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Digital Adventure 03: Kiseki O Shinjiru: A few months after the second and final defeat of MaloMyotismon, the DigiDestined head off to camp. But during the first night, Davis, along with four girls from camp, ends up in the Digital World where a force of evil turned the Digital World into a wasteland and enslaved the Digimon. As the Bearer of Miracles, Davis has to guide the girls as the new DigiDestined. Will they defeat the evil force, bring the DigiWorld back to normal, and bring back peace between the real world and Digital World?

Japanese Translations: Kiseki O Shinjiru- Believe in Miracles

Main Pairing: Daikoro (Davis/Kokoro)

Other Parings: Tailise (Tai/Annalise), Agumon/Quartz, Sorato (Matt/Sora), Gabumon/Biyomon, Takari (T.K./Kari), Patamon/Gatomon, Joumi (Joe/Mimi), Gomamon/Palmon, Izzya (Izzy/Anya), Tentomon/Helena, Veemon/Cleo, Kenlie (Ken/Yolei), Codri (Cody/Lori), Armadillomon/Atsuko, and Dakari (in Davis's head)

My OCs

Arc 1: Chapter 1


Eight months have pass since the second defeat of Malomyotismon. Now the real world knows about the Digital World, even though we don't co-exist just yet. Even so, the team and I continued our normal lives, along being recognized as world heroes, (even Davis!).

We changed but not too much.

After Davis confessed his noodle dream, he began to cook his own noodles and even started to build crates! I took up writing down our adventures for future purposes. Kari went into photography and became a natural. Ken and his family moved to Odaiba so Ken can be closer to us. Yolei became a tennis player with Sora. Cody started to complete in kendo matches.

Tai lead his soccer team to victory. Matt and his band, the Teenage Wolves, become more popular than ever. Sora, also known as Matt's girlfriend, won a tennis championship. Izzy set up a research group with Sora's dad and Joe's brother, Jim, to study of the Digital World.Mimi moved back and went back into her fashion shows.And Joe is still studying to be a doctor, only now he does more so he can get into a good university.

But unknown to us at the time, a new threat and a new adventure was ahead...

After Malomyotismon's defeat, all the DigiDestined's partners are forced to stay in the Digital World and the gates closed with no way in. The kids promise that they'll see each other again someday. Now, they still hope to be reunited with their partners in time.

At 8.30 in early August, where night approached, the DigiDestined are preparing to head off to Camp Kaki (Summertime) for the summer. The team heard of it when they were discussing what do for summer and Yolei was looking over the camp's brochure.

The scene shifts from Odaiba's scenery to an apartment. The apartment was small, with the kitchen and living separated by a brown couch. A man was watching a comedy show on the television, laughing heartily.

A young girl, about 16, was standing outside of a door, holding of tray of food. Her light-maroon hair was spiked in different directions. She wore an olive-green blouse in a military style with pockets on her chest and dark-navy tie under the collar, a dark-red pleated miniskirt, and navy knee-high socks. She was impressively balancing a black house phone between her cheek and shoulder.

She looked nervous.

"I don't know about this," She said to the person on the other side of the phone.

"Jun, relax. All you have to do is talk to him, break the ice, and then pop it!" An energetic boy's voice reassured.

"Pop what?"

"The big thing! You know, what you want to ask him! The question!"

"Couldn't you just say that?" She heard a man who sounded older than the boy said, with a jolly chuckle in his voice.

"It's not as easy as it looks, Senri. Davis thinks everything went back to normal between us but it is not! I want to ask him if I could go with him to his summer camp. We haven't done any close bonding ever since…" She shrugged her shoulders. "You know."

"It's perfectly easy!" A new boy's voice chirped.

"Shuu, give that back!"

"No way! The girl is mine!"

"She's mine!"

"Boys, be careful! Your mother says no hand wrestling over the phone in the house!"

Jun heard the arguing go now for a few second until a thud and Ow occurred. She sweatdropped, knowing what just happened.

"I'm sorry, miss Motomiya," The man from before apologized, "But Lorraine just tripped the boys from behind again. You know how they get over lovely, young women like you."

Jun smiled. "It's ok, Mr Suto. I'll just hang up now. Bye, tell the guys and Lorraine I'll see them tomorrow."

She pressed the red off button and stared at the door, nerves crawling up in her like spiders to a wall. She sighed.

"Maybe." She added, quietly.

Inside his bedroom, Davis, the maroon-haired goggle-head, was stocking his bag with what's needed. As his phone from his pocket rang, he dug into his pocket and answers it. "Yeah?"

"Hi, Davis."

"Oh hey, Ken. How's it going?"

"Fine, I guess. I just want to see if you got everything for camp tomorrow."

"Sure I do! You think I'll forget or something?"

"A bit,"

"Well there's a surprise for you, boy genius, I'm not just a dumb yahoo. I am the fearless leader of the DigiDestined!" He pumped his fist into the air. "Well, after Tai, of course but I'm-"

"Ok, ok. You made your point. How about we just go over your rations to make sure?"


"Ok than. Got clothes?"


"Medical kit?"


"Soccer ball?"

Davis tried to spin his soccer ball on his finger like a basketball but it backfired and hit his head.

"Ouch! Check."

"Swim trucks?"





"Chec- hey, wait a minute! I thought we're going camping for real?"

"We are, but Izzy wants us to bring them just in case he finds a Digi-Portal,"

"He's still looking for one?"

"Yeah, every day and every night,"

"Wow, he must be all worked out,"

"I know, it kind of worries me." There was a moment of awkward silence. "Anyways, it seems you got everything. Sorry I doubted you."

"Nah, it's Ok. I have a good feeling about this summer."

"You do? About what?"

"I don't know. I just feel that something…big will happen, like-like a…"

"Wonder? Phenomenon, Sensation, Marvel?"

"Yeah, yeah. Something like that, Einstein. Hey, maybe Kari will be my girlfriend!"

"Still haven't let that go, have you?"

"Hey I mean it! Kari will be mine!"

"Yeah and pigs will fly,"

"Ok, have it your way. See ya at the bus."

"Sure, see ya."

The phone went dead in a beep and Davis resumes packing.

Then someone knocked on his bedroom. "Davis? Are you in here?" The door opened and Jun came in.

"I thought you might be hungry." She said softly and sat down the tray next to her brother.

Davis didn't notice his sister's offer. "Whatever,"

Jun nervously rub her arm as she stammered, "So... are you packing for the Camp Kaki?"

"It's your imagination." Davis retorted.

Jun leaned down closer to Davis. "Are the others going as well?"

"I can't remember."

"So, is…Matt going?" She winced when she realized what she just said.

"Matt moved to another country."

Jun tried to chuckle at his remark but ended up groaning. "Um, Davis? I was wondering...if I could... come too?"

"Sure you could go."

Jun's dark-brown eyes sparkled. "Really?"

"Yeah, GO away!"

In a spilt second, Davis sat up, grabbed Jun by the shoulders, turned her around and pushed her towards. However, Jun is just as stubborn as her brother so she digs her heels in the ground and she and Davis came to halt, outside Davis's bedroom door.

"Why can't I come, Davis?" Jun asked. Normally she'll sound whiney but this time, she sounded soft.

"Because I know you, Jun! I don't want you ruining my fun by throwing yourself at Matt and picking fights with me!"

Jun stood still, as if her insides have frozen. "But I need to-"

"Now wait a minute there, Davis!" Jun got cut off by her father, Masao Motomiya, who was enjoying his comedy show until he heard his children 'fighting'. "It's not up to you to decide if or if not your sister wants to go to camp."

"But Dad!"

"Daddy, you're not helping-"

"Jun is going and that is finally!"

Davis stomped his foot in frustration. Great! Why does Jun need to stick her nose in my business and ruin my fun? He huffed as he went back to his room and slammed his door with a bang.

Jun stared at his door, still in shock. Then, she shook her head and glared at her father. "Dad! What did you do that for?"

Her father, bewildered, blinked at his daughter. "What? I thought you wanted to go?"

"I-eh-well-oh never mind, you're no help!" Jun turned on her heels and stalked to her room, muttering in anger.

Masao tilted his head in confusion. Maybe I should start reading Nori's parenting books.

"Run for it! It's the Digimon Pharaohs!"

The Digimon fled as black rings went shooting out from a distance. They scattered apart as they ran into the woods, desperate to escape the rings.

Among them, a light-green Digimon that looked like a cross between a rag doll and a plant panted as it ran to get to safety. It's long, leave-like arms with purple-tipped claws waving around her and the petals of the pink flower upon her head flapping against her forehead.

"I have to get out of there-ahh!" The Digimon tripped when its foot hit a stone and landed face first into the ground.

"Palmon!" A pink feathered, bird-like Digimon turned around, rapidly flapping her pale red-clawed wings towards her friend, with blue-tipped feathers on her head, and a steel ring locked on one of her legs.

"Biyomon!" Palmon cried.

Her bird-like friend landed down next to her and knelt down to help Palmon up to her feet. A black ring shot out and bolted towards them but they didn't notice it…

Suddenly, they were carried off by a swift figure before the ring could come any closer. Palmon and Biyomon held onto their saviour as they were carried off elsewhere at a fast speed.

The woods had Digimon all over the place, all exhausted and some were even injured. Palmon and Biyomon's saviour flew down to the centre and gently placed them down. She placed her long-nailed hands on her hips and smiled proudly of her rescue. Her light-pink, flower petal-made dress matched the cap on her head, a little orange stem growing out from the top. Her feet were concealed by green boots with daisies at the heels and long, green cuffs adorn her arms with yellow petals growing at the end and four fin-like leaf wings stuck out of her back in a star-like style.

Palmon beamed up to her rescuer. "Thank you!"

"Yes, thank you Lillymon." Biyomon added.

Lillymon flicked her hair-roots over her shoulder as her smile still beamed proudly. "No biggie. It was the right thing." Lillymon turned her head to the opening of the woods and glared. From a distance far from the woods, a sedan chair was settled down on the ground. The sedan was put together by four gold beams and white cotton curtains that flapped in the wind, with a silhouette of a figure inside. Lillymon clutched her fist and growled in frustration.

"Lillymon!" Palmon grabbed her arm in worry.

Lillymon looked down and sighed. "Sorry. I'm just so frustrated about that little-"

"Things will get better." Biyomon spoke up, to prevent Lillymon from releasing her temper.

Lillymon cooled down but her glare stayed on her once cute face.

"Maybe…" Lillymon added, quietly.

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