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Arc 3: Chapter 8


"Davis!" Ahiru fought through the heavy fog, determined to find Davis. "Davis! Where are you? Davis!"


That was a boy's voice shouting her name, but it wasn't the voice she was hearing out for.


"Ahiru!" Out the mist emerged Fakir, running toward her. "What are you doing out here? You're supposed to be in the academ-" He stopped ranting angrily when he got a clearer view of Ahiru, looking beautiful in her new outfit (from Arc3: Chapter 6). The style was new yet it suited her. The new colours were amazing on her! He liked the bold blue on her…

Ahiru blinked innocently. "Fakir?"

Fakir snapped out of his daze and back to his harsh caring. "What are you doing out here?"

"I'm looking for Davis." She answered determinedly. She twirled around, so gracefully it stunned Fakir…but then she tripped. "Stupid fog!"

Fakir rolled his eyes at her klutzy antics. And narrowed them in jealousy at the idea of her chasing after another boy. "Idiot."

Ahiru immediately stood up to glare at him. "I can't see in this fog, that's why I tripped!"

"Then why are you here anyway if you know you can't see?"

"Davis ran out there and I'm trying to find him!" Determinedly so, she turned her back on him, unknowingly causing him to blush at the sight of her smooth backless-viewing skin, and walked straight ahead to who knows where.

"Ahi- Ahiru!" Fakir stuttered as she disappeared. He growled like a wolf, a very infuriated one. "Ahiru, get back here! Damn, pretty idiot…"

He ran forward in search of her.

Davis stood motionless and still after his song ended. He was still feeling divided in either hating or missing his mother. The pros matched the cons. How in God's name is he gonna make up his mind?

Despite the heavy fog, he could see someone coming towards him. Not someone with a long braid swinging behind her but instead possessed a mass of curls…

For a moment, he thought it was the love of his life…but the girl in front of him wasn't blonde.


Rue slowly approached him, just staring at him…in awe.

"Uh…Hi?" He blurted out in order to break the awkward silence.

Rue stopped a few close feet ahead of him. Her red eyes shifted back and forth between him and downward. She was twiddling her fingers nervously. Davis tapped his foot to an impatient beat.

She cleared her throat and tried to look more confident. "I…" She was feeling extremely nervous because of him, made into two reasons: (1) She was beginning to have a sorta crush on her for his warmth, charm and energy which she never received from Mytho. (2) He was angry with her due her antagonism towards Ahiru and his seemly protectiveness over her, similar to Fakir. Even though she spurred Ahiru the last she was seen, Rue found herself thinking over the events that started since she poisoned Myhto's heart. She wondered if she made the right choice to do so for her love and her father, only to be left in the dust in the end…

"…apologize for my inappropriate behaviour towards Ahiru." Davis snorted at the plain apology. However, she bravely went on. "I know poisoned Mytho's heart and made him into that cruel Prince of Crows, not Ahiru! I did it all for my father!"

"Your father?"

Rue nodded. Her eyes looked away while she brushed her hair with her hand. "I finally realized I am not a raven stuck in an ugly human's body but I am truly…a human." She choked on the terrible truth. "It was pretty much thrown at me. I am no longer in my father's favour."

"He just abandoned you?" Davis spat out in disgust. Another good-for-nothing man who messed up on being a dad! He ultimately pushed his anger away for her. "I know how hat feels. My dad's lousy too."

"You helped me against the ravens and I am grateful for that. I'm not sure how to apologize to Ahiru…"

Davis looked over her shoulder and suddenly smiled knowingly. "Oh…I think it will be pretty easy for you…"

Perplexed, Rue turned around, finding Ahiru standing there with a happy smile and kindness in her big eyes. Rue knew Ahiru already forgave her. But Fakir was right beside her and he wasn't so forgiving. Davis frowned at Fakir for killing the mood.

"Did anyone tell you that you're a major killjoy?" The gogglehead spat out, out of habit from how he usually talks with his dad.

"Best to be that than being bipolar and ridiculously musical." Fakir retorted.

Ahiru, scowling, stomped on his toes hard, despite wearing flats. "His mother is dead, show some compassion!"

"I didn't know that!" Fakir retorted back while he hopped on one leg, nursing his sore foot.

Davis snickered at his pain. That made him felt better. "I'm feeling a little better for the moment. It's always good to vent it out. And a little fun never hurt anybody…except for Charlie Chaplin*."

Ahiru and Rue giggled like normal schoolgirls, Veemon laughed and Davis smirked.

Fakir snarled, deep and angry enough to pass off as a wolf's growl. "Just get Ahiru back to the academy before she loses her part!"

"Alright, alright, keep on your head on!" Davis waved him off and took Ahiru's hand with a smile, along with Veemon in his other hand. "Come on, Ahiru!"

She laughed as they run off in a hurry, leaving Fakir and Rue behind.

Unexpectedly Rue gasped when she remembered something important. "Wait!" But her plead was in vain when the three were too far away to hear. So she turned to Fakir. "Fakir, there's something important they have to know!"

"What is it?"

"There is a girl who replaced me by my father. She's dangerous. I know Ahiru haven't met her yet but I fear she and Davis could be in danger when they do."

"How do you know they will meet her soon?"

"I know they will shortly. She's a lead dancer in the play."

Davis, Ahiru and Veemon ran like mad, laughing all the way to the academy, holding on tight on each other's hands.

"Right on time!" Davis grinned once they made it to the garden.


Davis, Ahiru and Veemon turned around at the sudden, angry shout. Femio was

"Me?" Pointing to himself, Davis raised an auburn eyebrow at the flamboyant boy, his body decorated with paint blobs.

"That'z my role, you fiend!"

"Role?" Davis quickly jumped to conclusions, thinking the doll-boy was talking about Ahiru. "She's a girl, not a trophy!"

"He meant the main male lead role in the play you have." Another boy explained, a neat and smart one by the looks of it.

"I'm the lead?"

"That's great!" Ahiru praised.

"Hmph!" The French boy huffed.

His smart friend rolled his eyes. "Ignore Femio Bizet, he's always like that. I'm Autor Konrad."

"Hi, I'm Davis Motomiya."

"I know."

Femio carried on with his huff. "Itz totally undignified to let a criminal to write for a production that waz supposed to be my show!"

"Hey! You were suspended from the academy as well! Your pet bull trampled a teacher!" Autor retorted.

"It waz Mr Cat'z fault for getting in zhe way!"

Meanwhile, Davis, Veemon and Ahiru followed the arguing boys to wherever the play was being rehearsed.

"What's the play about anyway?" Davis requested curiously.

"It's actually a ballet but everyone calls it a play because I'm directing it and there are a couple of songs. Its Fakir's story but it was adapted into a play. He didn't want it to write it down." Autor answered.


Autor hesitated to answer but Ahiru didn't.

"Fakir has the ability to affect reality by writing stories. When he was a child, the village was attacked by ravens and he tried to use his power to stop them. But…his parents died trying to save him. Since then he's been afraid to use his power."

That story made Davis slowly have sympathy for Fakir. At least Fakir had an excuse. His father doesn't tell him anything!

"Let's just focused on the play for now." Davis said when they got into the theatre department. "What's in it?"

Autor proudly positioned in a ballet stance. "The production is called…Kismet!"

Kismet…The name rang in Davis's head like an alarm clock. Autor only revealed the title so far but…Somehow…he knew how the story went…and how it ends…

{Cue Deliver Us from 'The Prince of Egypt'}

"The ballet is set in Ancient Thebes…" While Autor babbled on, Davis visualised the play.

He was in Ancient Egypt, in its great city Thebes. He looked down on himself and gasped. He was Kiseki! (Learn the backstory in Arc 2: Chapter 8)

Slaves: Mud...




Guards: Faster!

Slaves: Mud...And lift

Sand...And Pull

Water...And raise up...


Guards: Faster!

Slaves: With the sting of the whip on my shoulder

With the salt of my sweat on my brow

Elohim, God on high

Can you hear your people cry?

Help us now

This dark hour...

Deliver us

Hear our call

Deliver us

Lord of all

Remember us, here in this burning sand

Deliver us

There's a land you promised us

Deliver us to the promised land...


"…the plot centres on Kiseki, a boy who fight against society's claim on his destiny…He is an outcast in this society, especially after he made his goal…yet he possesses a spirit and charm that makes you like him…"

{Cue Heaven's Light from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'}

"He is loved by three girls…"

Davis's eyes widened at the sight of three girls, each one different from the other, dancing in perfect graceful sync.

"Princess Luce, the Pharaoh's daughter and Kiseki's past crush who begins to see him in a new light…Ananse, Luce's 'half'-sister and Kiseki's lover …and Corazon, Kiseki's friend who holds genuine feelings for him and his eventual true love…"

Princess Luce: So many times out here

I've watched a happy pair

Of lovers walking in the night

They had a kind of glow around them

It almost looked like heaven's light

Corazon: I knew I'd never know

That warm and loving glow

Though I might wish with all my might

No heart as low as my heart

Was ever meant for heaven's light

Ananse: But suddenly an angel has smiled at me

And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright

I dare to dream that he

Might even care for me

Luce/Corazon/Ananse: And as I ring these bells tonight

My cold dark life seems so bright

I swear it must be heaven's light

{Cue Hellfire from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'}

"However…Ananse is slowly getting corrupt by hate and anger, turning her love for Kiseki into lust…And with Princess Luce starting to gain feelings for him which is adding conflict, this is becoming a tragedy that would make Drosselmeyer happy…"

("It is!" The crazed storywriter exclaimed.)

The atmosphere went dark for Ananse's solo.

Ananse: I feel him, I see him

The sun caught in his crimson hair

Is blazing in me out of all control

(Verbo et opere (In word and deed))

Like fire


This fire in my skin

This burning


Is turning me to sin

(Mea maxima culpa (Through my most grievous fault))


Dark fire

Now Kiseki, it's your turn

Choose me or

Your pyre

Be mine or you will burn

(Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy))

Ra have mercy on him

(Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy))

Ra have mercy on me

(Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy))

But he will be mine

Or he will burn!

{Cue Let My People Go from 'The Prince of Egypt'}

"Eventually, Ananse assemble a war against her stepfamily…Kiseki ends their relationship when she becomes a tyrant…"

(Thus saith the Lord…)

(Since you refuse to free my people)

(All through the land of Egypt...)

Davis imagined the city of Thebes torn in war, fire blazing everywhere, people and Digimon running around screaming.

(I send the pestilence and plague into your house)

(Into your bed…Into your streams…Into your streets…Into your drink…Into your bread…Upon your cattle…On your sheep…Upon your oxen in the field…Into your dreams…Into your sleep)

(Until you break, until you yield)

(I send the horde, I send the swarm)

(Thus saith the lord…)

Davis/Kiseki: Once I called you lover

Once I thought the chance to make you laugh

Was all I ever wanted…

(I send the thunder from the sky)

(I send the fire raining down)

And even now I wish that faith had chose another,

Serving as your foe on this behalf

Is the last thing that I wanted...

(I send a hail of burning ice)

(On ev'ry field, on ev'ry town)

Davis understood how Kiseki felt during that time. He felt Kiseki blamed the nobles and Ananse having this life-threatening war just for pride!

This was my home

All this pain and devastation

How it tortures me inside

All the innocent who suffer

From your stubbornness and pride...

(I send the locusts on the wind)

(Such as the world has never seen)

(On ev'ry leaf, on ev'ry stalk)

(Until there's nothing left of green)

(I send my scourge, I send my sword)

(Thus saith the Lord!)

You who I called lover

Why must you call down another blow?

(I send my scourge, I send my sword)

Let my people go…

Thus saith the Lord…

Next, Ananse cornered Luce, dangerously approaching with a sharp knife in her hand…

Luce: You who I called sister

How could you have come to hate me so?

Is this what you wanted?

(I send the swarm, I send the horde...)

Ananse: Then let my heart be hardened

And never mind how high the cost may grow

This will still be so

I will never let…your people go...

Davis/Kiseki saw what the girls were doing and his face expressed horror.

Davis/Kiseki/Chorus: Thus saith the Lord

Ananse/Luce: I will not let…

Davis/Kiseki/Ananse/Luce: Let…

Davis/Kiseki: My…

Ananse/Luce: Your…

Davis/Kiseki/Ananse/Luce: People…


Ananse dove in to stab her stepsister but Kiseki cut in, protecting Luce at the cost of his own life…



Davis snapped out of his flashback. He gasped for air desperately.

Ahiru worried over him. "Davis, are you ok?"

Autor kept talking, ignorant of Davis's discomfort. "I hate to imagine this tragedy coming to life. Although Fakir would've put it in more sophisticated words like his ancestor."

Davis stopped his gasping and took a deep breath. His usually happy face was sullen."You don't have to worry about that tragedy coming to life…because it already happened."

Ahiru looked at him worriedly. Veemon was worried too. Femio was lost.

Autor looked curious. "Meaning?"

"This story has already happened." Then Davis realized something. "If I'm Kiseki in the story, who are the three girls?"

"Ahiru will be Corazon, Rue is requested for Luce and the new girl Kinu Dimon has the role of Ananse."

Davis and Veemon went silent and deathly pale.

"Allo?" Femio waved his face in front of Davis's blank, stunned face. "Monsieur Motomiya?"

"Zay zomething pleaze!"

"KINU'S HERE!?" Davis suddenly screamed, horrified and freaked out, the loud volume of his voice caused Femio to fly to the wall!

"I zaid 'zay', not zcream." The poor French boy winced.


"Princess of nightmares?" Ahiru repeated, confusedly.

"Kinu must be the strange thing Fakir was talking about!" Davis panicked.

"She's a demon! A nightmare! A monster!" Veemon cried, also in panic like his partner.

"She is?" Ahiru innocently asked.

Tanned hands shot out, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her in, met with her out-of-this-world friend. "YES! Ahiru, she's dangerous!"

"She just arrived about a month ago. Fakir did suspect her before he got suspended but I hadn't picked up anything wrong with her."

"She's sneaky, that's why. Where is she now?"

"In the room on the right." Autor gestured down the hall, to which Davis shot off like a rocket.

Ahiru ran after him and Veemon.

Femio called after them. "If Mademoiselle Dimon is your mozt hated enemy, doez dis mean I have your part now?"

Autor groaned. "Oh hell…"

"Ahiru! Davis!" Rue ran past the two boys, causing Femio to twist around.

"Ahiru!" Fakir flew past and spun Femio more forcefully.

Autor smirked at the spinning Femio. "What a peculiar day."

Femio fell down in a daze. "Oui…"

Davis threw the doors open, leading into a dark room. He cautiously entered, high alert for the maniac girl with an obsession on him. But he heard a squeak behind him, so he turned and saw Ahiru clumsily slipping.

"Ahiru, get out of here! She's really dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt!" He hissed.

"I'm not leaving you." She hissed back, sounding as stubborn as him.

He groaned, finding her too persistent to turn away, and then noticed a table with a blue glowing thing. When he got closer, he found the glow was coming from the screen of a laptop, with the set up a message flashing. Ahiru gazed at it with eyes big and wide.

"What is that?" Ahiru never saw technology since the town was practically stuck in the 1800s.

"It's a laptop…" He read the flashing message and his face dropped in sadness. "…showing a message about my mom's memorial tomorrow…" Then he squinted his eyes at the extra information. "…And…TK's basketball game?" And then he expressed horror. "She better not have done what I think she did!"

"Oh…but I have."

{Cue Arabian Dance from 'The Nutcracker' suite}

Davis, Veemon and Ahiru whipped around. There, sitting on the polished floor…was the physical essence of evil itself…and Veemon and Davis's worst nightmare…

"Hello, Davis." Kinu smirked delightfully nefarious. "We meet again."

"!" Veemon turned white and fainted.

Davis gawked at her and protected Ahiru from the extremely dangerous girl.

Kinu rhythmically flexed her body like a snake. She rose up from her knees, blending in with the darkness. She took her pins out, letting her short black hair loose and donned a gold head-chain with 3 chains draped on either side of her head and 1 in the middle, on her hair's parting. Her pretty white outfit changed in black wisps, changing into an extremely tight black dress made for a belly dance, completed with a low neck, low back and jewelled with gold sequins. Her prancing feet scandalously clad in black French-lace barefoot sandals. A necklace of gold half-moons sat on her exposed collarbone and dozens of golden, ruby-encrusted bangles jiggled and jangled on her wrists.

"You know, you change clothes more times than any girl I know! And I know a lot so that's saying a lot!" Davis remarked.

Kinu brought her leg right up, right in of him. He was disgusted and covered Ahiru and Veemon's eyes.

"That is disgusting!" Davis spat out, appalled.

"What is?" Kinu teased in her sensual dance. "The messages I sent to your friends or my dance?"

"The messages AND the dance!"

Fakir and Rue barged in. Rue immediately sided with Ahiru behind Davis and Fakir drew his sword, finally seeing Kinu's true (and dangerous) colours. Then Kinu grabbed a shadow and brought out Mytho! The crow prince was mindlessly pulled into an elegant pas de deux but it was professional, no passion or joy in between. His eyes told he was controlled.

"You're probably wondering how I survived the collapse of Hamunaptra." Kinu sensually swayed her hips at her love interest, who gave her a face of more disgust. "Well…I pulled some strings and made it to a new world." She caressed Mytho's stoic face. "Sure, he's handsome…but he lacks energy." She pouted. "It's so dull!" She threw her head back so she can stare at Davis upside-down. "You have lots of it, Davis. A fire burns in you ever so fiercely."

"Nice to know what made you attracted to me." Davis deadpanned.

Kinu straightened up, smirking as she bent upwards. Her smirk twisted more sinisterly, targeted at the scene of Davis protecting Ahiru.

"How sweet of you to protect her…much like an older brother would protect his little sister."

Davis was taken aback. So was Ahiru. They shared a glance that ended up in a long stare. For a moment, a small memory played in their eyes…

Tiny feet kicked the air, filled with squeaks and giggles and laughter…small, tanned hands tickling a baby's stomach…

"What are you talking about, Kinu?" Davis demanded, breaking away from staring.

But surprisingly, Kinu ignored him in favour of Ahiru. "Tell me Ahiru, what you came from before Drosselmeyer added you to the story that is in role?"

Ahiru froze. "I…I don't know…I don't remember much of my past."

"Of course you don't. You were only a baby when you were snatched from your loving family."

"What are you yapping about!?" Davis shouted in heated demand, his patience snapping.

"Once upon a time, there was a town, cursed to play out the story of The Prince and The Raven. Every soul in the town is cursed with a certain fate…but there was born, a girl with hopes and dreams against what she was destined for and so, she broke out of the cursed town and into a new world. She achieved her impossible dreams and was blessed with a beautiful family…but she could not escape the tragedy she was destined for her. To punish her rebelling, her infant daughter was taken to fill in the role she left behind and she could not be able to find for she was already in a fabric of problems of her own…Don't you remember, Davis, playing with your baby sister? Do you remember that one minute, you were holding her but in the next, she was gone and your father coldly denied her existence? Don't you feel a missing void in your heart you couldn't explain?"

She was right. Davis placed his hand on the skin upon his heart. Ahiru was feeling the same way.

"Your sister took your mother's place in this cursed town! Ahiru Arima is the daughter of Norika Arima nee Motomiya…"

Ahiru was the first to realize the answer to Kinu's mocking questions. "If…your mom…was my mom…that means…"

"You're…y-you're…m…my…" Davis stuttered, raising a shaking finger to her.


"…sister." They finished together.

Rue gasped. Fakir was shocked also.

"Whoa!" Veemon exclaimed. "What a twist of events!"

{Cue Kiss From a Rose by Seal}

The new found siblings stared deep into each other's eyes. Davis drowned himself in the big blue eyes Ahiru inherited from their mother while Ahiru fell deep in the dark-brown warmth she somehow remembered after 13 years.

There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea

You became the light on the dark side of me

Love remained a drug that's the high and not the pill

"Uh…" Davis struggled with his words.

What can you say to the sister you haven't seen or heard from for years?

Ahiru's eyes were enhanced by watery tears. Her lips quivered.


But did you know that when it snows

My eyes become large

And the light that you shine can't be seen?

Ahiru jumped at him, wrapping him in a tight hug and burying her face in his chest. She gave out sniffles and happy tears against his shirt, her hands fisted his vest.

Davis put his arms around her, bringing her in closer.

Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey

Ooo, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah

Now that your rose is in bloom

A light hits the gloom on the grey

"I have a brother…I have a brother! I'm not an orphan!" She cried out happily, focusing only on the bright side of the truth, never minding that she was kidnapped.

"Of course you're not!" He hooked his hands under her arms and picked her up with ease

The siblings hugged like their lives depended on it, like they never want to let go in fear they would disappear is they do…

There is so much a man can tell you

So much he can say

You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain

Rue, Fakir and Veemon watched the reunion with fond expressions.

Mytho somehow softened at such affection. His heart started to beat normally.

But Kinu, the sadistic killjoy of all things good and pure, decided to spoil it…

Baby, to me, you're like a growing

Addiction that I can't deny

Won't you tell me, is that healthy, baby?

…by poisoning Myhto's heart more, her pointed hand dripping with crow's blood….

Even with his heart soaked in evil poison, Mytho still had a small bit of

He tried to resist. "No!"

But did you know that when it snows

My eyes become large

And the light that you shine can't be seen?

But Kinu pierced her fingers deeper into his chest.

Mytho struggled to free himself from the bloody hand but it was too late. In a matter of moments, he graphically transformed to a crow himself, sprouting black feathers on wings for arms, a long, giant beak protruding on his face, even a mighty 'caw!'

Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey

Ooo, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah

Now that your rose is in bloom

A light hits the gloom on the grey

"Mytho!" Fakir shouted.

Mytho lashed out and about wildly out of control. Fakir tried to snap Myhto out of his madness, trying by grabbing his wings, trying to talk some sense into him. But the bird-man was too strong, powerfully throwing Fakir off.

"There has to be some way to fix him!" Davis said, narrowly evading flying shards of glass from broken mirrors, the giant black bird responsible.

"Fix him? He's a crow, not a dog!" Fakir snapped as Ahiru helped him up.

"He's birdzilla!"

"He's missing a shard!" Rue exclaimed. "The shard of hope!"

Ahiru's pendant shone brightly right away after that exclamation, making its bearer to look down. The shard of hope… She looked to Mytho, feeling his pain and misery. She glanced to her brother and then to Mytho. She decided to take the sacrifice.

I've been kissed by a rose on the grey

I've been kissed by a rose on the grey

And if I should fall, will it all go away?

I've been kissed by a rose on the grey

She transformed into Princess Tutu. Everyone watched her gracefully sauntered toward Mytho and in horror saw her offering her pendant to him.


But it was too late to stop her. The shard re-joined the heart, causing both Ahiru and Mytho to glow, changing shape and size.

There is so much a man can tell you

So much he can say

You remain my power, my pleasure, my pain

Ahiru got tinier than Mytho but the prince was having trouble. The small piece of the heart wasn't enough. It needed more hope…

Baby, to me, you're like a growing

Addiction that I can't deny

Won't you tell me, is that healthy, baby?

Rue tore up at her love's suffering. She loved him too much to lose him. She only possessed a crush on Davis for his kindness. But Mytho had always held her heart.

"Mytho…I love you!"

As soon as she confessed, the crow ultimately changed to his original human form. Rue rushed over to his side when he dropped down.

But did you know that when it snows

My eyes become large

And the light that you shine can't be seen?

He was worn out after what he had been through. His narrow red eyes returned to large amber. He was Prince Siegfried again. A gold crown sat on his head and he wore a long-sleeved royal-blue tunic with gold lining designs, a collar with long white feathers protruding out and an iris-blue chemise worn underneath, along with white hosiery, a long white cape flowing majestically behind him, and white ballet slippers.

Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey

Ooo, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah

Now that your rose is in bloom

A light hits the gloom on the grey

Mytho rose up with new strength and, smiling at Rue, offered his hand. Rue hesitated, but she took his hand and he brought her up, wrapping a hand around her waist.

"Thank you." He said.

She shyly returned the smile.

Now that your rose is in bloom

A light hits the gloom on the grey

Davis approached Ahiru and picked her up. Her tinyish duck form fit nicely in the palms of his hands.

Davis looked sadly at her. "Ahiru…"

Ahiru snuggled in his palms, so many sorrow in her eyes. With her eyes, she told him she had to save Mytho. Her big brother was torn in pride and hurt. Fakir gently grasped Davis's shoulder while showing his grief.

Mytho caressed the small duck's body. "Thank you, Tutu."

"It's Ahiru." Davis retorted, burned by the sacrifice his little sister made. "Ahiru Norika Motomiya."

Mytho nodded. "Of course."

Then a string of icky silk shot out and stuck onto Ahiru.

"Not you again!" Veemon exclaimed, not happy to see Electro the Kunemon.

"No!" Davis yelled. He hugged his duck of a sister against his chest and dug his heels down as Electro tried to reel her in.

Fakir cut the silk string with his sword, causing Electro to fall back from pulling strongly for an insect. But Fakir cried out as pain shot him in the back. Mytho and Rue caught him as he fell. Davis felt an eerie presence beside him. He immediately jumped away but found his hands empty! He turned to Kinu. The Digimon girl smirked at him, waving her long fingers and clutching Ahiru in her other hand.

"Hey! That's my sister!" Davis lunged but Kinu nimbly dodged, causing him to crash down.

"There is no heart more pure than of one whom sacrifices their life for another." Kinu said sinisterly.

Davis didn't like what she was thinking.

"You monster!" Rue understood her exact motives. "Davis, she's going to kill Ahiru for my father!"

Davis took no time in coming to his sister's recuse. He charged at Kinu, arms out, hands grabbing at the limp duckling, but no avail. He was strong and fast, but Kinu was more advanced. She teased him as she held Ahiru high up from his reach. Although she liked having him pressed against her, she had a mission to complete.

So she pushed her obsession away, walked backwards, her eyes creepily fixed on Davis and immediately got sucked into her laptop.


Davis grabbed hold of the laptop, stuffing his hand in his pocket and took out his D-3. "I have to get in there! The raven is in the internet because of Kinu!"

"I'm coming with you." Mytho spoke determinedly. "For Ahiru and to finish the raven once and for all."

"I'm coming too. She's my friend." Rue said.

Davis didn't like the idea of having other inexperienced in technology going after Kinu but he said nothing. His hard and serious expression said it for him.

Fakir challenged. "You're not the only one who cares about her."

"I'm her brother!"

Fakir looked so much like his father, cold, hard, serious, emotionless and just as stubborn.

Davis groaned. "Fine, but stay close and be careful."

The three ballet students nodded.

"Grab onto each other. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" Veemon exclaimed.

The three did so. Davis grabbed onto them as he held his D-3 out, the screen glowing blue, the DigiGate opening, sucking them in within a flash.

Back in Odaiba, the DigiDestineds thought over what Naruto told them. They care so much about Davis but they weren't sure if they should go after him.

"If Annalise haven't karate chopped me in half first." Tai whimpered.

"Maybe you have a chance if you treat her like a lady, not a guy." Sora told him. "Every girl wants to be appreciated, even tomboys."

"Same to you, Izzy." Matt said to the computer kid.

Izzy looked to him flabbergasted. "Didn't you get a good look of Anya in the past month? She's beautiful! Why would she like me?"

"So that's why you ignore her for your computer? Because you're shy and insecure?"

"Well, I'm not waiting around." Kari stood up. "I'm putting an apology into action."

So she walked away, leaving her friends behind. After a couple of minutes, she crossed paths with a girl her age.

"Hey, Kari!" The girl said cheerfully. She was pretty with pine-green eyes and long golden-brown hair in low pigtails, tied with yellow bands. She was wearing a reddish-pink sleeveless leather jacket, zipped almost all the way up, over a short white dress with a colourful printed pattern of birds and quarter-length sleeves, blue capris, dark-red armwarmers and pink leather sneakers with white toes, black soles and black ribbon laces. Soaring bird-shaped studs sparkled on her ears.

"Hi, Kristy," Kari greeted. Kristy Damon was in her class and a friendly face, always seen by Keenan's side, but not at the moment. Her pretty face hid the face she takes boxing! Kari remembered it had something to do with her brother.

"You look down."

"I'm looking for Keenan."

Kristy made a face.

"I'm looking for him to find Davis."

"Oh! I think he's in the park."

"Thanks." With that in mind, Kari hurried off, coming into a run.

"Slow down!" Gatomon cried, hanging onto her dear life on Kari's shoulder.

Kristy watched her run off, looking deep in thought.

* Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) was a famous star in early days of Hollywood, as a comedian, silent film actor, and director. He is popular for his "Little Tramp" act.