Mixed-Up 2: Alternate Reality

Prologue: Another Portal

"Do you have to go?" Bumblebee asked, agitation written on his gray faceplate.

"Yes," Optimus Prime answered even though everything in him wanted to say no.

Ever since that unfortunate incident with the portal a month earlier Bumblebee had refused to let them out of his sight; even going so far as to recharge with Bulkhead. His fear was understandable but they weren't going to get sucked into a portal while on patrol. Right?

"Are you sure I can't go with you?" Bumblebee tried again.

"No," Ratchet answered this time. "I still don't know how you managed to twist your knee joint but until it's fully healed you are not allowed to move anymore than is absolutely necessary. Is that understood?"

"Yeah," Bumblebee grumbled, crossing his arms and scowling at the wall in front of him.

"We'll be back soon," Bulkhead attempted to console his yellow friend.


"We promise," Prowl said.

"Ok," Bumblebee sighed as he uncrossed his arms. "Just go, the soon you leave the sooner you can get back."

"We're going," Optimus walked over to the door and opened it.

"Don't move," Ratchet ordered.

"I won't," Bumblebee watched as they exited the building, closing the door behind them. He vented a long, heavy sigh and, picking up the remote, turned the television on and began flipping through the channels. As he did so he sent a quick prayer to Primus that his friends would return soon.

So far all had been quiet while on patrol but Optimus wasn't about to complain. An uneventful patrol was a good thing, however, as it meant they could return to the base and Bumblebee sooner. All of them, not just Bumblebee, were slightly wary of leaving the others. Paranoia, despite the fact that the portal only opened up once every twelve million years, had set in, making them even more cautious than normal.

"So how long until Bumblebee's completely healed?" Optimus asked, breaking the silence.

"He'll be up and about in less than a week," Ratchet assured him.

"That's good," Bulkhead sounded slightly relieved.

"Then he'll be playing pranks again," Prowl sighed.

"Pranks are infinitely better than trying to take down the Autobots," Optimus reminded them.

They drove in silence for a few more minutes than Prowl, who had been in the lead, suddenly slammed on his brakes, tires screeching. Optimus was about to ask what was wrong when he saw it. The other three Autobots came to a complete stop and transformed, then just stood there, staring at the portal swirling in front of them.

"Not again," Ratchet groaned.

"I thought it only came once every twelve million years," Optimus protested.

"I don't think we're going to make it back to the base today," Prowl said.

"Bumblebee's not gonna be happy," Bulkhead sighed.

Optimus wholeheartedly agreed with that statement as the portal began sucking them in.

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