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„And now, here comes the first dance…"

Everybody clapped and cheered as the newlyweds stepped onto the little dance floor. They started slowly swinging at the rythm of the music and after a few minutes couples joined them.

„Look at her, she is our daughter…" Teresa whispered to Patrick Jane. They were sitting at a table, watching Sarah's dance with her husband.

„Yeah, pretty amazing huh?" he nodded.

„She is the most beautiful girl in the world…" she sighed and smiled gently.

„I can't fully agree with that…" Jane told her and when she looked at him with a surprised expression he leaned in and put a sweet kiss on her lips. She gave a pleased sound and kissed him back.

„She is so young, just 25…" she chuckled when they broke apart. Her eyes were on her daughter again. Sarah was laughing and hugging her husband tightly. She seemed to have the best night in her life. They both loved to see her this happy.

„Not so young, after all I was younger when I married Angela…" Patrick murmured.

„You know I kind of feel old when I realize that she is already 25!" she admitted and Jane laughed at her surprisedly.

„Really? Honey, believe me when I say that you don't look older than 35… And for me you will always be the tough little 'pocketrocket' of the CBI!"

She laughed and felt a little blush appear on her cheek at the memory.

„Well, that is something I guess…" she muttered.

„Can I have a dance?" he asked suddenly and pulled her up from the table.

Teresa smiled at him. She loved to dance with Patrick. It was their thing. A little connection that only they understood. A link between them that was completely their own. A recurring sweet interaction in their lives which came back time after time. Somehow the always ended up dancing when there was an opportunity.

„Only you…" she whispered when she held his hand. And let him led her to the dance floor. He pulled her close and sighed contentedly. This woman turned his world upside down and he loved it. He loved her from the first time he met her, he just took his time to figure it out…

She put her head on his shoulder and let the music flow through her. She enjoyed the feeling of being safe. Because in his arms she always felt safe. Whatever they had to face in their lives she always knew they could handle it if Jane was with her.

When the song was over they walked back to their table. She was smiling to herself as she watched Sarah laugh happily at her husband and when the man stroked her head lovingly Lisbon felt a wild warmness spread in her body. She knew she loved Sarah more than anyone in the world, she even dared to think that she loved the girl more than Patrick but right now and there she saw that her daughter made the right choice. This man, Brad will love her as much as she deserved. He will love her more than his own life, he will recpect her and made her smile on her worst days.

She allowed herself to wander over her memories. She had some tough moments and some painful ones. She cried and she was hurt a lot. But after all, looking back at her life so far she wouldn't have let anything out. She was pretty sure that having an abusive father made her became who she was. At least part of. She would have been a happier child if she had both her parents but she might not be the mother she is to Sarah that way. Because it's one of the things in her life what she is really proud of. Sarah. She was so perfect. And Teresa dared to think that maybe she had some part in that too… And then the time at the CBI. The best part of her life. Even if she had absolutely no time for herself and even if Jane annoyed the hell out of her she could only smile when she looked back at those times. The team of course didn't work together anymore but they kept in touch and visited each other on holidays. And Jane…well, he was Jane. Lisbon allowed herself a sigh. He was still the pain in the ass. But not just a consultant anymore, he was now a pain in the ass husband of hers. And she loved every little moment of it. When he forgot to buy milk and when he pretended to forget just to tease her. When he took her out on random days of the week and when he made her laugh with his idiot things. When he made a tantrum about not having tea at home and when he sang to Sarah to make her fall asleep. She thanked God every day that they met. That she had the chance to meet him. To see the real him. The deep of his heart, his soul. And that he had the chance to save her. The chance to make her who she is this day.

Jane looked over at his wife. His wife…After more than 20 years of marriage it was still weird to tell this about Lisbon. Sometimes he still feared that he will wake up in any moment and he will be lying in his old bed, under the red smiley. Sometimes he woke up at the middle of the night, in sweat and horroristic cries, dreaming that she was dead. And those times she just held him close and kissed him, until he calmed down. Until he believed that she was safe with him.

A single tear flowed down on Lisbon's cheek as she watched her life in front of her. Tears of gratitude. She had everything she wanted. Nobody can wish a better life.

When another song was over Sarah and Brad made their way to them. Sarah's face was flushed and she collapsed on the chair next to her mom.

„Thank you mom! All of this…" she motioned around her „ is wonderful! It's exacly what I've been dreaming of…" she said and she hugged her mother. Jane made a noise and he grimaced. „And yes dad, thank you too…" Sarah laughed.

„Well, you're welcome! It cost a fortune but your happiness is the most important. And on the other hand you will have to pay it back so…" Jane said in a serious tone but Teresa snapped his arm.

„Oh shut up! He's just kidding…" she told her daughter and when Sarah still had a shocked face she repeated. „He is just kidding! Right Patrick?" she turned to him with a stare.

„Sure! It was just a joke sweetie! Pretty bad one though…Seems like your ol' dad isn't the same anymore…" he shook his head but then winked at the newlyweds. „Go! Go have some cake…I heard that it's delicious!" he told them. Sarah put her hand on Brad's arm and in old style they walked away towards the huge wedding cake.

„Patrick Jane! Can't you behave? Just once?" Lisbon hissed and shot him a glare. He knew he wasn't in real trouble because her sparkling eyes gave her away. So he decided to play a little.

„Oh I can behave if I really want to…And you had that one time. I behaved on our wedding my dear!" he shrugged. She repressed a grin and rolled her eyes.

„You mean, by telling the priest that he was boring and asking my fat aunt when she is having her baby? Yeah, you definetely did well that day…" she pressed her lips together but then she couldn't help herself anymore and she broke out into giggles. The memory filled her head and she could almost see Aunt Sheila running out of the room with a tears in her eyes. She knew she was supposed to be mad at Jane but Aunt Sheila made fun of her so many times when she was a child that she felt it was fair. Aunt Sheila deserved what she got.

Patrick watched this amazing woman in front of him. His Teresa. He loved that he was able to get such things out of her. The smile on her lips so light and cute. And the glint in her green eyes made him ponder why did he even wasted time to look anywhere else.

„I love you Teresa!" he broke out and when she smiled surprisedly he pulled her in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and the silent gasp that escaped her lungs was immediately put safely into his brain, just right into the collection of Adorable-Teresa-Sounds.

„I love you too…" she whispered then she cleared her throat. He could still do things like this to her. With one kiss he made her feel like a teenager again. With one look he made her feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth.

They didn't need to tell anything else. Without words both knew how the other felt. It's the magic when you find your true match. You don't need to use words to express yourself because the other knows you so perfectly that you understand each other without saying anything. Just a look, or a smile is enough to tell such things as 'I would give my life for you' or 'I don't know what would I do without you' . So when their eyes connected they saw the reflection of their own expression on the other's face. Endlessly, crazily, head over heels in love.

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