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Collisions is a story by the very popular French author Drinou, and she kindly gave me permission to translate it for the benefit of the English readers all over the world. As always, I try to be as true to the original story as can be. I hope you'll enjoy.

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Chapter 1: Collisions

He was thrusting violently inside me, and each time he did, my back slammed against the wall behind me brutally. My legs were wrapped around his hips tightly, and his frantic back and forth motions were bringing me closer to my release by the second.

He slowed his pace down and I groaned in frustration.

"Stronger… harder," I begged him.

He thrust with even more violence, making me scream with pleasure. I'd never experienced such a sensation before. Everything was incredible, from the softness of his skin on mine that contrasted with the harshness of his movements, to his so special smell, his voice rasping from desire, and his muscular body...

Of course I was no expert, but I was no novice either, and what I was feeling right now was just "wow."

Me, the shy and introverted communications student, I was completely naked and in the middle of a steamy frolic, pressed against the wall in a men's restroom at a five star hotel.

All of a sudden, my lover lifted and carried me to the row of sinks on the other side of the room. He placed me on the cold marble and resumed his back and forth movements inside me, first slowly, and then faster and stronger. And now, instead of my back, it was my head that bumped into the mirror behind me with each of his powerful thrusts. Only I didn't give a damn, I was totally lost in the meanders of pleasure he was providing me with. I firmly grabbed his magnificent hair and let all these sensations take over me.

"Oh my God… Yes… again… More… Harder…"

His lips met mine and his tongue found its way into my mouth to greet my own. They began a desperate struggle where each was fighting for power over the other. The fire inside me intensified, and the explosion threatened to take me away with each of his movements.

I came undone when his hand slipped between our two sweating bodies and he pressed my sensitive spot with his perfect fingers, torturing it in the most enjoyable way. That's all it took for me to sink, and with a last brutal jerk, he came with me. Our moans mixed together as we let our pleasure explode.

Panting and perspiring, we waited until we could breathe normally again. He stared at me and for a moment nothing else but us existed. The noise outside stopped abruptly as we heard an announcement on the microphone.

"Thank you for greeting the one without whom all of this would be impossible. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Edward Cullen... Edward?"

"Shit!" the man between my legs suddenly groaned.

Edward? Hum, that's a nice name.

A strange sensation of emptiness and absence oppressed me when our bodies disengaged. He grabbed his clothes that were strewn about the room and got dressed in haste.

"Thanks for the shirt, Isabella," he said.

Then he left the restroom without a glance behind him, and I found myself alone, sitting naked on the row of sinks. How did I end up there?


One hour earlier.

"Move on!" I shouted as I was driving my old truck.

I was going to be late!

It took me several weeks to find a job, and I was going to be late on my very first day. Just my luck! I needed a job. No, I needed this job! It was well paid for very few hours a week. It was the ideal position, and would allow me to support myself while continuing my studies. And I was about to lose it because of a stupid accident blocking the traffic.

I sighed heavily as the traffic light turned red in front of me. Just a few more blocks and at last I'd reach my destination.

Ten minutes later – but ten minutes late nonetheless – I finally entered the lobby of the Lowell Hotel. Even though I came here the previous week, I was still stunned by the splendor of the setting. I had a feeling I was in a fairy tale as I made my way across the establishment to join my work team.

I'd had the chance to get a job as a hostess in a company specialized in events organization, and tonight I had to transform into a waitress and bring the champagne, the petits fours, and other appetizers to the wealthy guests already there in the huge adjoining function room.

After getting scolded by my boss for being late, I changed into my uniform quickly in the locker room; it was a black suit with a white blouse, nothing fancy or out of the ordinary, really. The hardest thing for me would be to stand up on the stilts that were my shoes for the next four hours. Just thinking about it made my feet hurt.

Once my hair was tamed and gathered in a bun, I ran, stumbling all way, to my position. I went into the kitchen, grabbed a tray of appetizers and threw myself into the arena.

Once again I was amazed by what was taking place in front of me. I could see a spectacular parade of dresses and haute couture costumes, jewels and the likes of which one can only see in expensive jewelry stores; in short, I had entered another universe.

"Pay particular attention to that man over there," my colleague Angela told me, pointing to a group of people at the other end of the room. "He's the one who organized this reception and he has a reputation for being excessively demanding."

I quickly glanced in the direction she indicated.

"Which one?" I asked.

"The one in the center, holding a glass of red wine."

I spotted him in the crowd and couldn't help but stare at his face. He was handsome, tall, with slightly disheveled auburn hair; his eyes were a deep shade of green and his smile was… wow, what a smile! He resumed his discussion and suddenly displayed a serious look that made him even sexier.

"So you mean he's the rich Mr. Cullen, president of the Cullen Corp?"

"Yes, that's him. Gorgeous man, isn't he? Well, according to what they say, he's also quite a bastard."

I didn't have time to respond. My tray was empty and I needed to replace it in the kitchens.

Everyone was busy in the back room, like an anthill in turmoil. I put my empty platter and patiently waited to be provided with another one, trying to take advantage of this forced break to relieve my severely tortured feet, what with the five inches stilettos I had to wear.

I grasped my new salver, filled with sushi this time, and stepped toward the function room. I walked along the corridor leading me to where the action was and I bumped my hips into the door to open it.

Unfortunately, said door stumbled against an unidentified obstacle and sent my tray tumbling to the floor while a grunt followed by many expletives rose from the other side of it.

"I'm sorry," I said, entering the room.

My heart almost stopped beating when I saw who the victim of my undeniable clumsiness was.

"Fuck! What the hell is goin-"

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry…"

Emerald green eyes full of rage met mine and I felt my legs threatening to buckle as panic overtook me. I'd just collided head-on with the most important person of the assembly. The one I was told mere minutes ago to be careful about and to stay away from.

Holy mother of shit!

He stopped mid-sentence and glowered at me. I wanted to flee the place right then and there, but unfortunately, fear was nailing me to the ground, a total inability to move.

I remained silent in front of the disaster that I'd caused. The shirt of his upscale suit that was white the minute before was now covered with blood red spots. I laid my eyes on his glass of wine which was completely empty; he was still holding it in his hand clenched in anger.

I swallowed loudly, trying to find an ounce of courage deep down inside me to confront the wrath of this man.

"I… I'm … sorry," I stammered.

He approached me and now his beautiful face, contorted with rage, was a few inches from mine.

"I hope that you're sorry, but regardless, it doesn't solve my problem, you little dimwit," he whispered, red with anger.


"You what? You're going to tell me that you have a spare clean shirt for me in your purse, I suppose? I have a speech to make in less than thirty minutes. Can you tell me how I'm going to do it dressed like this?" he spat out, pointing to the result of my catastrophe. "I'm all ears… So? No quick fix?"

I stayed totally inert and silent in front of his bitter tirade. I needed to find something to pull me out of there, but where could I dig up a shirt at this hour, and in so little time? It was an impossible mission.


Maybe I had a chance to right the wrong I'd done. Well, seeing how luck wasn't on my side lately, I had reasons to be concerned, but perhaps I had a solution to save the day. Perhaps I would be able not to get myself fired on my first day at work if I could avoid Mr. Cullen making a scene.

Damage control. That was my last resort.

I mustered my courage and faced his eyes darkened by the deep hatred he must have felt for me at this moment. His attitude was beginning to arouse the curiosity of some people in the room.

As if I needed this to top it off!

If I wanted to keep my job, it was imperative that I elude a scandal. Yes, but how was I supposed to do that? I had to get him away from the assembly as soon as possible and for that to happen, I had only one solution: take him to the room behind. There, at least, if he wanted to yell at me – and it seemed he was about to do just that – no one would witness it. Well, no guest, at least.

I saw his eyes rest on my nametag.

"So, Isabella?" he said disdainfully, "I'm waiting!"

I took a deep breath and I threw myself into the potential fire. There was no turning back.

"Uh… I may have a… solution."

"Is that so? Care to tell me about it?"

"I… uh… I know where to find a shirt. But I… we… well, you have to follow me in the adjoining room, please," I said, lowering my eyes, once more watching the fruit of my clumsiness.

His shirt, stained by red wine, was stuck to his skin and foreshadowed his muscular torso. How a man so vile could be so frigging beautiful? He had the most striking face I'd ever seen and his body looked just as perfect.

"Okay, let's go, but I hope for your sake that you're not going to waste my time and find me a clean shirt in record time," he growled.

I opened the same door that had caused all these problems and waved him to follow me. I picked up my platter while passing by as well as the sushi that were stranded on the floor and walked down the hallway. I made a stop a little farther, with him on my heels, and showed him a door to my left.

"These are the men's restroom for the staff. You can clean yourself while I get you another shirt. Wait for me there, I won't be long."

I had turned around and was walking back down the hallway before I even finished my sentence.

"I hope so," I heard him say behind me.

Then I heard the restroom door slam.

Good. Now I had to cross my fingers for luck to be on my side. I returned to the kitchen and put the remains of my platter in the trash, looking for my prospective savior. But where was he?

"Excuse me, can you tell me where Jake is, please?" I asked one of the waitresses in the room.

"You're looking for Jake? Hmm, I don't recall seeing him. He may not be on duty tonight. Oh, aren't you the new girl? Let me introduce myself, I'm Jessica Stanley."

She held out her hand and I shook it back quickly.

"Uh, Bella," I briskly introduced myself before leaving as she started talking to me.

If Jake really wasn't on duty tonight, I was officially dead. I could kiss my job goodbye. No! No! No! No! He couldn't do that to me. Not tonight. I needed him. Jake was the one who allowed me to get this position. He'd been working for the company for a while already and had passed my resume to Mr. Newton, the head of this sector.

I removed my stilettos and ran toward the locker room. When I was there, I grabbed my bag and rummaged through it in search of my cell phone.

"Come on, pick up the phone!" I grumbled after the first ring. "Jake! Thank God! I need you. Tell me that you're working tonight, please!"

"Bella? Calm down. No, I'm not working. Why are you asking?"

"Shit! It doesn't matter, Jake, I need a white shirt and it's urgent. Do you have one in your locker?"

"Yes, but why?"

"Please, Jake, I don't have time to explain. Can you just give me the code for your lock so I can get it? Please?"

Fortunately for me, he was in a good mood and didn't try to get any more information out of me. He gave me the code without hesitation and I hurried to get the shirt from his locker.

I resumed my run along the service corridor, narrowly avoiding a front collision with a tray of champagne glasses and reached the men's restroom in a hurry.

I entered with a bang, not even taking the time to knock, and came face to face with a shirtless living god. I froze, completely unable to initiate any movement, my eyes staring at his prominent abs. He straightened up and faced me, looking at me with the same crooked smile he had when I'd watched him at the beginning of the evening.

"Well, what do I see, Isabella? Looks like you managed to find me a shirt."

My mouth was half open yet I remained totally mute, lost between my desires to run away, ashamed as I was for bursting into the room, and my longing to jump on him, to put my lips on his body, to touch him… Stop! I needed to recover right away; I needed to be in control.

But my good will was rapidly undermined when Mr. Cullen stepped toward me, his body now mere inches from mine. I gasped with anticipation.

What was he doing?

He leaned his face toward mine, his mouth very close to my ear.

"Do you like what you see, Isabella?"

Oh my God!

It was utterly impossible for me to speak. All functions of my brain that were still active were struggling to restart my legs and flee the restroom, but they refused to obey and I stayed totally motionless and mute in front of the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen.

"Do you like to see me undressed like this in front of you?"

My only response was the sound of my gulping.

"What do you want, Isabella?"

Good question! And it was one to which I could answer a thousand different ways in my head. But my options rather swung between two: should I stay or should I leave? ... Kiss him right here and now or run for the hills?

"I'm not a very patient man, Isabella. Tell me what you want."

His lips brushed my ear lobe as he spoke and I couldn't help but let out a slight moan. I felt him smile against my neck.

"Hmm, should I take that as an answer, Isabella?"

His mouth took possession of my ear lobe and began to gently suck on it.

"Is this what you want?"

I moaned again, entirely incapable to utter a coherent sentence.

"Say it!"

He drew back, just a few inches, so as to lock his eyes into mine.


He made another step toward me and I stepped back in return, one step, two steps… until I was stuck against the wall behind me.



"My patience is wearing thin, Isabella."

His hand brushed against my bust and I bit my lower lip, stressing his crooked smile as I did so.

"Seems eloquent enough to me, but I want you to say it."

He emphasized his gesture, his hand completely enfolding one of my breasts. I moaned once more and his fingers pinched my already hardened nipple.

"A simple word and I stop."

"No," I begged him in a sudden blurt.

"All right, then."

He slightly moved away to lock the door so no one would enter the room, then he was back in front of me, gluing his body to mine.

"So where was I?" he said, taking hold of my breast into his hand again.

His lips went exploring, roaming my neck, my jaw, my ear, licking, sucking and kissing every inch of my skin.

He dropped the jacket of my suit and began to unbutton my blouse, all the while continuing waltzing his lips on my boiling flesh. His hands assaulted my bra and removed it without notice.

"That's much better," he whispered.

I felt my cheeks heating even more as I found myself topless as well.

His lips wandered on my breasts and I groaned as I felt his tongue playing with my hardened nipple, causing voluptuous sensation. He sucked it, bit it, licked it, making all kinds of pleasurable feelings in me grow.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled away somewhat. His hands imprisoned each of my breasts, expertly kneading them while he watched my reaction. Instinctively I lowered my eyes.

"Touch me, Isabella."

My arms, which until then had rested against the cold wall supporting me, moved toward his bare torso. I laid my trembling hands on his chest and brushed his light fleece with the tip of my fingers. I let them go their way, stroking his skin while he was caressing my breasts with his skilled hands. It was my turn to graze his nipples and I felt him shuddering under my touch. I continued to explore, drawing each of his muscles with my fingers.

He reduced the distance between us to zero and glued himself to me again. I could feel his arousal press against my hip and I moaned at the size of it.

For the first time his smooth, soft and sweet lips met mine. He begged access to my mouth and I gave it to him without delay, wanting to enjoy the taste of his tongue against mine. He kissed me greedily, leaving me very little time to catch my breath. Our tongues fought a fierce duel, each one wanting to win the battle.

Little by little, I lost control over myself, letting the pleasure intoxicating me and commanding each and every of my actions.

His hands attacked the buttons of my pants and the next second they were on the ground. He caressed my legs from the bottom up, brushing my inner thighs and my private parts still covered. He grabbed my boy cut short and removed it with a sharp movement, making me jump as he did so.

He stroked my mound and I arched to increase the contact, moaning against his mouth. My already irregular breathing became totally erratic. His thumb delightfully tortured my sensitive spot, making me scream with pleasure. He muffled the sound with another ravenous kiss.

One of his fingers found my entrance, pressing slightly and then withdrawing repeatedly, increasing my arousal and making me crave for even more, crazy with desire that I was. I wanted to feel him inside me right here and now. My hips pushed against his finger, seeking the pleasurable sensation it provided.

"This is what you want, Isabella?"

Then he thrust his finger deep inside me, inducing a spectacular electric shock down my spine. My muscles contracted and my hands gripped the wall behind me so as not to faint.

"I need an answer."

He removed his finger and forcefully penetrated me anew, adding a second finger along with the first.

"Oh my God… Yes!"

"Very well, then."

He worked his hand between my legs. His fingers made back and forth movements inside me at a frantic pace while his thumb lingered on my sensitive area. I totally lost my balance with his ministrations, trembling in every way, completely drowned in the sea of pleasure he was making me feel. His free hand came to imprison one of my breasts and he squeezed my nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

My mouth would only let out incomprehensible sounds mixed with quite a lot of moans. I couldn't do anything else but let the pleasure he was providing conquer me, take possession of my body and carry me away.

With a final motion of his fingers inside me, the fireball inhabiting my warmth exploded. My legs gave way under the multitude of sensations that ran through me and I almost collapsed. But instead, strong arms circled me and pressed me against his torso.

Panting, I regained gradually the control of my abilities while he removed the remainder of his clothes. He lifted me and instinctively my legs wrapped around his waist. I could feel his erect shaft brushing my core on fire. My hips went in search of the delectable contact and he grunted against my shoulder.

"Look at me, Isabella," he ordered.

I opened my eyes and met his pupils clouded by desire. He gave a violent jerk and penetrated me, tearing a scream from me that mingled with his ecstatic groan. He started a slow motion inside me, incoming and outgoing entirely to better re-enter, over and over again, stoking the fire within me with each of his pass.

His emerald eyes stared intensely at me as he moved in me.

"Do you like to feel me inside you, Isabella?"

My eyes anchored to his, I gasped as he jerked powerfully, sinking even deeper in my warmth. He was speeding, intensifying the blaze that literally consumed me already. I could feel him thoroughly filling me.

It was good. So, so good.

"Oh… Yes…"

My back hit the wall behind me with brutality with each of his violent thrust. His hips, prisoner of my legs, were moving frantically back and forth, bringing me closer to my release by the second…


The sound of the opening door brought me back to reality. I sprang from my perch and grabbed the first piece of clothing that I found on the floor. I clad my blouse over my naked body and recoiled against the wall behind me as a blond head appeared in the room.

Oh my God! Anything but this…

Of all the people who could have entered here, I found myself face to face with Mr. Newton, my boss, who stared at me, looking utterly bewildered.

"Miss Swan? But… what are you doing…"

Once past the initial shock, his face turned beet red and I saw his body tense.

"Imagine Mr. Cullen entering here by the merest chance, and finding you thus undressed!" he yelled.

If only he knew…

"I give you five minutes to put your clothes on and leave the premises. You're fired, do you hear me? Fired! Who do you think you are? It's… it's absolutely outrageous!" he spat out. "Your first day of work and you were late already. And then this! ..."

I stopped listening to the stream of insults that he spouted at full speed and grabbed the rest of my clothes strewn around the restroom before I locked myself in a toilet and rushed to get dressed.

Mr. Newton himself escorted me to the hotel main door after letting me get my stuff in the locker room.

As I was about to cross the doorstep, I heard the sound of the microphone in the great hall.

"Let's all warmly thank Edward Cullen for all he's done here tonight."

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