Lucy pov

"I can't believe we just got married" I said to Nicholas as we left for the main house. "I can't believe you turned up" He joked. "I can't believe I'm going to have to change my surname." I said."Lucy Drake. I like it" He said stopping pulling me into his embrace when we are inside. "of course you would." I smiled. Solange when she ran up hugged up both. "I can't believe you two are married! She squeled. Kieran who she left behind when she sprinted to us casually and calmly came up to us and said "congrats!""Is that all you can say!" Sol said. "So how does it feel to be Mrs. Lucy Drake" Sol asked."oh my god!no!" I said. Everyone stared. "Mrs. makes me sound super old" Everyone laughed and shook their heads.

Everyone else at the wedding had filed in. We weren't going to have a traditional wedding with the whole meal and stuff. Just a small get together. Me and Nicholas strictly warned Solange not to go over board. Luckily she didn't. "Okay Logan you can keep you head Nicholas' vows was really nice" Solange said to Logan. Logan smirked " I have to admit it was all him" That reminded me "Where is that list? the thirty things about me list" Nicholas smiled and reached into his pocket and handed me a piece of paper. "I knew you'd ask for it." I stuffed it down my dress next to my vows. "I'll read it later with you" I said smiling I kissed him on the cheek and walked away to go find some champagne.

I got hugged alot on the way to get on glass of champagne. Mostly by friends from school, I'm actually suprised Solange invited them. Lets face it I probably would have forgot to. "Hello what are you doing apart from your new husband?" Chase said smiling. "Need a glass of champagne" I stated walking with him to a table with champagne flutes. He poured a glass for me and him and than raised his glass with me. "To you and Nicholas in your new married life" He said as we clinked glasses. "lets hope it has no complications" He said. "Hell yeah" I said sipping.

Hunter pov

I can't believe this actually happened with out any problems. I guess solange can organise a sucessful wedding. I stood with Quinn , logan and Isabeau. "Can we get married one day?" Isabeau asked Logan. "Yeah of course" He said kissing her gently. I turned to Quinn ,"Don't you dare ask me that" He smirked "Wouldn't need to" He said pulling me into a big hug. "I can't believe they finally got married after everything they have been through they finally made it" I said. "Yeah suppose thats a good thing just shows that whatever new problems come up they can overcome it" Quinn said. "That was very sentimental for you" Logan pointed out. "Shut up logan never speak of it"

Nicholas pov

I lay in what will be my old bed after today, hiding from everyone downstairs. I twas nice and quiet here. I didn't like big crowds of people. Lucy calls me anti social because of it. I stared at the ceiling. I used to do this for hours on end back when I wasn't with Lucy. I would think of her. What would I think of now? I have Lucy now. for forever. I smiled to myself. Forever. I heard the door open then close. "How did I know you would hide up here after I leave you for one minute." Lucy's voice said softly. "Cause you are clearly a mystical being." I said. "Why are you smiling at the ceiling?" She asked. Lying down beside me. I wrapped my arms around her. "Us forever" I whispered in her ear. She shivered a little. "What you giving up already.?" She joked. "Never" I said kissing her neck. "I love you" I said. "I know I love you too"

Suddenly the door burst peace is gone. "Nicholas lucy, we need to go now" Quinn shouted. Me and Lucy sat up and looked at him confused.. "What is going on?" I asked. "Family meeting some helious ra folk have news on chloe" Imediately we all ran down stairs. I hoped this was good news.

We slipped through into the study, where all the drakes noticably were. The rest of the wedding was still chatting amongst themselves as if nothing was going on, no one clearly noticed the drakes were all missing. "Tell us what you have found out" Kieran said to a guy in helious ra uniform. "Well we found where they are holding her..." He started. "So she has been kidnapped and held hostage" Sol said. We all glared at her. "What? seriously you are going to give me that look because I interupted" She moaned. "Continue" Helena said form the chair behind the desk. "Yes well we want you all to go and infiltrate. We recieved warning that it was vampires in there" Great. "Whos vampires?" Helena said. The guy shrugged. helpful. Its's good to know what you up against. I turned to lucy "you are not going before you ask" I said. "Damn it." She whinned. "Lucy we are already missing one human nevermind you which reminds me hunter and kieran you two are also not aloud to go" Helena stated. "When to we go?" I asked. "Tomorrow firstly enjoy the rest of your wedding cause tomorrows going to be stressful"

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