House of wax

Sharp Dilemma

Chapter 1 – We are in trouble

I do not own anything except my story line. I love house of wax and all its characters but I dote Bo… Hope you enjoy it and I am sorry for any possible mistakes...That's because English is not my first language...

Anyway...have a good time with my was a big decision to start writing so don't be strict!

"There was a woman in here". Carly said to her brother while she was trying to be calm. "She was alive and she pulled the curtain back".

"The whole town is rigged. That's impossible". Nick couldn't believe what was happening. "You are saying that that's a real person…underneath?" His head was going to break. What the hell was going on there. That woman was made with wax…but she was so real.

"Yes at the church they were all like that. At least 20 more". Carly was making scary thoughts but she was trying to seem strong…Nick did the same. He had to get his sister and himself out of there but he didn't know how.

"Wade…"Carly said with a weak voice ready to collapse. "And Dalton." Nick said directly after her. "I'm afraid it's too late…".Nick was trying to hold the tears that were ready to roll from his eyes.

"Nick no!". Carly started to cry whereas her brother was holding her in his arms trying to comfort her.

"Shhhh…It's ok honey…We'll be ok!

"Oh no! Blake and Paige…They are still at the campsite. We have to tell them about all this! They are in great danger."Carly was afraid because she knew that that freaks were going to harm their friends.

"Ok…just calm down. Give me your cellphone to warn them."

"Ok…oh no…shit! I left it in Bo's track."

"You mean in that freak's track!". Nick said showing hard hatred against Bo.

"Yeah, all right". Carly didn't care at all. All she wanted was to leave that horrific place and that freak, like Nick called him…and his brother if there was one.

"Let's go find that phone. Stay close". They headed to the track carefully in order to find Carly's cellphone and ready to cope with any threat.

Back to the campsite

"Blake! Goddamn it, I need to talk you for a minute! Blake!" Paige was so angry because Blake refused to listen her. She had to tell him… It was hard but she had to…She had to talk to him about his baby…their baby that was coming too early to their lives. The baby that would become the reason to bury their lives…and especially her life. Blake wouldn't want to marry her… and so did she. It was too early to have a baby, too early to get married, too early to change her life… It was a special moment and Blake was busy with the damn music…

''I 'm coming!" She heard Blake from inside the tent but she didn't answer. Maybe this was not the right time to tell him…She turned the light off and she closed her eyes to sleep. Blake finally came in after he had turned the radio off.

"Baby, what's going on?". There is something I have to know, right?

"Yes, there is something you have to know…but I don't know if it'll be pleasant to you…". She said trying to take courage.


Their argument stopped right there after they heard something coming from outside.

"What was that?" Paige asked and Blake came out to see…

"Stay here" he said. "No , I am coming with you…". "Paige just stay here!"

"No!". She finally said and got out with him. But she started screaming after she saw Vince holding a huge knife. The truth was that if Bo knew that Vincent came there he would be mad.


"Paige! Come with me…run!" They started running into the forest while Vincent was following them.

"What are we doing? Where are we going?" She said full of fear.

"I don't know…just run!"

They finally reached a place full of old cars. A place so remote." Let's hide somewhere. Hurry up!". Blake said and dragged Paige to his side.

Vincent entered the abandoned sugar mill, or whatever was that, searching for his new future wax figures.

Suddenly he heard a noise and he turned to see what was happening. Immediately Blake shot him in the arm with an old gun which happened to work. Vince felt down covered in blood and with his mother's knife in his hands…Blake and Paige got out of there and decided to go to the town to which the others went to find that fan belt.

"Blake I am scared!"Paige said but Blake seemed not to here her.

"Blake I am talking to you!"

"What now? It's not my fault that that freak attacked to us!"

"But where are we going now?"

"To find Nick, Carly, Dalton and Wade."

"God, I hope they are ok!" She finally said. They reached the town but their friends didn't seem to be there. That was not the best thing that could have happened to them that moment…