Hey guys Dark sector Supreme here with a story about a new type of bloodline and with a new type of Summons anyway on with the story

Naruto son of the Zodiac chapter 1 rebirth of a zodiac and wtf Zabuza uzumaki

A clash on a bridge in the land of waves is how this started but after a young blonde by the name of naruto stepped in front of the Raikiri meant for Haku he started to spit up blood.

"Naruto-kun why did you do it why did you take the attack for me"

"Because Haku-chan after we met in the forest I could not stop thinking about you, You were on my mind and I saw us together as something more then friends in the future".

those were the last words of one Naruto-Uzumaki or at least thats what they thought he was still breathing but just barely.

"Well well well the demon of the mist is more like a baby demon"

"Gato what the hell are you doing here"

"Well I was never really going to pay you I was going to wait until you and the other ninja had fought hopefully killing some and then come and kill the rest and get all the bounties for your heads."

"I should of known you would do something like this you bastard"

"Men whoever brings me zabuzas blade and his head gets triple now kill all the guys and take that ice bitch she will be fun to break in as my new sex slave"

All of a sudden a dark and light power were felt and when they looked at Naruto it looked as if the dark and light power were fighting each other.

(Inside Naruto's seal)

I can't beleive this Human has the power of the ancient zodiac warriors the warriors of the kamis who would of thougtht".

(back outside the seal)

The two powers had died down with the light winning and all of a sudden Naruto stood up and said "Zodiac change power of the Pegasus" his body started shining and armor started to appear on his body pure white greaves appeared on his legs and had tiny wing like blades on them then some pure white Vambraces appeared on his wrist and grew half way up his arms and then tornado designs appeared on them as well as the greaves next a chest piece of armor appeared and went all the way to his back and on it appeared a pic of a black winged horse and on his hands appeared a pair of what looked like launchers of some sort with at least thirty seperate holes for what ever it launched out on each.

On his back appeared a pair of huge black feathered wings with golden tips they were razor sharp and finally on his head appeared a helmet with a single horn on top it was also white in color with the horn being black with a golden tip.

"You crossed the line when you said you would rape my precious person"

"Anyone who brings me that freak in the armors head will get payed triple same with Zabuza and Kakashis killer but for the one with the armors head gets to pick a girl of there choice for a prize accept the ice bitch" yelled gato as he ran to the back of his hired thugs.

"You asked for it" Naruto said as he lifted his arms up and aimed his launchers at the charging thugs and in an instant a blast of what looked like crystal came out of the launchers and started piercing all the thugs in their arms legs chests and even some in the face and through the brain.

over half of the thugs had already fallen and Sakura had hunched over emptying her stomach of its contents while saying Naruto was a monster only to have Haku back hand her and say if he was not doing this than they would either be killed or in girls cases raped without mercy at that Sakura had paled but still thought of ways to get that power for her sasuke-kun and smiled evilly at thinking her mom could have the council take it from Naruto and give it to Sasuke.

The thugs that had not died from the initial attack had started to scream that it was not worth it and started to run back to the boats when they saw a huge winged shadow above them and when they looked up rather hesitantly the last thing they saw was a tornado forming from the armored blondes wings and being blasted at them blowing them off the bridge and killing them when they fell over one hundred stories into the water.

After the attack that he created Naruto lost the armor and then conciousness and started falling from the sky "NOO someone save my Naruto-kun" Haku yelled and Zabuza had jumped and caught the kid without even thinking and laid him down and what he saw amazed him the kid had a marking on his body that had only been told of in legends it was the Zodiac sign for Zodiac warrior. "I thought it was only a myth Kakashi what is this boys name" said Zabuza.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki"

"You know who his mom is"

"Yes his mom was Uzumaki Kushina"

"You know my sister"

at that everyone started wide eyed at Zabuza "What My real name is Zabuza Uzumaki I had it changed when our home was attacked and our parents sent us to different places to keep from being killed and what Naruto just did is a very rare Kekei genkai given to the uzumakis in the beggining called Zodiac knight every thousand years the legend says that the kamis will choose another uzumaki to have the bloodline but they have to be pure of heart and each kami has a different armor to give the person who has it.

"Kami is said to have pegasus armor Yami has Dragon Armor Shinigami has Hydra armor and the rest are unknown since the scroll of the legend was destroyed and the legend lost to time."

Everyone was gaping at Naruto having a rare bloodline but also being related to Zabuza and him being naruto's uncle.

But they were even more surprised to find out that Naruto's family was blessed by the Kami's

Gato who thought he had been forgotten was inching away from the group until a huge zanbatou went through his body and slicing him in half with a horror stricken face.

(Three days later)

the last three days had been a huge celebration of being liberated from Gato the group of Ninja and now confirmed Zabuza Uzumaki and Haku had gone and found Gato's mansion and raided it but also found several cages holding girls ranging from ages twelve to twenty five they had freed them all and the girls went to their families and were welcomed home with happy tears and a celebration for them being home but also mourning for the way they were treated but most importantly the thing that happened was Zabuza and Haku deciding to go to Konoha with the leaf nin and become leaf ninjas and also to be with Zabuzas nephew.

The group of ninjas and x-rogues were near the gates of Konoha and walked right in with a gaping Izumo and Kotetsu but Anbu were hidden and following them to the hokages office.

Next time we find out the fate of Zabuza and haku and Naruto finds out more of the zodiac armors

PS if you have any ideas on what mychical creature you want as a zodiac armor and have an idea to which kami it should goto that I have not named please send your ideas also hope you enjoy this story if not meh I really just wrote it cause I wanted to see how it went