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Harry slumped into his seat as the car pulled away from Kings Cross. He was not looking forward to the upcoming summer, and he couldn't see how his Aunt and Uncle could react in a positive manner to the warning they received from Moody and the gang. Sure enough a mile from the station Uncle Vernon began bellowing, "Who do those FREAKS think they are? Threatening us like that. You aren't worth the trouble boy, we should just leave you on the side of the road."

Harry kept quiet, he didn't want to show up at Grimmauld Place and explain why he wasn't at home with his relatives. "What about that murdering godfather of yours? Why didn't he come to taunt us, still running from the law is he?" Harry winced as his fingernails began to puncture his palms. "With any luck Lord Voldywhatsit will kill all you freaks and we can live normal lives again."

This was too much for Harry, he wasn't sure exactly what the power was that was building up inside of him but he began to yell at his Uncle, "You stupid insolent vile fat man! He won't stop with just wizards who oppose him; his goal is to enslave your kind. Better yet he wants to wipe all of you out and have wizards ruling the world. You will not be safe, nobody will be safe until he is stopped."

His uncle spluttered and his aunt looked at him abashed, "If he ever came across and tried to kill one of us our army would shoot him dead. .50 caliber to the head and he'd be history." Said Vernon, in a manner that gave Harry the feeling that he thought the conversation was over.

Harry began to laugh, he didn't know why it was so funny, but he laughed. He kept laughing for half a mile before Vernon pulled over and turned to grab him, shaking him violently. "You stupid muggle," he choked out, "any fifth year could block a sniper shot. And don't get me started on Nukes. When you fire the missile he'd just apparate to Siberia and start over there. You. Can't. Win."

Vernon stopped shaking his nephew and got out of the car. He pulled open Harry's door and said "Out. Get out of my car, boy."

Harry sat resolutely next to his cousin, "No." Big meaty hands closed on his shoulders and he was forcibly ripped from the car. "I don't want you in my home any longer, freak, I don't care what you do but you're no longer welcome with us."

Harry frowned and looked at his Aunt, "Aunt Petunia you know what Dumbledore said." His aunt looked away from Harry and then down at her feet. "You can't kick me out Uncle Vernon." His uncle began to turn red, "The hell I can't!" he fumed, pulling Harry's trunk from the boot. Harry was feeling light headed, he didn't know what to do, "You can't!" he yelled, and with that outburst his entire world went white.

When he woke up he wasn't sure how much time had passed. Looking around, he paled at what he found. The Dursley's car was ten feet in the air hanging halfway out of a building, Dudley and Petunia passed out inside. Vernon was crumpled against the same building some fifteen feet away still holding onto what was left of Harry's trunk. He reached down and picked up his invisibility cloak and backpack and shoved one into the other. He collected the more personal objects that were strewn about and then took one more look at the street.

In the distance he could hear emergency vehicles coming closer, more and more muggles that had been standing around were beginning to stir. Harry began to walk away from the scene as fast as he could, but before he could get past the first block, black SUV's came out of nowhere and blocked his path. Men in dark suits and sunglasses filed out and began sweeping the area with strange devices. Almost as one they all stopped their sweeps with their devices pointed at him.

"Looks like the boy is the source, we should take him into custody." The men began to circle around him, a few pulling guns from their jacket pockets. Instinctively Harry drew his wand and backed up, slowly making his way to a wall he could rest his back against. The one that spoke before eyed Harry's wand before putting his wrist to his mouth before saying, "Weasley, looks like one of yours."

Harry's eyes flashed to the man when he heard the name of his best mate. "Did you just say Weasley?" He called to the man, keeping an eye on the other men surrounding him. The man said nothing to Harry but spoke into his radio, "Yeah its clear, apparate to my coordinates." With a loud crack Arthur Weasley apparated next to the lead suit. "Smith what do you mean its one of mine?" began Arthur before his eyes fell on Harry, "Oh Merlin, Harry its you…that explains a lot actually. Guys you can put your weapons down, Harry stow your wand before these muggles wake up."

Harry slowly returned his wand to his pocket before walking up to Mr. Weasley, "Sir, what exactly is going on, who are these people? Why are you working with them?" Mr. Weasley put a finger up to Harry and then put a hand out to the nearest suit, who handed over the device he was using earlier. Pointing it at Harry he raised his eyebrows at whatever the device was telling him. Turning to the man he called Smith he said, "I'm taking Harry to headquarters, I'll send the Obliviators back to help you out." The man nodded and began barking orders to the others. Arthur grabbed Harry's arm and disapparated both of them from the street.

They appeared in a very nice office with pictures of redheads moving back and forth across the desk. Looking around Harry said, "Mr. Weasley I thought you worked for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts department at the ministry." He took the offered seat and Mr. Weasley sat behind his desk, "Technically I do. Harry what do you know about mind magic, what the muggles call psionics?" Harry thought for a minute and said, "Well there is legilimancy and occlumency right? Is there more to the field than that?"

His friend's dad smiled at him, "Much more Harry. A very long time ago, back in Merlin's time when wizards weren't so secretive, a brilliant muggle developed a device that took the limit off of how much of the brain a human has access to. Wizards use slightly more than muggles to begin with and he figured that if he increased the efficiency of his own brain he would be able to do magic." Harry nodded, remembering his biology class in elementary school and learning that humans use only ten percent of their brains.

"The problem was that it didn't work for everyone. When a pureblood wizard the likes of Lucius Malfoy found out about the device, he attempted to destroy it to keep the muggles under his thumb. The artifact was never fully described so it could never be recreated, but we know that a large black stone that we think was a meteorite powered it. When the wizard destroyed it, he sent shards of it flying across the isles and the some of the dust made it into the atmosphere.

Years later the council that eventually formed the Ministry of Magic found that muggle children were showing aptitudes for something similar to mind magic. These were non-magical kids who were only able to read a few minds or completely block out attempts at legilimancy. That's when they formed my department, and together with some muggle authorities they built these headquarters to help both worlds deal with children who have aptitude for such things. Everyone since the explosion of the artifact has been classified with some sort of aptitude level. We have these tests in both muggle and magical kindergarten programs so we can catch anomalies early."

Harry nodded, he had heard of psionics in books that he had knicked from Dudley. The leader of the X-Men comics he read had telepathic powers too, he reminded Harry of Dumbledore sometimes. "But Mr. Weasley, what does this have to do with me?"

Mr. Weasley stood and came around the desk, leaning against it and facing Harry. "Well, first let me tell you about the classifications we have. Most muggles are considered T5s. They have absolutely no aptitude for any psionic ability. Most if not all wizards are at least T4s; they are able to learn some mind magic spells with practice, things such as the Confundus Charm and the Memory Charm are mild mind spells. Those that can learn and implement legilimancy and occlumency are T3's, which aren't that abnormal as far as wizards go because you need to be at least a T3 to become an Auror. You won't find that in any Auror handbook but trust me we test for it. We assumed with your aptitude for throwing off the Imperius and the headway you've been making with your occlumency that you're a T3. Professor Snape is a T2, he is very skilled at all types of mind magic, as Dumbledore who is a T1, taught him all he knows. He-who-must-not-be-named is also a T1, but because of Severus' dedicated subterfuge he is able to stay one step ahead of Him."

Harry nodded, "So I'm a T3? Doesn't that mean I should be having a better time with Occlumency?"

Mr. Weasley nodded, "Well yes, and I've scanned you a few times over the years, you were a T4 until your encounter at the Tri-Wizard tournament, since then you've been pinging as a T3. Today however you came up as a T0." He watched as Harry took in the information.

"What does that mean? I thought the classification only went to T1?" Mr. Weasley nodded, "Well it normally does, the last suspected T0 was Merlin but we're only going on rumor rather than actual proof. You're going to need to stay here this summer to get your power under control before returning to school in September; I'll be speaking to Albus about this tonight. I'll pull some strings so that you can have your own room and I'll allow you to furnish it however you'd like."

Harry started to look concerned so he put a hand on his shoulder, "You haven't done anything wrong Harry, but you are soon going to be accidentally reading people's minds. We're not sure what your range will be, but if you don't start to build some mental shields and learn to control your power you'll be bombarded with thoughts from everyone in a 1 block radius, minimum. We just want to help you. I'll obviously be keeping this from the press, but I'll keep Ron, Ginny, and Hermione in the loop if you wish."

Surprisingly Harry shook his head, "Just tell them that I'm training, don't tell them why. I don't want them to be worried about me reading their minds when they see me again…I don't know how well they'll handle it." Mr. Weasley nodded, "Understandable Harry, I will inform them that you are away at a training camp and that they can contact you through me. Is that acceptable?" Harry nodded; Mr. Weasley was a lot easier to deal with than Dumbledore ever was.

The two men left the office and walked down the hall and up a few flights of steps, stopping on the fourth floor, which was labeled "Residence Hall". They found Harry a room and Mr. Weasley asked if Harry had any notes he wanted to pass to his friends. Harry went to retrieve parchment and a quill from his bag but found his quills snapped and his inkbottle smashed. "I guess my episode earlier destroyed my things, I'll get restocked and write them a note soon. Are all the other patients here aware of the magical world?"

"They're students Harry, not patients, we're not trying to cure anything, just teach you control. Most students are aware however there are a few who haven't discovered magic yet, but we tend not to keep it a secret in here. Most kids find out by the second week and are amazed by what magic can do. We'll start you training on control, then after that we'll teach you the kinds of things you can do with your psionic abilities. You won't have class with other students until you can block them out. Not that there are many people here over the summer."

Harry nodded and looked around the bleak room as Mr. Weasley headed out. It held a bed and a dresser, not unlike those he had at Hogwarts. As he thought of his room in Hogwarts the room began to change, the white walls were slowly replaced by stone walls, the bed gained curtains of Gryffindor scarlet, and the carpet took on a similar hue. One of the agents from the street arrived with the remains of his school trunk and set it at the foot of the four-poster. Harry frowned at the bent metal that was all that remained of Hedwig's cage, happy that he had sent her ahead from the station. Suddenly the cage began to untwist itself, slowly retaking its original shape.

Harry eyed it warily and looked at the man in the suit, "Did you do that?" the man shook his head and said, "Must have been you Mr. Potter, I've seen the kids here fix things like that all the time. Some of them with their wands but more often it happens just like that."

"A lot of my possessions were damaged during the incident, is there any way I can get either an escort to Diagon Ally or have someone do some shopping for me?" The man relayed Harry's request into his radio and then gave him a response, "Once you get your shields established and feel up to going out Mr. Weasley says he'll take you on a trip when he knows your friends won't be anywhere near London. In the meantime you can hit the school shop for some basic necessities," the man reached into his wallet and gave Harry a few fifty pound notes, "I know for a fact that you can pay me back once you get to Gringotts so don't argue with me about this."

Harry nodded and said, "And how am I supposed to pay you back when I don't know your name?" The man slapped his forehead with his hand and then offered it to Harry, "Jake Dennings, squib, T3." Harry shook it and said, "Harry Potter, boy-who-won't-die, Hogwarts Golden Boy, T0". Dennings took his hand and then stopped and stared as Harry said 'T0', "Uh Harry, you might not want to advertise that. Just tell people you're a T1 and don't worry too much about the ratings." Harry nodded in understanding, "Yeah I guess those that aren't wizards would start treating me like everyone else does once they learn about my status huh?" The man laughed and said "Exactly. The store is down on ground level with the mess, the gym, and the library. Someone will wake you in the morning with your schedule for the week. Breakfast is at 7, Lunch at noon, Dinner at 7. If you owl shows up send her to the owlery on the roof. Any questions Potter?" Again Harry shook his head and the man left the room.

After examining the room for a few minutes Harry found that even the loose brick under his bed in the wall was there. Shaking his head at the realism he walked out of the room and headed toward the stairs. A call of, "Oi! New kid!" from a room he was passing stopped him. Backpedaling a few feet Harry looked into the room to find a room that was reminiscent of the Gryffindor common room. Lounging around a center console that housed a TV were three teenagers ranging from fourteen to eighteen, all holding odd objects attached to cables that lead toward the TV.

"Hi, I'm Harry," he said walking into the room. On the screen he saw bright colors and the word "Paused" brightly displayed across the screen. "I'm Mark," said the blond haired teen who had called to him, "that ginger over there is Coggy," this came with a cry of indignation from Coggy, "and that tall bloke is Simon." referring to the tall dark haired kid sitting furthest from the door.

"Nice to meet you guys, what are you up to?" Mark gestured toward the TV, "Simon's parents sent him an N64, it just came out this week, want to play?" Harry shrugged and took a seat, grabbing the three-pronged controller the same way the other boys were. After a few false starts Harry was having a blast, despite having no idea what he was doing, the rules of Mario Kart weren't complicated so he was racing along as a green dinosaur in a car.

While they played and when they weren't yelling obscenities at one another, the boys got to know one another. Mark and Harry were the youngest and the only wizards. Mark had been there since he was 6 and while he normally would go home each summer, his parents were celebrating their 20th anniversary so he was "stuck at school" for the duration. Simon and Coggy were both in their last years of their programs and were going to be trained by the muggle military to become special ops. Harry perked up at learning about that, "Do they teach us to fight with our abilities here? I really don't know what is going on, I think I'm only going to be here for the summer."

Simon shrugged, "In a way they do, they teach you to control and focus your power, once you get past that phase, using it as a weapon or using it to tie your shoe is limited only by your imagination. Nothing like your magic where there are specific incantations, with psy you can change your environment to suit your will, or at least as far as your powers will take you. Coggy and I are both T2s and we can take care of ourselves pretty well." Harry nodded and was thinking about how he could use this new ability against Tom. Thinking so hard in fact that he missed the next question from Coggy, "Huh? Sorry I was thinking."

"Do you know what your rating is?" Harry looked at the boys and examined their reactions as he said, "I'm a T1 apparently." He watched their eyes go wide, but not nearly as wide as any given stranger in Diagon Ally when they spotted his scar. "That's pretty cool Harry, I've only heard about a few of those in the last decade, you're going to have loads of fun, don't let the instructors scare ya." Harry grinned and then laughed as his stomach rumbled, "I guess its time for me to get some food." They all looked at the wall clock and found it was quarter after seven. They paused their game and filed out of the room and down the stairs.

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