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Lisbon looked up at the buliding in front of her. It was huge and fancy. There were flowers all over the tidy garden and the path from the garage was very clean too.

„They must have a gardener.." she muttered to herself as she entered the house. She flashed her badge automatically when she walked to the two police officers who were waiting for her in the hall.

„Agent Lisbon? „ asked the taller.

„Yes. What do we've got? „ she looked around. The house was classy, and everything in it screamed 'We are rich!' to the visitors. Lisbon raised her eyebrows. This is going to be interesting…

„40 years old woman, headshot, died immediately and 42 years old man, hit on his temple, probably with something hard and flat. We found IDs, Kate and Timothy Jordan."

„Thanks, are my colleagues here? „ she searched for them with her eyes.

„Hmm…Agent Cho is in the living room with the bodies and Agent…VanPelt is checking the other rooms." The officer told her.

„Okay…I'll go upstairs. Maybe I could find some motive…" she decided and went up the stairs.

On the first floor she saw five doors and a very big window in the end of the corridor. She walked to it and looked down on the road. She saw Jane's blue car parking on the street and her blond consultant got out of it with sleepy eyes. She smiled to herself and opened the first door on her right. It was a bathroom. Big and spacious but nothing special. She went to the next room, and to another. But there was nothing too. Finally she found something. There was a mess in the fourth. Not just a little I-haven't-been-home-to-tidy-up kind of mess but a somebody-has-been-searching-for-something-in-this-room kind of mess!

Her eyes travelled the room, trying to decide if…

„They didn't find it!" Patrick Jane's voice sounded behind her and Lisbon turned on her heels. He was standing in the door, leaning casually o the doorframe. He had a warm smile on his face as he looked at her which made her heart beat faster. „Good morning Lisbon!" he said still smiling.

„ What didn't they find?" she asked from him with raised eyebrows.

„I have absolutely no idea…yet! „ he grinned at her and stepped into the room. He walked beside her and looked around too. „Well, considering the visible fact that they were so rich, they could've support a smaller country I suppose it was money…Yes it was money, but not just money! Not any money…" Jane said.

„What?" Lisbon couldn't follow his thoughts.

„It was special money…Maybe it was some kind of a revenge. They got it from someone and now that person wanted it back…or like this…"

„Oh..yeah. It makes sense!" Lisbon nodded. They walked out of the room and Jane headed the stairs but Lisbon stopped. There was one more room which she didn't see. „Where are you going?" she asked from him.

„I haven't seen the bodies yet…" Jane said and she sighed.

„Okay, you go, see those bodies. I'll be there in a few minutes too. But please Jane, at least try to behave!"

„I can try…" he grinned and Lisbon rolled her eyes. He was impossible.

Teresa opened the last door and immediately knew what was it. It was a bedroom of a little child. A baby, to be precise. There was a cradle and some pink pillows. Lot of toys on a cupboard and a bookshelf.

„Why does a baby need a bookshelf?" she murmured and stepped inside. She always loved baby rooms, especially baby-girls' rooms! Lisbon walked to the cradle and leaned on it. Just then she heard a little noise. She looked down and her mouth flew open in surprise.

„Oh my…Hello! „ she said to the little baby girl in the cradle with a huge smile on her face. She leaned down and took the baby into her arms.

„Hey little girl!" she whispered as she started to sway. They she remembered that the baby's parents are dead. „Oh, you poor little baby…you are all alone in this big world…You must have somebody….grandparents, right?" she asked from her.

The baby was absolutely beautiful. She had brown hair and blue eyes. Eyes which reminded her of somebody. The blue was so unique, she only had seen this kind of eyes on one person. She looked into those blue eyes and immediately thought that they were the same as Patrick Jane's.

Suddenly Lisbon heard a loud noise from downstairs. She remembered that she left Jane alone.

„Oh, we have to go down…I have this bad bad colleague..You now… he is so lazy and messy and he always pisses everybody off, but he is a very good person. With a warm heart and he is very smart. He helps me solving cases." Teresa told the girl quietly as she went down the stairs.

She headed to the living room, where the bodies were. But she stopped in the doorway. She saw Jane in front of a cupboard, he was threwing everything out, that gave the sound. The two bodies were laying on the ground, in the two corners of the room.

„Jane!" she snapped and Patrick stopped dead to turn to her. A big megawatt Jane smile appeared on his face when he saw Lisbon with the baby.

„Oh hey! Who did you find…?" He stepped closer to them, totally forgotten about the cupboard. „Come here…"he asked Teresa.

So many thoughts were running in his head but the main idea was one thing. 'Teresa and a baby' He could easily imagine that the little girl was their daughter and he was married to Lisbon. Okay buddy, you need to stop! His brain reminded him, and he took a deep breath to clear his mind.

„No, I won't go in there with her…They are probably her parents!" Lisbon told him and took a step back.

Jane smiled at her gently. She was so thoughtful. It was just a baby in her arms but still she was thinking about her feelings. He followed her out of the house and walked beside her.

„VanPelt will check if she has any relatives…" Lisbon said.

„And what if she hasn't got anyone?" Jane asked, some part of him hoping that Lisbon will say something really un-Lisbon-y . Something she would say in his imagination.

But she stayed Lisbon.

„Then she will go to foster-care, I guess…" she said. Maybe a little sadly.

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