Recap: (Ahiru) Aside from dreaming of dancing with Mytho, I dreamt about who I really am, where I came from, and who were my family. I wondered if I even have one or Drosselmeyer created me.

After all these years, I found them! Davis is my big brother!

Even though I was kidnapped, my mother is dead and it was Kinu who told me, I don't mind. I have a real family.

I love my brother and I have hope he will bring me home.


Watanabe Suzuki: Anya's father. A professor at a university. Intelligent, caring to his family and less overprotective of his daughter than Annalise's father. Likes Izzy for his knowledge and curiosity.

Margaret Suzuki: Anya's mother. A science teacher at the DigiDestined's middle school. Caring but strict and takes no nonsense when kids misbehave and puts a firm hand down.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, Naruto, Xiaolin Showdown, the Mummy or Princess Tutu. I do not own 'Invincible' by Pat Benatar, and 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson. All credits go to the record companies, songwriters and singers. I own only my OCs.

Arc 3: Chapter 9



Kokoro smiled as her boyfriend's best friend ran up to her when he caught sight her in the park.

"He's cute…" Miyuki drooled, blushing red like a poppy, her eyes were big and star-shaped.

"Ken, there you are." Kokoro beamed. She turned to her blushing friend. "Ken, this is my new best friend, Miyuki Takamatsu."

"Nice to meet you, Miyuki," Ken smiled, shaking her hand.

"Are you single?" Miyuki asked boldly, making him blush and Kokoro and Cleo giggled while Wormmon whined.

A few minutes in searching for Davis…

"Kamenosuke!" Ken shouted when he saw the boy. He found the lazy boy, his wild friend, a young boy who looked similar to Davis with a book in his hand…and no Davis. "Kamenosuke, Keenan, where's Davis?"

"We don't know!" Keenan exclaimed, throwing his arms up in aggravation.

"What do mean, you don't know?" Cleo demanded.

"Cleo," Kokoro hushed.

"Kokoro, Ken!"

Two heads twisted around.

"Kari?" Ken uttered.

"What are you doing here?" Kokoro asked politely.

"I want to find Davis and apologize."

Cleo scoffed. "At least one of you has a brain."


Gatomon shook her head.

"Well, where is he?" Kari pressed. She was desperate to make things right. Her patience was thinning by the minute.

Keenan shrugged his shoulders. "We don't know. He just…vanished."

"Like he disappeared right off the face of the earth." Mikey said quietly, clutching the fairytale book tight in his hands.

"You lost him?" Miyuki questioned.

"We didn't lose him, troublesome woman." Kamenosuke told her.

That tipped the lid of her temper.



"Jun, calm down!" Sakura grabbed her arm, trying to keep her still.


"Take it easy!" Ino grabbed her shoulders.

"Davis is-is-is-is missing!"

"Will you relax?"

Jun stopped pacing to glare at Sasuke. "My baby brother is missing and you're telling me to RELAX!?"

"You're not thinking straight." He told her. "If you really want to find your brother, you need to calm down."

"For once, you're somewhat nice."

Sasuke smirked. Unexpectedly, Jun softened her glare. Senri looked like he was in pain. Serious pain.

A hand tapped Jun's shoulder. "Excuse me." Jun turned around, seeing a pretty girl in punk clothes. "I'm Elaine Hinakougou Livingston. My little sister is friends with your little brother. I want to pay my condolences to you. I'm very sorry about your mother."

Jun groaned loudly, out of aggravation and stress.

Elaine blinked. "Huh?"

"That went swell." Yutaka said in sarscam.

"Stuff it, Yutaka!"

Jun sighed. "Thank you, but I can't deal with guilt at the minute. I have to hunt down my brother."

"But where?" Pua asked.

"Should we call the police?" Choji wondered.

"We have to wait 24 hours to report a missing person." Shino answered.

"Jun couldn't wait 24 seconds." Temari remarked.

Jun groaned dramatically again and sat down on a bench, burying her face in her hands. "I'm too young to take on this much drama!"

No one knew exactly how to help her this time. Not even her friends. However, Sakura decided to sit down beside her for an effort.

"Don't give up. You're the strongest person I know."

Jun lifted her head up from her hands and stared at Sakura, unconvinced. "You don't mean that. I know you get jealous and competitive whenever it comes to anything. When we were still friends, you pushed me when I was doing a perfect handstand because I got it right on the first thing and you fell over!"

"You know that's my flaw!"

"A flaw that cost our friendship! At least mine!"

Apple eyes clouded with regret. "You have no idea how guilty I am for that."

But Jun scoffed, stubbornly turning away. Sakura was beginning to start as frustrated as Jun when something came over her. For some reason, she could sense some sort of strong energy coming off of Jun. For a brief second, she saw Jun a minidress, gold jewelry and a serious face…like a different side to her.

Sakura's mouth started talking. "Jun…If I were to say…'I am a stranger traveling from the East…seeking that which is lost'…"

Jun suddenly sat up, looking like she was trapped in a hypnotizing trance. "…Then I would say that 'I am a stranger traveling from the West…it is I whom you seek'…"

She turned to Sakura, both girls raised an arm, grasped hands and said in an automatic unison…


Silence. Awkward stares.

"What was that about?" Yutaka deadpanned.

"I don't know." Elaine answered. "Why are you asking me?"

"Because you're the only person I know here and bother to talk to."



"That crazy saying sounded like something Quartz would say." Jun blunted.

Sakura stared at her. "Who?"

"Annalise's Lopmon."


"Ah!" Pua shrieked. On her right wrist bared a strange tattoo that looked like an Egyptian eye and her right hand held a strange small device, in a deep tropical pink colour.

But not just Pua. Everyone had the tattoo on their right wrists and they all had a strange device in their hands. Naruto's device was orange, Sasuke's was black, Hinata's was lavender, Ino's was violet, Shikamaru's was brown, Neji's was grey, Tenten's was gold), Shuu's was bright yellow, Senri's was warm amber, Lee's was forest-green, Shino's was pale sea-green, Choji's was red-violet, Kiba's was silver, Wing's was sky-blue, Cho's was very soft, light pinkish purple, Sanura's was silvery-yellow, Temari's was sandy-coloured, Yutaka was indigo, and Elaine's was a mature deep blue. Jun and Sakura let go of each other's hands. Jun's device was fuchsia-pink and Sakura's was cherry blossom pink.

"A tat?" Kiba whined. "Aw man, my mom is gonna kill me!"

"Aw…" Sanura mocked him in a cutesy tone. "Is the puppy scared of mommy?"

Kiba whipped around to her. "Yeah, well, won't your mom kill you for getting a tat too?"

"She won't…She's dead."

"Oh. Uh, sorry."

"That's a Digivice!" Jun realized, standing up. This was it! It was a sign, a clue! Maybe Davis got called to the DigiWorld again! So she clutched her Digivice, raised her hand high up and said firmly, "Everyone, put your hands up."

"What?" Tenten questioned.

"This is what the DigiDestineds did last Christmas to get to the DigiWorld. It explains everything. It's the only way I can find Davis. He's practically the king of the DigiWorld." She turned on her heels and bumped into Sasuke's chest yet again. Extremely mad by this, she pushed him away, back a far couple of feet, crashing into a wall. "Get in my way again and I'll break your legs permanently!"

Despite the great pain, Sasuke's smirk got wider, turning into a grin. A grin which belonged to the Suto brothers. "What a woman."

The Suto brothers weren't grinning.

Nonetheless, everyone raised their Digivices-holding hands up to the sky. In a matter of minutes, their feet were hovering off the ground as their bodies were lifted up by an invisible force, disappearing in a spotlight of digital code.

Down below, a figure in dark robes watched what had happened from around the corner of the nearest building.

"Atta girl."

"I can't believe this." Rika said, still disgusted from the scandal (from Chapter 7). "What kind of friends would do that to one of their own?"

"I know." Jack confidently wrapped an arm around her waist, tugging her in close.

{Cue Invincible by Pat Benatar}

(Thank you, DigitalCorp for the song!)

A heavy, thick voice laughed goofily.

"Well, well, well…" Someone purred, causing Jack to shake.

"Oh god, no, please not Katnappe and Vlad…" He pleaded.

But standing there in front of the couple was Katnappe and Vlad.

Rika raised a brow, staring at the catgirl and the overweight Russian boy. "Old friends of yours?"

"Yeah." Jack growned.

This bloody road remains a mystery

This sudden darkness fills the air

What are we waiting for?

Won't anybody help us?

What are we waiting for?

"So you've been hiding in Japan all this time." Katnappe eyed Jack up and down. "You look good, but you can still see the wimpy kid in you."

"Get your own man, kitty," Rika retorted hotly, possessively holding onto her man. "By the way, there's nothing good about your tacky suit."

Katnappe growled more like a dog than a cat.

We can't afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It's a do or die situation, we will be invincible

Then Jack pushed his girlfriend back, ignoring her protests. He also pushed his Digimon back.

"Jack! Jack, you can't do this alone! Not without Impmon too! Heck, you're not even properly partnered with Impmon. You have to Biomerge with him. Let me handle them."

"I have to do this on my own, Rika. I proved it to the Dragons, now I have to prove it to the Heylin."

He faced Katnappe and Vlad bravely, taking the Monkey Staff of his back, ready to fight.

This shattered dream you cannot justify

We're gonna scream until we're satisfied

What are we running for?

We've got the right to be angry

Katnappe let Vlad take the first jump, eager to beat Jack up, but Jack kicked Vlad back with remarkable strength. Jack stunned them by swinging and spinning his staff expertly like a great martial arts master.

"Go, Jacky-boy!" Impmon cheered.

What are we running for?

When there's no where

We can run to anymore

The Dragons and Jia were trying to pry Screech away from killing Dojo, Jia and Clay on the bird's back riding him as the bullriders, Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi clinging onto his legs, and Dojo running around, narrowly missing Screech's pecking beck.

"Look!" Dojo cried out, desperate to distract Screech. Very lucky for him, eyes darted to Jack and his showdown with Katnappe and Vlad.

"Jack!" Jia cried.

We can't afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It's a do or die situation, we will be invincible

The Dragons and Jia jumped off Screech. Clay yelled "Ye-ha!" as he tackled Vlad.


Jia and Katnappe fought it out. The catgirl made the terrible mistake to take Jia's rice hat and 'accidentally' ripped a thread.

Jia's sweet went as red as her scarlet hair. "QI HIGH RISE!"

In a swinging move of the arms that is like Waterbending a rushing wave, she brought a wave of energy down on Katnappe. The heylin girl flipped catlike but Jia wasn't finished.


She did a more powerful attack. But Katnappe won't back down.

And with the power of conviction

There is no sacrifice

It's a do or die situation

We will be invincible

In the midst of the catfight, Jia's Bam-Boo Staff and sack of Shen Gong Wu got accidentally separated from her. Katnappe darted for the magical objects but so did Rika. The girls grabbed the staff and sack at the exact same time, the Shen Gong Wu glowed to signal the start of a Xiaolin Showdown.

"Oh boy." Jack whimpered.

"Ok, girly, I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown. I wager my Golden Tiger Claws for your Monster Modify Card and the Shen Gong Wu. The showdown will be simple enough for you, just knock me out of line. Winner takes all." Katnappe challenged, smirking arrogantly.

But Rika was fearless, proud and confident. "You think it's gonna be easy-peasy to beat me?" She scoffed at Katnappe. "Too bad for you, I'm a quick learner."


"Let's go, Xiaolin Showdown!"

As the girls shouted that out, the scene changed to a black void with a round field and a row of chairs for the Dragons and Jack. Katnappe's line 'just knock me out of line' caused the battlefield to be a sumo wrestling ring. Renamon leaped from the sidelines to help her partner.

"Gon yi tem pai!"

"My first Xiaolin Showdown!" Jia squealed.

"Come on, girl!" Kimiko urged. "Scratch her eyes out!"

Won't anybody help us?

What are we running for?

When there's no where

No where we can run to anymore

Jack panicked and screamed, "Rika, use the Monster Modify Card! It's the card you bought today! It's just like one of your game cards! Just call out its name!"

Rika took out the card she bought earlier, following her boyfriend's words.

"Monster Modify Card!"

She slashed the card in her D-Arc. Like a Digimon game card, Renamon's Rookie-level abilities were enhanced. Her fur shivered. Her eyes glowed red. Renamon was the 'monster'.

"Golden Tiger Claws!" Katnappe slashed the air and disappeared in a jump.

But she underestimated Rika and Renamon. Thanks to their bond, they moved in perfect sync, dodging Katnappe once she reappeared. Katnappe continuously tried to knock the two out of the ring. Thanks again to their bond, Rika's speed and strength were enhanced, making her equal to Katnappe and quickly overcame her, tornado-kicking the catgirl out of the ring.

We can't afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It's a do or die situation

We will be invincible

The Xiaolin Showdown ended. The kids were back on the street. Katnappe laid defected on her back and arched her body in an effort to get up, but a foot in a red high-top pressed her down.

Rika smirked down on Katnappe. "You shouldn't have gone so easy on me. It takes the fun out of it."

"Wow, now that's hardcore!" Dojo commented.

"That's quite a girl you got." Raimundo cracked, good-naturedly elbowing Jack.

Jack sighed, a cross between dreamy, relief and tired. "Yeah…"

And with the power of conviction

There is no sacrifice

It's a do or die situation

We will be invincible

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh

Vlad came up behind Rika, about to hit her…

"Rika!" Jack shouted.

Impmon jumped at Vlad's head, clawing his face. Vlad yelled 'getti off, getti off, getti!', running around in circles. He tried hitting him off but missed as Impmon jumped up and ended up punching himself in the face.

"Ha-ha!" Impmon jeered.

off, getti off, getti!

Jack ran forward, fast, knocking Vlad over by barging into his side.

"Do not touch my girl or my buddy!"

"You said it, Jacky-boy!" Impmon said in perfect agreement with him.

We can't afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It's a do or die situation

We will be invincible

'DIGIVOLUTION…BIOMERGE' flashed green on Jack's D-Arc as he held it in his hand. His D-Arc released gold rings and a gold ball of Digital energy, and then expanding out powerfully.

Impmon was grinning as the DigiCode waves, rolling his eyes back while falling. Jack fell backwards onto Impmon, merging their bodies.

"Impmon…Biomerge to..."

Impmon's skin dissolved into tiny bits and steel plates took place.

Jack's spirit hovered until it was fused with Impmon's new armoured body.

"STEELBEELZEMON!" Jack and Impmon announced together in perfect unison.

Jack and Impmon were one. They appeared to look like Beelzemon, only Beelzemon was wearing armour of strong, shiny steel. Beelzemon's white-blonde hair was long and done in a whip-like ponytail. Jack's red scar was present on SteelBeelzemon's face-armoured face, placed under the left of SteelBeelzemon's new red eyes. Impmon's red hankerchief became a long scarf, flowing down his back.


SteelBeelzemon's hands burst into fiery hot flames and fired the blazing fire at Katnappe and Vlad. Katnappe shrieked like a cat and Vlad cired in Russian.

We can't afford to be innocent

Stand up and face the enemy

It's a do or die situation

The Dragons, Jia, Screech, Rika and Renamon cheered as SteelBeelzemon's fire attack sent Katnappe and Vlad up to the sky with one single blow!

"You better tell Chase Young and Wuya I'm through with the Heylin once and for all!" SteelBeelzemon hollered after sending the two out of Japan.

And then SteelBeelzemon Digivolved. Jack dropped to his knees and took deep breaths, holding Impmon in his arms.

"We…did…it…" Impmon gasped out. "We…Bio…merged…"

Jack smiled down at him. "I couldn't have done it without you, buddy."

Impmon smiled weakly and Jack hugged him. Rika and Renamon come over to their boys and helped them up.

Jack wobbled on his legs, leaning on Rika by her waist. "Thank god that's over!"

"You were amazing." Rika kissed his cheek.

"I prefer saving the DigiWorld to dealing with the Heylin. Wuya is fickle. She would leave Chase for Kinu in a nanosecond, without any hesitation. If Chase could ever find out what the DigiWorld is capable of…" He gave Jia and the Dragon a desperate plead. "PLEASE keep that life away from me!"

Jia tipped her rice hat. "Cowboy's honour."

"And we cowfolk take our oaths seriously." Clay added, hands on his belt, sharing a smile with Jia.

Rika looped arms with Jack. "Well, I'm wiped out. Let's go and relax with the others." Then she glared at the Dragons. "And if I see any of you punks bothering him again, I'm gonna wipe the floors with your faces!" The Dragons, frightened, agreed with no hesitation. "Good." And then Rika smiled at Jia. "Nice meeting ya."

Jia saluted with her hat and bowed. "So long, stranger."

Jack waved goodbye and walked off with his girlfriend and Digimon partner in his arms.

Jia fixed her hat more firmly on her head when Rai approached her.

"Hey, Jia, I was wondering that since you're a Dragon like us…"

"…You should be with us." Kimiko finished Raimundo's offer.

"Miss, it would be a heafy honour if you could be part of our group." Clay admitted, blushing.

"You can uphold Jack Spicer's honour by taking part in our everlasting quest as the Dragon of Energy and Balance!" Omi exclaimed.

No words could describe how happy Jia was. She nodded enthusiastically. At that, Clay grabbed her hand and set her onto Dojo, Screech settled on her shoulder, wings tightly clutched onto her for safety.

"Do you mind if we stop at my home so I can tell my folks?"

"We must! I must meet your father!" Omi announced.

Jia blinked confusedly. "Uh…why my daddy?"

"I wish to meet Hwei Ru, of course! He is a most remarkable master."

"Her father?" Screech squawked. "But her father is a cowboy! The kung fu he knows is pork chop!"

"Really?" Dojo said, quizzed.

"So that means…" Raimundo realized the truth.

Kimiko gently laid out the truth to Omi. "Omi…She's Texan on her father's side."

"Yes? So what is the problem?"

"Omi…her mom is Chinese."

"But Hwei Ru is most definitely Chinese so if Jia is Hwei Ru's daughter and has a Texan father, then that leaves her mother as her Chinese parent." It took a minute until the shock came on him. "Holy boar, Hwei Ru is a WOMAN!"

And then he fainted.

"Its 'holy cow'!" Raimundo corrected.

"Damn jerk." Annalise muttered angrily to herself while she took the path to get home, located in the middle of Odaiba. Anya lived nearby, adding more closeness to their friendship. "Wasted six years on dreaming of marrying him!"

When she made further down the path, she got an unpleasant surprise.

Tai, with Agumon, was in her way, standing in the street, as if he was waiting for her.

Annalise freaked out. "How did he found me?!"

"He probably had Izzy tracked you down to your Digivice." Quartz mused.

Despite the butterflies madly fluttering in her stomach, Annalise took a deep breath, held her head high and powerwalked forward.

"Anna…" Tai pleaded but Annalise walked right pass him, not sparing him a glance. "Anna, wait, I need to talk to you." When she kept up her stoic act, he pulled locks of his big hair. "What is it that Davis does? Oh, yeah, music. Hey!"

{Cue The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson}

Startled by the pop music, Annalise stopped her powerwalking and quickly turned around, her ponytail flipping about. Quartz looked over Annalise's shoulder from her place in the girl's arms.

Tai and Agumon advanced toward the girls, moving at the same time in rhythmic sync.

Agumon: Go on girl!

Quartz blinked in confusion. Annalise tilted her head in confusion.

Tai: Hey pretty baby with the sneakers on

You give me fever

Like I've never, ever known

You're just a product of loveliness

I like the groove of your walk, your talk, your dress

I feel your fever

From miles around

I'll pick you up in my car

And we'll paint the town

Just kiss me baby

And tell me twice

That you're the one for me

Tai and Agumon danced around Annalise and Quartz, doing their unique serenade.

Tai: The way you make me feel

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: You really turn me on

Agumon: You really turn me on…

Tai: You knock me off of my feet

Agumon: You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: My lonely days are gone

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

But Annalise strong pushed Tai away and walked away. But Tai chased after her, dancing and singing like Michael Jackson.

Tai: I like the feelin' you're givin' me

Just hold me baby and I'm in ecstasy

Oh I'll be workin' from nine to five

To buy you things to keep you by my side

I never felt so in love before

Just promise baby, you'll love me forevermore

I swear I'm keepin' you satisfied

'Cause you're the one for me

Quartz giggled at the serenading Agumon was giving her, but Annalise was getting very annoyed.

"Tai, what the heck has gotten into you?!" She demanded, hands on her curvy hips.

Tai: The way you make me feel

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: You really turn me on

Agumon: You really turn me on…

Tai: You knock me off of my feet

Now baby

Agumon: You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: My lonely days are gone

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

Having enough, Annalise pumped her legs into a run.

Just when she finally lost him, Tai showed up, climbing over a car.

Tai: Go on girl!

Go on! Hee! Hee! Aaow!

Go on girl!

Tai danced on the path, crying out to Annalise.

"Leave me alone, Tai!" Annalise shouted, trying to lose him. "Get lost before I snap your neck!"

Tai: I never felt so in love before

Promise baby, you'll love me forevermore

I swear I'm keepin' you satisfied

'Cause you're the one for me

Eventually, Annalise stopped being aggressive. Tai had said 'love' to her…does he love her?

Tai: The way you make me feel

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: You really turn me on

Agumon: You really turn me on…

Tai: You knock me off of my feet

Now baby

Agumon: You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: My lonely days are gone

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

Soon, Tai had her pressed up against a car, his arm supporting him as he leaned in, intending on charming her intimately.

Agumon leaned in at Quartz's side, whispering in her ear, making her giggle bashfully.

Tai: The way you make me feel!

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: You really turn me on

Agumon: You really turn me on…

Tai: You knock me off of my feet

Now baby

Agumon: You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: My lonely days are gone

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

Giggling, Annalise pushed him off and waltzed away, but not without sending him a playful smile and a swing of her hips.

Tai: Ain't nobody's business

Ain't nobody's business

Agumon: The way you make me fell…

Tai: Ain't nobody's business

Ain't nobody's business but

Mine and my baby

Agumon: You really turn me on…

You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: Oh!

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

Tai followed her to a stairway, where she was performing a burlesque tease on the bannisters.

The way she impossibly flexed her body drove Tai crazy…

Tai: Give it to me, give me some time

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: Come on be my girl, I want to

Be with mine

Agumon: You really turn me on…

Tai: Ain't nobody's business

Agumon: You knock me off of my feet…

Tai: Ain't nobody's business but

Mine and my baby's

Go on girl! Aaow!

Agumon: My lonely days are gone…

…So he stormed up the steps, grabbed Annalise's hand and pulled her in to him, pressing her slim body against his hard physique.

They began to dance together, moving together, no mistakes or accidents made.

Tai: Hee hee! Aaow!

Chika, chika

Chika, chika, chika

Go on girl! Hee hee!

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

Tai: Hee hee hee!

Agumon: You really turn me on…

You knock me off of my feet…

My lonely days are gone…

Agumon and Quartz danced lively together.

Agumon: The way you make me feel…

You really turn me on…

You knock me off of my feet…

My lonely days are gone…

At the end, Tai dipped Annalise low, giving the opportunity to gaze into her beautiful face and softly-burning eyes.

"Annalise, please hear me out." He begged. Her silence and smile gave him her answer. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. The fight, the feud, what happened months ago, everything. I'm not used to treating you like a girl, but I should've realized that like every human, you have feelings. I shouldn't have talked about Sora too much. I admit, I liked her more than a friend. It's hard for me to move on from some a really good friend. I talked it out with Matt and Sora. Although Matt almost killed me, we worked it out. Anna…I think I'm in love with you. You're a ton of fun and love, gentle, easy to get along, so friendly and laid back, and think like a guy. I know you won't get mad if I get you a hairclip for your birthday." He ran his hand through her long ponytail, loving the feel of her silky quality of her jet-coloured strands slipping through his fingers. "I love your hair, it's your best feature. And to add in this big mess, Davis went on and on about you as a big sister and how you remind him of me. He believes we could all get along because we finds us different yet alike anyway. But I got jealous of all of the new kids, even you because you're so brave and ridiculously talented in sports and that Davis wasn't gonna stay my clueless yet little student anymore. You can beat me up if you want. Your dad can beat me up if he wants. I only want your forgiveness."

Annalise gazed softly up at him, smiling. She snaked a hand around his neck, hoisted herself up and kissed him on the lips. Tai wasted no time in kissing back. Then Annalise twisted the position around, with her holding Tai in a dip. Tai blinked but he copied her move and kissed her.

Agumon puckered up to Quartz. The Lopmon coyly looked away and then wrapped her ears around him, planting a passionate kiss on his stout and let go with a 'mwah!'

"Oh wow…" Agumon sighed before fainting.

Ding dong!

"Anya, can you get that? I'm in the middle of studying."

With a groan, Anya got up from the couch, away from her research.

"If you're studying the biological functions of a hawk's organs and decided to see if Helena has them, I will thump you!"

When she opened the door, she received an unpleasant surprise like Annalise had.

"Hi, Anya!" Izzy greeted cheerfully, Tentomon buzzing in the same happy mood.

Only she didn't take it too subtly.


"Anya!" Izzy banged on the front. "Anya, please! I only want to talk!" He went on banging and yelling. "Anya!"

"I don't think she wants to talk to you, Izzy."

"Well, I don't care! Anya!"

"Bloody hell!" Anya gawked.

"Answer the door, Anya! I'm trying to read here!"

Anya threw the door a glare. "Let him rage on!"

"Answer it or else I'm telling mom!"

Old excuse for young people, but anyone who knew the Suzuki family should know that the mother was strict, especially with her stubborn daughter…

Anya growled and threw the door open, giving Izzy an angry glare.

"How the bloody hell you found out where I live?" She demanded.

"I tracked you with your Digivice signal." Izzy answered. He panicked when Anya begun to slam the door, so he acted quickly by putting his foot in. "Ow! Please, Anya! I need to talk to you!"

"Then out with it before I throttle you!"

"Right! Um…I…I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the fighting."

Anya tipped her glasses, trying to find some insincerity. "Really?"

"Yes! I felt pressured by the new DigiDestineds and coming from a shy geek like me, that's threatening. The past month changed my life. And about 6 mouths with Davis-"

"It's Davis who deserves your grovelling on that. Go find him and leave me alone."

"No! Anya, I'm trying to talk some sense into you! You and Davis do have something in common- bullheadness and charm!"

"Well, excuse m-" She started off as offended, but her anger faded when she realized what he said at the end. "Pardon me?"

"What could you possibly see in me as boyfriend material? You and I are like 'Beauty and the Beast!' Only in this case, it's 'Beauty and the Nerd'." He slumped his shoulders, blushing in embarrassment.

Anya softened her fierce gaze. Her hawk-like eyes became more rounded. "Izzy, it takes more than appearance to impress me. I'm not interested in that."

Izzy sighed. "I might have suspected that. You're stubborn, not shallow." He cracked a small smirk, watching Anya pout, liking how her wine-red lips turn up like a blossoming rose. "But I don't find you just that. You're beautiful, intelligent, driven, strong, passionate. I actually wrote out a list! Anya…words couldn't describe how I feel about you. I'm sorry for not noticing you when I was a kid. I'm sorry for putting all of my attention on my laptop instead of you. It's just I don't know what to say to you. You like me AND I like you, and that is enough reason for me to do this!"

Quite boldly for him, Izzy grabbed Anya by the arms, pulled her in, and kissed her. Anya froze as he pressed their mouths together, his lips moving against hers. However, she relaxed and kissed back, putting her hands on Izzy's face, adding more pressure to their lips and more passion in the kiss.

Tentomon and Helena shared a sweeter and simpler kiss, releasing sparks in the form of a heart.

"Anya, wha-" Wataru came out of his room to know why his sister stopped making a noise out of curiosity and witnessed her first kiss! "What the hell?"

Izzy snapped away, blushing in embarrassment. Anya shot her older brother fierce daggers from her eyes.

"Oh, shove off, Wataru!" She snapped, and pulled Izzy back into another kiss, catching him off guard.

Wataru just shook his head as he went back to his studies. "Poor guy…What does he see in her? She's raving mental!"

"I can't believe it…Those bastards." Koji had said after he heard the shocking news about Davis's deceased mother and his 'punishment' by the DigiDestineds. Takuya called and told him. "Now they really blew it."

Sadie took out her anger of the situation. She was angry and sad for Davis, although she never known or heard of his mom until today, she understood what he was going through.

"Those drongos*!" She screamed, throwing her pillow to the wall with a slam. "May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits*!"

Koji stared at his girlfriend weirdly. "I'm not going to ask what that means."

A woman's scream loudly pierced the air. Alarmed, the teenagers ran out to Sadie's balcony, wondering where the scream came from. They heard the scream again and discovered it was coming from a nearby house…

"That's my mom!" Koji cried. He grabbed Sadie and Shira with Dingo trailing after him, dashed down the stairs, ran out of the Shimazaki residence and met up with his father, who was also running in search of family. "Dad, what's wrong?"

Kousei was suddenly nervous and out of breath. "Koji…your…mom…baby…"

"Is mom alright? Is the baby alright? Are they sick?"

Sadie slapped his bandana-wearing head. "You idiot! A screaming pregnant woman of nine months means she's in labour!"

"Exactly, young lady." Kousei said. He cringed when his wife released another piercing scream.

Koji turned to Sadie. "Sadie, get your dad! Didn't you say he's a doctor?"

"For animals, moron! We need to call an ambulance!"

"A midwife is already on her way. Tomoko insists on a home birth."

"Then I'm calling Koichi." Koji whipped his phone out and speed-dialled his brother.

In a matter of minutes, Koichi was running down the street, dragging his new girlfriend by the arm, both holding onto their partners. Kangamon, Salamon and Patamon played with the triplets while Narramon tried to keep them in line and Natsumi took care of Cherubimon's egg.

"Take care of the Digimon while I'm gone!" Naomi called to her family.

In case you're wondering where's Bokomon and Neemon…

"Whee!" Neemon shouted in glee as he bounced up and down on the bed with Shinya, Takuya's younger brother. He and Bokomon were staying at Takuya's home.

"Neemon, Shinya, get down there at once!" Bokomon ordered from the floor.

"Stop acting like my mom!" Shinya whined, throwing a pillow at the Digimon, hitting him. "Bull's eye!"

By the time Koichi, Naomi, Shishio and Ouka showed up at Koichi's home, the midwife's car was there and the screams of Tomoko Kimura-Minamoto were increasing.



The brothers reunited, as did the best friends.



The twins tried to go inside their home. However, Sotsona grabbed their collar and hoisted them up!

"Dad!" Sadie exclaimed.

"Sorry, it's an old birthing tradition*. No boys allowed." The gentle giant of a father apologized as he set the boys down. "This is a job for women."

The twins looked to each other. They didn't utter a word, but emotions swirled in their eyes, silently sharing a connection. 'Twin telepathy' the girls called it.

After a few minutes of mental communication, Koji and Koichi nodded on some form of agreement and turned their attention to the girls.

"You have to be there for our mom." They told them.

Sadie blanked. "What?"

Naomi tried to reason. "Koichi, this is a family matter. We're not her daughter-in-laws."

Koichi's hands took her shoulders, making sure her eyes were staring directly into his. "Grandma died last year. Unless it's a girl, mom doesn't have any female family."

Koji wrapped an arm around "Besides, you're the closest she has to daughters. Help her out, ok?"

He was rubbing her sides so nicely and slowly, her insides jiggled. It was impossible to resist. Her answer came out as more of a question. "Ok?"

It was enough to satisfy Koji and awarded her with a kiss. Koichi stared into Naomi's eyes more until she ultimately gave in.

"Fine, I'll do it."

Pleased, Koichi kissed her before she and Sadie enter through the front door. They followed the screams, going upstairs and entering the main bedroom, where their boyfriends' mother was in the king-sized bed, comforted with pillows, blankets and towels, the midwife taking out maternity tools from her bag.

"Konnichiwa, Kimura-san." Both girls chorused politely, bowing in respect.

Tomoko Kimura-Minamoto turned her head to the side, smiling tiredly at the girls. "Naomi Honda and Sadie Shimazaki…I heard so much about you two- ah!"

A sharp contraction struck her, causing her to wail.

"Contractions are getting closer." The midwife noted, getting the hot water ready.

Naomi rushed over and took Tomoko's hand. She also swiped her sweaty forehead with a cloth. "You must be in so much pain. I couldn't imagine my aunt going through this with the triplets."

Tomoko still had some energy to smile at her. "Yes, childbirth is painful, but is really beautiful. It's part of living. I delivered twins, I'll be fine- AH!"

Naomi squeaked as Tomoko crushed her hand! Sadie came over and offered the pregnant woman a mochi and egg*,slipping a hand very carefully under the woman's head to lift up and help her eat the food.

The midwife carried the bowl of hot water away, announcing, "Now let's bring this child into the world."

After Izzy and Anya made up and kissed, Anya invited him into her home. Her parents arrived home shortly and much to their relief, they approved of Izzy. The Suzuki family was very intellectual, mostly consisting of teachers and professors.

Izzy marvelled the plated diplomas Anya's father had on the wall. "You studied in England, sir? Is that why Anya has such proper grammar, language and sounds British?"

Anya's father, Watanabe, gave Izzy no trouble about dating his daughter. He instantly liked how curious and knowledge Izzy was. Watanabe had brown hair that was lighter than his daughter's and the same dark-green eyes as hers, but doesn't wear any glasses. As a professor, he wore a green turtleneck, fawn-coloured pants with a matching jacket, and dark-brown loafers.

"I'm a professor at a university. I transferred from Japan to England, where Anya was born, and then moved back to Japan. I also taught her proper grammar when she was 9 months old."

"Do you children want anything?" Margaret asked from the kitchen while the new couple were on the couch, sitting closely together, Anya showing Izzy her research, to which he marvelled again. From her experience as a teacher, she's caring but strict and takes no nonsense when kids misbehave and puts a firm hand down. Anya's mother looked identical to Anya, only her dark-brown hair was very short and neatly done in a French-braid, her sharp eyes were brown and she wore a red blouse, grey jeans, thin-framed glasses, and brown shoes.

"No thank you, mum." Anya replied, her soft English-influenced voice made the word 'mom' sound like 'mum'.

"I didn't know that Mrs Suzuki is your mother." Izzy said to his new girlfriend.

Anya smirked. "Well, she is. How else could I tutor Davis if I didn't know how to deal with a student?"

"I heard Yolei complaining about Mrs Suzuki giving her afterschool clean-ups. But Yolei only did that because she has a tendency to blow up her experiments."

"Mum once said that a goggle-wearing lad fell asleep in class and let his experiment blow up."

"Really? How does your mother feel about you tutoring Davis?"

"It was 5 years ago."

"Oh, then Tai is a bad influence on Davis."

They both chuckled. Before Izzy came, Anya was searching through deeper the internet for answers about the DigiWorld's Egyptian history. Suddenly the screen froze.

"What the-" Anya impatiently pressed buttons but nothing worked. The laptop stayed frozen.

"What's happening?" Izzy questioned.

"I bleeding don't know! I'm trying to get the blooding thing to work!"

"Anya!" Margaret scolded.

A video came up, one of a handsome young boy with dark hair and blue eyes, dark clothes and what seemed to be a golden-furred dragon toy in his arm.

"…Listen to me…this isn't a game…this is real…real…dangerous…"

"What is he talking about? What's dangerous?" Izzy questioned.

"…you have no idea what you're doing…you can't trust him…"

"Trust?" Anya said, curiously.

"Look at the camera, and the boy." Izzy studied the video, taking close note of the boy's style in clothes and his bedroom's decorations. "He dressed like he came from the…the 80s. This video was probably made maybe 20, 25, 30 years ago!"

"Wait a minute, that's a Ryudamon with him!" Tentomon exclaimed.

Izzy and Anya looked at the stuffed dragon the mysterious boy had and saw its blinking eyes right before the video ended and the laptop went back to normal.

"The danger he must be talking about must have something to do with the DigiWorld!" Izzy realized.

Anya wasn't sure about that. "But didn't the Real World and the DigiWorld cut ties after the Manyu incident?"

"But if the worlds cut ties, why are there DigiDestineds today? How did humans have contact with Digimon after the Egyptians?"

"I heard that there were DigiDesitneds before my friends, but we never knew who they were. We thought it was probably a myth or a rumour. But now…I think there's more to this mysterious history."

In the kitchen, Watanabe and Margaret were looking very pale while Izzy and Anya rambled on with questions and theories.

Lori practiced her kendo, Atsuko copying her every move with a stick of her own. After the mess with her dear Daisuke-kun's original team, Annalise and Anya left her at her home, which was in a condominium. Due to her parents' jobs, the Suto family was able to afford such a place.

Lori practiced to try to take her mind off the recent events, but her head was loaded with questions. She was having mixed feelings about Davis not telling her about his mother and the possibility of him being missing.

She dropped her training and let out a heavy sigh. She dropped to her knees, her head down.

"Lori!" Atsuko rushed over, hugging her around the shoulders.

Lori laid a hand on Atsuko's arms around her and used the other hand to clutch her D-3.

She closed her eyes, silently praying for Davis. "Daisuke-kun…"

Her loyalty was admirable. While she prayed, her D-3 suddenly glowed. She quickly sat up, her eyes open and focused on her glowing hand.

"Ai!" She shrieked, coming to a theory to what was happening.

And then she disappeared in a flash, leaving only Atsuko's squeal of overexcitement behind for a long 5 seconds.

* Drongo is an Australian word for 'a dope, a stupid person'.

* That Australian insult basically means 'you're scum.'

* Traditionally in Japan, it is not custom for men to be present during labour and birth. Female family members, nurses, and midwifes are main support.

* Food rich in protein and carbohydrates, like mochi (Japanese rich cake) and eggs, are sometimes offered at the start of labour to ensure energy throughout the labouring process.