I knew that Daddy would do it. I saw how heartbroken he was after I had to go away. Oh, how I wished that there were some way that I could tell him that I really am all right. More than all right. It's really beautiful up here. Grandpa and Aunt Zelda are with me. Aunt Zelda's back is all better now, and she's perfectly healthy again. Grandpa is always telling me how much I remind him of Daddy when he was little, and Grandpa had to go away himself.

I watched as Jud went to talk to Daddy the day of my funeral. Please, Daddy, listen to him, I prayed as the tears streamed down my cheeks. That broken little body isn't really me. It's only what's left of who I used to be. I can't go back into it, and if you try to make me, something bad will happen.

I listened to all Jud had to say, and it looked to me as if Daddy listened too, and that gave me hope. Nothing happened for a couple of days. Then Mommy and Ellie left on an airplane, and Daddy was there by himself - well, except for Church the cat, of course.

I watched Daddy drive to the cemetary in the middle of the night. I watched him break into it and dig up my grave. I watched him open my casket and take my body out. I watched him put my body in the car and drive home with it.

Please, please, please don't do that, Daddy, I begged him. It won't work. It could never work. I have to stay up here now, and you and Mommy and Ellie have to go on without me.

I watched Daddy take my body out of the car and walk with it to the cursed burial ground behind the pet cemetary. I watched him dig the hole in the stony ground and put my body in it.

I really didn't want to see what would happen next, but I had to watch. I saw the thing that went into my body, and I saw what it made my body do. Now Mommy and Jud are up here with me too. I guess Daddy will be joining us soon.