Maria Xavier

I legged it from the school; classes weren't finished yet but I didn't care I was fed up of being bullied and ignored. Mum and dad were never home and if they was they just acted like I wasn't there they were both out of the country at the moment had been for two weeks and were expected back in a couple days, by then I would be long gone.

The large mansion stood quiet and lonely above the estate, I passed through the double gates with ease and ran up the long drive unlocking the door quickly I dropped my £200 school bag on the floor, one of my mum's failed attempts at bonding was to buy me extravagantly over priced things for no specific reason except just to flash the money around. Pulling myself up the grand marble staircase and on to the balcony I jogged to the back of the house where my room, studio, cinema room and snack bar sat. Yes I was spoilt rotten, did it make me happy? Not the slightest I didn't have any friends because my parents were so hung up of making sure I was brought up right, I went to an all girls private school and had to be home by 4:10pm exactly in order to let the maids and cook in.

Pushing through the double pine doors in to my black and yellow room I wandered quickly over to my four-door built in wardrobe and yanked my large yellow Gucci multi-way bag out, pulling it open and stuffing any normal looking clothes I could find in it, along with a few designer labels that I might be able to sell to passersby. I then searched my large room for any unused jewellery that I might be able to flog to a gold company as everything I wore was gold, 'none of that cheap crap' my dad would say as he handed me another Prada, Tiffany's or other design box which held another necklace, bracelet or extra set of earrings. Then running through my cinema room toward my snack room I continued my search this time for food, high in energy low in weight. I grabbed a large black carrier bag off the snack bar and began ramming anything I could lay my hands on it, five large bars of chocolate, six packets of random sweets and what seemed like hundreds of snack bars.

Jogging back in to my room I pushed the bag full of food in to my Gucci bag fastened it and turned the multi-straps in to a backpack. Flinging it on to my back with a thud I checked the clock, just gone 3:30 the buses would be packed I'd have to camp out somewhere until I could get away.

The hiding my bag under the bed I went on with my day; sitting in the house until the maids and cook knocked on the door. Finally awaiting the fall of night.

"1...2...3..." I counted quietly as the large grandfather clock sang out three full chimes of the early morning, "first bus is at 3:30am so I'll catch that to the bus station and go from there," spoke to myself reassuringly. With a final check that everything was turned off and the letter I had left for my parents clearly in view and a note was strung outside for the cook and maids to find I closed the front door, locked it; threw the key in to the plant pot I set off in to the darkness of the early morning for the closest bus stop that would lead me to the rest of my life.