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Chapter 15: Difficult awakening

When my eyelids fluttered, I was still in this sort of cottony fog characteristic of turbulent nights where sleep was far from being the main activity. I felt good, relaxed, and peaceful. I stretched slowly as a few erotic flashes from the night before came back to my memory. My cheeks were slightly reddened as I opened my eyes. Suddenly my bliss dissipated.

I briskly sat up on the couch where I was lying and scanned the room thoroughly, squinting to better see the details in the ambient darkness. The city lights bathed the room in a few luminous halos too low for me to discern the other end of the office. The remnants of our meal and my clothes still scattered everywhere were the only reminders of our nocturnal activities of the previous night as I was completely naked, barely covered by his white cotton shirt, and totally alone.

You were expecting a romantic one-on-one breakfast, perhaps?

My stomach contracted when I realized the obvious. He had left me in the lurch despite everything that had happened last night.

I got up, letting his shirt slide down my body, grabbed my clothes on the ground, and put them on swiftly. My eyes went in search of a hint, something giving me a good reason for this disappearance, but I found nothing. No message or note. His office was untouched by any recent activity.

Maybe he had an urgent call? An unexpected appointment?

In the middle of the night? Wake up. He's gone, that's all.

I had to face facts. He had voluntarily left without a word.

I grabbed my cell phone in my bag and checked the time. 3:34 a.m. The best thing to do was to go back home, take a relaxing shower, and come back here at 9, well rested. And then, I'd probably know what to expect. My bag over my shoulder, I took my files in a hurry, and not without glancing behind me, I left the room.

One hour later I was at my place, showered, dressed, and horribly anxious. Last night, I'd had the feeling of having a glimpse at a different man, caring, sweet. Certainly maybe not in the first part of the night, but afterwards…


Without a word, he gently took me in his arms and lay me on the couch, kissing my forehead. His gesture was sweet, in total opposition with the domineering attitude, even brutish, at times, that he'd had a few minutes earlier.

Are you trying to make me believe you didn't like his little wild side?

Eyes wide open I watched his face. He was so close and so beautiful. The smell of his skin completely mesmerized me. After a moment his gaze met mine and anchored in it, intense, strong, and absolutely hypnotizing. I probed his pupils, exploring each tiny golden brown flakes bathing in this emerald ocean and staring emphatically at me. I tried with all my strength to break this barrier and go deeper in him so as to finally decipher him.

What was I to him? Just a chick he had screwed? More?

Don't get excited too fast, honey.

He was motionless and silent, encompassing me with all his beauty. I felt like he was waiting for me to do something, yet I really didn't know what. But he seemed vulnerable again, that much I could sense.

Slowly, I lifted my head off the couch and put my lips on his in a chaste and stealth kiss. I thought that in doing so I would retrigger the dominant and provocative Edward, but against all odds he allowed me. I did it again, applying a little more pressure on his lips, gently pecking them. Just as slowly, my hands went up along his arms until they reached the nape of his neck. From there they went to meet his hair, leisurely, tenderly. My fingers slipped into the silky mass, gently clutching it. Meanwhile my mouth slowly tamed his own one kiss after another, my lips caressing his soft skin. He let me have my way with him, not opposing any reaction. He was passive but also totally receptive according to the shivers that radiated his skin with each of my caresses.

I took his lower lip between mine, sucking and nibbling it, occasionally glancing at his impenetrable and yet peaceful face. Eyelids shut, he seemed serene, as if he was letting himself go in turn.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

And enjoying it I would.

It was really strange to see him surrender, being carried away, opposed to being controlling and manipulating.

With a squeeze of my hands on his bare back, I showed him my need to feel him over me. My leg found its favorite place around his waist as he settled along my body, towering over me with all his beauty.

Once again he initiated no movement, no attempt while I was there, naked, at his mercy. He just looked at me with his stunning green eyes, staring at me intently like he was seeking some kind of approval from me. And the only one I gave him was a languid movement of my pelvis, inducing an electrical friction between his shaft and my core.

Grunt against moan, his hitching breath stroking my face, I pulled him to me, locking my legs firmly against his buttocks. One of his hands grazed my cheek as his pupils dilated by the desire clung to mine with a bewitching intensity and depth.

Intoxicated by the contact of his skin, my hands went to the discovery of his back while I commanded him to take me right away with a squeeze of my feet on his buttocks.

A long groan of pleasure escaped my throat when he possessed me with a slowness that was close to torture. I undulated beneath him, my hips accompanying the languorous pace of his pelvis.

It was good, intoxicating.

I moaned again and again. In and out he went, and with each of his thrusts a new groan of pleasure escaped my parted lips. Eyes half closed and my head tilted back against the armrest of the couch, I let the pleasure completely plunder me and run through my veins to pervade deep within me.

Eye to eye, our joined bodies continued this sensual and exhilarating dance. It was gentle. Far from our frolics on the conference table where he'd taken a wicked pleasure dominating me. Here we were on equal footing, so much so that I began to think it was not just sex, but something more.

End of flashback

I was slightly anxious as I pushed on the large swing doors of the 1028 Water Street and entered the vast lobby where the huge blood-red logo of the Cullen Corp. was enthroned like a king watching his court. I quickly greeted William, the guard on duty this morning, and called for the elevator.

Once at my post, I noticed that the indicator light on Edward Cullen's line was blinking, which meant that not only was he in communication, but also that he was already in his office. My anxiety intensified even more as I faced this finding while dozens of questions muddled my head.

How should I react? ... And mostly, what should I expect?

Aside from great sex, I have no clue!

I sighed. I couldn't tell myself that nothing had changed last night. Not after all that…


With a final thrust, Edward collapsed on me, growling against my throat. Panting from my own orgasm, I wrapped my trembling arms around him while struggling to regain a normal heartbeat.

Everything had been so tender, so magical. The absolute opposite of everything I knew of him, usually so arrogant, pretentious and vile. This man would undeniably always be a mystery to me. Try as I might to decipher him, each attempt was a masterful failure.

Slowly he pulled away from me, leaving me with a strange sensation of emptiness. As if I felt complete when he possessed me, and suddenly something was missing when he was gone. Then he rolled over on his side, and still without a word, he leaned between the back of the couch and me and took me into his arms. I curled up against his chest, highly enjoying this new mark of tenderness on his part, and without further delay I reached the land of dreams.

Hmm… Erotic dreams, I hope!

End of flashback

Everything could have been so perfect if only I had woken up next to him this morning. Instead I had found myself alone in his huge office.

The morning activity started slowly, and little by little the hours went by without Edward showing the tip of his nose out of his office. On several occasions I felt like getting up and going to confront him directly, but each time a call would come through and I would give up the idea.

As if you'd have dared to knock at his office!

Alice arrived at eleven thirty so she had time to tell me about her fabulous weekend with her darling architect.

"He took me to a little villa on the coast throughout the weekend. It was truly magical and terribly romantic. He's really adorable," she sighed. "And what about you? What have you been up to?"

Going to cloud nine several times in the arms of Edward Cullen!

I silenced the calamity of my little voice with a good mental jab before masterfully evading Alice's question.

"I wrapped up my presentation."

Yeah, between two thrusts of Mister Perfect.

I started to blush furiously which, of course, did not escape InquisAlice's eagle eyes.

"You worked on your presentation all weekend long?" she asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow. "Is that all? You haven't seen the boy from the other night again?"

"What boy?" I wondered.

"You know, the one with whom you left the Zanzibar. You thought I didn't see you leave on the sly on his arm? Just because I was flirting with Jazz doesn't mean I didn't see you flirting openly with him on the dance floor."

A shudder of disgust struck me at the allusion of some possible one-on-one time with Eric Yorkie.

Yuck! I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

"No, Alice. I've only been working."

And getting laid too… Just saying, huh.

In a way it wasn't untrue. I had spent three quarters of my weekend working my ass off on my damn paper.

The three quarters of the time, perhaps, but the remaining quarter… Hmmm!

Certainly last night… But it was better that I keep it to myself if I didn't want to risk ending up like his former assistant: straight back to square one.

"All right Bella, we've got to do something, girl. We've got to find you a man!" she blurted out decidedly. "You can't decently spend all your weekends like that. You're young. Enjoy life! With all the male population in this place, haven't you found any man to your liking?"

Um, if she knew…

Unfortunately for me, the redness of my cheeks betrayed me patently.


"No… no one," I lied miserably.

Alice's suspicious look returned at full speed.

"Do I look like a fool to you? Tell me who?"

As I was looking for a name to give her, as far from the truth as possible, a slender figure with flaming hair came out of one of the elevators in front of us.

What the fuck is that girl doing here?

"Edward Cullen is waiting for me," she said disdainfully without even glancing at us.

I watched her walking past us with big astonished eyes. My fingers, holding a poor innocent pencil, tightened so hard around it that it broke without resistance under the anger that suddenly washed over me.

"This chick really thinks she owns the place and can do whatever she pleases," Alice huffed, her gaze following the feline and arrogant gait of the woman, as she disappeared at the end of the hallway.

What the heck was she doing here?

Take your pick: a bit of nookie on the desktop, fooling around on the couch, giving head on the leather armchair… You want some more?

My heart skipped a beat. I bounced out of my chair, startling Alice, making her jump as I strode towards the office that I had left this very morning. Without bothering to knock, I threw open the massive wooden door, slamming it against the wall.

What I saw then only accentuated the hatred that was now flowing through my veins. My fingers clenched in fists as Edward's and Victoria's faces, kissing hungrily judging by their intertwined tongues, unsoldered in surprise.

"Your employees have some nerve," she spat out, staring at me scornfully.

I ignored her. All my attention was on him. He and he alone. He, who was holding her in his arms. He, who was still kissing her a minute ago. He, who had just fucked me and was busy with another one the next day. Him!

Edward's cold, hard, and unfathomable stare finished me off. The man capable of the feelings and affection I had a glimpse of last night had totally disappeared only to leave the despicable and heartless one, who was now looking at me with defiance.

"It's no longer a problem," I spat in return to the redheaded bitch gazing at me with contempt.

I returned my attention to the perfect bastard, who stood before me. My eyes, filled with anger and incomprehension, locked with his as I blurted:

"I quit."

I had uttered these words with determination and a harsh voice that I didn't recognize. And without waiting a second longer, I left the scene, slamming the door once again.

Nerves on edge, I returned to my workstation. Alice was waiting for me, standing at the reception desk, clearly worried.

"Bella, what's got into you so suddenly?"

I grabbed the few personal belongings I had left here and hastily shoved them in my bag while ignoring her.

"But what are you doing?"

"I'm leaving," I said coldly.

I took my coat, put my bag on my shoulder and walked around Alice to reach the elevators that I called angrily by punching the button.

"Damn it, Bella!" Alice cried, all worked up. "Tell me what's going on."

"I need to get out of here asap," I confessed, staring at the brushed metal in front of me.

At that moment, the elevator's door opened and I engulfed myself in it without glancing back, tapping frantically on the 'L' of the numeric array.

A dull metallic sound startled me and I swiftly turned, finding myself looking into the furious face of Edward Cullen.

"And what were you expecting, Isabella?" he growled while holding with his hand the elevator's door which was trying to close shut.

"I don't know. Maybe a human being behind this," I spat out, pointing my finger up and down at him.

"I'm like that, Isabella. I want, I take, and I throw. It's as simple as that."

"Glad to hear it. Now that you've played as you pleased, let me go," I defied him.

Brows furrowed and jaw clenched, he moved away from the elevator. From her spot, slightly set back, Alice was watching the scene with amazement.

"Have fun. Use people as much as you want. Enjoy this power that you love more than anything while you have it. In any case that's all you're capable of doing."

"Welcome to my world, Isabella."

I pressed the button again.

"Your world, you can keep it, Edward," I breathed, emphasizing his name with all the scorn I could muster in my voice.

With those words, the elevator's door closed, taking with it all this rage that had allowed me to resist, and so I collapsed into tears at the back of the lift.

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