This story follows the events of the Nintendo DS video game: "Bleach - The 3rd Phantom". The main characters aren't OCs. They're characters designed by Tite Kubo himself for the game. Speaking of that... I don't own Bleach! Tite Kubo does.

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I'll try my best to make things fit in the original timeline. The first half of this story happens during the time Urahara was captain of the 12th Division. The precise time is in Turn Back the Pendulum 4, between Urahara's invitation to Mayuri and the interaction between the young Byakuya and Yoruichi. (I advise you to check that chapter first.)

Important: Somewhere between Urahara's first two years as captain, Shinji Hirako was invited for the Royal Guard, being temporarily replaced by Seigen Suzunami (also from the Royal Guard), while Shinji went through the Zero Division's trials.

Edit: The story's name has been changed to Bleach: The Three Phantoms.

Twin Shinigami Arc (Introductory Arc - 001 to 015)

Chapter 001 - Begin of the Past Track! Twin Souls

(1893 A.D.) Two years after Kisuke Urahara became Captain...

"We're nearing the patrol that put out the call for help, Suzunami-taichō." The Shinigami with glasses informed. Wrapped around his left arm was a badge that identified him as Vice-Captain of the 5th Division.

"You heard him, Urahara." Seigen Suzunami spoke to the third man. He had dark red hair parted down the middle, with one stray bang on the left side of his face. The trio was moving through the Rukongai, trying to find a patrol team that had requested help minutes before, via Bakudō # 77: Tenteikūra. "We'd better hurry!"

"Sure, that's fine...but why am I being dragged along on a rescue mission of the 5th Division, again?" The blond Captain of the 12th Division asked, while he rubbed the back of his head.

"You were the only one available who could keep up with Aizen and me." Suzunami clarified.

"This is an emergency, Urahara-taichō." Aizen further added. "We hope you don't mind."

"Fine, fine...but I'd rather leave this kind of stuff to you young folks and just devote myself to research." Urahara revealed with a sigh.

"Training young people is one of the duties of a Captain, though, sir." Aizen stated, while he fixed his glasses.

"I just create things. I'm no good at training people." Urahara shook his left hand frenetically while he spoke. He stopped as soon as he got a feeling of a new gathering of Spiritual Energy, not too far from the Shinigami trio.

"All right, that's enough griping. I sense Hollows nearby!" Suzunami interrupted the dialogue, but both nodded in agreement.

"Six of them...No, seven?" Aizen questioned and his Captain nodded. "So many in one place!"

"Too many for the patrol squad to try and handle them alone. I hope we make it in time!" Suzunami worriedly spoke.

"Where's that Yoruichi when we need her, anyway?" Urahara rhetorically asked, seemingly annoyed.

"Damn it!" Suzunami frowned as he saw the scene in front of him.

"All five patrol members, dead." Aizen calmly stated. Close to the corpses stood the Hollows responsible for their deaths. "At least they managed to lure six of the Hollows into this vacant lot and minimize the damage. They didn't die in vain."

"I don't get it, though." Urahara spoke, with his eyes fixed on the evil creatures. "Hollows don't usually operate in groups. But here they are, all together."

"We can think about that later. Right now, it's time to avenge the deaths of our men!" Suzunami fiercely stated.

"Yeah, we have a score to settle. Let's move! We still have to figure out where that seventh Hollow went, too." Urahara agreed and rushed towards the closest one. The humanoid-shaped Hollow was cut in its chest by Urahara's sealed Zanpakutō but, as Urahara was about to strike a final blow, the Hollow spread wings from its arms and flew to dodge the next slash, before coming back down in a counterattack attempt.

"Hadō #31: Shakkahō" From behind the 12th Division's Captain, Sōsuke Aizen thrusted his right palm forward, unleashing a red sphere of flames that hit the Hollow's mask, causing an explosion that destroyed the creature.

"Great. All we have to do now is keep it up." Urahara complimented the 5th Division's Vice-Captain, who gratefully nodded.

"Right." Suzunami said, before disappearing in thin air. Thanks to his great speed, the crimson-haired Captain's Shunpo allowed him to appear right between three Hollows. "Strike Down, Shiden..."

"Ohh, Suzunami-taichō isn't kidding around..." The surprised Urahara stated as he saw Suzunami releasing his Zanpakutō. Originally, the sword had a dark red hilt, which was longer than usual hilts, and a guard that looked similar to an eye, with each side being hollow and spikes protruding from the edges. That quickly changed however, as soon as Shiden entered in its Shikai state. The sides of the blade became jagged and white, resembling a lightning bolt, with the internal part of the sword being black. At the end of the sword, two sharp points emerged, their color the same white of the jagged edges of the blade.

"Hit Fast and Hard, Shiden!" Suzunami commanded as he raised his Zanpakutō vertically into the air, gathering purple-colored lightning around it, before slamming the weapon into the ground. The gathered electricity flew from the two sharp points in a wide-range lightning shock that struck the three Hollows, destroying them shortly after.

"Oh boy, I have to get at least one, or I'll look bad." Urahara rubbed the back of his head, before setting eyes on another humanoid-shaped Hollow. The creature, feeling challenged, rushed towards the blonde Shinigami, who made use of his own knowledge of Shunpo to disappear and reappear behind the Hollow. As soon as Urahara's feet landed on the ground, the Hollow's arms fell to the floor. "If this one had wings, now he can't use them..."

"Fast. On equal footing with Suzunami-taichō or even faster." Aizen stated in a whisper. The Hollow turned to his attacker and roared in both fury and pain, but got silenced as soon as Urahara thrusted his Zanpakutō into its mouth.

"Too loud." Urahara unblocked his left ear with his pinky finger, before moving his weapon horizontally, cutting the Hollow's head in two. "Want some help?"

"Don't need too." Suzunami claimed, while he walked towards the last remaining Hollow, one with a mask that resembled a frog's head.

"Oh well, I have your back in any case, Suzunami!" Urahara cheered for his fellow Captain, eventually making him chuckle a bit. Suzunami stabbed with his Shiden, the two sharp points stabbing the Hollow's eyeholes. Purple light erupted from every dark hole of the Hollow's mask, before the beast exploded. "That ought to do it!"

"Aizen, you'll stay around and guard this area." Suzunami ordered his Vice-Captain, who nodded in understanding. "Urahara, you come with me. We'll go look for that other Hollow."

"Sure. I'll bet that one's the leader."

"Aaagh!" A boy with dirty blonde hair shouted in pain, as he was sent crashing against the wall of the small hut.

"Fujimaru!" A young girl, also blonde, worriedly shouted.

"Eheheheh! Well, aren't you a little hero? Thinking you could protect your sister?" The huge green Hollow with red fur surrounding its mask slowly advanced towards the fallen boy. "What an interesting pair of souls. You're what they call twins, aren't you?"

"Ma-Matsuri..." Fujimaru painfully called for his sister, who was paralyzed by seeing the blood coming from her brother's injury. A large chunk had been taken out of his torso, following the Hollow's last strike.

"I'm quite the connoisseur of rare and unusual souls, you see? So...I just know I'm going to love devouring yours!" The Hollow stopped and turned its head towards Matsuri. "I want to start with the eldest. Would that be you, or is it your half-dead brother there?"

"It...I am..." She started to say, so she could take the Hollow away from her brother. However, she felt something coming closer before she could finish. "Here they come!"

"Huh?" Not having realized until then, the Hollow focused and finally felt the incoming Spiritual Pressures. "Shinigami are coming? And with a overwhelming Spiritual Pressure, too! Eheh...Remember my name! Mad Eater will be back someday to make a snack out of your souls!"

"It...It's gone..." Matsuri started to shake even more than she already was, until she fell on her knees, her face filled with tears. "Fu-Fujimaru..."

"Darn! It got away!" An angry voice made itself heard out of the hut.

"I don't sense it anymore." A more controlled one added.

" us." Both Urahara and Suzunami looked at eachother for a short second, before rushing towards the hut. As they entered, they saw a little girl crying, while she held her injured brother on her arms.

"The Hollow got him, eh?" Suzunami knelt by their side and checked the nasty looking wound on Fujimaru's body.

"He's...he's still alive." Matsuri sobbed. Since Suzunami remained in silence, Matsuri stared to cry even more.

"These wounds...I don't think the poor kid's gonna make it."Urahara thought to himself.

"He's still alive!" Matsuri suddenly shouted, angry because they weren't doing anything to help him.

"My, my..." Urahara deeply sighed. "I'll leave it up to you, Suzunami-taichō. What do you think?"

"Urahara..." Suzunami suddenly became a lot more serious and took the boy out of his sister's arms. "You take the girl. I'll carry the boy."

"Oh!" Matsuri's eyes widened as she saw the Shinigami in front of her standing carefully with her brother on his arms. "Thank you so much, sir!"

"Don't you worry, little girl. Your brother's going to be just fine." Suzunami stated with an assuring smile.

"Thank you!" Matsuri insisted, while she and Urahara stood as well.

"I don't know about this...I mean, even if an Emergency Relief Team were right here, I still don't know if they could save him."Urahara thought, while he came out of the hut, following Suzunami and Matsuri. "What about Aizen?"

"We'll have to pass by where he is. He'll follow us, I'm sure."

"Eeek!" The girl squeaked as Urahara picked her under his right arm.

"Sorry. We're gonna have to move a bit faster than you're used too." Urahara said with a smile of his own.

"He's going to be all right now." A woman assured with a graceful voice.

"His color looks a lot better. He'll probably wake up soon." A man agreed, his voice gentle as well.

"I sure hope so!" A girl anxiously said. Her voice was familiar though.


"Oh my!" The woman sounded surprised.

"Hmmm?" Fujimaru's eyes suddenly opened and he saw himself surrounded by people he didn't knew. "Where the hell am I?"

"Good morning." The kind woman greeted him. She had long red hair parted down the side, with only the right side of her bangs on her forehead, and was using a hair clip in the shape of a flower on her right side, which rested on her shoulder. She was wearing a light pink kimono with a red cloth around her waist and had dark green eyes.

"Mmm..." Fujimaru slightly raised his head but eventually let it fall back, his eyes closing once again. "So sleepy..."

"Wake up, Fujimaru! You can remain awake, can't you?" Matsuri furiously shouted, knowing very well how her brother was.

"Huh? Is that you, Matsuri?" Fujimaru asked while he lazily rubbed his eyes.

"Hey, c'mon! Snap out of it!" Matsuri grabbed him by his hair and used it to lift his head up, before slamming it back down on the pillow. She repeated this multiple times and in very fast motion. "Wake up and thank Seigen-sama and Konoka-sama properly, will you?"

"Ouch! Ouch! What the...Ouch!" Fujimaru thanked the gods immediately after Matsuri stopped and rubbed his head in pain for awhile. "Who's Seiren and Konoha?"

"Sama, idiot!" Matsuri shouted again, this time with a swell vein in her forehead. She grabbed and pulled him by his neck, to force him to sit up and then shook him with both hands for awhile. "It's Seigen-sama and Konoha-sama, idiot! Are you awake yet, or should I continue?"

"I am! I am!" Fujimaru cried for his sister to stop, until she finally did. Behind them, both Seigen and Konoka had a drop of sweat running down the back of their heads. "So...what happened to me? Where are we?"

"We were attacked by a Hollow. You almost died." Matsuri remembered him. "But then Seigen-sama and Konoka-sama saved you!"

"Oh, wow..." Fujimaru reminded everything that happened since Mad Eater's appearance, until the moment his head hit the wall. "But hey, thank goodness you're all right, Matsuri."

"You big dummy!" Matsuri suddenly slapped the back of his head. When Fujimaru looked back to her, she had a sad look on her face. "Try worrying about yourself instead of me for a change."

"No way! You're my little sis." Fujimaru remembered her.

"Aw, c'mon! Not this again...We're twins. That older/younger stuff doesn't mean a thing in our case." Matsuri quickly changed from sad to annoyed, only because of those two words.

"Of course it does! I'm always gonna be your big brother."

"Yeah, yeah..." Matsuri rolled her eyes, not wanting to hear anything more about it. Fujimaru then looked to both adults in front of them, who had been patiently watching the scene. They were both smiling and both seemed amused by seeing their antics.

"I, uh..." Fujimaru didn't knew how to start.

"If you're going to thank anybody, thank Konoka and your sister." Seigen decided to help the boy. "I just brought you here as part of my duty as Captain."

"Captain?" The surprised Fujimaru asked. Now that he was taking better attention, Seigen was wearing a white sleeveless coat that Fujimaru had never seen other Shinigami using.

"That's right. I'm Seigen Suzunami, Captain of the 5th Division of the Gotei 13." Seigen formally introduced himself.

"Seigen Suzunami?"

"And this is my home. You've been asleep for an entire day." Seigen further revealed.

"It's only been one day since that Hollow attacked me?" The shocked Fujimaru asked in disbelief.

"That's right."

"Hmm...It seems like I've been asleep for a lot longer than that." Fujimaru rubbed the back of his head, with a silly look on his face.

"I bet you could sleep a lot longer if you wanted to." Matsuri didn't miss the chance to attack her brother verbally.

"Don't be like that Matsuri-chan. I think your brother deserved this day of sleep, don't you agree?" Konoka spoke, causing Matsuri's expression to soften.

"Um, Konoka-sama, was it?" Fujimaru questioned.

"Well, I don't believe there's the need for the "sama" thing, but I'll leave that to your consideration. That's right, Konoka Suzunami."

"Konoka Suzunami..." Fujimaru whispered. He was still trying to find the best words to thank her.

"Yes. It's nice to meet you, Fujimaru Kudō." Konoka smiled kindly once again.

"How do you know my name?" The surprised Fujimaru asked.

"I introduced myself as Matsuri Kudō. Since we're twins, it doesn't take a genius to figure out your last name." Matsuri explained. "I think even you could do it."

"Thanks, I guess..." Fujimaru turned his back on his sister, seemingly sulking after her last remark.

"How are you feeling? Do you have any disconfort?" Konoka asked.

"No, nothing at all. I just..." Fujimaru looked down to the place where he had been injured. Hoping to see a hole in his clothes, he saw that he was wearing new ones that didn't show his wound or scar, instead of his old ones. "I wonder why it doesn't hurt. I think I remember that Hollow making a hole on my body."

"Yes, that happened." Konoka nodded. "It healed up nicely, don't you think? I did my best so it wouldn't leave a scar."

"What?" Fujimaru's eyes widened and he looked inside his clothes. There was nothing there, not even the smallest scar possible. "Wow. Th-Thank you."

"Couldn't you do better than that? Konoka-sama saved your life, you know?" Matsuri asked.

"You know I'm bad in stuff like this." Fujimaru shouted to his sister, with a blush on his face. Matsuri just sighed and rolled her eyes again.

"That must have been such a frightening experience for you both." Konoka interrupted the new argument between the twins. "You can relax now. You're safe here with us. The only thing you have to think about now is to rest and get your strength back."

"Yes, ma'am!" Fujimaru nodded, with a huge grin on his face.

"Thank you, Konoka-sama." Matsuri answered in a more approriate way.

"So, what's with this place?" Fujimaru questioned, as he looked around the room. "This room's bigger than our home."

"You're in the Seireitei now. Like I said before, this is our home, the Suzunami mansion." Seigen answered this time.

"Seireitei?" The confused Fujimaru rubbed the back of his head. "Is that some district in the Rukongai?"

"Oh!" Matsuri was staring at him like she had seen a ghost.

"What?" He asked her, but she just slapped her own forehead.

"The Seireitei is the central area of the Soul Society, where the Shinigami and nobility live." Konoka clarified.

"Did you really believe that the Shinigami lived along with us in the Rukongai?" Matsuri asked to her brother.

"Why not?" Fujimaru answered with a question that Matsuri didn't bother to answer, instead taking deep breaths to calm herself. "Does that mean you're a Shinigami, too, Konoka-sama?"

"No, no. I'm not a Shinigami." Konoka quickly answered.

"Nobility, then?"

"Well, I suppose you could say that. Although we certainly live a modest existence here." Konoka answered with a new smile.

"Modest?" The twins shared the same thoughts this time, while they both stared to the room they were in.

"Well, I have to take care of some things. I know Aizen is competent, but I don't want him having all the work." Seigen traded a look with Konoka who nodded.


"Hey, Suzunami-taichō." Shinji landed a hand on his substitute's shoulder, right after the announcement of the new 5th Division's Captain ended. "Beware of your Vice-Captain. He's not what he seems..."

End of Flashback

"I'll escort you outside then. I'm sure the twins want some time for them, too." Konoka slightly bowed to them. "Excuse us. We'll leave you for a while now."

"See you later, kids!" Seigen waved to the siblings, before leaving, followed by Konoka. As soon as the doors closed, Fujimaru and Matsuri traded a serious look with eachother.

"We owe our lives to Seigen-sama and Konoka-sama." Matsuri said, before she bit her lower lip. "I was so afraid to lose you, Fujimaru."

"Yeah, who knows what would've happened if they hadn't rescued us?" Fujimaru rhetorically asked. Matsuri sat on the bed and hugged her brother from behind, not wanting to risk hurting him if she hugged him the normal way. While she rested her head on his shoulders, Fujimaru used one hand to hold one of Matsuri's and the other one to rub her hair. "But mainly, I'm just glad that you're safe and sound, Matsuri."

"Thank you, Fujimaru."

Next Chapter: The main storyline will pretty much remain the same as the game's, however I'll add some more events and some sidestories. In the next chapter, A Delicious Invitation, two characters that didn't take part in the game and two others that Kubo hasn't used yet will make their debut.

That way, I think we can have something new for those who played the game, and at the same time the telling of the original story one to those who didn't. I hope you enjoy!