Born this way continued

A side story to Blaine for Dinner

This one's for Rockenweirdo I'm sorry it took so long

When the Hudmel's and Blaine got back to the house later that night Kurt and Blaine went upstairs to Kurt's room

"Keep the door open!"

"Yes Dad" Kurt called back

"So," he said putting his hands on Blaine's chest and forcing the curly haired boy to walk backwards towards the bed. When the back of Blaine's knees touched the edge of the bed he sank down so that he was sat on the edge of the bed looking up at his taller boyfriend.

"Yes how can I be of service?"

Kurt answered this question by kissing the boy on the bed passionately. Oh ok then that's what we are doing then Blaine thought, well I'm definitely not complaining. Although now I think of it Kurt owes me an explanation . Blaine hesitantly pulled away from the kiss.

"Your lips are distracting me babe" he said crawling backwards towards the middle of the bed. Kurt pouted at the loss of contact "Sorry" Blaine continued "but you said that you'd give me an explanation when we got back," he patted an empty space on the bed " so I'm listening."

"Its embarrassing" Kurt said shuffling his foot and looking down at the floor."

"Is it as bad as serenading a gap employee in the middle of his work place with a deeply inappropriate song?"

"Well at least he was actually gay" kurt countered

"True and he wasn't going to be my step-brother" Blaine snorted

"No fair, In my defence our parents hadn't met yet"

"Mmmhmm" Blaine said knowing that there was more to the story

"Ok fine, I set Dad and Carole up"

Blaine smiled, he loved getting things out of Kurt that his boyfriend was unwilling to share, it gave him a feeling of accomplishment.

"I don't know what I was thinking, but he was nice to me and I wasn't used to guys being nice to me." Kurt sighed and leant back resting his head onto Blaine's torso. "Most guys at McKinley would avoid me like the plague and the football team would give me slushie facials and toss me into the dumpster"

"I'm sorry"

"shush I'm talking, anyway Finn would often hold my coat or bag when they threw me in and I suppose I mistook his kindness for something else. It didn't end well"

"What happened?"

"I errr...I decorate our room and well finn didn't like the decor"

"is that it?" Blaine asked

"well he errr...called the furniture..erm..something that my Dad was not pleased to hear and he threw him out, it was a bit of a strain on his relationship with carole but it put out the flame that I was holding out on Finn."

"I'm sorry you had to go through that Kurt, but I can't deny that I am kinda glad that he rejected you because then you would never have met me " Blaine emphasised his point by running open-mouth kises along Kurt's arm.

Kurt and Blaine spent the next hour lounging on Kurt's bed conversation coming easily to them. Before too long Blaine had to leave to get back to Dalton in time for curfew

"Thanks for sharing that with me Kurt. I'll ring you when I get back."

Good God its really short sorry

If anyone has ideas that they would like to see expanded (preferably from the other story 'Blaine for dinner' ) but I can accomodate more :D