A Thorough Examination britchick69

"Isabella Swan, I have an appointment with Dr Cullen", my voice sounded strained and small in the huge empty waiting room.

The red headed receptionist glanced over her designer glasses at me, then at the computer screen, before looking back at me.

Wouldn t hurt to smile? I thought.

"Please have a seat Miss Swan; Dr Cullen will be with you in a moment." I smoothed my black mini skirt down over my rear before

taking a seat. It was far too short and I regretted wearing it now, but with my black, fuck me heels, my legs looked incredibly long and

fantastic, quite an accomplishment as I m about five foot two. I fidgeted about in the chair like a five year old, the plastic squeaked

under me making a noise like I'd passed wind which gained me a frown from the red head, Victoria I think her name badge said . I

blushed deeply; this just made me look guilty.

'Deep, calm breath,' I was here to see the Doctor.

I sifted through a pile of glossy gossip magazines, but nothing juicy caught my attention, so I let out an impatient huff and I threw

them gently back towards the table, not daring to move much on the squeaky chair, I d not had any evil stares from the receptionist in

a while and wanted to keep it that way. The magazines skimmed across the table, falling off the other side and landing with a thud on

the carpet.

'Shit , head down, avoid eye contact, I m sure she will be glaring my way,' I blushed again furiously.

I distracted myself looking around admiring the waiting area which was all white wood, cream walls, neutral carpet and lots of natural

light from the huge sky lights in the roof. Tall green plants graced the space; softening the feel and making it feel less clinical.

A flat screen TV played a music channels, quietly to itself. It was a nice place, one I might be comfortable in, especially if Victoria

wasn't there to glare every time I moved, after all I would probably be here a lot, being as clumsy as I was. Today s visit had nothing

to do with my clumsiness, just a routine check-up and show my face, as I was new to the area and had just registered with the


Butterflies filled my stomach, I felt a little nauseous and I resisted the urge to fidget again, I was glad there was no one else in the

waiting room to witness my childlike squirming.

'I hate waiting for anything it makes me nervous.'

"Dr Cullen is ready for you Miss Swan, room 4, which is the last door on the left," Victoria said curtly and then she turned on her heels

and walked away with her arm full of papers.

'Bitch', I decided then I didn t like her.

I approached room 4 without incident, walking in stilettos and on plush carpet I didn t feel too safe. Any minute I could snag my heels

in the plush pile and I m sure the red head would like nothing better than to roll her eyes at me, as I landed face down and ass up on

the floor.

I approached room 4, 'Dr Edward Cullen', the name plate on the door read, deep breath, I knocked gently and entered.

"Good morning Miss Swan," a cheerful voice welcomed me, "Please take a seat." Dr Cullen gestured towards a chair at the end of his

desk. His green eyes twinkled as he smiled at me and he ran his fingers through his messy bronze hair.

'He is gorgeous.'

"Good morning," I answered, smoothing my skirt down as I sat, Dr Cullen s eyes flickered to the action of my hands before moving

back to my face.

"I see you ve booked in for a check up today Miss Swan," Dr Cullen said moving his mouse around and looking at his computer


"Yes, err, just moved into the area," I offered.

"Well then let s get started, shall we," he beamed back at me.

We ran through family history, general problems, diet, height and weight, all the time he kept his lovely eyes on the screen, a smile

just playing at the corner of his lips.

"Miss Swan, for the next part of your examination I need to be, err, a little more hands on."

"Ok, what would you like me to do?" I said in my best sexy voice.

He arched a perfect eyebrow at me and passed me a small vial, "Pee please." He indicated towards a door to a bathroom on my right.

"Oh," was my only response as I blushed furiously, keeping my gaze towards the floor, and as I closed the door, I m sure I heard him


He was waiting to take my sample as I appeared through the door.

"I ll just take your blood pressure now. "I removed my jacket and pushed my sleeve up out of the way, he attached the cuff to my

arm, grazing my skin with his index finger, my skin prickled with pleasure at his touch and I tried not to react. The stethoscope was

placed on my pulse point and he manually pumped up the cuff, the action made the pit of my stomach twist.

'How could I be getting turned on by having my blood pressure taken?'

A look of concentration came over his face he cocked his head to the side and looking concerned.

Just watching him made my pulse race, I was practically drooling.

"Your blood pressure is fine Miss Swan, a bit on the high side, but within a healthy range."

" I always get a little anxious coming to the Doctor's," I justified.

"Well let s see if I can calm your anxieties, could you pop behind the curtain and remove all of your clothing; call me when you re

ready." Dr Cullen smirked and went across to to perform a variety of dip stick tests.

I stood eyes wide and mouth open.

"Miss Swan, if you 'd mind obliging I do have other patients to see," he glanced back over his shoulder, sounding a little impatient.

Dumbly I began to undress behind the curtain, hanging my clothes up on the hooks on the wall, naked and feeling awkward I

squeaked, "I m ready."

My arms kind of wrapped and re-wrapped around my naked body.

Dr Cullen breezed in keeping his eyes on my face, I felt vulnerable standing there without clothes whilst he was fully clothed.

"Please turn and face the wall Miss Swan." I gulped and did as was instructed. Dr Cullen moved closer and began to move his fingers

over my shoulders and back stroking softly, my skin hummed and prickled in his wake. He was close enough for me to feel his breath,

which was coming out hot and even across my skin. His clothing brushed gently over my backside and I leaned back slightly and

gasped to feel his huge erection on my lower back. I closed my eyes and fought the groan that threatened to betray how his touch was

making me feel. My nipples had hardened and heat and moisture emanated from between my thighs, threatening to start leaking

down my legs I squeezed my thighs together to generate a little friction, hoping he wouldn't notice.

Dr Cullen turned me around to face him then placed both hands on my shoulders and softly moved both hands down my arms to my

hands, my whole body erupted in goose bumps, I kept my eyes tightly closed to avoid eye contact, desperate not to betray how horny

I was feeling.

"Could you lift both of your arms above your head please Miss Swan," he directed, his voice now sounded husky. "I need to touch your

breasts." He looked into my eyes, which were now wide and filled with longing and want, I nodded in acknowledgment.

His touch was gentle as he caressed round my heaving breasts, he continued until his fingers found my aching nipples. I noticed his

breathing was shallow and he had a look of fascination on his face, whilst he watched his own ministrations. Still fingering my nipples

he increased the pressure between his fingers and thumb making my clit twist in response, the feeling overwhelmed me and I groaned

in pleasure.

"Perfect," he barely whispered, clearing his throat he then commanded, "Lay on the bed Miss Swan." I moved a little too eagerly,

slipping onto that awful rustling paper. Dr Cullen appeared quickly at my side and held out a hand to assist me in my clumsiness.

"You are very beautiful Miss Swan and I m going to give you a very good going over." My breath hitched as his warm hands took hold

of my foot and pressed firmly into the arch, which made me squeal and wriggle. Dr Cullen smiled wickedly at my ticklishness and

brought my foot to his mouth where he planted a small kiss on my instep before quickly licking along the bottom of my foot and

sucking on my big toe. Pleasure and heat exploded between my legs at the surprise and the sensation of having my toe sucked. I

continued to giggle and wriggle as he gave the same treatment to my other foot, not wanting to leave it out.

Next he ghosted his hands up the inside of my leg stopping short of the pulsing heat of my sex, which by now must have been moist,

glistening and obvious to him in the position he had over me.

I held onto my breath and was in serious danger of fainting from lack of oxygen or sexual frustration. Dr Cullen made a firmer pass up

my leg pausing at my entrance which he grazed with his knuckle, my legs parted instinctively.

"I want to try something Miss Swan, but I need you to remain absolutely still," he sounded breathy and serious.

I nodded looking at him from my hooded eyes.

Dr Cullen placed his hand on top of my mound and my body immediately betrayed me. I groaned out loud and pushed myself into his

hand, he raised an eyebrow at me. I bit into my bottom lip and looked sheepish, he smirked. He began again moving his warm, soft

hand over my hot wetness, he increased his speed as he stroked back and forth, increasing the pressure with his middle finger.

Circling briefly on my bundle of nerves then dipping down and entering me, shallow at first but getting deeper with each pass. My

breathing increased and I started to arch up off the bed. I could feel the tension rising as my whole body became hyper aware of my

impending orgasm.

"Oh, oh," was all I could manage, pushing myself into his hands.

He began to use both hands now fucking me rhythmically with his fingers and circling my clit expertly. I was groaning like a porn star.

The combination of both hands had me free falling over the edge into my release.

"I m coming, I m coming, oh, oh, oh fuckkkkkkkk! "I shuddered out, gripping onto the bed side as if my life depended on it.

As my orgasm ebbed away I opened my eyes and gazed into the sparkling, mischievous eyes of Dr Cullen. In unison smiles broke out

on both of our faces and then we were giggling like idiots.

"I love you," I broke cover first, sitting up quickly and throwing my arms around my soon to be husband, Edward.

He responded with both hands on my breasts squeezing and kneading, kissing my face, repeating one word over and over, "Beautiful."

Within minutes desire stirred again and our kisses became deeper and more urgent, his clothes had to come off. I fought with

Edward's tie and shirt button's, he smiled into the kiss, "Let me help," he whispered before I could choke him with the tie or rip the

shirt off his back.

I kissed him until I was dizzy, holding him in place with my hand twisted into the back of his glorious mop of bronze hair, making him

groan into my mouth. Then I was kissing and nibbling at his neck, I stroked the smooth plane of his chest and scratched my nails

across his nipples eliciting a moan of pleasure which stirred in the pit of my stomach. I needed him in me so I hopped down off the

bed and went down on to my knees at Edward's feet, looking up at my lover; I licked my bottom lip suggestively. Edward s eyes

darkened and widened with lust, a growl escaped his lips as he unbutton his trousers allowing them to fall to his feet, his boxers

followed a moment later. I was then face to face with his beautiful pink cock, it twitched at me begging to be kissed. I obliged

immediately, tasting the sweet pre-cum that was now dripping out of him. Edward wasted no time threading his fingers into the back of

my hair and guiding his huge length right into my mouth. I groaned into him.

"Oh God, yes Bella, I love my cock in your mouth."

I sucked in and worked my way up and down his glorious length, stopping occasionally to give long licks up and down, then flicking the

end with my tongue to hear him moan. I worshipped Edward s cock with my mouth, taking him as deep as I could and using my hand

to assist moving back and forth to bring him the greatest pleasure I could.

I looked up at Edward, his eyes were closed, lost in the moment, the feeling of power and lust overwhelmed me at the pleasure I was

giving to him. Heat filled my pussy again and I put my free hand to my clit and began to work myself softly, stopping occasionally to

push two fingers into my dripping core, moaning onto his cock as I approached another orgasm.

"Oh fuck baby, I need to be in your pussy." Edward reached down and helped me up onto me feet, taking my hand that was previously

on my sex and not taking his eyes from me he sucked my moist fingers into his mouth. He then pulled me into a kiss plunging his

tongue in and out of my mouth, fucking me with his tongue.

My knees turned to jelly.

Edward shed his clothing and shoe and turned me to face the bed.

"Hang on tight baby," his voice sounded husky and so fucking sexy, a fresh wave of arousal oozed from me. As if he knew he slipped

a finger into me, "Oh baby, so wet, always so wet for me." Grabbing my hips he lifted me easily so I lay across the examination bed.

He stroked his cock slowly up and down from my clit to my slit through my wetness making us both moan, he paused briefly at my

entrance, I wriggled.

"Please Edward fuck me." He liked me to beg.

In one swift thrust he was deep inside.

"OH, yeah," we both moaned in unison, he began to thrust purposefully in and out, my head was light and stars began dancing behind

my eye lids, I rested my forehead onto the bed. I was so lucky he was an incredible fuck and we were so great together.

Edward lifted my hips higher hitting me from a different angle, my grunts and groans became alarmingly loud. It wasn t going to take

long for me to cum again, Edward picked up speed slamming into me, his thighs slapping me on contact.

"Shhh baby we ll have the staff rushing in," he panted.

I grabbed at the pillow from the head of the bed and used it to muffle my cries of delight, my orgasm rocked through me causing me

to shout out obscenities. Edward thrust a few more times grabbing hard at my hips (which was sure to leave bruises).

"Fuck, yeah! "He shouted out then collapsed in a gasping pile on top of me. I felt so complete, filled and so unbelievably happy at

that moment. Realising this truly magnificent male was all mine, he loved and wanted me in every way and in two weeks we would be

united together in marriage and I would make sure it would be forever.

I groaned as he slipped out of me severing our connection. I turned, my eyes brimming with emotion, Edward was immediately upon

me, kissing me, apologising over and over.

"I m sorry, did I hurt you baby? "He was on the point of panic as he ran his hands over me.

"No, no, I love you, I love you so much and it hurts." The tears came thick and fast and took me completely by surprise.

Edward wiped away my tears with the pads of his thumbs, cradling my face gently in his hands and keeping eye contact, emotion

burning in the depths of the sparkling green.

"Isabella Swan you are my life, I didn t know what love was, until the day you fell into my life and I promise to love and give you

orgasms every day for the rest of our very long lives."

I snorted out a laugh, very un-ladylike through my tears, nodding and I managing a soggy smile.

"Let s get dressed and I ll take you to lunch." Edward smiled and kissed the end of my nose, the rest of my face was too wet as the

tears silently flowed.

I used a damp towel in the little bathroom to try and reduce the puffiness around my eyes. I decided to give up and fished the

sunglasses from my bag.

"I m ready," I called out in a sing song voice.

"Bella," Edward beamed.

"Yeah", I smiled back my heart lurched, he looked all lit up.

"Are you ok?" He was still grinning as he stalked towards me with the grace of a big cat.

"I m fine." I grinned back.

He reached around and pulled me in close kissing my throat, making me giggle. "You ve made me so happy, Bella." He took a deep

breath and whispered in my ear, "You re pregnant! "

I laughed, "You re sure of yourself aren t you."

" I don t mean from earlier, "he snorted, rolling his eyes.

I frowned and shook my head, still not understanding.

"When I asked for a sample earlier I ran the usual tests for new patients, and your pregnancy test showed up as positive." He was

practically vibrating with excitement.

My mind started calculating, then I realised it was easy to miss a period or two being so busy with the move from Forks to Florida,

starting new jobs. Then on top of that, the wedding in two weeks, I remembered fleeting feelings of nausea and then of course the

intense emotional episode only minutes earlier. Edward watched as my mind un-scrambled in front of him. Then it hit me and I


"There she is," he cooed, reaching for my hands.

"I m pregnant?

I m pregnant,


Edward nodded and chuckled, the love pouring from him enveloping me totally, he put his warm hand protectively, lovingly onto my

stomach and my heart melted. Looking into his eyes I knew, as much as I loved and adored, it was returned tenfold. This gorgeous

hunk of a man was set on this earth solely for me and I would spend my days worshipping every inch of him with everything I was. The

emotion hit me hard and I threw my arms around him squeezing hard and managing to knock him backwards, the tears began to flow

again. I kissed him frantically he reciprocated lifting me gently and spinning me around.

"What did I ever do to deserve you? "He said stroking my hair.

"Something really bad, now take me to lunch I m eating for two." I laughed.