An Overlord's Fable

Disclaimer: I own one copy each of Fable III and Overlord II. That's it.

Prologue: Rebirth

The sky was, as always, pure blue and sunny, without a hint of cloud in the sky.

How I despise it.

Floating out here in this bloody ocean, I think I've found a new torment for the sinful: complete and utter Boredom. Honestly, I'm even starting to regret not being executed. I mean, there was at least something new and interesting in death, and maybe the afterlife, if what those cruddy Dark and Light Temples said was true. Ah well, too late for that. At least I had a little fun during the escape, as the bloodied bandages around my calf and shoulder attest.

Man, did Logan and Arthur over-react. I mean, I didn't do anything that Reaver hasn't done worse in his past seven hundred years of life or so, going by Father's stories, and I don't see them going and shackling him, dragging him to jail and then standing him in front of a firing squad. Well, I suppose the fact that Reaver would shoot all of them before they got within a thousand feet of him with chains is a bit of dissuasion from that course of action, but it's the principle of the thing! Something my two brothers always seem to obsess about, principles, utter garbage as it is.

I can't believe it, but I even miss those two, all of Logan's dourness and Arthur's good-natured ignorance. At least I could get a few laughs out of tweaking Logan's nose or tricking Arthur into embarrassing himself in public…again. Honestly, my little brother was far too gullible. The number of times he's needed Walter or Jasper to pull him out of trouble exceeds the number of bullets I've used in target practice several times over. That was good fun.

Hmm…shouldn't I have been eaten by a shark or something by now? The bandages are keeping my blood loss down, but I'm fairly sure I've shed enough to attract a good number of the murderous predators by now. I was hoping to get the chance to punch one in the nose before getting eaten.

Nope, still nothing. Well, might as well paddle around; get a good view of the ocean again, before I finally expire of dehydration and hunger. Hum-dee-dum, paddle, paddle, paddle – wait a second, what's –

Blagh! Phhhbbt! Urgh, Ptah! Sand in the mouth! Sand in the mouth! Blech!

Well, there goes lunch…and now breakfast. Both halves of the same raw fish. Surprised I kept it down this long. Well, I found land, wherever this is. Too little, too late, unless I've happened to land on the beach-side estate of some hot-shot doctor.

Hmm…what do you know, all that 'life-flashes-before-your-eyes' stuff is bollocks. Instead of that nice lass I bedded on my fourteenth birthday, I'm seeing the Grim Reaper! Granted, he's rather short, but he's got the scythe, the robe, all he's missing is the foreboding aura and skull-face. Speaking of which, his face really looks more like an old fish or frog than anything human.


…What now?

"Don't fear the Reaper…" The figure bent down and I felt a cold, clammy hand plaster itself on my wounded shoulder. Luckily enough, both shots had gone right through, which wasn't much of a surprise given that they'd been fired at point-blank range. A strange feeling coursed through that shoulder, giving me the worst case of goosebumps I've had since that time Reaver told me about that orgy…

Huh. It…it feels better now. Could this be…the power of Will? Like Father?

"Hmm…strange wounds you have, Master. No infection though." The strange fish-reaper muttered, waddling down and doing the same thing to my calf. As the feeling washed over the bullet wound, I felt woozy, finally falling unconscious for the first time in three days.

"All hail…The Overlord…"

– The Author –

The Plot Bunnies are breeding!

Dear god, is this ever going to stop? I reminisce, I check a TV Tropes article, I read some fanfiction, and then I get writing on something completely new! Again!

Ah well, at least I'm making some progress on my other stories too.

Alright, I'll start with the obvious: This is primarily a Fable/Overlord crossover story, although I'll be sticking in small and large references to other universes, like Lord of the Rings, Arthurian legend, so on and so forth.

Now, a little bit of background: This story begins about five years before the start of Fable III. Logan, as in Fable III canon, is king and the oldest brother, while Arthur is the Hero-to-Be and youngest brother, making Tyrannical Trainee-to-be here the unloved middle brother. This, obviously, did not make him a saint. Other than that, I'll leave his further characterization to future chapters and your imagination.

Hmm…I seem to have a new pattern now, with a first-person prologue before going third-person for the rest of the story.

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