Solange pov

"fuck you Nicholas!" Lucy shouted stomping down the stairs. Nicholas ran after her he grabbed her arm. "let go!" she screamed. "Lucy!" he pleaded. "please just think about it" he said softly she pulled her arm free "no Nicholas. It's too much too fast" she walked out the front door. I stood there in confusion. "what did you do!" I slapped Nicholas. "I asked her to marry me!" he said running out the door. He asked her to marry him! I can't believe it. "Mom!" I shouted, instead of mom i got dad,Sebastian,Isabeau and Quinn. "Nicholas just drove away my only best friend and I'll probably not find another" i wailed as i sat down on the floor. Quinn sat next to me "what did he do to her?" he said putting his arm around me. "He asked her to marry him! and she told him to fuck off." Quinn laughed "sounds like Lucy". Dad kneeled down and looked at me "Why do i have the feeling your mother has something to do with this, she seems to be hiding , usually you and her have the girl talks" he sighed. "she'll come back sweetheart." I nodded and stood up. "I can't believe he would do that why." Sebastian spoke up "he probably did it because he can't imagine himself without her and as a possession thing, just incase any rogue vamps decide to attack oh and so people at her school would know"

I stood up and punched the wall, it cracked in several places. "that's not a good enough reason!" i screamed. Sebastian pulled me away from the wall "calm down!" he whispered. The front door reopened, Nicholas. I rn towards him "i am going to kill you" i jumped on him and punched,kicked and slapped him until Sebastian and Quinn jumped in. I walked away and slammed my room door and lay in my bed. I grabbed my phone and texted Lucy:where r u we need to talk x I heard the door knock. "go away" I sighed the door opened. Nicholas. I glared at him. He closed the door and sat on the bed. "Look i know your mad but Lucy is a good friend."nicholas said I nodded "why did you do it?" I asked. He put his hand through his hair "I was jealous, i see Lucy out with her friends, she is always beside this one guy with long black hair, Nobody knows about us. I panicked and messed up" I could see a tear running down his face. I wiped it away and gave him a hug. "Thats chase she would never I'm sure she will come back to you, although she will find out you stalk her when she is with her friends" i smiled. He laughed and stood up "thanks for listening." and he left my room

"Kieran can't you get your helious-ra people to go find her!"I pleaded,he just stared at me and shook his head. I sipped my coffee. The coffee shop was small and i thought Lucy would be here. "can you not get them to look out for her to make sure she is safe" Kieran sighed and said "Hunter seen her yesterday night" I jumped in my seat and hit him "why didn't you tell me! where was she,was she okay?" Kieran glared "I didn't tell you because she was with a guy." My eyes burst open "who was she with " I was practically on top of Kieran now. He put his hands on my shoulder trying to calm me down. then he said" Hunter described as tall, long dark hair and with blue eyes" I sighed and threw my fist at the table. "she was with chase!"

Lucy pov

I looked at my phone,7 misscalls from Nicholas , 3 texts from Solange and another 6 texts from Nicholas. I slid my phone onto the bedside table. I didn't want to talk i wanted to talk, I wanted to think. I curled up on my bed. I still didn't understand why Nicholas would ask me to marry him so soon. Of course i love him but I'm not ready for marriage. What was he minute we were kissing on his bed and then he is down on his knee asking me to marry him. I closed my eyes trying to banish the memory. It didn't work all i could see was his eyes pleading me. I got up and looked outside, i should text Solange to let her know I'm okay. hey sol I'm ok just thinking over everything x. Her response was quick : please come back u can avoid Nic x please. I smiled considering the idea and i texted her : sorry can't it's to hard I'm not ready to face him yet but lets meet for coffee x. I went down stairs and sat on the couch waiting for a response. my phone beeped i looked : yes now. x

I seen Solange sitting at the window as i walked up to the coffee shop. I waved and i could swear her face lit up at that moment. She hugged me tightly when i got in. She had already ordered the coffee. I sat down beside her. "so where have you been hiding?" she asked. I laughed at her "well a bit of here,there and everywhere" Solange smiled and then frowned. "Kieran said that hunter saw you with chase." I sighed"he is just a friend" Solange looked at me "you sure?" she grinned. "nope" I joked. If only she knew I wasn't joking