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1 day after Sasuke left the village

"Sasuke, why did have you left the village? Why have you left us? Why?" Naruto shouted with sadness in his eyes.

"I left because the village is only going to hold me back from achieve power to kill my brother. If Orochimaru can give me that power I don't care what happens, I will get it." Sasuke said with indifference in his voice while turning his back to Naruto.

"I promised Sakura I'll bring you back and that's a promise of a lifetime. I don't care how I'll bring you back." Naruto said while taking a fighting stance.

"Do what you want we know that you can't beat me." Sasuke said preparing for the fight.

20 minutes later



When the two overpowered jutsus collide something wrong went with Naruto's Rasengan and instead of ripping through Sasukes hand, it ripped through his. When the pain came Naruto screamed till he lost his voice and consciousness.

5 minutes earlier

"Faster, we need to find them faster." Kakashi said with anger caused by the fact that they can't find Naruto.

"I know but I can't track his scent, Kakashi." Pakkun said trying to find Naruto's or Sasuke's scent.

"Try harder, Pakkun. We need to find them before something happens to them." Kakashi said before hearing a deafening scream and the grey light of an big explosion. "There. Maybe they are there."

"Let's go." Pakkun shouted while changing his direction.

Location of the explosion, 5 minutes later

"What…happened…here?" Kakashi whispered shocked about the destruction he saw. .

"It's like two gods fought here." Pakkun said scanning the area for survivors.

Indeed it was like two gods fought here. The area was completely destroyed. The river that was once there was gone. The beautiful waterfall that was there, it is only a stream of water. But the biggest change in the surroundings were the statues of the Uchiha leader, Uchiha Madara and the Shodaime Hokage, Hasirama Senju, the piece of art created after the most important fight and the place after it was named, Valley of Death, were completely destroyed. The face of Hasirama was completely gone, and in his body were a bunch of craters and the left part of Madara's body was gone. But the most important thing of all was Naruto's unconsciousness body on the ground that began to fill with water. Kakashi took Naruto and placed him in a safe place.

"Naruto, what happened to you?" Kakashi asked while inspecting the boy's wounds.

He had both legs broken from the knee, a hole made by Chidori in his left sholder, his lungs were punctured by the broken ribs, half of his face was burned, but the biggest injury Naruto had was his right arm. The arm was twisted in a way nobody could use that hand for the rest of his life and the only cure for that was amputation. His pulse was weak but the important thing was that he had that little pulse. He could be saved, but he must give up the life of a ninja.

"It's all my fault. Why did I listened to the council? They were a team….my team. But because the council ordered to train Sasuke I forgot about Naruto and Sakura. I'ts all my fault. Sorry sensei, I'm sorry." Kakashi said on the verge of letting his tears flow even if it was forbidden for a ninja to show emotions.

"Stop blaming yourself and let's move if we want to save your student." Pakkun shouted.

"You're right. Go ahead and tell Tsunade-sama to prepare for operation." Kakashi said picking Naruto up bridal style.

"Hai." Was the response of the little dog.

At the village gates

When they arrived at the village gates. He saw something that will make the Rikudo-sennin piss his pants, a fuming Tsunade.

"Kakashi, what happened? Tsunade shouted worrying for Naruto.

"First heal Naruto then I'll give you a full report." Kakashi said while taking Naruto to the hospital.

"Ok. Shizune let's get to the hospital and prepare for the operation." Tsunade said going to the hospital.

"Hai, Tsunade-sama!" Shizune acknowledged.

At the hospital

"Naruto, please be ok." Was Kakashi last thought before the surgery began.

The morning came, and Kakashi was worried because nobody left the surgery room at all the entire night. Before Kakashi wanted to leave, the surgery room opened and a tired Tsunade and Shizune came out.

"How is he?" asked Kakashi worried.

"Hes going to be fine. He has a tough body." Tsunade said grinning but then the grin left her face being replace by a scowl. "But he can't be a ninja again."

"WHAT?" Kakashi shouted.

"SILENCE." Roared Tsunade. "Keep your voice down. This is a hospital. Both of his legs broke in 5 places and the healing of that will take time but the most important factor was his right hand. We had to amputate it." Continued Tsunade wit a sad face.

Somewhere in Konoha

"I can't wait to see Sasuke-kun and Naruto again!" Sakura said to Ino.

"I understand ehy you want to see Sasuke but why the idiot?" asked a curious Ino.

"I want to thank him for bringing back Sasuke-kun." Sakura said excited.

"Isn't that Kakashi-sensei?" asked Ino.

"Wonder what happened to him?" asked Sakura. "KAKASHI-SENSEI! Hey where are you going?" shouted Sakura seeing her teacher. "Maybe he knows what happened to Naruto and Sasuke-kun."

Kakashi didn't know what to tell Sakura.

"Tell her the truth or tell her a lie?" thought the scarecrow. "Yo. What's up Sakura?" asked Kakashi.

"Do you know something about Sasuke-kun or Naruto?" asked Sakura innocently.

"Ino, can I talk to Sakura in private?" asked Kakashi with a sad face.

"Sure. Bye Kakashi-sensei, bye Sakura, talk to you later." Ino said leaving the teacher and student alone.

Reaching to the Memorial Stone, Kakashi touched Minato's and Obito's name.

"Sakura, are you sure you want the truth?" asked a serious Kakashi.

"What do you mean, sensei? Asked Sakura more curious of what will the masked sensei told her.

"It's about Naruto" Kakashi said trying not to show his motions.

"What happened to Naruto, where is Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura getting panicked.

"Saskue almost killed Naruto. If I arrived a moment later Naruto would be dead right now." Kakashi said while blaming himself.

"But where is Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura.

"HE'S WITH OROCHIMARU!" Kakashi shouted getting angry. "He betrayed us for power and almost killed Naruto." Not wanting to hear more he jumped and went to the hospital to see if Naruto woke up.

"Naruto…..what happened out there?" thought Sakura going to the hospital to find answers.

At the hospital

"Hello, can you tell me in what room is Uzumaki Naruto?" Sakura asked the nurse at the front desk.

"196" responded the nurse.


When Sakura got to the room 196, she saw three ANBUs guarding the door. Trying to enter the room she was stopped by one of the ANBU.

"This room is off limits, Hokage-sama orders." Said the ANBU with the cat mask.

"Please let me in, I'm his team mate, I need to see how is he doing." Pleaded Sakura to no avail.

"Sorry, but the patient is in no condition to get visitors." Responded Neko.

"Why what happened to him?" Sakura said worried.

"We don't know we just follow orders, now go away." Responded Neko.

"Please…" Sakura said getting interrupted by Tsunade.

"What's happening here?" asked the busty woman.

"I want to see Naruto and they don't let me in." Sakura said on the verge of crying.

"I'm sorry Sakura but you can visit him only when he wakes up." Tsunade said understanding why Sakura was sad.

"Ok, but please send someone after me when he wakes up." Sakura said while exiting the hallway.

"Ok." Responded Tsunade.

After Sakura left, Tsunade enterd the room and watched how Naruto was sleeping.

"Why did I send you after Sasuke? It's all my fault." Tsunade said while covering her face with both of her hands.

"Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault, if it's somebody's fault it's mine because I didn't train him better." Said a mysterious person.

"Jiraya? When did you get here?" asked a confused Tsunade. "I thought you'll come back in two weeks."

"Yeah, I was. But when I found that something happened to Naruto I've abandoned everything to come and see how is he feeling." Explained the perverted sannin.

"He won't be a ninja anymore Jiraya. I'm so scared of telling him that when he wakes up. I can't say it without something happening to him." Explained Tsunade while crying. "You know that was his dream. To become Hokage and now he can't be what he dreamed because of a mistake Itachi did."

"Now don't get angry on something you can't change." Jiraya said Reassuring Tsunade. "We'll work something out."

The next morning

Shizune was changing Naruto's bandages when she heard something.

"W-W-Wate-e-er." Shizune looked at Naruto and saw that he slowly opened his eyes.

"W-Water p-ple-ase." Naruto said slowly.

"Tha-nks. H-how much t-time was I ou-ut?" asked Naruto trying to get up but Shizune stopped him.

"Stand down, you're in no condition to get up." Said Shizune to Naruto. "Don't try anything funny, I'll go announce Tsunade-sama of your awakening.

"O-ok." Said the blonde seeing Shizune walking out of the room he got a ton of questions right now.

"Tsunade-sama, Tsunade-sama, Naruto woke up!" said Shizune shaking the drunk Hokage up.

"What?" was the only response Tsunade said. "That can't be right. With his injuries he should be unconscious for about 1 week."

"I know, but he is really awake." Said Shizune excited. "Come to the hospital fast."

Back to the hospital in Naruto's room

"Naruto?" asked Tsunade.

"Yeah." Naruto responded with a blank stare.

"Oh no." thought Tsunade seeing Naruto look at his missing arm. "There was nothing we could do to the arm. I'm sorry."

"Why?...Why?...WHY?" SHOUTED Naruto in anger and sadness. "Why did you do this to me? Was it the council order to mutilate me so I couldn't be a ninja any more? WHY?...Why?

"Naruto..." Thought Shizune

"We couldn't do anything with your arm twisted like that. You wish to see it? Ok then. Here it is. SEE FOR YOURSELF!" Tsunade shouted while telling Shizune to bring the picture.

Naruto took the picture and the instant he saw the picture he closed his eyes.

"Baa-chan, sorry…sorry for my outburst." he said while starting to cry. Seeing this Tsunade hugged him like it was the end of the world.

"Sorry Naruto. If there was something I could do, I would do it." Tsunade said hugging her stepbrother.

"I know….I know" Naruto said while hugging Tsunade back. "If I ever find him, I'll kill him…it doesn't matter how but I'll kill him without remorse."

"Naruto, if you do that, you'll become like him. Please stop." Tsunade said while looking at him with a serious look. "I have work now. I'll come back later."

At the Hokage tower

"Is it true?" asked a excited Kakashi. "Is he really awake? Can I visit him?"

"It's true. He woke up but you can't visit him right now. His mind is in turmoil." Tsunade said doing her paperwork. "Can I ask you something?"

"You just did." Kakashi said while smiling.

"Anyway, what do you think, should we tell him about his parents?" asked Tsunade worried.

"I don't know if we sho…" said Kakashi before getting interrupted by Jiraya.

"We should. If that can make him forget about Sasuke a little while, we should." the white haired sannin said.

"Then it's settled, Jiraya will tell Naruto about his parents." Tsunade said confident.

"Ok. I'll tell Naru…..WAIT WHAT?" Jiraya shouted. "Why me? Why not you or Kakashi?"

"You are his godfather and his father sensei. You knew them better then me." Tsunade said nodding.

"Ok. I'll tell him. But you know he will hate me when he hears that I'm his godfather." Jiraya said exiting the office while sighing.

Evening. At the hospital

"Hello brat." Jiraya said

"Erosennin." Naruto said excited to hear Jiraya for the first time in months.

"How are you kiddo?" asked the sannin with concern in his voice

"Trying to get used to not having a hand, the rest of me feels fine." Said the blonde happy to see Jiraya.

"We need to talk about something?" Jiraya said turning serious. And it can change your view on some things."

"It's about your parents." Said the toad sage watching naruto's eye go wide. "I'll start with your mother. Actually you carry you mother's last name, her name was Uzumaki Kushina, a beautiful but deadly women. In her childhood, she had a round face which with her red hair made her look like a tomato. That's also when she got the nick name Red Hot-Blooded Habanero."

"Red Hot-Blooded Habanero? Why?" asked Naruto in curiosity.

"When some one called har Tomato she beated them to a bloody pulp." Chuckeld Jiraya. "Anyway, when she grew up she had a slender, but feminine build, fair skin, blue eyes, long bright red hair — a common trait amongst the members of the Uzumaki clan with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left."

"Was she strong?" asked Naruto in awe.

"Think like this, she was strong enough to keep her husband, The Yellow Flash, in a leash." Jiraya said laughing out loud.

"Then she was really stro….Wait what did you say earlier?" asked Naruto getting more curious.

"The Yellow Flash in a leash?" aske Jiraya confused.

"No, you said her husband was The Yellow Flash…" Naruto said with wide eyes.

"Oh no." thought Jiraya.

"Tht means that Minato Namikaze was my…father." Naruto said slowly.

"Gotta think fast." Thought Jiraya.

"You knew about this?" Naruto asked while his smile fell. "Why didn't you tell me? Why keep it secret?"

"Your father made all who knew swore on our blood to tell you about him only when you are strong enough to protect agains his enemies." Jiraya explained. "You must understand that he had many enemies."

"But that's not the main reason. You didn't tell me about this because you were afraid that I'll go and tell everyone about it and they will spit on his name because his son was a demon." Naruto said with anger in his voice.

"That's not true, be reasonable." Jiraya said wanting to punch naruto. "He wanted that you, his son, be treated like a hero for keeping Kyuubi at bay, but that not happened. Besides if you shouted to the world that you are Namkiaze Minato's son you would be dead in 5 minutes flat."

"But why did he seal the fox in me, his own son?" asked a bewildered Naruto.

"Like I said earlier, he knew you'll be strong enough to keep the fox at bay and he couldn't ask someone else for their baby." Jiraya explained.

"I think I understand now" Naruto said thinking about what he found out from the pervert.

"That went better then I thought." Thought Jiraya. "Oh no!" remembering that he forgot to tell naruto that he is his godson.

"Forgot to tell you something." Jiraya said getting uncomfortable.

"What?" asked Naruto confused.

"Iamyourgodfather!" Jiraya said turning in a cloud of smoke.

"What?" asked a more confused Naruto. "What did he say? Hmmm. Wait. JIRAYA." Shouted Naruto when he figured what the pervert said. "I'm gonna kill you when I'm out of here."

At the hokage tower

"I'm dead!" Jiraya said entering the Hokage office through the window.

"JIRAYA, HOW MANY TIMES I TOLD YOU, USE THE FUKING DOOR." Tsunade shouted waking from her beautiful sleep. "And why are you dead?"

"I've told Naruto about his parents, like you told me to do, and I kinda forgot to mention that I'm his godfather and when I told him, because of fear of being rejected I got out before he registered what I said." Jiraya explained panting.

"Good." Tsunade said getting a "WHAT" from Jiraya. "It's your fault. You weren't here for him."

"Looks who's talking." Jiraya said scowling.

Midnight. Hospital

"Why?...Sasuke….why?" Naruto said in his sleep. "I don't understand why would you do this to us? Naruto asked again trashing in his sleep. Why….Why…Why…WHY?" he shouted while waking up full of sweat and with wide eyes.

A nurse came to check what happened but he told her it was just a nightmare.

"Can't sleep anymore." Naruto thought. "Better meditate a little."

Naruto's mindscape

The hospital room transformed in a sewer with two pipes on the ceiling. One blue and one red. On the walls were tribal designs markings and the water reaches the ankles of Naruto's legs. In front of him was the big door of the cage that Kyuubi no Yoko was sealed in.

"Why are you here, insolent fool?" said the fox.

"I'm here so I can ask if you could do something about the arm." Asked Naruto.

The fox lughed so hard that the entire sewer shook to its foundation. As Kyuubi got close to the gate, you could see his head, big ears, red-silted eyes and sharp theeth.

"Why would I help a, usless weak fool who can't beat a ninja that is weaker then he is." Responded the fox. "You know that you were stronger then that Uchiha, why did you let him beat you?"

I couldn't kill him because he was like a brother to me, and I made a promise and I always keep my promises." Naruto said defying the fox.

"HAHAHAHAHA. You're funny. Maybe I can do something about your arm if u promise that the next time you'll meet the Uchiha, you'll slaughter him." Roared the fox.

"No, I won't promise such a thing, because if I do that I'll become like him." Naruto said with confidence in his voice.

"HAHAHAHAHA. You have balls to defy me like this. Because you had the courage to defy me I'll tell you a way to heal your arm but don't forget that if I can find a way to get free I'll do it." Kyuubi said laughing.

"You'll never be able to do that while I'm alive!" Naruto said with confidence in his voice.

"HAHAHAHAHA. We'll see boy, we will see." Said the fox wihle disappearing from Naruto's sight.

"HEY, WAIT, YOU TOLD ME THAT YOU'LL TELL ME HOW TO FIX MY FUCKING ARM." Shouted Naruto seeing the fox disappearing.

"That's for a later date, you have visitors." Kyuubi said chuckling.

Naruto got up only to see Sakura stare at him. He waved what remained of his right hand to say hello. When she saw that, Sakura started crying.

"It's my fault. I made you promise. It's because of that promise you lost your hand." Sakura said while crying.

"Sakura." Naruto said with a stern voice. "It's not your fault. Even if you would made me promise, I'd still go after him, because he is my best friend." Naruto said trying to comfort Sakura by hugging her.

"I know, but still, I can't believe he did this to you. I know he wanted power, but I can't believe he did this to you for getting power" Sakura said sobbing still in Naruto's embrace.

"I was mad on him for what he did, but after talking with 'someone', I know it's not his fault, it's mine." Naruto said preparing to tell Sakura what really happened.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura confused.

"It's not his fault I lost my arm, it's mine." Naruto said while looking with sadness at what remained of his arm.

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura.

"When the final attack happened, I was so angry I lost control of my Rasengan." Naruto said. "Because of that the jutsu backfired on me and twisted my arm instead of hurting the enemy. But this wound was made by his Chidori." Naruto said touching the scar where Sasuke stabbed him. "Isn't that right, Kakashi-sensei?"

"That's right. Sakura, can you leave me alone with Naruto for a little?" asked the masked jounin smiling.

"Ok. I'll come later and I'll bring Ino and the rest. Bye Naruto" Sakura said hugging Naruto for the last time for today.

After Sakura left, the tension in the room increased.

"Naruto, tell me what really happened there, without lying." Kakashi said turning serious. "I know that you could beat Sasuke. Why didn't you do it?"

"Kakashi-sensei, you know I made a promise and if I killed Sasuke there, I'll broke my promise to Sakura, and I won't break any of my promises, that's my nindo. And what I told Sakura is the truth." Naruto said with passion. "Before Sakura came, I was talking to the fox. Something in that talk awakened my memory of that moment, when our jutsu collide. I was so angry on Sasuke, he had all I wanted to have and he brushed them aside so he can have more power. I used to be jealous, but spending time with him made me change my point of view and started to like him, make him one of my precious people. But then Orochimaru got between us and ruined all. If I'm going to meet the snake I'm gonna him tell a piece of my mind." Naruto said entering the hard hospital bed trying to get some sleep. "Sorry sensei, but I'm tired and I want to get some sleep."

As Kakashi left he felt something thumping in his heart as he remembered Obito was the same. The two of them was, in a way, like Naruto and Sasuke. The only thing that changed is that Obito died to save him, and Sasuke tried to kill Naruto.

Morning came and Kakashi was still sulking in front of the Memorial Stone when Sakura appeared next to him.

"What's up, sensei? Asked Sakura

"You said something, Sakura?" Kakashi said looking at Sakura.

"Damn you, Kakashi and your hip attitude!" said someone in the background.

"What was that?" asked Sakura with a 'WTF' look on her face.

"Don't worry about that." Kakashi said calming himself.

"How is Naruto?" asked Sakura saddened by what happened to him.

"He is fine, a little depressed about what happened, but he's fine." Kakashi responded without taking his eyes from the Memorial Stone.

"I'm going to visit him today and see if he can be released from the hospital." Sakura said leaving the place where the stone was.

At the hospital

"Let's see what the fox might tell me on how to fix my arm." Naruto thought getting in a meditative position.

Naruto's Mindscape

The brown sewer came back to life with the giant white gate that is keeping the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed.

"So you came back?" asked the fox grinning like a maniac

"I want answers. You told me I can fix my arm. How?" asked Naruto angry.

"Ok. What do you know about the Lost Technology?" Kyuubi said like a sage.

"…" Naruto stared at the giant fox like he was told about how an engine is running.

"What do you know about The Sage of the Six Paths?" asked Kyuubi trying to get his answer from Naruto.

"Let me remember what Iruka-sensei taught us…he was the father of ninja…the one that discovered chakra and learnt how to use it." Answered Naruto putting his left hand under his chin.

"You're partly right. The Sage invented ninja art. But what do you know before the Sage appeared?" asked Kyuubi grinning.

"How am I supposed to know that thing. Nobody knows what happened before." Naruto said confused.

"There's where you're wrong. I know what happened before Him. And I know about this Lost Technology." Said Kyubbi his grin getting wider and bigger.

"TELL ME!" shouted Naruto with anger on his face.

"I'll tell you. But you must do something for me first." Kyuubi said still grinning. "He's so easy to manipulate." Thought the fox.

"What do I have to do?" asked Naruto confidence showing on his face.

"Just have to kill your sensei and take his Shari…" Said the big fox getting interrupted by Naruto.

"I won't do something like that!" shouted Naruto in anger.

"I was only joking." Kyuubi said. "Just rip the paper from the gate."

"I won't do something like that either!" yelled Naruto. "My father wanted me to be Konoha's Hero and till I'll become one I will not do something like that."

"Smart boy. Very smart." Chuckled Kyuubi. "Then there is nothing that I'll say that will make rip the seal of. Very well. I'll tell you a story and after I'll tell you about the Lost Technology."

"Tell me already!" shouted Naruto.

"Be patient. Long time ago, before the ninja era, the Lost Technology wasn't so lost. The humans had everything, robots, flying machines, skyscrapers. Then one day went to hell. Back then, I was just a cub, so I didn't understand what was going on. My father told me that the human have started a war. The biggest war that happened in a while, The World War Four, the nuclear war. And I was caught in a nuclear explosion. That's why I became like this. Anyways…" Kyuubi explained getting interrupted by Naruto.

"Chakra was made because of such nuclear explosion?" asked Naruto confused.

"Don't interrupt boy!" shouted the fox. "But yes, chakra was made by a nuclear explosion. And after four years of war somebody came and stopped the war before the human race disappeared from the face of the earth." Kyuubi explained getting interrupted by Naruto again.

"The Sage of the Six Paths. I understand why he is called The Sage but why of the Six Paths?" asked Naruto very confused.

"What did I said about getting interrupted?" Kyuubi snarled. "Anyways, to answer your question, because of the radiation that made chakra. He was the master of chakra, but nobody knew how he mastered this power named chakra. Then later it was discovered that he can control six main powers, the Animal path allowed him to summon weird animals, Demon path allowed him to transform into an android, Deva path allowed him to manipulate gravity, Human path allowed him to read people's mind, Hell path allowed him to summon the King of Hell for interrogation and Preta path allowed him to absorb chakra and split them into six main bodies. That why he was called the Sage of the Six Paths." Kyuubi explained.

"I think I understand, but how did you became like this?" asked Naruto curious about the fox.

"I'll tell you that story when you'll meet another Jinchuuriki." Kyuubi said preparing to sleep. "now go away. I want to sleep."

"HEY! Tell me about this Lost Technology!" shouted Naruto not letting the fox to get any sleep.

"Shut up, weakling. I'll tell you about the Lost Technology, but after I'm done you'll be gone and stop pestering me." Kyuubi snarled looking at Naruto with one eye. "But before I'll tell you about the Technology, you must know the true identity of the Sage." Kyuubi said watching Naruto's eyes getting wide. "His name was Adam Jensen, a mere security consultant. Nobody knew how he became the Sage, but in a way everyone was happy that he could stop the war and everyone thought of him as a god. But eventually he died of old age. He was a tall and well built man. But an accident like yours ruined his life. Because of that his employer made him 'augmented'." Kyuubi explained.

"Aug-what?" asked Naruto confused.

"Augmented, his entire body turned into machine." Kyuubi said. "Because of his accident he could not walk or move his hands. But this could not stop he's employer, David Sarif of Sarif Industries, to augment him."

"What is all of this have to do with me?" asked Naruto watching Kyuubi carefully.

"This 'augments' are the Lost Technology. Before David Sarif died, he asked Adam to hide the schematics to the mechanical augments, but before he could hide the plans the war started and the first nuclear explosion was in Detroid, also known as Konoha. So before he died he asked his sons to hide the schematics. But there was a problem. After the Sage died, his elder son tried to recreate the Lost Technology and the young son tried to stop him. The war between the brothers took 10 years. Finally the younger son won and took the schematics and hid them so no one else will find them." Kyuubi explained. "Many people said that the Lost Technology is somewhere hidden in the Great Five Hidden Villages, many think that the schematics ware destroyed in the war between the brothers. That's your only chance you have to fix your legs and get your arm back."

"But I thought my legs will heal!" Naruto said with wide eyes.

"Sorry, but your legs are way too wounded to heal them." Kyuubi said. "Now that I've told you about the Lost Technology, get out and let me sleep." Kyuubi snarled throwing Naruto out of his mindscape.

"That was an adventure." Naruto sarcastically thought. "Ouch…my head hurts."

"Naruto, are you awake?" asked someone at the door.

"Of course I am." Was Naruto's response watching the clouds and still thinking about what Kyuubi said. "Now I understand why Shika likes to watch the clouds. It's so calming." Was Naruto last thought before Sakura entered his room.

"How are you today?" asked Sakura while sitting on the chair next to the bed.

"I'm fine." Was Naruto's response still watching the clouds.

"Is there something wrong, I hope you won't become like Shikamaru." Sakura sarcastically said.

"Don't worry." Naruto answered. "How is everyone doing?" asked Naruto curious about his friends.

"Shika escaped with a broken finger, Kiba with his hand broken. Neji and Choji were the worst. Choji was found thin as a wooden plank collapsed almost no pulse and Neji was found with two holes in his shoulders. Shikamaru and Kiba were discharged Choji is still in a coma and Neji woke up this morning.

"Hey man, how are you?" asked Kiba.

"Troublesome." Was Shikamaru's only response.

"How are you guys feeling?" Naruto asked exited to see his friends.

"We are feeling ok, but Choji is still in a coma and Neji woke up this morning." Shikamaru responded.

"Sakura can you call Baa-chan here so I can talk to her about something?" asked Naruto feeling a little weird knowing that he knew who his parents were and could not speak of them freely.

"Sure thing. Wait five minutes and she will be here." Sakura answered.

5 minutes later. Naruto's hospital room.

"How are you feeling, Naruto?" asked Tsunade looking at Naruto.

"Sit down. I have a long story to tell you. But you must promise me you won't tell the others, especially the council." Naruto said with a serious voice.

"Ok. What the problem?" asked Tsunade curios of Naruto's seriousness.

"I'm about to tell you what happened before The Sage of the Six Paths existed." said Naruto making Tsunade's eyes wide.

1 hour later

"That's everything Kyuubi told me." Naruto said inspecting Tsunade's face.

"And what makes you trust the fox?" asked Tsunade with doubt.

"I don't know...but maybe it's true...maybe i can get my arm and legs back." Naruto said with fire in his eyes.

"I don't know but if that will make Naruto get his confidence back, I'll trust the fox for just this once." thought Tsunade seeing the will of fire in Naruto burn brightly. "But if that's true, we must contact Jiraya and tell him about this 'Lost Technology', maybe he knows something about it." Tsunade said watching Naruto's face darken.

"If I see 'his' face here, i don't know what I'm gonna do." said Naruto raising his fist.

"Naruto, stop it." Tsunade said watching Naruto look at her. "It's not his fault. He had his spy network that he had to maintain and he couldn't take you with him. So forgive him this time. He will do anything to see you happy."

"I'll try, but i won't promise." Naruto said.

"I have good news. After reading your chart,I see you are healed enough to be discharged...tomorrow. You'll stay another night under observation." Tsunade said watching Naruto be happy that he will finally leave the hospital.

Next morning. Hokage's office.

"Why did you call me here?" asked Jiraya

"So you can listen to your godson story." Tsunade said seeing Jiraya shaking in fear. "Don't worry. He forgave you. I think"

"Hello Hokage-sama, Jiraya-sama. Why did you called me?" asked Kakashi confused.

"You'll see." Tsunade said.

5 minutes later

"Hey Baa-chan, Erosennin, Kakashi-sensei. What are you doing here?" asked Naruto confused. "Do you know how hard is to climb the stairs in a wheelchair."

"Don't worry Naruto. We'll get straight to the subject of this meeting." Tsunade said. "Naruto here talked to the fox for a way to fix his arm and found it."

"How do you know the fox didn't try to trick him?" Jiraya asked.

"Don't talk like I'm not in the room." snarled Naruto.

"Sorry about that kiddo." Jiraya said. "But how did you convince the fox to give you such information?" asked Jiraya

"I didn't convince him, he said I had the balls to defy him but promised me that if he finds a way to be free he will take it." responded Naruto making the adults go wide eyed. "What's wrong?"

"You just threaten the most powerful demon in the world. We're doomed." said Jiraya.

"I don't understand how powerful is he if he could be sealed by a human." said Naruto confused.

"Point taken." Jiraya said.

"Why do you trust the fox, Naruto?" asked Kakashi. "Maybe it wants you to make a dumb move and then escape."

"I won't let that happen. I promise and I won't break this promise because that's my nindo." Naruto said showing the fire in his eyes.

"Let's move on. Why did you call us here?" asked Jiraya still looking at Naruto.

"Have you heard about The Lost Technology?" asked a serious Naruto.

Jiraya's eyes went as wide as they could when he heard this.

"What do you know about that?" asked Jiraya curious.

"I only know that it can save my ninja career." Naruto answered.

"What's this all about?" asked a confused Kakashi.

"That's your mission, Kakashi. You must go with Jiraya and look for this Lost Technology." ordered Tsunade.

"But Tsunade, we don't know anything about it." Jiraya said looking in the Hokage's eyes.

"Naruto, Kakashi, you're dismissed." ordered Tsunade as they both exited the office. "Jiraya, you must understand that I will do anything for my godson. Won't you do the same?" asked Tsunade looking sad

"But if we can't find it what will happen to Naruto?" asked Jiraya sad.

"Let's be optimistic. you will find the Technology and I won't beat you to death." Tsunade said grinning at the last part.

"Ok. Ok. But i have one request." Jiraya said watching Tsunade carefully. "I want to take Naruto with me."

"Request granted. Now go prepare for the trip." Tsunade said.

"Hai!" Jiraya said exiting the office through the window.

"I'm gonna kill him the next time he enters through the window." thought Tsunade.

Evening. Nauto's Apartment

Jiraya found Naruto looking at the clouds through the window.

"Are you ready?" asked Jiraya looking at the startled boy.

"Ready for what?" asked the same boy.

"You're coming with me and Kakashi." Jiraya said looking at Naruto.

"I hope it's not a prank for calling you Erosennin all the time." said Naruto.

"Don't worry. We will find it and make you a ninja again." said Jiraya. "Prepare cuz tomorrow at noon we'll start the search."

"Believe it!" Naruto yelled startling Jiraya. (could not resist)

The next day.

"Are you ready?" Jiraya asked.

"Yeah." Naruto answered.

"Wait!" some one shouted.

"Sakura, what's up?" Naruto asked seeing Sakura sad. "Don't worry i'll be back! I promise and i won't break it because thats my nindo."

"Be safe." Sakura said as he hugged Naruto.

"Believe it!"(could not resist, again) Naruto shouted so everyone can hear him. "Baa-chan, you better prepare because when i come back I'll take your job."

This will be the last time Konoha will see Naruto for five years.

Next time:

"Boombox no jutsu" someone whispered.

"Boombox active. Obsidia - Oblivion – ENGAGE." said a female robotic voice.

BOOM...Everything startet to shake...The entire village entered in a state of emergency.

"We are attacked!" a random jounin yelled.

"You're not attacked. Uzumaki Naruto just came Back!" Naruto shouted.

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