Chapter 16 – The revenge


I sat on the soft couch and I explored the ceiling. I stared at its pure, white color for a few minutes and I rubbed my head. I thought about my sister for a while and I felt such a trashy man and brother that I could not help her. Paige told me, before she left, that Carly was not at home and she wanted to talk to her. How the hell did she leave the house without telling it to me in that miserable situation? She left for a whole night and I didn't realize it. How can I be so stupid? I grabbed the TV control and I turned that thing on in order to relax and forget about the things had happened. I would go with Paige but she told me that Carly wanted to talk to her in private. I was so curious to know about what those two was about to talk. Carly kept secrets. Secrets that probably she didn't want to share with me. I could not blame her after all. She was right. I have always been a prick to her since junior high… I would easily get into trouble anytime and I could blame her about all my shit… I was an immature boy…I was afraid to take things seriously…now I can see her point… I needed to grow up as she said. Television could not keep me busy from not thinking of my sister so I decided to turn it off. I went to the kitchen and I opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water. I looked at the clock and it read 10:30. I grabbed my cell phone from the table and I dialed a number.

"Hi baby"

"Hi" The young woman replied with a voice full of emotion. " I missed you Nick"

"I missed you too honey. How about coming to my house tonight, I'll be on my own. I want to see you. I have neglected you lately and I want to rectify" I told her, my voice was a little bit hoarse.

"I 'd very happy to meet you tonight but, are you sure there will be no problem?"

"Of course I am. Don't worry. My sister and her friend are not in the house and they will be late. I'm not feeling very well and I want to be with you tonight. Just the two of us" I told her and to my pleasure the answer was "yes".

"Ok. I'll be right there. I send you a kiss" She told me and I smiled to myself. She hung up and I went to change into some more relaxing clothes. I put on a black pair of shorts and a blue-black T-shirt. I went in the living room again and I lit some small candles to make a cozier atmosphere. After that, I lay on the couch with my hands behind my head thinking about my miserable life. The only one who made me feel happy was Vanessa. I was going to make my life with her as soon as possible.

…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Bo's POV

We waited patiently in front of the boy's house. I sometimes felt that she was not going to do it, that she was going to quail. She was upset and as the time went by she became more and more pale. I touched her nearly stained from tears eyes and I wiped I small teardrop. I looked at her with a look of sympathy and she eyed me hopeless. She hesitatingly grabbed my hand.

"These marks" She said and I looked at her annoyed. "Are they still hurt?"

"These marks…" I started to talk but she interrupted me.

"I know they hurt… and I guess they are a gift from my brother. It is difficult to cause marks like them. It requires hatred and evilness"

"Let's just stop talking about these fucking marks!" I shouted pissed."You have a missing finger,too"

"You are right" she simply answered" I'm getting used to this although I have no idea who did this to me" I looked at her pretending that I didn't know a thing. "Are you sure that that's the best idea? I mean to commit a murder? Is the situation that uncontrolled? Maybe some doctors could solve his problem" She was so cold and unemotional that she surprised me. "I'm so confused"


"If you tell me that's the only way then it is. Just say it one last time. I want to be sure that what I am about to do is right. You are the only one that I trust" I handed her the weapon and I enclosed it in her palm. I rubbed it softly for a while and then i kissed her lips poorly.

" That is the only way to get back your life. You can do it. You don't need anyone else but me. You are strong. Get out now. This will end very soon my darling. I promise" She quickly obeyed and she went to open the door. I looked outside and I immediately grabbed her arm keep her in place.

"What the hell is she doing in here?" I asked eyeing a blonde girl approaching Nick's house. He opened and she entered the house.

"I don't fucking know. She may be Nick's girlfriend . Vanessa I think"

"She ruined everything. Let's just leave"

"No. I will go. Maybe I can get rid of her too. Otherwise she will be a witness. We need to do it now. There will not be another chance. Leave now. When I'm done I will come to you" I eyed her smiling. I could easily convert her from the good twin into a sadistic slave of mine. She left the car resolutely. "That was much easier than I thought". I started the engine and I started my way home.

…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carly's Pov

I was determined to end what Bo told me to end. There was no return. It was now or never. I took my keys from my pocket and I noiselessly opened the door. I walked inside and I watched my step not wanting a crack to change my plans. I continued entering the living room but I saw nobody expect lighted candles. As I watched insistently the candles memories floated my head.

"So why did you come? To piss me off?"

"Don't you get it? You're the good twin. I'm the evil one."

"we were looking for Bo. He works at the gas station"

"You found him"

"How cool is this? Everything in here is wax. The floor, the walls"

"Watch my finger . Watch my finger"

"Oh, my God. He did this to you? I watched my missing finger.

"Carly, behind you! I swear to God, if you hurt her…Vincent!"

"You're not a freak! He was! You don't need to do this. Please don't kill me!"

"Nick, get up! We're almost there! Come on, Carly. Faster!

"You okay? We're okay"





"Nick!" I shouted unconsciously and I looked at the gun. I stepped back and I leaned on the wall.

" Carly?" He run to me from inside and he stopped when he watched the weapon.

"Stay back" I told him and I pointed him with a gun with my hand shaking a bit.

"Carly…what are you doing hon…"

"Don't you dare call me like that…you are such a liar" I told him misty-eyed.

"What the hell happened to you my little sis?" He said to me emotionally.

"I'm sorry my twin" I told and I pulled the trigger. I heard a deafening noise. I opened my eyes and I saw Nick lying unconscious on the floor.

"NICK! Oh my god why did you let me to do this? Why didn't you cured me earlier? I have no reason to live now" I shouted and I hugged him crying harder than ever. His blood on my hands was feeling warm and I cupped his wound with my palm. I could also hear Vanessa screaming in depth and she fell on the floor sick at heart. I gave a look at her and a last one at my wounded brother and I stand up grabbing my weapon and getting out of the house. With my mind clearer that ever I started running to that fucker's house. The rainy weather washed away my brother's blood and made me run faster than I had run in my whole life.

"Fucking bastard! You finally managed to separate us!" I shouted not caring if anyone saw me although the dark road was empty and lifeless. I didn't know how I managed to get to his home but I eventually did.

"Open up!" I shouted and I kicked his door. He immediately opened and I pushed him so hard that we both fell on the floor.

"You sick fuck!" I yelled at him and I placed the gun to his throat.

"What the fuck happened to you baby?" He taunted.

"I'm not your fucking baby asshole!"

"Of course you are. I took what I wanted from you. And you didn't resist at all!"

"Shut up!" I said crying and thinking that I had let him totally touch me. In a flash he set me down roughly and he grabbed the weapon from my hand.

"No sweetie. You shut up!" He said and he shot me. That was the last sound I heard.


Nick's POV

I opened my eyes and I faced a cold, dull and colorless hospital room. I turned my head and I saw Vanessa sitting by my side.

"Nick? My love…" She told me and she gave me a kiss on my forehead.

"Where is Carly?" I asked her but I could see the lifeless look on her pretty face."Where is my sister?" I insisted and a tear fell on my cheek.

"They found her a bit farther from home"

"No!" I looked at the ceiling desperately . "Is she dead?"

"I'm sorry Nick"

"Me ,too. God took my twin. The other half of me"

"Nick you have me now. We will be always together"

"Thank you" I said and she gave me her sweetest hug. I didn't know what had happened and I would never understand. Why she hurt me, why she hurt herself. She took my other half with her. But she would always be my little sister.

...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx

Bo's POV

I laid on the large bed of an old and miserable motel. I looked at the brunette who was next to me and I smiled at her. I was so pleased that I managed to give those kids a good lesson. Now my life was like old times. Sin and murder. The only way to take back my lost childhood and get rid of my pain and the god-damned memories. I wanted to take more lives, to kill more, to murder more. Just for fun. I got so drunk last night that I barely knew how the hell that girl had ended up with me in that bed. It was a pretty little thing but I didn't even know her name. She touched my injured wrist and caressed it. She gave me a weak smile and she asked me with a worried look something that I expected.

"Baby where did you get injured?" I rolled my eyes a bit not wanting to make her feel bad. At least not at that moment.

"Don't worry babe. Just a small accident" I told her. It was not small at all and it lasted almost my half life. But she was not supposed to know. Nobody was supposed to know. I reach out and I placed my cold body over her warm one. I was twice as her so she could not move. She only stared at me with a mix of worry and satisfaction. Her skin was so soft. I touched her shiny hair and then her full lips. I closed my eyes tiredly and dizzily for a second and I opened them again. Her shape had changed. Her brunette hair had turned into reddish I could say curls and her lips had changed into heart shaped. I had never seen lips so shapely like that. The beautiful woman looked at me with a sweet and passionate look and touched my face. I jumped slightly. I felt my body numb and my voice became a bit hoarse…


…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Two years later Nick married Vanessa and they had a baby girl. He never forgot about his sister. Paige also lived with them. Bo didn't left Carly's corpse in his temporary home. He moved her and he left beside her another weapon with only her fingerprints. He cleaned the house from evidence and he and his brothers returned to Ambrose. Vincent started sculpting again. Bo never learned that Nick survived.