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Chapter 16: Swinging cocktail

"Welcome to my world, Isabella."

I pressed the button again.

"Your world, you can keep it, Edward," I breathed, emphasizing his name with all the scorn I could muster in my voice.

With those words, the elevator's door closed, taking with it all this rage that had allowed me to resist, and so I collapsed into tears at the back of the lift.

~ ooo ~

Three weeks had passed since that fateful night and the disastrous day that had followed. Three long weeks, during which my favorite activity consisted in dissecting the classified ads in the local newspaper along with a hearty dose of chocolate ice cream. Tirelessly, I crossed out one by one each job offer I read through. Either I wasn't qualified enough, or the pay was too paltry, or I didn't have enough experience… In any case, there was nothing for me.

Aside from returning to work for the Starbucks Coffee that had employed me a few months ago, I didn't see anything on the horizon, at least not in the immediate future. Anyway, one thing was for sure; I had nothing to expect from N.Y.E. Not after my expeditious resignation.

Crestfallen, I took the day's newspaper and crumpled it in my hands. Once again today, I wouldn't pull anything from it. After aiming at the wastebasket and missing it, I shoveled a last – and gigantic – spoon of ice cream into my mouth and I jumped up. I had been pacing like a caged lion in this tiny studio for three weeks, but unfortunately I couldn't do anything else. Despite my urge to go out and get some fresh air, I remained confined here. No job, no pay… It was that simple. I was in deep shit!

You just had to think twice before fuck up everything!

I may have thrown my job down the drain without notice, but I had mostly put an end to a situation that couldn't last any longer. I had suffered the costs of this pseudo-relationship enough. Well, relationship… if there had ever been such a thing. And at this point nothing was less certain. After all, he'd used me then tossed me away like a grubby tramp the next moment.

Are you implying your were not willing?

I was probably all too willing, actually.

I had believed I saw a change in him. What an idiot I was! As if someone so abject and Machiavellian could change one day. Definitely not! My naïveté had earned me a free fall without safety net. His so-called sadness had me fall into a trap. He seemed so adrift, whereas he was just putting on a show to mollify me better. After all, it was as good a way as any other for him to achieve his goals. And he had pulled it off. In style! So much so that I had found myself believing I was not just a good fuck… Stupid girl!

The return to my apartment that day took place in a flow of tears. It's not because I'd caught him kissing that bitch with red hair or because of the sharp words he'd spouted that I cried. No. I cried because I'd been fooled like a kid. I cried because I hadn't had the strength to fend off this situation even though I knew it was inevitable. I knew far ahead of time that in letting go this way with him, I'd suffer sooner or later.

He had at least the decency not to make you wait!

And when I'd woken up alone in his office, I'd known once again that everything would end badly. After all, he was only giving me the coup de grâce – and what a coup! – kissing the redhead barely a few hours later… Gosh, I was such an idiot! A stupid and naïve idiot!

Look at the bright side. At least you had a good time.

I may have spent one of the best – if not the best – night of my life, it nonetheless left me with an indelible bitter aftertaste.

Alice, who had been the silent spectator of my hasty departure of the Cullen Corp. and of Edward's intervention, came to visit me that same evening, equipped with a big ice cream container and chocolate muffins. I greeted her with red puffy eyes and my cheeks still smudged with wet black marks, offering her a weak smile before I collapsed on my couch.

She didn't ask any questions. She just provided me with her support like a friend. Of course she'd heard enough to know most of what had happened, but she didn't ask anything. I was the one who wanted to know what had happened after I left that goddamned building. So, I started the interrogation.

"What happened after I left?" I asked her.

"Cullen returned to his office and the tall redhead left the place in the wake. I didn't see him again after that. Rosalie just informed me that I had to transfer all his calls to her and not disturb him under any circumstances."

"I was there late afternoon yesterday," I confessed. "I needed to do photocopies of an assignment and he arrived while I was finishing… He seemed different, sad and very lonely… One thing leading to another, I accepted his proposal and I stayed to eat dinner with him. And at the end…"

"Okay Bella. I got it, don't worry."

"It wasn't the first time."

"What?" She exclaimed.

"A few months ago, before I joined the Cullen Corp., I worked one evening as a waitress for a charity event to which he participated. I accidentally spilled his glass of wine on his shirt and I accompanied him into the restrooms so that he could clean himself. Things took a slippery turn… and then I got fired. A great moment."

"And you still got hired at the Cullen Corp. after that?"

I nodded.

"This is somewhat surprising. Oh well! Let's leave Edward Cullen and his miserable attitude aside and take our minds off things. You want chocolate ice cream?"

A knock on my door brought me back to the present moment. I quickly glanced at my clock. 7:48 p.m. Intrigued, I looked through the peephole to see who this unexpected visitor was. Alice's smiling face appeared to me.

"Alice?" I wondered as I opened the door. "What are you doing here? I thought you were with Jasper for another of your weekend getaways."

"And you think I was gonna leave you like that?" She said indignantly, putting her hands on her hips. "Alone and brooding on a Saturday night? Tut-tut-tut… I got a much better plan, and just for the both of us. But before that, we're headed to the bathroom, cause you need a makeover."

With these words, she grabbed a large duffel bag that she had dropped next to her in the hallway and she entered.

Ouch! It's gonna hurt.

~ ooo ~

More than an hour and a half later, my ordeal was finally over. How come Alice knew the contents of my closet better than I did? Wearing a charcoal gray lace top revealing – a little too much for my taste – my black bra, a little skirt and a leather jacket also black, I struggled down the sidewalk by my apartment building to find a modicum of stability perched at the top of the five inches pumps Alice had hastily ordered me to wear.

"Where are you taking me?" I questioned her for the twentieth time that evening.

"You'll see. It's a surprise."

"Alice, I'm really glad that you're giving up your time with Jasper to distract me, but you know right now… I haven't found another job yet, so…" I began, embarrassed.

"Don't worry about that. Tonight is a girls' night, sweetie. We'll have fun! And what's more is that I've found invitations, so it's free. Fantastic, isn't it?"

"Fantastic," I confirmed, playful.

A cab arrived at last and we rushed inside it one after the other.

"The corner of 9th Avenue and 45th Street. The Zanzibar, please," Alice said to the driver.

"What? Your girls' night out is at the Zanzibar?" I suddenly panicked. "Stop!" I ordered the taxi driver who had just pulled away. No way I was going to set foot in that place again.

"But what's got into you?"

"Listen, every time I've gone there, I've come across Cullen, so no, no way I'm going back. You can go, but I'm staying here."

"Well, since this club belongs in part to him, I'm not surprised that you ran into him several times there. But relax, it's a girls' night so there's no risk of seeing him around."

That explains it…

"How do you know?"


"About the Zanzibar?"

"Oh! Well, I've been working for the Cullen Corp. for a while now. These are tidbits… You know me! Okay, enough talking about this guy; let's rather enjoy a night of debauchery among girlfriends."

"Okay," I sighed.

As she asked the taxi driver staring at us in the rearview mirror to hit the road again I turned toward the window, and stared momentarily at my reflection. Alice had really outdone herself tonight. I was of course not only talking about the outfit, all leather and lace, but also about my smoky eyes enhancing the chocolate of my iris, or the perfect curls that framed my face. She really knew how to highlight the assets of her 'guinea pig' and enhance them.

Too bad it won't be much useful tonight. Girls' night out… Ugh!

No doubt, the evening was one hundred percent female tonight. We had to get around a crowd of mini-skirts and stilettos to reach the door. It was even worse inside. Dozens of women clustered one against the other were jiggling in front of podiums where some men rather… uh, um… well sculpted and very lightly dressed were dancing.

Ooh, I think I'll enjoy this evening among other girls after all…

Firmly gripped to Alice's arm, I followed her as she cut through the crowd with thwacks of "Excuse me… Move over… Clear the way for the VIPs…"

"VIPs?" I questioned.

"Yes! A gift from Emmett."

The big burly guy blocking the entrance to the VIP room stepped back upon seeing the two pink and white passes Alice handed him. We then entered in the huge room, which had once again a brand new look. This time, no more African adornment or white veils; mauve drapery now covered the walls on either side of the room. Decorations in various shades of pink hung here and there, giving some relief to it all. As for the private stalls, they were separated from the rest of the room by curtains with silver threads reflecting in a myriad of small luminous halos the hundreds of suspended little lamps, which formed a perfect replica of a starry sky above our heads and bathed the room in a soft lighting. All of this was marvelously harmonized with the ambiance of the place. But the most surprising part wasn't that fake celestial vault. It was the huge cages suspended in the air where stunning muscular and sweating male specimens were dancing, each one doing his own choreography, their buttocks molded to perfection in sexy little white boxers.

Oh yes! I'm definitely going to love this evening…

Clearly, this place totally changed in appearance every time a private party was going on.

"Move Bella, our booth is over there," Alice shouted, loud enough to reach me despite the Placebo song roaring from the speakers.

I quit gazing at the gorgeous brown-haired guy dancing in his cage not far from me and followed my friend in this maze of moving bodies. Our booth was in the middle of the room, on one of the sides. Just at the right level to admire another lovely undressed gentleman performing one acrobatic after the other above our heads.

"Wow! Remind me to thank Emmett for those invites," I cried out as I sat on one of the huge fuchsia ottomans scattered around the table, where there had been large white sofas last time.

"You bet. It's worth it. And to think that Jazz and Emmett are having a pizza, beer and football night… Pfff! It's downright better here."

"Tell me about it! It's a change from the evening in front of the TV and the chick flick movie I was planning."

"Hola muchachas. Alejandro at your service."

A charming young man with brown hair, dark skin and a Hispanic accent stopped by our box and got around our table, holding a tray, and wearing only white boxers. My head tilted in front of this sight, which was most… Hmmm…

Sexy. Hot. Torrid. You want some more?

Could it be possible that I already longed for sex to the point of fantasizing about all the half-naked men that I met?

Bingo, girl! And that's not what's lacking here.

I admired the protruding musculature of our sexy server as he leaned over Alice's shoulder to take her order. He was truly well built, and his little exotic side gave him a lot of charm.

Yeah, but nothing like a charming ex boss with green eyes and a perfect body, who makes you climb to cloud 9 in three seconds flat…

I felt my body tense at the thought. Would Edward Cullen still haunt me for a long time? Three weeks without seeing him and yet I still tended to ramble about him.

Remember the feeling of his finger deftly brushing your womanhood and intruding into you slowly… Remember his hoarse voice reminding you how you were at his mercy in front of the bay window… Remember the way he filled you with his entire length on the conference table…

I moaned. Pictures hot as hell came one after the other to disturb my mind already heated by the electric atmosphere of the evening. I was mentally slapping myself vigorously to silence the little obscene voice filling my head when a small squeal escaped me at the contact of an object both wet and cold wandering uninvited into my cleavage.

"Hmmm, caliente."

The waiter Alejandro's exotic voice sounded like a whisper in my ear.


"Thanks, but… Oh Lord!" I blurted out while backing away.

All of a sudden I found myself stuck between his bare chest and his arm as he slid a small ice cube inside my bra, directly on my nipple, which hardened immediately. I gasped at the sensation of cold that took me by surprise. As for Alice, she was guffawing in front of me. Alejandro put his hand on my shoulder and massaged it lightly.

"What can I get you, lovely ladies?"

And in addition he has an accent… Hmmm… Torrid!

"A… Uh… A mojito," I stammered, glancing quickly at the cocktail list.

"A mojito and a margarita. I'll bring them right away, mi queridas."

I glared at Alice who was holding her sides from laughing too much. My revenge would be epic! In the meantime I had to get rid of the icicle dripping in my bra.

Oh my, that was... hot!

I discreetly grabbed the little piece of ice and threw it at Alice, who received it right in the forehead.


"That's what you get for making fun of me," I grumbled.

"All right, but you should have seen your face. Relax a little, Bella. Tonight's our night. Forget all your worries for a few hours and just have fun."

"You're right!"

"Ready to let go and splurge?"

I nodded.

"Perfect. Then the rest of the program will please you."

"Why do you say that?"

"You'll see."

The little smirk she displayed didn't reassure me much. What exactly had she planned?

Alejandro returned to us about ten minutes later with our drinks. He placed the small glass of mojito adorned with a lime wedge before me, then walked around the table. He laid down the margarita in front of Alice, thrust his now empty tray under his arm, and in a swift and cunning move he unclasped my friend's bra underneath her top. She was so surprised that she jumped and reached behind to stop him. Huge mistake. Alejandro took the opportunity to completely remove the burgundy undergarment. My eyes were amazed by such swiftness.

Proudly swinging the trophy before him, he taunted Alice who was grumbling on her ottoman. As for me, I was doubled up. Ultimately it was not worth my revenge, as our sexy server took care of it for me.

In a surge of hope, Alice tried to get her belonging back, but Alejandro dodged her, teasing her even more, twirling it in front of her.

"I'm borrowing it for a few minutes," he shouted, wrapping the bra around his neck.

"Wait!" Alice stopped him as he was about to slip away.

She beckoned him with her little finger and whispered in his ear. What was she up to? I saw Alejandro glancing in my direction, offering me a sparkling smile while doing so, and then he answered Alice just as inconspicuously and left as he came, with my friend's bra in hand.

"Did you see that? He took it off so quickly. I can't believe it!" She exclaimed, voluntarily directing the conversation away from what had just happened.

Still hmmm... such skilled fingers can leave a girl dreamy.

"What did you tell him?" I inquired.

"Nothing at all."

Yeah, sure, and I'm the Easter bunny.

"Yeah, sure. Tell me what you're up to, Alice."

"Absolutely nothing, Bella. Trust me," she added with a little pout that said "You can't refuse me anything."

I remained skeptical nonetheless. Despite my concerns, I grabbed my cocktail glass and drank a swig of my mojito.

"Hmmm," I said, savoring the drink.

"If you don't like it we'll get you something else. It's almost like you're having an orgasm," Alice commented, mocking, while sipping her margarita.

"It's not my fault if this stuff is so darn good!" I declared, making my friend raise an eyebrow in amusement.

"That good, huh?"

"What? Didn't you tell me to loosen up tonight?"

Alejandro reappeared only when our glasses were empty, Alice's bra now hanging from his boxers.

"Would you like something else, lovely ladies?"

"I'll have the same," Alice shouted over the music.

I agreed with a nod.

"Anything you want, my beautiful girls," he smiled while grabbing Alice's hand and dragging it along his protruding abs to the edge of his boxers.

I could have sworn, despite the darkness of the place, that I saw Alice blush as her fingers flew over the white fabric that covered the anatomy of our sexy waiter. She hastily grabbed her bra and retrieved her hand as briskly.

"Um, are the girls' nights always that hot here?" I asked her as the waiter walked away.

"I don't know, but phew!" she cried out, fidgeting on her stool while putting her bra back on. "And what's coming next should be even more..." she trailed off, fanning herself with her hand and smiling at me, the little spark of mischief back in her pupils.

What is the little walking electric battery hiding from us?

I gave her a suspicious look. Unfortunately, I had little time to do more. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist from behind, and next thing I knew I was up in the air, grabbing my kidnapper's shoulders.

"Hey!" I protested.

"And don't forget what you said. Anything goes tonight!" Alice yelled as I was taken away against my will through the dancing crowd in Alejandro's arms.

Something smells bad here. Real bad...

"Where are you taking me?" I squealed, seeing only too well the back of the room, where a solitary chair sat in the center of the small stage, closing on me.

He climbed onto the platform to the right of the bar, with me still in his arms. I turned my head, trying to find some kind of answer somewhere in the room, my eyes seeking the one who would pay dearly for this little surprise. But I saw nothing in this maze of bodies. I hated being the center of attention. This was just my luck! Gradually the curious stares of the crowd turned to us.

And this was nothing yet.

The music stopped, giving way to a different kind, a mix of piano notes and groans. I immediately felt myself turn white. Alice was going to pay a very high price for this low blow, that's for sure.

"Put me down," I begged Alejandro, who was amused by my panic. "I don't know what Alice asked you but I'm not interested, thank you. Do it to her, I'm sure she will love it."

"Sperm from the waiter has been ordered for you, mi querida,"


He pinned me against the wall in the back of the room, my legs wrapped around his waist. In the same movement he held my arms outstretched with his hands, and with large lustful thrusts he simulated a couple frolicking in rhythm with the loud moaning of the music.

One would think that the wall pinning is a classic in this city.

"And I'm your waiter tonight," he said against my ear. "So you're mine."

Oh crap!

I cast frightening glances everywhere, desperately seeking Alice in the cluster of faces turned toward us. I was probably swaying between crimson and aspirin white. This thing was a true nightmare, and it was just beginning.

His hands released my wrists and immediately enclosed my butt, thus adjusting my height. His face brushed my chest. I stopped breathing.

"Alice, I hope for your sake that you're a very fast runner because I'm gonna kill you," I mused.

A pinch at one of my nipples pulled me from my vengeful thoughts.

"Oh shit!" I blurted without even realizing it.

Alejandro had just bit me through my clothes. This didn't bode well for what would come next.

"I want to get down," I squealed.

"Your wish is my command, miss."

With one swift move he took me back in his arms and put me down on the chair in the middle of the room. By the time my buttocks touched the polished wood, the erotic music that filled the giant speakers ceased and was replaced with Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. Alejandro initiated a dance worthy of a striptease around me, brushing his very scantily clad body to mine at every turn.

Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us, sinners...

I swallowed painfully. Apparently it wasn't over yet. Far from it, actually, which was confirmed when Alejandro sat down on me, his back against my chest, and grabbed my hands to caress his torso. He had my fingers wander along his prominent abs and round his pectoral muscles to tease his taut nipples. The least we could say is that he was downright well-built. My hands slid over his soft and silky skin, playing in spite of themselves.

In spite, despite... don't push it. If you're going to endure, you should as well enjoy it, right?

Except that while my left hand had stopped somewhere on his abdomen, the right one was dangerously dragged towards the south. A hot flash washed over me when I felt the fabric of his one and only piece of clothing under my fingers. He wasn't going to... Yes! My hand wandered outrageously over the rather huge bulge in his boxers. I was sure at that moment that a poppy flower would have seemed dull compared to me.

The enthusiastic shouts in the delirious room only reached me in a distant echo. As if my mind was ignoring these unwelcome spectators. Yet I knew they were there, all of them, reveling in this distraction.

At last my hand went back up, dragged by Alejandro's. I let out a deep sigh, my face hidden behind his shoulder. But once more, my ordeal was far from over. This time he slid my hand inside his boxers.

Oh my God!

My eyes widened and I protested briskly before I realized that he was actually wearing a second pair of underwear beneath the first. However, the sensation of being so close to his... um... manhood, increased my body temperature significantly. According to the whistling and other impulses of the 'public,' I wasn't the only one who had believed in this sensual deception. And as if to accentuate this indecent situation a little more, Alejandro began to dance lasciviously again, rubbing his ass against my abdomen while throwing his head back, against my messy hair.

Damn, it's so sexy!

Okay, now it was outright scorching. I could feel the fire radiating down my cheeks, mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. At each of his swaying, he pressed my hands against him, thus emphasizing the touch of his skin against the naked parts of mine.

Alejandro left the hollow of my shoulder and sat up slowly, not without imposing a friction to our bodies. Just when I thought he was finally done with me, he settled on my lap, facing me this time. Anchoring his dark gaze to mine, he gave me a predatory smile and then grabbed a can of whipped cream that another waiter had just handed him.


I dared a tentative imploring nod. In vain. A long shot of whipped cream landed on my neck. The next second, Alejandro was licking all the cream on my skin.

"Oh Lord!" I whispered.

I let my arms dangling down my body. How was I supposed to react to that? I was totally overwhelmed by this performance. Had I had Alice on hand at this very moment, she would have paid dearly. Alejandro snatched me out of my murderous thoughts once again. I protested strongly as he slid the straps of my bra down my arms.


I shunned his movements by crossing my arms against my chest.

"For the show, mi querida."

"No way! My top is almost see-through. No, no, no and no. You do with what you see, and nothing else and for pity's sake, end this quickly," I begged him.

"That's not playing fair."

Still he abandoned my straps to my great relief, but immediately took the opportunity to lift up my top until he reached my bra, thereby exposing my stomach. He spread whipped cream on it and had another feast. Plenty of whipped cream landed in turn on my neck, chin, belly, thighs... a true electrifying journey. Fortunately, Alejandro had understood my limits and had not insisted when I had objected to his attempt to raise my leather skirt.

Then he straightened up and dragged me with him. I was light-headed, mix of dizziness and heat stroke. My sexy waiter kept me in his arms, and while continuing the show he asked me if I was okay. Once reassured, he had me resume my exploration of his body and forced my hands down along his back until they reached his perfect and very firm little buttocks.


Without waiting, he turned me around and I found myself with my back against his torso, facing the crowd cheering us. His hands still leading mine, he stroked me with my own fingers. Only my hands were touching me but he guided my every move. It was both terribly sensual and horribly embarrassing. I felt all the eyes staring at me, every dilated pupil watching the show intensely. And I couldn't help but stare at them in return. I scanned the room, letting Alejandro playing with my hands. I still couldn't spot Alice, yet I knew she was there somewhere, watching the result of her little prank.

Some women were still enjoying themselves on the dance floor, wriggling to the sweet voice of Justin Timberlake. Others were turned toward the stage, envious. I looked at them one by one and I could bet that many would have liked to be in my place. I continued to glance around the room, and my eyes wandered to the opposite booths, mostly unoccupied, except for the one closest but off to the side of the stage. What I saw first were three sculptural blond women sitting together at a table littered with various documents. They seemed to enjoy the show, in the company of two servers who apparently were personally taking care of them. But what immediately caught my eye was the person facing them and staring at me.

A stern, closed and impassive face. It was him, here, in this room, although it was solely reserved for women tonight.

What the heck is he doing here?

I felt my face turning white. The blood that had flowed into my cheeks left them just as quickly and I almost tottered. This icy gaze on me completely destabilized me. Added to this 'show' in which I was both victim and conspirator, I just wanted to run away now. I could feel him scrutinizing me, judging me through his probing eyes. He didn't lose one crumb of the performance, yet he didn't seem to appreciate it.

I just wanted to forget about him... Cross him out as well as his perfect face, and move on. And then I found myself facing him here, and in this position to top it off.

Take advantage of it!

Alejandro broke this silent confrontation, lifting me off the ground. Regaining control of my hands, I gripped his shoulders as he turned me to face him, and to the beat of the music he simulated lovemaking anew. Breaking eye contact gave me the opportunity to recover my senses. Cullen had such an ease to trouble me. All in me hated him and wanted him at the same time. How could I respond like this to a man who inspired in me nothing but contempt?

"Your turn, my beautiful," Alejandro whispered, gently resting me to the ground.


In response, he took the can of whipped cream and with a squeeze he spread a little of it on his neck. The next second, he grabbed my hair and drew me to him. I nestled my face in the hollow of his shoulder and put my hands on his muscular torso to steady me up, then I hesitantly licked the whipped cream with the tip of my tongue. Alejandro pulled me away from him to better start his maneuver again and sprayed a bit of this sweetness on his right nipple. And so the next moment, my face was glued to his salient pectoral muscles and I was awkwardly savoring the cream on the hardened peak.

Oh... Wow!

If a few seconds earlier I had blanched, this time I had regained my colors, according to the monumental heat stroke that the little 'scene' just inflicted upon me. Panting, I straightened somehow when Alejandro released his grip on my hair. He smiled at me, handing me the can of whipped cream.

"Have fun."

I seized it with a trembling hand. Did he want me to... No!

"I'm all yours," he added, offering me his tanned chest.

Yes, that's what he wants!

I dared a glance to the side. The glare that Edward threw me from the back of his booth only amplified my sudden resolve. After all, he was nothing to me and if this could displease him, then it would be perfect.

Determined as ever, I shook the can of whipped cream for a while before I pressed it and spread a long sweet trail over the abdomen of my 'guinea pig.' In a totally bold gesture, I crouched before him. My face at the level of his boxers, I grabbed his hips and, as slowly as possible, I straightened up, running my tongue on the soft skin of his torso, from the tip of his 'V' to the top of his chest.

This time, when I glanced at the private box of my dear former boss, the latter looked away and turned his attention to the three women accompanying him.

Well done now. You put him right in his place!

I also noticed that one of them was no stranger to me. I had seen her at the Cullen Corp. a few months ago. A client, no doubt.

"Congratulations mi querida. Now you're entitled to the waiter's sperm."


Alejandro gave me no time to think. He grabbed a shot one of his colleagues had passed him and put it in his boxers. He motioned for me to kneel in front of him, holding my long hair in his hands.

What game is he playing?

He leaned toward me and, as if simulating an orgasm, he made me drink the shooter inside his boxers.

Okay. I got it... Wow!

The highly alcoholic liquid that flowed down my throat elicited a wince from me as Alejandro helped me stand up and hugged me.

"Thank you for the show, mi querida."

"It's over?" I blurted out, relieved.

This made my tenderhearted sexy server laugh.

"Yes, it's over and you did very well. Will I have the pleasure of knowing your first name?"


"Well, Bella, let me escort you back to your table."

And it's under the applause of the audience that Alejandro brought me back to my booth before returning to his service.

"So?" Alice questioned me.

I sat on my ottoman in silence. A long liberating sip of mojito later, I glared at my friend.

"So?" I repeated, ironic. "So I'm going to kill you, Alice Brandon! Are you crazy or what? I would have loved to see you there!"

"Jeez, don't be a party pooper, Bella. I'm sure it wasn't that bad."

I grumbled.

"I'd even say that you enjoyed it. Am I right? Come on, admit it!"

"Yeah. Let's say it was quite boiling hot but also very unsettling. And for your information, miss Brandon, I hate being the center of attention."

With these words, I gleefully stuck my tongue out and returned to my mojito. I had deliberately chosen to evade the episode "Edward Cullen." It was useless. And in any case, he must have been so busy with his three blondes of the day that I didn't risk to see him again soon.

One day with blondes, one day with redheads. It might be time for him to settle...

~ ooo ~

The night had finished very late, at my place, around a cup of coffee. Alice and I had wrapped up our girls' evening as it must, chatting for hours about this and that. Girls' stuff!

We'd stayed at the Zanzibar one more hour before preferring leaving for calmer horizons. But actually I think Alice was mostly afraid of a hypothetical revenge from me. A perfectly rightful fear, by the way.

Awakened in early afternoon, I spent a quiet Sunday at home, between tidying, reading and peeling over classified ads. Of course nothing new was waiting for me. Therefore, faced with this reality, I resolved to return to see my former employer the next morning, in case there was a post available in one of the several Starbucks in the city.

Wow... some verrrryyy hectic job it's gonna be!

I was certainly not tremendously motivated, but the bills were dangerously piling up. I needed a job, and quick.

So it was with this in mind that I wallowed on my couch, buried under a soft blanket while a thunderstorm was in full swing outside. I intended to pamper myself this evening, cheered up with a romantic comedy that I launched on my screen.

As the two heroes were about to finally kiss, my cell phone vibrated at my side. After weeks of silence, it seemed that Jake was resurfacing.

"Hey there! I thought you were dead."

"Hi Bells! Yeah, I know it's been a while. So, what's up?"

Apparently Jake was completely in love with Leah, the girl he had met at the Zanzibar VIP party where he had taken me. This was proof that chance could benefit others. I took the opportunity of this call to give him the latest news and hear from him. It was during this trivial exchange, and between nonsense that made me giggle, that I heard two knocks at my door.

"Must be the pizza delivery guy."

"Let me guess: cheese and extra pepperoni."

"As always!"

"Admit that I'm the greatest, Bells."

"You're such a humble guy," I laughed. "Hold on a sec, Jake. I'll be back."

I stuck the phone between my shoulder and my chin, grabbed my ten dollar bill in one hand, and with the other I unlocked my door.

"Good eve..."

I froze on the spot and the smile that spread on my lips faded immediately.

"What are you doing here?" I spat.

So? Who's hiding behind the door?

1. Edward?

2. One of Bella's ex boyfriends?

3. Her father?

4. Emmett?

In any case, I want to know what you thought of this chapter. Good or bad.

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