Chapter 7

A week had gone by, and Kairi still hid herself in Squall's house. Squall had told her that Cloud was still around the town because people kept telling him that they had seen her around, which made Kairi angry for two reasons. One, Squall went outside without her, and made her stay inside, and second, Cloud was still roaming about. Those two issues bothered Kairi, and it created more arguments between her and Squall.

"Why is it that YOU get to go outside, but not me?" Kairi asked as she stared at Squall in disgust. "I thought that we made a deal that I can go out as long as you are out there with me so I don't look suspicious!"

Squall sighed, and massaged his forehead with the tips of his fingers to try to get rid of a sudden headache. "I thought that I told you that I will do that once your brother is out of here!" he muttered as he looked up from the ground to glare at her. "You really need to learn how to listen."

Kairi placed on her hips as she felt her ears fall against her head. "And I thought that I told you that I can just hide myself once I see Cloud come into view!"

"There is no way for you to hide those ears and tail of yours. If I don't recall, we tried hiding those things many times. I don't want to get hit in the face with that tail again."

Kairi frowned, and walked down the hall to get to the living room. "UGH, you are so frustrating!" she snapped as she entered the room, flopped herself down on the sofa, and crossed her arms.

"So are you!"

Kairi ran her fingers through her hair, took a deep breath, and exhaled so she could calm herself down. She was getting very sick and tired of being stuck inside the house for almost two weeks, even though it gave her time to develop the relationship between her and Squall. She didn't like getting too close to people because she was scared that she would take a liking to them. She was also afraid that she might fall for Squall, but she started to think that it was too late for him. There were times where she was so shy around him, and she got mad at herself for acting that way.

"Asshole" Kairi hissed as she brought her legs close to her chest, and wrapped her arms around them. "He is stealing all the fun from me." She pouted, and rested her chin on her knees. "I need my freedom!"

"Are you going to sit there all day and complain?"

Kairi lifted her head, and looked at Squall as he entered the room. "Well, I am pissed off at you. I need fresh air!"

"What would you do outside?" Squall asked in a serious tone. "Where would you go?"

Kairi gave him a blank stare, and slightly growled. "Don't question me Squall. I haven't thought that far yet."

Squall shook his head, and sighed. "How many times have I told you to think ahead, and not just do things without planning? It isn't going to get you anywhere."

Kairi rolled her eyes, and glanced away. "Can we talk about something else besides this? Obviously arguing over this all day isn't going help me any."

"Yes" Squall immediately answered as he sighed again. "I am sick and tired of listening to you nag and ignoring everything that I say."

A small smile swiped across Kairi's face. "Aw come on, you know that you kind of like it. I can sense these kinds of things."

Squall could feel his face heat up as soon as Kairi made that comment. His body slightly tensed up, but he shook it off. "Ok, I think that is the end of that conversation" he said after he cleared this throat. He quickly shook his head, and turned around to walk out of the room. "Anyways, I am going to go out to take a look around to see if your brother is still in town. I am getting a bit annoyed with your complaining."

Kairi frowned, and rose from the sofa. "Not fair!"

Squall stopped walking, and looked over his shoulder. "What isn't fair?"

Kairi rested her hands on her hips. "I want to go outside!"

"Well, you can once your brother isn't in town!" Squall rolled his eyes, and continued to walk. He left before Kairi could say anything else to him.

Kairi felt like she was frozen in the standing position that she was in. Her hands clenched into fists as she could feel the anger and frustration rush over her. She was annoyed at the fact that she still couldn't go outside. Even though she had the freedom to do so, she didn't feel like it was right.

"That asshole" she mumbled as she folded her arms against her chest. "The nerve of him!" She lightly stomped one of her feet on the ground, and finally began to leave the room to make her way to the closet that her belongings were in. "I am going to go outside whether he likes it or not! He can't do anything about it!" She smiled, opened the closet door, and pulled out her long, black cloak. She didn't think that the cloak would do her any good since it would make her look a tad bit suspicious, but it was the only way that she could hide her tail. The hood would easily hide her ears, but she thought that she had enough hair on her head to hide them.

After ten to fifteen minutes of fiddling around with her hair, Kairi finally left the house for the first time in almost two weeks.

~Squall's POV~

"Why am I even doing this?" Squall asked himself in a low, annoyed tone as he aimlessly wandered around the crowded town. He started to think that it was a waste of time for him to keep searching to see if Kairi's brother was still around. He didn't think that it was his job to do so, but he did it anyways since he was getting tired of hearing Kairi complain. "She should be the one to be looking around, not me."

It hadn't been that long since he left the house, and he was already starting to give up on the searching. For several days since he had been going outside, and spending some time looking, but to him, it felt like he was searching for years, and hadn't got any results. He thought that it was completely stupid that he had to do all of this all because Kairi did not want to see her brother, nor did she want him to find her. He knew that he could just find Cloud, and tell him where Kairi was, but he knew that she would go savage on him if he did. He enjoyed it when she got mad at him for no reason at all, but he started think that if he did tell Cloud, he would have witness how hurt she would be, and he didn't want to feel the guilt because of his stupidity.

"Well, this is going to be a waste of my time" Squall mumbled. He let out a long sigh, and made his way further into the crowd.

~Kairi's POV~

Kairi bit down on her bottom lip as she stepped out of the house, and closed the door behind her. She began to wonder if it was a good idea to go out on her own since she didn't know how long the cloak she was wearing would hide her ears and tail. The thought it would be a pain if someone spotted her, and told Cloud, but it wasn't her fault that she wanted to be outside for fresh air. Sitting in front of an open window wasn't enough for her.

"I almost forgot what fresh air smells like" Kairi whispered to herself as she inhaled the air, and exhaled. She smiled a she adjusted the cloak of her hood, and began to walk away from the house. For a few moments, she could feel how free she was as her feet took her wherever they wanted her to take her. It reminded her of when she was on the run, but at the time she was running for a reason. This time, she had a reason to wander, but she was still limited to where she could go.

Recently, she was told by Squall that there was something or someone besides Cloud was looking for her. Whenever she would ask, he wouldn't give her an answer because he didn't know any more details. Whatever was looking for her, she knew that she had to take extra precaution if she was to walk around Squall's house since people could easily see what was going on inside if the blinds were open.

"Why is everyone after me?" Kairi sighed as she reached up to brush a few strands of her hair, but she lowered her arm after remembering that she had a hood over her head, and it will slip off the moment that a finger touched the thin fabric.

"I have to watch every move I make when I am out in public. I shouldn't have to do that!" She folded her arms against her chest, and watched as citizens of the town hurried around to do whatever they had to do. A few stopped, and stared at her as she walked by them. The looks on their faces confused Kairi since they were a mixture of curiosity, and fright. She didn't know whether the cloak indicated that they saw her before, or it was all new to them.

"What is with these people?" Kairi muffled under her breath. "I swear they all have staring problems. I always get the same damn stares!" She turned her head away from them so she wasn't paying attention to anyone, and decided that she was going to try to a spot where there wasn't much people around. She thought that she would feel much safer and less awkward if she was alone.

~Squall's POV~

Squall frowned as he continued to wander around the town, and tried to gather information about whether anyone knew if Cloud was still around. All he knew so far was that he was, and he didn't look too happy. He thought that eventually, he would get mad enough that he would give up and leave, but he had been predicting that for a while, and so far, his prediction wasn't right.

"This is going to be a pain in my ass until he is gone" Squall muttered as he stopped in his tracks, and gazed around the center of the town, which was where the market was. "I still don't know why one girl would bring me so much trouble." He frowned some more, and then realized that all he had been doing that day, was thinking, and complaining about her. It wasn't like him to think about one person for most of the day. Just the thought of it scared him, which sent shivers down his spine. At that moment, he wondered if he would stop thinking about her if she finally left, and let him think of other things.

"I need to stop this" he sighed as he rubbed his forehead, and gazed at the ground. Everything was now giving him one major headache, and it seemed like it would be one that would not go away. "I will be glad when this is over." He raised his head a few moments after, and slightly squinted once he saw a blonde headed figure up ahead, that wore all black. At first, he thought it was Kairi, which almost made him want to go up, and hide her in another place, but he soon changed his mind when he noticed that the person's hair was spiked. It was Cloud.

"So, those people weren't lieing when they told me that he was still around." Squall watched him to see if he was heading in the direction of his house, but Cloud wasn't even moving. He became a bit curious once he noticed Cloud staring in a certain direction with an angry expression on his face, but it also had a hint of relief. His eyes moved to where Cloud was staring, and he cursed under his breath once he saw a hooded figure that looked too familiar.

"Kairi" he grumbled.

~Kairi's POV~

Kairi let out a low growl as she started at Cloud with hate in her eyes. Her body tensed up while her hands quickly curled up into tight fists. She could feel her body feel slightly numb from shivering with intense anger.

"What are you doing here?" she said as she grinded her teeth together. She tried to sound as if she didn't know what was going on at all. "I thought that I told you to leave me the hell alone!"

She took a deep breath as she paid attention to how Cloud was glaring on her. She could feel that he was relieved that he finally found her, but she also sensed that he wasn't too impressed with her.

"Is this where you've been all this time?" Cloud asked as he calmly crossed his arms, and slightly raised an eyebrow at her. He didn't want to start flooding her with questions until they were in a closed environment, and had most of the control. He didn't like the feeling of bystanders standing around them, and listen to every word that they say.

"Why do you want to know?" Kairi asked as she kept flexing her hands. They would constantly stretch, and curl into fists. "You don't need to know my every move. You don't need to know EVERYTHING I do!" She turned her head away from him, and focused on the many people that would stop and stare at them. She could feel a swarm of anger, and rage rush over her, which made her have the urge to attack anyone that gets in her way.

"Do you have any clue how long I have been looking for you?" Cloud asked. He was getting annoyed by the tone of voice his sister was giving him. "You're lucky that I care because I spent days and nights without sleep searching for you." He looked around the area before turning back to Kairi. "Can we go somewhere else where we can talk about this?"

Kairi let out a frustrated sigh, and folded her arms against her chest. She didn't want to talk to him about anything because she didn't want him to try to take her back to Midgar. All she wanted to do was to turn around, and run off as fast as she could so he wouldn't catch up to her.

"I would like it better if we don't talk about anything at all!" Kairi finally answered. She gave him one final glare before bolting down the road while pushing a few people out of her way. She could feel a few tears build up every time she looked back to see if Cloud was following her. All she could see was people glancing back at her as she ran past them, which gave her a sense of relief. She was thrilled at the fact that Cloud gave up on her. Now she could be free at last.


Kairi felt her ears perk up, which made her hood slip off of her head. She immediately could smell the scent of Squall, who was a few feet ahead of her.

"What do you want?" she snapped as she came to a complete stop once she was almost inches from Squall. "Yeah, I know what you are going to ask why the hell I left the house, well, here is your answer. I came to the realization that I felt like I was trapped inside that house even though it was my idea."

Squall didn't even bother to listen to what she had to tell him since he had already known that for a while. He felt like he shouldn't have brought the subject up at the time because she would freak at him.

"What are you going to do now since he found you?" he asked.

"I don't know!" Kairi responded as she threw her hands in the air, and walked around him so she could make her way towards the nearest alleyway. "I will definitely have to find a way to get out of here without him noticing."

Squall watched her walk away from him, and began to follow. "In my opinion, I think that is a stupid thing to do since he already knows that you are here."

Kairi glanced over her shoulder to take once quick peek at him before turning away. "Like I said, I will just have to leave quickly as possible!" Her voice slightly rose as she curled her hands into fists. At that moment, she could feel her anger explode inside of her as if it was a time bomb that just ran out of time. She forgot what it was like to be that angry. She was so unaware of herself, that she didn't notice that her whole body was shaking.

"Are you going to be ok?" Squall continued to stare at Kairi, and began to wonder what was going on. He could hear growling sounds come from Kairi, which didn't give him a good feeling.

"NO!" Kairi spun around, and ended up punching the brick wall beside her. She was unaware that her eyes glowed blood red, and she was showing her fangs as she snarled. "Do you expect me to be ok?" Her ears twitched, and her tail swooshed around furiously as she slowly began to make tiny steps towards Squall. "I thought that I have finally escaped from my brother, but no, he just had to come and find me, and succeed!" She took a deep breath, and could sense that something inside her head was telling her to attack Squall, and finish him off while she was still there.

Squall raised an eyebrow as he tried to figure out what was going on with Kairi. He had never seen her get that mad, or saw how she acts when she gets to the highest peak of anger. He felt that all he could do was to keep his grip around the handle of his Gunblade, which he brought with him, and try to keep himself from getting harmed.

"You are overreacting!" he told her as he took a few steps back. He didn't know whether to act calm, or yell at her. At that moment, he didn't really know what to do.

Kairi smirked, and began to laugh as she kept taking baby steps. "Overreacting? Pfft, I am not overreacting. If only you know how I feel about this situation. You would feel the same way as I would." She raised one of her hands to look at her sharp claws before turning her attention back to Squall. She felt like she was a furious cat that was about to play with her prey before making the kill.

Squall stared at her with a stone cold glare in his eyes. He had to quickly think of a way to stop her, but he didn't know how strong Kairi was on her own. He had never seen the full ability of her strength.

"You know, I have always thought that you were crazy when I first met you, but now, I think that you are just completely insane!" He let the comment sink in, and immediately positioned himself into a battle stance once he noticed that Kairi was getting ready to lunge herself at him.


Kairi's mind snapped after hearing his last comment. The anger inside of her kept building up, and she didn't know why, nor could she control it. It was like someone else was controlling her instead.

"Oh really, well I'll show you what insane is!" she snarled as she bolted towards him. She had her arms out with her hands ready to claw at him. Her eyes grew colder as she moved out of the way before Squall hit her with the Gunblade.

"Oh, is that how it is going to go?" In a flash Kairi was in front of Squall with a hand wrapped around his neck, and used the other hand to pry the sword from his hand. Her eyes were eyeing his while she smirked devilishly. "You never thought in your life that you would be killed by a girl did you?" she asked as she let out a short hysterical laugh.

Squall could feel his body freeze after Kairi got a hold of his neck. He slightly hesitated once his Gunblade fell to the ground because he knew that it was his only way out. He wanted to take a quick glimpse of where the sword was, but it seemed next to impossible. His eyes seemed to be lost in hers once again. It was almost hypnotizing.

"I highly doubt that you will kill me" he finally told her as he managed to grin. "I don't think that you have what it takes to kill anyone, especially me." His grin soon faded once he felt the grip around his neck tighten. He could feel Kairi's sharp claws poke at his skin, and eventually pierce it slightly. He didn't think that Kairi would really go that far, but he thought wrong. He only knew her for a few weeks, which didn't give him enough time to figure her out.

Kairi stared at her claws as they left small cuts in Squall neck. It was bothering her tremendously that he didn't try to get out of her grasp, nor try to get away. One part of her was relieved that he wasn't struggling. It was almost like that he wanted to help her, but the other side of her wanted to tear him to pieces. Inside her head she was screaming at herself because she didn't know what to do. She wanted to let him go, but her monster self was clawing at her. It forced her to let her killer self take over.

"You really think that?" Kairi chuckled, and inched herself closer to him till her lips was close to his ear.

"You shouldn't trust those who you just met" she whispered as she smiled. "You never know what kind of person they might be." She giggled, and raised her free arm slightly so she could claw out Squall's heart. "It makes me laugh inside to know that someone like you would fall into a woman's trap. A typical man." She let out one last laugh before thrusting her hand at his chest.

Squall could feel chills run up and down his spine while he listened to Kairi. It made him slightly uncomfortable knowing that he was so close to her. He thought that it would be a wise decision to make a move, but his mind went blank once he saw that Kairi's free hand was rise up so it was in line with his chest. He never really thought that he would be killed by a girl, but now it became a possibility to him. It wasn't his first choice on how he wanted to die, but he guessed that he couldn't really predict how he was going to be whipped out.

"Try it, I dare you" he silently said to her as he looked over at her with the corner of his eyes. "You won't succeed." Just when he said that, he eyed Kairi's hand as it made his way towards him, which now made him mentally panic. He took a deep breath, but he soon exhaled once Kairi came to a complete stop.

For once he had a concerned look on his face after noticing that Kairi wasn't moving at all. The expression she gave was mixed with shock, and fear.

"Kairi?" Squall swiftly grabbed a hold of her shoulders as her body became limp, and fell towards him. "What the hell?" It confused him to know that just a few moments ago, Kairi went ballistic on him, and now she was in some sort of state where she was not speaking, nor moving. He shook her body a few times before pulling her back to look at her again. It became clear to him that she was somehow knocked out.

"This isn't right" he whispered to himself.

It didn't take him too long to notice the solution to the problem. In the middle of Kairi's back was a needle that seemed to be stuck in her skin.

"What the hell?" He reached around Kairi, and pulled the needle out slowly just in case Kairi came to. "

"It is a stabilizer that was specially made for her"

Squall turned his attention away from Kairi, and glanced down towards the entrance of the alleyway, and saw Cloud, who had an ice cold glare.

"Now if you would do me a favor, pass Kairi over."