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He glares at the cracked opened window. Steam pours out and the noises that follow. He sees a man rutting a young dark haired woman in a bathtub. The sight sickens him. He thought baths were for CLEANING not to see them mating like animals in heat. Ironic, since he is a cat. Not to say that humans cannot reproduce, they seem more prudish about the matters of sex. At least the bubbles hide the more explicit details still, to hear the pants and moans of, "Harder!" "Alice!" "More!" "Mine!" is plain sickening. Could they be any louder during their mating session? The man looks up from his coupling, sees him and gives a triumphant grin before kissing the woman's neck. Oh, how he hated that man.

"Oh, Alice, what have you done?"

He failed her; the savior of Wonderland is lost. He lost her to the depraved newly crowned Black King. He never knew that the Dollmaker had followed her here. The monster dragging Alice back to his hell, and he did nothing to stop it. He should have clawed the Dollmaker's eyes out when he had the chance. Where did he go wrong? Ever since the Red Queen was defeated, Wonderland was at peace until Alice started working for him.

1 Year ago.

He's in the real world, looking behind a window. He sees Alice getting ready to sleep, to escape her hellish concoction. He has to warn her of the coming threat, danger looms over Wonderland. Darkness and ruin started to appear like an oozing sore, destroying everything in sight. Even Queensland was affected; the once red heart-shaped palace was slowly being replaced by an imposing black castle. No one knew the evil force that replaced the Red Queen, whispers of a Pygmalion was searching for his Galatea. The Dollmaker, the Wonderlanders call him. He never saw him face to face; all he knows is that the Dollmaker is infinitely crueler than the Red Queen. Rumors of the insane children disappearing, a train is heading to Wonderland, destroying everything in its path, this usurper trying to replace the Red Queen as the sole ruler of Wonderland.

Time is of the essence, he must get Alice to Wonderland soon before it is too late. She's asleep, good then the travel will be quick. As he was getting ready to send Alice to Wonderland, the door opened. Then he sees him.

To normal humans, the man was tall, slim, wearing wire-rimmed glasses. With his distinctive clothing of an upperclassman, he seems like a respectable Victorian gentleman that most women would want as a husband. To him, he sees a monster. Black ooze dripping out of his sockets and mouth, doll parts stitched onto his clothing, sharp black claws waiting to tear an unsuspecting maiden. 'So this is the Dollmaker. Wait…what is he doing? What is he doing?'

The Dollmaker walks over to a sleeping Alice, a cruel smile forms on his face. He strokes her hair and whispers, "Mine." He keeps whispering things into her ear, while stroking her body. He's poisoning her mind with honeyed words, tainting her body with his touch.

Furious, hackles raised, he tries to get Alice to wake up. How dare he touch the savior of Wonderland? The Dollmaker looked up, and frowns. Ruins started appearing around Cheshire, hideous black ooze with blank doll faces leering at him. "She's mine; I won't let a filthy beast like you take her away from me. My beautiful queen, my Galatea. She belongs to me!" the Dollmaker viciously snarled while holding Alice close.

He's outnumbered, he can't win this fight. "She will destroy you! She will save us from your evil, and then your reign will come to an end." With that, he flees from the ruins heading toward the parts of Wonderland untouched by his evil.

He waits for a chance to get Alice alone. So far his attempts have been thwarted by him. The monster follows Alice everywhere, from the trips to the market to sneaking in her room at the dead of night.

'Bastard, can't he find a whore and be done with it?' He knew better though, he never sees the man with any women or children for the matter. The man (if you can call him that) is so fixated on Alice that he's worried Alice will suffer the same fate as her sister should she refuse his advances. Poor naïve Alice, all too trusting of the man not knowing the danger of a wolf lurking in the shadows for his little red riding hood. So far the disgusting monster hasn't made much progress destroying her will. Good girl Alice, at least you have some sense of preservation.

And so he waited, and waited for his chance.

2 months ago London

"Now before our next session, go collect those pills from our high street chemist."

"Very well doctor."

The doctor was too busy with the boy to follow Alice. Now this was his chance! As expected, Alice was wandering off following a white cat. Oddly enough she seems to have a habit of following albino animals. 'Some things never change do they Alice? As they say, curiosity did kill the cat so to speak. Though your curiosity might be your salvation this time.' He had to make her face the ghost of the Jabberwock, to make her remember in order for her to go back to Wonderland. The sun is almost setting, time is running out. He's almost there, the champion will return at last-

"I thought I told you to collect those pills instead of wandering off Alice."

WHAT? What is he doing here?

There he was, wearing a coat and top hat with a displeased expression on his face. Alice looked just as shocked as he was. How did he not notice him following them?

Without a word, Doctor Bumby grabbed Alice's arm and dragged her off to the chemist. Snarling, he follows them only to be blocked by imbeciles who care nothing but their own vapid useless existence with their silly politics and vanity. He'll have to wait for Alice to be "punished", usually the mad doctor would make her wash the windows or sweep the yard at dusk. He desperately wishes for that to be true, he doesn't want to know what happens if Bumby decided to get creative.

He finds them later in his office. Good, the fiend hasn't seen him watching from the building across from them. The doctor seems to be reprimanding Alice, nothing bad so far. Wait, what he's holding?

Bumby is handing Alice a blue pill and a glass of water leading her down to sit on the chaise lounge. No, he didn't. She wouldn't-she couldn't. 'Don't swallow the pill Alice! Wonderland needs you!' Alice hesitates, but Bumby seems to say something to threaten her. She meekly swallows the pill. 'STUPID GIRL! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!'

The doctor is holding a key and moves it back and forth in front of Alice. He prays that Alice will still fight his hypnosis. Minutes passed and time …seems…to…stop…


Alice screams and cries. She curls up in a ball and sobs hysterically. Doctor Bumby is holding her in an embrace. He sees that-that thing grinning madly. That monster rubbing her back and wiping off the tears he created as if he's comforting the poor girl from a nightmare. An hour passed, the crying seems to stop. She seems to have calmed down; noticing the relaxed state Alice was in the doctor finally made his move.

Doctor Bumby grabbed her head to face him and kissed her roughly. She resists at first only to surrender and return his affections. Clothes were being torn off, objects scattered throughout the floor in their frantic kissing frenzy. Both of them naked as the day they were born were on top of the desk. He can't watch this, he turns away. He hears the loud pants and moans, he failed her. He escapes to Wonderland to see the damage she has created in her wake.

3 Months later Wonderland

Everything is in ruins, the Hatter is drowning in tea in grief, caterpillar transformed and flew off to who knows where, and the Red Queen fled somewhere far away to where the ruins can't reach her. The place where the Jabberwock was slain remains untouched. The Vorpal Blade still embedded in its remains, a sad reminder of who was destined to wield it. He can hear the ghost of the Jabberwock sneering at him. "Where is your precious champion now? Off whoring herself to the man who killed her family. The Red Queen's reign is no more, now the Black King rules in her wake. He keeps her caged in his bed for his amusement. Pity I couldn't see that foolish child's failure. To think of that unnatural child would accept his offer of being his queen makes me sick."

Of course! Wonderland laws still apply; there is always a king and queen ruling Wonderland. If Alice hasn't been made queen, then she is still fighting. There's a chance now, he has to go to the Black Castle to see Alice. He hopes the Dollmaker won't notice him. The Jabberwock although the epitome of hatred never lies likes humans do.

Currently in London

He tries to get her alone in the alley. Too bad the bruiser had the unhealthy habit of following her every footstep. For the love of-the vile creature never seems to stop in his mad pursuit of sex. Pushing Alice against a wall in broad daylight! Has this monster no decency? Alice is no better, hooking her legs around his waist and holding on for dear life. He swears that man reminds him of another strange creature, a pink rabbit that seems to keep on going…

1 month later London

He finds her trying to kill the doctor with a letter opener. Unfortunately she failed in her task. Damn it all.

Meanwhile in Wonderland

The castle is filled with ruins and broken doll parts. Echoes of the insane children crying out for freedom makes his entire hairs stand on edge. It takes several hours for him to locate Alice; the castle is like a labyrinth with its twists and turns. Each dead end contains a shell of an insane child holding a broken doll that looks eerily like Alice. And he thought the Red Queen was the face of ultimate evil, he was wrong.

He finds Alice chained to an ebony throne. She's naked, covered in black slime cowering before a figure he knows all too well. They're surrounded by ruins with their blank doll faces. He's too late. He hides in the shadows to hear their conversation.

"Now, now Alice. Is that any reason for you to talk to your king? I ask for so little. Just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want."

The Dollmaker strokes Alice's face lovingly with one hand, the other holding a familiar blade…

"You raped my sister, killed my family, sold children as prostitutes and destroyed Wonderland! You monstrous creature, such evil will be punished. You used me, and raped me but you will not destroy me!" She struggles to put on a brave face but falters at the sight of the Vorpal Blade in his hand.

"Punished? By whom, with what? Psychotic silly bitch, you've lost. You tried to kill me many times and failed. I could kill you for this you know. But I won't, I love you too much to let you go. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave." The blade is touching her face traveling down to her thighs.

"Let me go…please…" She pleads, trying to get away from him fearing death for the first time.

The Dollmaker sighed, and procured something large from his many pockets. It smells sharp and spicy. He carves it forming an odd shape. No…he wouldn't.

"I've been patient with you Alice. Yet you refuse to listen. You'll have to be punished, darling. It's for your own good. Get on your knees with your hands on the floor." He ordered, making sure the chains around her are tight enough to remind her who was in charge.

She refuses, still trying to retain some dignity.

"Either that or I will carve up your face!" The Dollmaker hissed.

Slowly she gets on all fours, bitterly trying to contain her tears. The Dollmaker pours oil on the ginger root and inserts it harshly in Alice's rectum. She screams in agony, back arched trying to rid of the burning sensation.

He can't move, if he makes a sound the ruins will be upon him. It will be the end of both of them. He sees the Dollmaker looking at his direction. The bastard knew he was there! Damn him! Damn him to hell!

The Dollmaker grins madly, rubbing Alice's thighs. "You brought this to yourself you know. I spared you many lashings, but now I'm going to correct that error. You're going to count out each time I strike you. I'll give you thirty strikes and then I expect an answer from you. Will you be my queen? Fail to count or answer and I will start all over again. Do we understand darling?" Giving her a light smack on her bottom.

Alice cries from the pain and struggles to answer with a weak "yes."

"Good girl, now…count!"


A scream followed by a sobbing "one."


More sobbing with a weak, "t-two."

More screams and cries. Each whack was harsher than the last; every whack follows with a bigger scream. Those screams will haunt him forever. By the end of thirty Alice has collapsed on the floor. She's curled up whimpering from the pain. "No more…please…" she sobs, finally broken. The Dollmaker bends over and asked, "Now Alice, will you be my queen?"

His heart breaks when he hears her reply.

"…Yes, anything…p-please no more…"

"As you wish; my darling wife."

The Dollmaker removed the ginger root and kissed her roughly. She makes no effort to resist. Pushing himself in her, he consummated with his prize. Wet sounds echoing throughout the room. The bastard had to give a show. The lands shifted and changed. He has to leave now.

4 months later London

Something's changed, he could feel it. He hasn't been in the market since Alice surrendered. Alice looks healthier now, well better from her disheveled self when she first started working at the orphanage. She's dressed in finer clothing, but she's paler, her eyes having a blank glazed look. The biggest surprise was a gold band on her finger…

That…utter…BASTARD! He'll claw that doctor's eyes out the next time he sees him. Speak of the devil, the doctor turns up, gives Alice a chaste kiss and holds her hand.

Seeing red, he no longer cares for his safety. Fangs bared and claws stretched, he manages to tear the man's coat. He got a few bites and scratches in until he feels a sharp pain on his side. Bastard kicked him! Hissing he retreats for now only to look back to see Alice "cooing" over the horrid man. He feels like retching up his breakfast.

2 months later Wonderland

He keeps running. Ruins are everywhere. The old Alice is gone; there is only the Black Queen. And she is just as cruel as her king. Twisted and warped by that lunatic's torture, she no longer recognizes him or anyone for that matter.

3 months later London

Alice is pregnant. Surprisingly the doctor seems pleased with the news. Probably happy knowing he's getting new merchandise, disgusting wanker. He hopes for a miscarriage, that thing shouldn't be allowed in this world. It would be more terrible than the Jabberwock and the Red Queen combined. Strange that he would miss them.

6 months later London

She gives birth to a healthy boy and girl. The doctor is seen smiling and cooing over his new children. He's going to have nightmares for life.

2 weeks later London

Oh dear, the insane man is jealous of his own children. This will not end well. He'll have to watch over Alice's children from him. After the pregnancy, Alice seemed to regain her sense of self. At least she cared more for her children than her husband. Too bad she hasn't notice the oozing jealousy every time she breastfeeds the children. How did she ever gotten into those dangerous situations?

Meanwhile in Wonderland

All is not well for the Black King; Alice no longer gives him the time of day. She's far too busy enjoying motherhood. Strange to think having progeny would give her a reason to fight or to return to her normal self. He'd rather have her not boxed into a sham marriage and have his offspring but beggars can't be choosers. He'd never tell anyone this but the children do look…adorable…for humans anyways.

3 months later London

Every night he keeps a silent vigil over Alice's children. They might be the only hope for Wonderland, but it would take years for them to grow up. He knows the madman wouldn't sell his children to the perverts, least not when Alice is watching their every waking moment. It alarms him to see that every night the doctor would stand over his children's crib holding a pillow. Of course he makes a loud ruckus waking the children up, foiling his plans. It's a thankless and tiresome job indeed. The things he does for her…

3 months later London

The scene before him is so eerily domestic; he could have sworn he entered the wrong building. The family at the breakfast table, the doctor reading the paper while Alice is feeding the children with some sort of mushy concoction. The doctor gets up, gives Alice and the children a kiss before leaving the orphanage. Strange, a few months ago he couldn't stand his own offspring. Something is rotten; he's going to get to the bottom of this. He'll protect Alice's children with his life. It's the least he can for failing her for so long.

Doctor Bumby was out near the seedier outskirts of London. Mindless children with numbers hanging around their necks infested the marketplace. Curious, why would the man come here? Following the doctor into another orphanage, he fails to see the hidden danger-


Rocks, many rocks, hurled by horrid children. He tries to get away but can't, the pain is too much. He feels many feet stomping on him. The pain is just too much, everything is getting dark. He sees the doctor and the Black King combined approach.

Doctor Bumby waited until he feels that blasted cat can't get up. Shooing the children away, he approached that filthy creature that deems itself the guardian of his children.

"Did you really think I'd let you take my Alice away from me? She's mine."

Meanwhile in Wonderland

He's dying; he can feel the life leaving him. The Black King is standing before him, here to gloat.

"You will not be near my wife or children any longer filth."

"Alice will never forgive you for killing her children!" He struggles to breathe.

The Black King is amused, "I no longer bear any ill intent for my children. They are hers and mine, I gave her children and she's all the happier for it! She loves me! She no longer cares for revenge, she's happy with me."

The Black King produces a mirror showing Alice smiling with her two children in a playroom. He hears laughter,

"It's time for your nap darlings. Your father and I need our rest too. Stubborn like your father…I have your father to thank for giving me you two. My precious little ones. I no longer hate him now…the father of my children…my husband…my king…" She smiles at her children, giving them a kiss on the forehead.

"No…" It hurts; everything he did was for naught.

The Black King smiled wickedly, "You see? You've lost, you failed!"


And that's the end of it folks! Geez, this chapter is longer than the first two combined. Yes I added a few lines from the Labyrinth and the Matrix only because I thought it would fit well with the story. Remember the blue pill from the Matrix? If you take the blue the story ends, take the red you go further down the rabbit hole. The whole "fear me, love me, do as I say" came from the Labyrinth with David Bowie. Somehow I think Bumby trying to kill his own kids out of jealousy would be more chilling just because of his mad fixation on Alice seems to fit more. There were a lot of ways I could have ended it, but I never intended for the story to have an actual happy ending. Kinda weird to have Bumby be all domesticated, probably why I had it XP. I read one anti-AlicexBumby post that raised a few eyebrows. It's FICTION. Lay off the internet, no real person would want to do what Bumby did in real life and no one deserves Alice's fate in real life. Amazing to see how many crazy people on the internet over shipping wars. And to think Alice was mad…

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