Sheila and Don Kowalski sat together at their kitchen table holding hands. The house was quiet, as all of their children had grown and moved out. And even thought later that night the house would be filled with their family, in that moment the house was quiet, which was a good thing for the older couple.

"Are we doing the right thing?" Don asked his wife quietly.

She squeezed his hand and gave a small smile. "I think we are, Don. I mean…this is life-changing…but it is right. Can't you feel it in your heart?"

He nodded. "It's weird…I can. I just…I don't know how the kids are going to take it. This is big news, Sheila. I mean…you remember how they reacted when they found out about the thing with Donnie."

She sighed and stood, hugging his shoulders. "I think that they will be surprised, but they will come around."

Don looked up at his wife. "I hope you're right."

She smiled, and gave him a quick kiss as the timer of the oven went off. "Now go do something, while I get dinner ready. They are going to get here soon and I think we should feed them before we tell them."

He nodded and sighed as he stood. "Alright. I am going to go work on some things in the office. Let me know when the kids get here."

She smiled and nodded as he walked out. Sighing, she started to prepare the pot roast for dinner and thought of the trip to North Carolina she and Don had just gotten back from. Their kids were coming to welcome them home, and little did they know they would be hit with a big surprise. She only hoped that after their initial shock, they would understand why they made the decision that they did.

She occupied her mind by concentrating on her cooking and when the door opened a few hours later, she put on her confident face and mentally prepared herself for the night ahead of her.

Sheila loved it most when her whole family as together, and the scene in front of her was her favorite. Everyone had gathered to hear about their trip and while they sat there, unknowingly stuffing their faces, she took in the sight of it all. Smiling across the table at her husband, Donnie turned to his mother.

"So…tell us. How was your trip?"

She chuckled. "It was really great, Donnie. North Carolina is so beautiful. It was nice to spend some time alone with your father and see a new place."

Steve laughed. "Oh I see how it is. You don't like spending time with your kids. That's okay. We get it." Steve teased his mom.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh be quiet. You know we love you kids. We just…needed some time away."

"Okay okay. We know you had a wonderful time." Abby smiled. "What did you bring us?"

"Yeah…did you bring anything back for us?" Richie laughed.

Sheila's eyes instantly flicked to her husband and she saw his face become rough. He sighed. "Actually, kids, there is something we are having brought here for everyone. But we all have to share."

Sheila watched her kids' faces become curious, and glance at each other before looking at their father. "We have to share it? What could you be getting that we have to share?" Richie inquired.

Abby nodded. "Yeah what it is, a dog?"

Steve laughed. "Oh come on, Abby, Mom and Dad would never get a dog." he paused. "It isn't a dog…right?"

Sheila chuckled. "No. It isn't a dog."

Steve sighed. "Good. I mean…you shouldn't have to take care of another animal around here, after you already raised Richie for so many years."

"Oh, thanks Steve." Richie glared at him as they laughed.

Don stood and walked around the table to put his hands on his wife's shoulders. This definitely got everyone's attention. "Well it isn't a dog…but how would you guys feel about having a 17 year old around here?"