Isshushipping, anyone? So, here starts a long-planned epic of an Isshushipping fic. Black/N, post-game realm. This is a collaborative fic (like that Alder/Ghetsis one that is on hold for the time being, sorry!) between Girl-Apart5 and me, Ginny! ARE YOU NOT TOTALLY EXCITED FOR THIS?

I don't want to give away too many details, but yes, there will be sex. Hot, awkward, teenage boy sex. But you'll have to wait a bit for that, because we're not dealing our cards out all at once~

Chapters will be short but plentiful. So, without further ado... OUR FIC. Which has no name yet, because we both suck at titles.

It had been a year since N left. Black had waited, patiently at first, then growing ever more worried. He had wanted to give N time, time to think, time to recover. He had trusted that N would return. Surely he would. But there was no sign.

He had battled N, battled his father, gained control of the powerful dragon Zekrom. No easy task. And still, after all this time, he had not attempted to gain title of Champion. Black felt a sort of emptiness after N had left, though he'd never admit it. There was no longer that spark of motivation that kept him driven. Instead, he focused more on training. Always training. It kept his mind focused on different things; it kept it from straying too far back into the past.

But lately he could not stop thinking about that boy. N Harmonia. The pure-hearted puppet of a madman that had somehow managed to captivate Black wholly and completely in a matter of months. Was he ever coming back? Was he even alright? A part of Black had to wonder if N might actually try to return to Ghetsis. A lifetime caged inside a windowless room being brainwashed was not easy to put behind you, surely.

At night Black tossed and turned, his imagination rampant with terrible possibilities, the worst of which being... would he ever see N again?

Black set out to find him. He had no hints or clues as to where he might be, but he was determined anyway. It wasn't like it would take much effort on his part. He travelled Unova regularly now; what would it hurt to be more thorough? Not satisfied enough with simply walking along paths, he explored forests barely touched by humans, wandered dark caves, even floated along the oceans hoping to catch a glimpse of the other boy he did not wish to forget. While the travelling was more serene far from the presence of other trainers, the thoughts still plagued him and just made him feel more lonely. Days felt like weeks. He didn't really keep track of the time. Saw no reason in it. The task at hand seemed futile, but that little glimmer of hope pressed him forward. What did it matter how long it took anymore?

During the long hours of searching, Black had taken to combing over each and every encounter he had had with N, hoping to find some clue as to what kind of place he would go to. That was what Black told himself he was doing, at least. Deep down he wanted to make sure he would not forget anything about him. Not the fathomless pools of N's guarded and emotionless eyes, nor the formal smile always fixed beneath them. His soft voice, how quickly words rushed out of his mouth, and even the look of sunlight glinting off his hair. All were committed to memory almost obsessively.

It was not long before Black had to admit to himself that he was in love. Deeply and hopelessly.

He almost wanted to deny it, to ignore those thoughts and just focus on the present. This came up often when Black found himself shivering on a cold night, away from the luxury of warm beds and comforting food. How easy it would've been to just give up and continue with his life as it was. But a life without N seemed so unpromising. Even if he was just infatuated and these feelings past, he knew he would be stuck with some form of regret and a constantly nagging what if? And Black was not one to get over such things. He was headstrong; stubborn, even. He wouldn't allow himself to give up.

So he kept searching. Up mountains, through valleys. He stopped and asked pokemon on his way, hoping that they would be able to communicate something to him. His own pokemon seemed as eager as their trainer to find the boy who could understand their language and who cared for them so dearly. They scoured the skies and the dense forests, using their fine-tuned senses to seek out any trace of the former king or his pokemon companions.

And then one day a loud howl from his Stoutland brought the lonely days to an abrupt end.

Black ran as though he was running for dear life, shouting N's name as he approached the riverbank. He nearly screamed when he caught sight of who he had been searching for all this time.

It was N, waist deep in a gentle stream, his hair and skin damp and dripping. Black quickly noticed all his clothing, undergarments and all, laying along the ground to dry in the sun. And when he realized he was obviously bathing, Black held back a cry of flustered bewilderment. The older boy turned to him, his face shining with a look of innocent curiosity and not a hint of shame.