D.O.B: 30/11/95

Address: _?_

Home phone: _?_

Name: .EBONY

D.O.B: 31/10/95

Address: _?_

Home Phone: _?_


D.O.B: 31/12/95

Address: _?_

Home phone: _?_

Lights flashed before our eyes, screams rang in our ears and nerves shook me to my very core. I grasped a hold of my friends hands and nodded,

"This is it," we whispered as the loud box boomed.

"NOW LADIES AND GENTELMEN THE ONES YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR, S.E.X!" music blared in our ears along with the managers,

"Right 3,2,1 Summer on," he ordered, "Ebony now you," I bounced on after Summer, "Right Xavier, have a great show girls," and the line went dead.