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Chapter 19

"I can't believe it!" Daphne stormed angrily into their bedroom continuing with her tirade. "How dare she?!"

Harry didn't really know what to do in this case. He never had to deal with an angry Daphne before. It's not like she was angry at him but Harry knew that if he played this wrong this was soon to change and he really didn't want that.

"Please calm down." In the end Harry decided that maybe trying to calm her down a little was the best way to go, wrong.

"And you?"

"Me? What?" Harry asked, a little afraid from the glare his soulmate was giving him.

"Don't you play stupid with me Harry Potter." Daphne yelled, making Harry cover a little. "Why haven't you told me about her, hmm? You never tell me anything." Daphne accused now with her wand raised and pointed at him.

Harry could feel the tension in the room, this kind of tension that he was yet to experience with Daphne, till now that's it, He knew that whatever he said now would ether make Daphne hex his balls off or save him of that fate, for now.

He could either argue with her and tell her that he does tell her things or agree with her and explain. which to chose?

"Daphne it's not that I don't tell you anything, because I do however we've been together for such a short time that I never saw a need for you to know about Sophie. I mean she didn't mean much to me." Perfect. Harry thought as he saw Daphne lowering her wand and coming closer towards him and when she was standing only inch or two away she raised herself on her toes and when she was just about to kiss him, she pulled away, to Harry's dismay.

"Good save Potter; good save but not good enough. You're sleeping on the couch tonight." And she was out the room before stunned Harry could start to argue.


By the next morning Harry could tell you one thing: The couch in their bedroom was comfortable to sit in but only to sit in.

He was massaging his neck as he walked down the stairs. His back and neck were aching from the position the position they were in the whole night.

The first person Harry saw when he walked into the dining room was Daphne who was smirking at him from her sit in the middle of the table.

"Sleep well, love?" She asked slyly. He knew she was doing this only to annoy him.

"Like never" He replied cheerfully making Daphne frown a little.

"Oh really? Maybe you should start sleeping on that couch all the time now?" She asked sweetly but maliciously and Harry knew he shouldn't have said that. This of course reminded him of Hagrit every time the friendly giant told them a secret he was sworn to secrecy on. Deciding on keeping his mouth shut Harry sat down and looked at his soulmate. "That's what I thought."

Laugher rang all around the room and Harry just now realised that he was the last one down in the dining room. 'Oops'

*cough* "Whipped" *cough* Hearing the badly masked 'whipped' Harry swung his head towards the speaker, which just happens to be his father.

"You shouldn't be the one to talk ya know?"

"I'm not whipped" James argued back but immediately shut up when he saw the glare his wife was giving him.

Laugher rang around the room once again but this time from James predicament.


"So what's the strategy?" Harry asked as his father, grandfather and godfather finally decided to let him in on what they are going to do with certain redheads and one very old and meddling headmaster.

"Seeing as you have defeated Voldemort, people are either in awe of you, scared of you or both, therefore they won't really go against you. Plus the word got to press already about what happened. The only rational thing to do now is to go to the wizengamot against them. It's also the easiest thing to do, though it may take a bit of time. James and Sirius will contact the DMLE and fill in the charges so they can start looking for them and of course we will be asked to testify and then go through the trial but nothing to worry about. Couple of weeks and things will be done, probably." The last word Charlus muttered quietly as if it wasn't meant to be heard by anyone but Harry was still able to hear him, though he decided not to question this as he assumed that his grandfather just meant it may take more time than estimated.

"So what am I supposed to do?" Harry asked in the end.

"For now just wait." Harry sighed and left the study in hope that he could find Daphne and mend whatever conflict was between them.


Harry just walked out of the room, where his father, grandfather and godfather were still discussing plans, when he ran into his sister.

"Harry" Rose exclaimed not too quietly.

"What do you want?" Harry snapped sounding more angered than he meant to. He wasn't angry, no he was just a bit frustrated because the only person he wanted to see right now was Daphne and he wasn't even sure if she will be speaking with him, ever again.

"No need to be snappy" She replied tickled off. "I was just looking for you."

"Whatever for?" Harry asked now slightly curious though still not in the best of moods.

"Can you please tell me why is my sister-in-law so sad?" She requested glaring, she was accusing him. Harry should give her an award, she was right. It was his fault as far as he knows.

"She's just angry that's all"

"That's all! THAT'S ALL?!" Rose shouted her temper rising. 'Note – Rosie can be as scary as mum and Daphne sometimes' Harry thought as he covered in fear of getting kicked in the balls seeing as Rose's eyes were literally screaming at him saying 'Wrong move and you will get castrated.'.

"What have you done to her Harry?" She asked moments later, once she calmed a bit.

"Nothing. She's accusing me of keeping things from her." Harry explained and watched as his sister's expression turned to one of thought.

"What things?" She finally asked.

"Sophie" One word was enough to make Rose's eyes light up.

"The girl from that shop?" Harry just nodded in conformation.

"Daphne's being an idiot. It's not like you were together for months or anything. You and Daphne have been together for what a couple of days? She's just being irrational. I will speak with her, but can't promise anything." At this Harry felt like hugging his little sister and that's exactly what he did.


Knock Knock

Daphne rose her head from the bed as she heard knocking, she was sure that this wasn't Harry as he would just barge in, as it was also his bedroom. She called a quiet, but loud enough to be heard, 'Enter'.

When the doors swung open her little sister-in-law came in, looking quite angry.

"Daphne" She said loudly after closing the doors behind her.

"Yes?" She replied unsure.

"You know you're being unreasonable." Rose asked, but the tone of voice she used clearly meant that she already knew the answer.

"I know" Daphne sighed and Rose walked to her bed sitting on the side.

"Then why don't you go make up?" Rose asked hopefully.

"I can't" Daphne and Rose both knew that Daphne was just being too prideful to apologise for her stupidity.

"Well you have to, because my big brother is pretty much shit scared that you won't want to speak to him." Daphne sighed once again. "It's either love or pride. Your choice." At this Rose stood up and left.

Daphne just sat there stunned for a moment before making up her mind and following Rose out the door to find her soulmate.

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