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A/N: I always wondered what would happen if Dr. Bumby had prevented Alice from going into Wonderland. So Dr. Bumby wins, get over it. This idea has been bugging me for a while. Then I see ~Ary88's wonderful fanart which prompted me to get my butt in gear and write this. Oh and this is meant to be a one-shot and separate from Galatea. Though I guess you can consider it to be a follow up. I always find Alice/Bumby fascinating, it's twisted, there's no actual love except obsessive love. It's about control and dominance. Reviews are love!

Every day he wakes up sore from last night's "activities". He looks at the sleeping figure in his bed. Alice lies sleeping next to him, naked and covered in bruises. He remembers the day he has finally broken her. Broken her mind and her body; finally claiming his sweet prize.

The last session was almost successful, Alice screaming that her mind is in ruins. He was so close; he had sent her to fetch the pills from the high street chemist. Having finished his sessions with the little brats early, he shadows Alice to make sure his prized possession follows his orders. Wretched girl, did she truly think he would let her walk out alone and wander off? She will be punished for her insolence, can't have a disobedient toy no matter how lovely. She has gotten lovelier the past couple of months. She has such soft pale skin; unblemished and pure, just waiting to be marked. What large green eyes she has, how lovely they would look heavy in lust, and that small supple mouth just begging to be kissed.

He barely contains a snarl hearing Jack Splatter trying to steal Alice away from him. She is his toy, his prize, not some crude dim-wit with his ugly whores. He knows that Alice is a virgin. He has plans for her body, making her body his until he gets tired of her. He won't sell Alice to him; selling her off is not an option anymore. He doesn't care for any of the useless children; Splatter can get them for free as long as he stays away from Alice. She is lovelier than all of Jack Splatter's whores put together. He manages to drag Alice away from that horrible excuse for a nurse Pris Witless, disgusting drunkard, planning to ruin all his hard work. He won't have it; no one gets in the way of his plans.

Securing the pills and having Alice back under his watchful eye makes him breathe a sigh of relief. He feels as if he avoided an awful fate. With Alice drugged and under his hypnosis, her mind has finally shattered. His beautiful broken doll, her Wonderland retreat is shattered beyond all repairs. He cackles inside as he "comforted" his ward. She seeks comfort and he readily complied with her wishes. Silly psychotic bitch, if she only knew what he had done!

Oh, what a treat to kiss those soft lips. She tastes so sweet, inexperienced but eager. He'll gladly give her lessons soon. They made love in his office. He was slow upon entering Alice. He felt the barrier break, her virginity is finally his. Alice was so warm and tight around him. The small whimpers of pain soon turns into moans of pleasure. Licking, biting, tasting the sweat off her skin. Nothing but the sounds of flesh hitting upon flesh is heard. She is exquisite, she's so much better than Elizabeth. Alice wanted this, wanted him. Every sound she makes is music to his ears, she is his instrument. Her body obeys his every command. Even after filling her with his seed, he lusts for more.

It wasn't enough having her mind, her first kiss, and her virginity. He craved more. Soon he had Alice moved her things into his room. No sense in wasting an extra room. Every night he takes her hard, giving her marks only he could see. Exploring every secret her body tries to hide, each new sound is filed away for future use. He doesn't think he'll get tired of her. It's all her fault, bewitching him like this. Not a day goes by without taking Alice at least twice a day. Having her bent over on his desk during their therapy session, tied to the bedposts, even having her sucking him off under the desk while he does paperwork.

The best part is that Alice couldn't live without him. She wanted him, she needed him. He is her lover, her savior, her GOD. She worships him, his lovely servant loyal only to him. There are a few rare incidents to where she regained some parts of her sanity. But those are rare and far between, he welcomes the fight in bed. Amusing to see Alice struggle under him before she submits to the pleasure he gives her. He always wins in the end, though he welcomes her little challenges. She always forgets why she fought him, such a sweet little thing eager to make it up to him. Leaving bruises on her hips, angry red bite marks, and the occasional lapping of blood drawn from skin broken by scratches and bite marks.

Everything is as it should be, Alice is fully under his control, his little business is booming and no one has ever found out. Except for that blasted cat, mangy grey old thing scratching him every time he goes out with Alice to collect supplies. Yellow eyes glaring hatefully at him as if it knows what he has done. Stupid cat, he'll have one of the children kill it.

No matter, he has won. In the end, only the king remains. There are no white or red queens here. Only the black king remains standing.

Looking at her body lustfully, he proceeds to wake her up.

"Come now Alice, the king must be served."

Oh yes, it's good to be the king. And Alice is so very good indeed.

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