Hey guys! So you are going to hurt me...but I changed my mind and this is the last chapter! I combined a few chapters together and so it came faster than I had originally planned. Also, I know this is short, but I liked the way the last chapter ended, so this is kind of just a look into the future. I hope you guys liked this story! I will definitely be writing more ATW fics soon.

Also, let me know if anyone is interested in a sequel. It wouldn't be this long, but if you want to read one (and have any ideas for what you would want to read) let me know! Enjoy!


Sarah sighed as she smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress. She couldn't believe after everything she had been through in the last few years that this day had actually come. Sure, she had dreamed about it since she was little, but she never thought it would actually happen to someone like her.

A knock at the door broke her trance and she smiled as Conrad walked in. "What are you doing? You know you're not supposed to be in here."

He shrugged. "So I break the rules. I am more important than any of those people right now." he grabbed her hands and held them in his, rubbing a finger over the shiny engagement ring that resided on her finger. "I can't believe this is happening. You know I love you."

The corners of her mouth went up and he could see her smile reflected in her eyes. "I love you too." She sighed. "Now seriously, go before someone sees you here. The whole thing starts in…oh my god. It starts in twenty minutes. Go."

He laughed as she pushed him out of the room and shut the door behind him. Twenty minutes later Sarah was taking deep breaths, preparing herself. She knew that her whole family was out there, waiting to see her at her best.

Finally, the screaming got louder and with a wink at Conrad she ascended the stairs and ran out of stage.

"How are you guys doing tonight?" She shouted to the sold-out arena she was performing in.

They screamed even louder and she couldn't help but laugh as she sat down at the piano.

"I can't even believe I am here today. It has been a long road and it hasn't come easy. But it is your support that has gotten me here today, so thank you!" The screaming continued. "And…I never could have gotten here today without my family. I may not have met them right away, but I couldn't imagine my life without them. So this is for my family…you guys are to blame for all of this. You are my inspiration."

Looking out at the first row, she saw everyone that mattered to her. The look of pride on their faces gave her confidence as she started her song and she knew that no matter what happened from there on out, she never had to be alone again. She had a family, and she was exactly where she belonged.