" Esme shouted, "Now let's try for girls. I saw some adorable little dresses I just had to buy."

We all started to laugh and my sweet husband kissed my neck, holding me in his arms. Our son came toddling over and he picked him up, keeping one arm wrapped around me. Little Eddie's eye was much better; although it was still slightly off if you looked closely. I was so in love with my husband that his eye condition didn't even register to me anymore, and I guess it never really did. They would both always be perfect in my eyes. I looked at my beautiful boys and smiled.

Life couldn't get any better than this.


Little Elizabeth Esme Cullen came into the world a wonderful seven pounds eight ounces and screaming mad. She looked just like her beautiful mother, and even though I had said it before, I was sure this time. Life couldn't be any more perfect.

Alice brought little Lilly Ann Whitlock along with Nate and little Eddie to see the newest addition to our family. My mother brought matching clothes for all the kids and made us all laugh. She loved this grandmother gig. Charlie was there with flowers, balloons, and toys for the kids. He had read somewhere that it was important for siblings to get presents, too, not just the new baby. He doted on my wife and kids, earning his rightful place as father and grandfather. Weekends at the lake house were now a family tradition.

The hospital staff all came through to meet my newest family member. I had never felt so welcomed or at ease working anywhere else. I was home, and I was loved.

Life truly was perfect.

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