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The church organ sounded, buzzing through the aisle, making everyone stop talking. They all turned towards the huge, wood front door and stood up when it slowly opened.

Patrick Jane's eyes went wide in the moment he saw her. The beautiful dress complimented her every shape. She was the first who came in and when she noticed his intense, loving stare she blushed deeply. She cast down her eyes but when she looked up again he saw a smile on her lips. A small, mischievous smile that he adored. That with a flirty glint of her eyes made his heart race. This was a thing he barely saw from her before they got together. It took him pretty long to get it out of her. She was so shy and self-conscious in the beggining, alway afraid to show too much of herself. Jane wasn't sure if it was because she was afraid of getting hurt or because she wasn't sure in herself. Maybe she was scared that he wouldn't love her every little thing…How wrong she was then! He was completely in love with her, right from the start and he felt that nothing could change that.

Lisbon walked down the aisle in the huge, crowded church. There were white and light pink decoratoins all over the place. Bouquets and ribbons on the benches, and all the people in fancy clothes. She saw Jane in his black suit. He was so handsome and his bright smile made her blush.

She passed him and repressed the urge to lean in and give him a kiss. She finished her walk to the aisle and stepped to the side. She looked back to the others and turned her head towards the people who were looking at the door with withheld breaths. It wasn't the first time that she was a bridesmaid but it was always different in a kind and every wedding she attended had a special air that was unique.

Then finally the bride appeared and an appreciative hum flew across the space. There was no doubt, she was beautiful and her happy smile made her even more gorgeous.

Lisbon looked at David who was standing in front of her, waiting for his bride. He was clearly amazed by her and he stared at her with sparkling eyes. Lisbon smiled softly and a comfortable warm feeling spread in her. This was how it supposed to be, she felt it!

When she turned her eyes on Jane again she was pleased to see the exact same expression as on David's face. She felt herself blush again but it felt good.

Kristen arrived at her side and stood next to David. Lisbon saw tears in her eyes. She was utterly happy. While Lisbon was looking around the other bridesmaids arrived at her side too and now she just realized that the ceremony had already started.

We are gathered here, in the presence of God and of this company, that Kristen and David may be united in holy matrimony. We are here to celebrate and share in the glorious act that God is about to perform - the act by which He converts their love for one another into the holy and sacred estate of marriage." The priest spoke, his deep voice sounded and echoed from the walls.

Lisbon closed her eyes and listened to the words. She secretely loved weddings. Of course it wasn't part of the tough, brave CBI Agent role she played every day. Well, not played because some side of her was that Lisbon, but as every girl she had a romantic side too. And she loved weddings, loved to see the love shining in the groom and bride's eyes, the happy parents, and hear the wishful words. She loved to catch a moment between the newly-weds. Simply loved to feel the emotions so free and warm around her.

In her deep thoughts she almost forgot to open her eyes and nearly missed her favorite moment of the whole ceremony. The 'I do'-s had already been said and the rings exchanged and now the priest was speaking again.

"What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. Forasmuch as Anthony and Amanda have consented together in holy matrimony, and have witnessed the same before God and this company and have pledged their love and loyalty to each other, and have declared the same by the joining and the giving of rings, I, therefore, by the authority of the state, pronounce that they are husband and wife, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You may now kiss the bride!" He announced and everybody clapped. David leaned in and pressed a light, shy kiss on Kristen's lips.

Lisbon clapped with a huge smile on her face and she couldn't help but searched for Jane with her eyes. He was looking and her too, he was grinning gently and winked.

Jane even from this distance could see the tears in her eyes. She was so beautiful in her pink bridesmaid's dress and her smile never left her face.

When it was over they headed to the dinner. Jane and Lisbon were supposed to go together but David asked her to go with them, so she did. When Lisbon arrived she saw Jane's blue Citroen in the parking lot, so she guessed he would already be inside. They all went in and there he was, waiting for her in the hall. He leaned on the counter casually and his million dollar smile was placed firmly on his face. Lisbon practically ran to him and jumped in his arms. She kissed him and the world seemed to disappear around them. No wedding, no hall, no David or any other people. It was just him and his perfect, delicious lips, his arms around her and his pleased moan in her ear.

„Let's go, shall we?" Jane asked when they broke apart and he offered her his arm. She took it and they began to walk down the hall, towards the huge glass door on the end of it. The room was full of tables and chairs. Everything was white and pink, just as in the church. Just as the bride and the bridesmaids… They entered the room and Lisbon noticed David waving to them from a long table.

„See? I think we should go there.." she pointed and they turned in the direction. When they got there David told them where they sat. Of course at the big table, because Lisbon was a bridesmaid.

The dinner started and the bride's dad stood up to give a toast. He told them about his daughted's childhood and Kristen's eyes went wet immediately. The next speaker was David's best friend, he recalled David's eighteenth birthday party. Let's just say, they didn't remember everything from that night…

When he sat down too the room went quiet for a moment. Nobody said a word but then someone else stood up.

Lisbon felt Jane move next to her and she heard his chair creak as he pushed it back with his legs when he stood.

„Ladies and Gentlemen! Hi, I...I'm sure that except a few people nobody knows who the hell I am." He started and some of the audience chuckled. He shot them a bright grin and continued "I thought so…So, let me introduce! I'm not the best man, or the college roommate. I'm not the childhood best friend, and obviously I'm not David's brother. Still, I consider him as my very good friend. In fact, I can't tell you a word about his first girlfriend or his high school years. But I certainly know that David is a good man. He is a real, genuine good person and I want to say thank you for him now. Because he helped me to get what I have." He glanced at Lisbon and saw some tears in her eyes „ I'm sure that David and Kristen will be happy and together for a really very long time, because they deserve it. Both found a person who was just as good as them and they will have a beautiful life! This was it, thank you everybody! Congrats to David and Kristen!" he exclaimed and everybody clapped. David came to him and shook his head and even Kristen whispered 'thank you' from across the table.

Lisbon grasped his hand in the moment he sat back down. She waited for him to turn his head towards her and when he did she pressed her mouth on his. He was so perfect!

Jane felt Lisbon's hands around his and he intertwined their fingers. When he turned to her he had no time to examine her face because her lips were immediately on his. He smiled into the kiss and slid his hands up into her silky hair. When she pulled back he noticed her tears, and her flushed face. Her green eyes beamed at him with love and gratefulness and he felt he was so lucky to have someone like her. She was all he ever wanted and some more…

„I love you more than anything!" he murmured to her and she let a single teas escape her eyes. He knew that it wasn't a sad tear but still, he had to reach out and wipe it gently with a finger. She smiled and leaned her head on his hand for a second.

„I love you too Patrick!" she whispered and let him pull her into him, and they sat like that for a really long time.

Jane didn't know it yet but Lisbon had a known that their life will change soon. She was a bit afraid to tell him until now but after this she had no doubts about what to do. She was scared as hell and she really had no idea how they will do it, but she knew that they going to make it work somehow!

She is going to tell him tonight at home. The thing that she was so happy and excited about in the last weeks, the thing that caused her a lots of sleepless nights, the thing that's going to make their lifes completely different from now. She is going to tell him that she was pregnant.

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