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"So, Mattie, can I have those manuscripts from back in high school for a couple of days?"

"Why? Alfred, they're all the way under my bed in a box behind all my other stuff. I don't want to dig it out right now. I have a paper due two days from now, and I'd like to start working on it." Matthew didn't even look up from his laptop as Alfred sat next to him on the bed, looking over his shoulder. Arthur looked over from where he was reading on his bed, raising a large eyebrow at the strange French-English language they were speaking in quick, hushed tones, but said nothing, turning back to his story.

Alfred had tried to hedge for a couple of days at hints to try and get his hands on those manuscripts. Gilbert had finished the one from the other day, but as soon as Alfred was about to ask Mattie for others, the albino had stopped him, saying that if his twin knew it was Gilbert who wanted to read them, he'd probably laugh after giving Alfred a hearty 'No way! That hoser can go fuck himself!" or say that Gilbert just wanted to burn them or something. And apparently, according to Gilbert, it would hurt his 'man-pride' to admit to Matthew that he liked his writing.

Alfred didn't like this issue his roommate and his brother had with each other, so he made Gilbert promise that they would do some sort of bonding activity in the near future, possibly paintball, which Alfred had had a craving to play, if he didn't tell Mattie the reason behind the manuscripts.

This was easier said than done, Matthew being very uncooperative about the whole thing.

"Just please, Mattie!"

"No. Why?"


"Tell me first why you want them."

"I'll open the boxes myself!"

"Go in there, and I'll castrate you. Why, are you trying to secretly get them published under your own name? Alfred, your writing sucks, and plagiarism is really un-heroic." At even the notion that Alfred wasn't heroic, his fists clenched, and he saw red.


Matthew just stared at him for a moment, and Arthur peaked over his book once more, a look of slight fear, covered with irritation at the blonde football star seething in the middle of the small dorm room.

"Thank you, Alfred, that was what I wanted to know. There is one in the bedside table, and the first box on the right under the bed has the rest, don't worry, I have them on a flash drive…" Then it clicked. "Gilbert? Why does he want my 'pussy' work?" There was a hint (read: a lot more than a hint) of irritation and annoyance directed behind the sentence, and Alfred realized this was turning out exactly how Gilbert had predicted, Mattie slipping back into standard English.

"I'll tell you once you take it back."

"Fine, I never believed that you would even think about doing something un-heroic, I only said what I said to get a rise out of you and to get answers. You're my twin, I know how to get answers out of you. Now, for the answer in question, no pun intended." Matthew rolled his eyes and Alfred visibly relaxed.

"Yeah, 'cuze I'm the hero, and I don't plagiarize. Anyway, Gilbert saw one of your books in a box while looking for porn, and he really liked it, so he wanted me to get others from you, but without telling you…please don't tell him! I was gonna get him to go paintballing with me and you and stuff…" It was like his hero-ness had never been threatened.

"He can read?" Matthew perked up slightly at the mention of paintball (even with Gilbert…actually especially with him if he got to go all sniper on his ass) but couldn't let the chance for sarcasm pass.

Arthur looked at the two brothers like they'd just sprouted three heads each and told Arthur they were here to steal the earth's supply of jelly and left turning signals. "Am I missing anything?"

"No, but Artie, don't forget our tutoring session today. How was the math exam?"

Arthur was taken aback by the sudden change of conversation, Alfred picking up a box filled with papers and booklets, but turned to face him in a second, and Mattie immediately seemed to tune them both out. It was like this big conversation reversal. "U-um…" Alfred focused on him intently with his brilliant blue eyes that Arthur found made him pause. "I actually did very…very well. Thank you. I wasn't expecting for this tutoring to go so well, it was a nice surprise."

Alfred laughed, and Arthur found it remarkably genuine, like Alfred actually liked talking with him. Probably just likes praise, the pain in the arse! "Why was it a surprise?" the American asked. "Is it because you thought I was an idiot? I distinctly remember you calling me that on multiple occasions over the last couple sessions."

"No, its that I've tried other tutors, and none have worked as well…whatever." No, Arthur wasn't going to openly admit Alfred was the (ironically) the best tutor he ever had and the most annoying and irritating.

Alfred smiled even wider then saluted him. "Glad to be of service!" Then he and the box walked out.

Francis sat at his workbench next to one of his best friends, although neither of them would admit it.

Said not-friend best friend was sewing the finishing touches into their Halloween costume for two months from now. They really wanted to win the competition, so Francis was lending a hand before the class started.

"Like, thanks totally for coming to help me! I asked Liet and he was all 'Barf me out and gag me with a spoon!' so I really, like, appreciate this!" Liet was some bastardization of Lithuania, which was where Toris was from, Toris being the boyfriend of the effeminate man next to Francis.

"It iz no problem, Feliks, after all, you made z'hat lovely wardrobe for me for my birtzday. I simply love z'he color z'cheme! Plus, mon cousin has shown Arthur all of my lock breaking trickz, so I have been so bored." Francis and Feliks both were in fashion and design, although Francis was going for more make-up and photo-shoots, while Feliks had offers to design a line of outfits as soon as he graduated. Feliks…well, most thought he was a girl due to woman's clothes he wore, but Francis didn't mind. As long as no one called them friends.

Feliks' face screwed up in thought, and as he tapped his chin thoughtfully, Francis saw his nails were painted hot pink. "Well, you could, like, figure out something to do other than sneak up on ol' Eyebrows. Maybe something like…no that would totally be like, to much work, no…you could break a nail doing that…oh you could totally…wait, that isn't good for the skin…"

Francis saw that the blond next to him was actually thinking, and stopped him before he got too far. "Slow down! What you are z'hinking sounds painful! I just need z'omething to keep me occupied and beautiful."

"Well, what are, like, your interests? Like, don't give that look, lets just work it out loud for, like, a moment. What would Oprah do for fun?"

Francis sighed, and leaned onto the workbench, a hand in his hair holding up his head. "Probably go and do z'omething with her billionz of dollarz. She doesn't have time to be bored, she's solving all z'he world's problemz and iz beautiful whilst doing it!"

"Like, what made it fun to bother Arthur?"

"His expression. Z'he indignation. Z'he large books combined with bad aim. Z'he chance to get 'im in bed with me or anyone else."

"Well, like, be a match maker for him! You should make him get a boyfriend, 'cuze honey, no offense, but after that first and last time you went out, you lasted a week with him because he caught you totally snogging some girl. You can, like, tease him and bother him, and not have to be faithful while doing it. Best of like, both worlds."

"Z'hat's a great idea my friend!" Francis jumped up, now excited to go and do exactly what Feliks had suggested.

"And I'm not, like, your friend! I hate your guts Francis, get out of my sight!" Feliks glared at him, but both knew it was just a stupid game they played, after all, every time they fought about something, it was about as real as a reality show. They were divas for drama, and when they went at it, everyone hit the desks except Feliks' loyal boyfriend, who usually was dragged into it unwillingly.

"I wouldn't be caught dead next to you." The comeback.

"See you, like, at lunch, you barfbag."

"See you."

Feliciano was eating pasta and talking a mile a minute. "And he helped me with my luggage because brother was busy carrying out a hi-"

"Lovino Vargas vas busy with his floral shop, so I helped him vith his luggage und his other things."

"Ve, and I thanked you, I was so happy! I hugged his arm, and told him I loved him for bringing up my stuff, and he yelled at me." Feli dropped his utensils and grasped onto Ludwig's arm, causing the German to blush. "Don't you remember? You said that I shouldn't tell people I love them so willy-nilly because when I truly meant it, it would be worthless. And although you were really scary, you were right. I love you for that."

"VHAT WERE WE JUST TALKING ABOUT? No, don't get upset. Let's go get some pasta, ja, ja, I'm coming."

Alfred had been eating dinner at the Foreign kids table, as he dubbed it, having just watched Feli and Gilbert's brother get up after a retelling of how they first met, as the topic of discussion had been first impressions with roommates, everyone laughing at Alfred's story. Feli and Ludwig, though, their story was one of obvious affection, though neither would see it that way.

Alfred decided he probably should head back to the dorm, then go spend some time with Mattie, when Gilbert leaned over and whispered into his ear to stay at the dorm room.

"So, wait, you're not staying in tonight? I thought we were going to play some video games, you told me to come back here right after dinner."

"I did so you'd have time to get dressed for the party."

Alfred turned and looked at Gilbert, and noticed his attire. "Leather pan—"

"Just get dressed. It's a Vargas party, and I promised Feli you would come."

"He really wanted me to come? He's such a nice guy, if a little airy and out there sometimes…wait, we ate with him today and he said nothing about a party. What, did this get arranged after I left? Let me guess, Feli became Ludwig's boyfriend, although they already practically are, and- "

"No, he was going to mention it, but wanted me to do it incase he didn't remember. And he's still technically not Ludwig's boyfriend, aka, they like each other, but aren't fucking. My brother, he doesn't fuck, he doesn't even have sex. He makes love, or he will when he finally tells Feli what we all know. But he'll be eighty three before that happens. Anyway, everyone from the table will be there along with half the campus. These parties are a really big deal."

They got dressed, and Alfred smiled. This was his first night on the town since high school. He was ready for the time of his life.

The party was held at the fraternity at the bottom of the hill near the edge of campus. Noise emanated from the house, and could be heard for half a mile. This was a big party.

Alfred leaned over to whisper in Gilbert's ear as they headed down the hill behind a group of cheerleaders. "How often does he hold these things?"

"Whenever his brother, who's part of the…family, gives him the go ahead. Lovino can't say no to his little fratello and Antonio at the same time, so these happen often."

"And can one get laid?"

"Ooooh yes, one goes to have fun and get laid, my friend. I have two condoms in my pocket, want one?"

"Umm…maybe, if its still in the package…why two?"

Gilbert laughed at Alfred's hesitancy. "So if one breaks, stupid. I wanna get some tonight!" He pressed a wrapped package into Alfred's hand.

"Err, thanks."

"And another thing, we watch each other's backs, got it? One of us gets too drunk, is about to do something stupid…we either do it together 'cuze we're pissed or we watch out, maybe record it for youtube."

"Yeah, no prob, bro. Who gets the dorm room if we both get lucky?"

Gilbert laughed again. "There isn't much chance we'll get back to the dormitory. The drinking games go all night, my friend." And the albino slung an arm around his shoulder as they got to the door. "Here we are, freshie!"

After a while, he couldn't remember what day it was. He didn't know who he was drinking against any more, or if the game was still going. He just kept throwing back whatever was put in front of him. It had been a long time since he'd been this blown.

Right now, he was watching a movie with Tony and L—l—lo…Tomato guy. He didn't know what the movie was about, but it was really colorful and he was laughing at every thing they said.

"'Nd h'said h'd be r'gh bah…ha ahaha." He couldn't even remember what he was trying to say.

Antonio laughed and pulled the guy on his lap closer. "Whoa, Al…you are smashed~ hohofusoso Lovi, wanna come upstairs and…" he whispered the rest into the guy's ear, and then he really looked like a tomato. Alfred laughed again.


"Lovi, come with me…" Alfred yelped as Tony's face changed into that of a person who should truly be feared.

Needless to say, the guy who looked like a tomato allowed himself to be lifted from the couch and dragged up the stairs to the bedrooms, where weird noises were drifting down. Alfred went to get out of the couch, and tumbled to the floor, eventually pulling himself up by the couch arm, his hands gripping it for dear life. Once on his feet, he had to support himself by continuing his grip on the couch.

Now he felt like he was going to puke. He looked around for the nearest bathroom, and once he'd located it, he stumbled forward for it. As he was praying to the porcelain goddess (read: puking his brains out) he vaguely thought about the fact that he hadn't seen Gilbert for about an hour…maybe longer, he couldn't really think straight.

He slumped against the wall of the bathroom for a minute, the world around him blurry. His glasses were in his pocket, he must have tucked them in there, but he couldn't remember doing that but he didn't move to put them back on. As he began to get some stability in his limbs again, he pushed himself up. Time to get laid. He'd gotten laid drunker, and everybody wanted a pretty boy. At this point, he didn't care man or woman, bottom or top, his pride gone with his sobriety. Bitches, he was Alfred Jones.

Mattie had always patronized Alfred when he was drunk, saying he got overly confident and that he got a libido like a rabbit, and was shameless about it. Alfred sort of drunkenly remembered it with a smile. He stumbled out of the bathroom, his eyes scanning the room, making out moving shapes. There was a group of women (hopefully, they had the right curves and lumps in between their arms, so…) over in the corner with no male supervision. Could be lesbian, but that was really unlikely and they were hot. Better to get smacked than give up that kind of chance.

He should stick to women because he had no idea who was gay here, but there was a spicy group of guys over on the dance floor. Or there were if he could make it over there and not throw up, then gather enough sense to dance without falling over like an imbecile. He had to impress and charm, no one wanted to do some drunk…never mind.

"Hey thar, bu'dy boy." He turned his head and spotted someone leaning against the wall. They must have been staring at him the entire time. They strolled over and poked him in the chest, swaying slightly, also being intoxicated. "Wanna hav'-a good time?"

He just smiled stupidly, and although he couldn't make out the person's face he nodded, and they started to make out against the wall.

The sun poured in through the curtains, and Alfred groaned, his head pounding. He threw out his arm to try and shield his eyes, but unbalanced himself from his precarious position on the edge of the bed, sending him to the ground.

He landed on a comforter that was already half off the bed, and he put a hand over his eyes, allowing them to adjust, even though his head pounded every second. He was in the dormitory. In his room, with the door locked, and no vomit on the floor. He stood up, then realized something important. His bed was on the other side of the room. He hadn't been sleeping in his own bed.

"Whoa, my ass fucking kills…ow! My head fucking kills! Ow, My eyes fucking kill now that I've…Alfred, why are you standing naked in the middle of the dorm staring at me like I'm the devi—" Gilbert trailed off, the two of them looking at each other for a long time.

"Gil…did we…"

"Yeah, we fucked this whole roommate thing up. Literally."

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