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"Did you just hear what I said?" Blair asked her fiancée, they were at her mother's penthouse, she was going over the chart for the reception for the umpteen time while Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald her long time boyfriend now fiancée was checking some papers for work.

"Um oh, sorry you were saying" Nate replied lifting his eyes from the papers to address his girlfriend.

"He hates me" Blair stated touching on the chart the place for Nate's best friend at their wedding.

"He doesn't hate you" Nate commented and returned his sight to the papers.

"Well he doesn't like me then" Blair insisted now revising the seats for her co-workers at the law firm, maybe they hadn't known each other for a long time, she was sort of new there, she finished Yale's law school less than a year ago and even before she graduated she got several proposals from Manhattan's most prestige law firms to join them, she couldn't be more ecstatic of course, unlike Nate that got none proposal and had to join his father law firm, although his grandfather William Van der Bilt offered to get him his own law firm, Nate politely had to decline the offer, he argued he didn't want to be another puppet his grandfather could easily manipulate like his cousin Trip, so he stayed with Howard "The Captain" Archibald, but Nate didn't comment on the fact he studied law just to please his father though he was grateful he went to YALE because he met Blair at college and she introduced him to her best friend Serena Van der Woodsen the always shining and bubbly blonde girl.

"Of course he likes you, everyone likes you" Nate responded putting the papers aside, he sometimes thought his own mother liked Blair more than she liked him, but what was the point of mentioning that.

"He does not, he doesn't speak to me" Blair a little exasperated retorted the chart now forgotten too.

"Blair you're being irrational, he speaks to you" Nate returned.

"No 'Waldorf' is my last name not a conversation" Blair fumed.

"Blair" Nate admonished.

"What? ...It's true, your best friend hates me, for God's sake he even knows more about Serena MY best friend than he knows about ME your fiancée, he's your best man, he's going to be part of our lives forever and he doesn't even like me" Blair refuted.

"Fine I'll take to him tomorrow" Nate conceded not wanting to deal with Blair stubbornness if he could have his choice.

"No I don't want you talking to him" Blair annoyed mumbled.

Ugh thought Nate, why couldn't he just strangle his fiancée? Oh right because he didn't want to disappoint his parents, probably the would be more pissed at him for making sure Blair would never be their future daughter-in-law than him ending up in jail for murderer "Okay… but I don't want you mentioning this again, tomorrow you'll see he's going to talk to you, to be polite and everything will be alright".

"No tomorrow you're going to see him talking to Serena about our bachelor and bachelorette parties and ignoring me as always" Blair explained to his always clueless boyfriend, did he really never notice his best friend avoiding her, ignoring her, just there… in silence.

"Ugh! Not another word about this and we will see tomorrow" Nate exclaimed taking the papers once again.


"Chuck my man" Nate greeted his best friend next morning, Blair and he had been waiting for their respective best friends to have breakfast, and both were running late.

"What's with the yelling Nathaniel? I'm right in front of you" Chuck replied approaching the 'happy couple'.

"Rough night?" Nate asked, Blair couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"You could say so" Chuck responded taking a seat in front of them.

"Bass" Blair said interrupting the guys talk; seriously she wasn't interested about knowing with how many sluts Chuck had being last night or any night for that matter.

"Waldorf" Chuck returned.

Blair was a little annoyed she couldn't even see if Chuck was looking at her with those big black sunglasses he was wearing and Nate was giving her that looked 'see-I'm-right-you're-wrong-because-he-speaks-to-you'.

"Where's the waiter? I need scotch…" Chuck sighed looking around for the waiter.

"Isn't it a bit early?" Blair mumbled and Chuck heard her but didn't comment on it.

"Shouldn't we wait for Serena?" Nate intervened, of course he would wait for the blond, Blair suspected and Chuck knew for sure, Nate would always wait for the blonde girl.

"Oh I doubt she'll be in better shape to be honest, last night was eventful to say the least, we…" Chuck explained.

"Wait… you two were together last night?" Blair exclaimed she didn't know why but for some reason the thought of Chuck and Serena, the no-man-can-resist-her-Serena, made Blair gag, was there a man that hadn't slept with Serena in this Island? Well of course her boyfriend, they would never do something like that to her, they couldn't betray her this way. She was so stupid for even thinking about it, or to have any suspect about them, they were the people who loved her the most, honestly, she couldn't say the same about her parents though she knew they cared for her but now they both were leaving in France with their new partners, they barely keep in touch these days.

Chuck noticed his best friend confused/disappointed face and Blair's frown, did she really care? Focus, why Blair caring would be relevant… "Well we…" Chuck began but was abruptly interrupted.

"Don't you ever dare to finish that sentence, Chuck!" Came an annoyed voice behind him.

"Morning blonde!" Chuck smirked (lifting his sunglasses) eyeing her. Blair turned her face –ugh Basstard, how dare he? Here he was eye-fucking her best friend, but he couldn't even spare three words for her.

"Oh shut up…" Serena hissed taking a seat next to Chuck, ignoring Nate's is-it-truth-look, blowing a kiss to her best friend in front of her.

"So… you two were…" Blair probed, she really wanted to know the answer even it that made her want to throw up.

"Ewww no, we both were at Butter last night yes, but were NOT together" Serena clarified for her best friend, though her answer was intended for said best friend's fiancée.

Chuck saw the pleased face of the couple in front of him after Serena's confession and added "It's a pity though I can't say the same about you and that investment banker in the men's room" turning his face to the blonde, he saw Blair rolling her eyes and failing to see the hurt on her fiancée's eyes.

"Oh please don't remind me that" Serena murmured grabbing the menu to hide behind it.

"I guess we could order now" Nate said motionless.

"Please, I'm starving thanks to our dear friends running late" Blair mentioned looking at Chuck, but he never commented... just silence.


Blair was both, happy and annoyed, they already finished dessert so they got down to business, she was happy they all settled the issues for their bachelor and bachelorette parties, Chuck was throwing the bachelor party in one of his night clubs Victrola-Victoria who cares?, and Serena managed to book them the VIP area of the newest night club in the UES, the few girls they kept in contact after finishing High School were coming too, Blair was pleased, she missed Iz, Katy, even Penelope and Hazel, the last time Blair and Serena saw them was at the engagement party Anne, Nate's mom, throw for them a week later after he proposed, the night of their graduation from Law School –how very original- but she couldn't complain, that engagement was meant to be since both families learned Blair and Nate had become an item back in their first year of college, Eleanor and Anne swore they were a match made in heaven, or at least in the UES heaven, even Howard chimed how Cornelius Van der Bilt's ring would look amazing on Blair's finger when the moment was right, now almost after a year of wearing said ring it look like any ring to her. So yes a thing less on her 'Things-to-do' list for her wedding was solved and that made Blair happy.

Now she was annoyed, because the Basshole kept ignoring her, if she asked something he simply didn't answer her or he responded making sure he was talking either Nate or Serena never her, so that bugged her to no end, what did she ever make to him so he was always avoiding her, or whenever she had a question was met with silence, and UGH her clueless boyfriend couldn't even notice that, granted the years they spent in New Heaven and back and forth to the UES for some of the weekends or holidays she didn't notice Chuck's evasion tactics either but it was kind of evident at least to her now they see each other often, he never crossed more than three words with her whereas he was drinking buddy to Serena HER best friend, although almost everyone could be Serena's drinking buddy, just ask Georgina or Poppy –okay that was during Serena's years at Brown- but after Brown, Serena really became friends with Chuck the only one who stayed in the City, Blair was sure it was more because of business instead of attending Columbia, she recalled something about Bart Bass passing away in her senior year at Constance and how his heir became the youngest CEO, and he was a success now… Basstard! So yes Chuck's continued refusal made Blair annoyed.

"I hope you aren't bringing anyone to the wedding Chuck… we didn't make room for her" Blair informed but what she wanted was an answer.

Chuck kept quiet for a few seconds and he was about to answer when, Nate finally noticed and spoke "Yeah man, are you bringing someone?" looking at his girlfriend and then to his best friend.

"Of course not, you know I don't do 'dates' but don't doubt even for a second I will be leaving the party alone" Chuck winked to Nate and turned to look at Blair wrinkling her nose, making him to suppress a smile at her childish –but lovely- antics.

"And you… Serena?" Nate continued the interrogatory.

"Not me, I'm enjoying being single too much to start dating again…" Serena replied.

"I see, dating Carter Baizen scarred you for life" Chuck mentioned "You haven't dated anyone after him, have you?"

Did he know something? How? No, that was impossible no one knew what happened at the Sheppard wedding six months ago, only the two people involved knew, right? That information could make a lot of damage if it gets out somehow. "You already know the answer to that?" Serena's statement sounded more like a question than anything.

"Don't worry blonde, of course I know the answer to that" Chuck nodded and winked at her. Sending shivers down to Serena's spine.

"Oh S, I still can't believe you dated Carter Baizen of all people, but don't worry I'll introduce you to Mark and Cameron at the wedding, you can even choose, both are wonderful lawyers" Blair said returning the conversation to her.

"Thank you B, you always so generous" Serena mumbled trying to put away the images she got about what happened six months ago.

"Oh that's me" Blair mentioned blowing a kiss to the blonde.

"Well if that's all for today's agenda, I should get going, I have more things to do than planning the wedding of the year" Chuck informed, he took in one sip the last of his scotch and stood up "Nathaniel" nodding at Nate "ladies" looking at Serena "see you later" and with that he walked away.


"Something wrong Miss Blair?" Blair's maid, Dorota, asked entering Blair's room noticing her little protégé pacing back and forth.

"What? No, why do you think so?" Blair exclaimed stopping to look at Dorota.

"You seemed to be deep in thought" Dorota observed.

"Yes I'm thinking… what did I do wrong? Why isn't he talking to me? I don't recall ever doing anything to him" Blair was babbling.

"Are Mr. Nate and you fighting?" Dorota intervened.

"Nate? … Who's talking about Nate? I was talking about… you know what? I'm going directly to the source, I need to know" Blair informed grabbing her purse and marching out of her room.


Oh God what am I doing here? Blair was questioning herself outside Chuck's suite at the Palace. She had been here once or twice, when the gang used to get together they usually opted for a restaurant or something like that, she remembered one time Nate brought her because he forgot something and he needed to pick it up and that was almost three years ago, she didn't even recall how was inside. Suck it Blair, you want answers, well now is the time to get them, then she took a deep breath.

*knock, knock, knock*

"Coming…" Blair heard Chuck's voice and it hit her, what if he wasn't alone? She did remember hearing all about the 'Famous Lost Weekend' or even if it wasn't a weekend, but now she couldn't back down so she waited.

"Wa… Waldorf what are you doing here?" Chuck's stunned face told Blair that this visit was probably not a good idea, but what the heck! She was here and she wanted answers and whatever Blair Waldorf wanted she got it.

"Bass I… we need to talk" Blair finally said after a few seconds of silence.

"Oh-kay… yes, come in please, is something wrong? Did something happen to Nate?" Chuck asked he really was shocked of having Blair Waldorf knocking in his door. He hoped it weren't bad news.

Blair entered Chuck's suite and took her time to taking in the surroundings, it looked like he was alone, the TV was on, CNN channel and the lap top on his coffee table had the stock market on display, the room was neat and sophisticated, nothing less for a Bass of course, and she turned around to face Chuck, noticing or rather seeing for the first time a semi-naked Chuck Bass, okay that didn't sound good, he was wearing silk purple pants, from a pajama, and a coordinated robe barely closed, so she was appreciating Chuck's torso and enjoying the view, wow that's how chest hair looked like, definitely Nate had nothing on Chuck, they were very different, but something about Chuck screamed come-and-fuck-me, she had to look away.

"What's wrong?" Chuck repeated the question when Blair said nothing and was she blushing?

"Not wrong per se, but I have this hunch and it can't be ignore anymore, I need to know" Blair mentioned looking at Chuck again.

"I don't think I'm following, why don't you just tell me what it is so we can solve this and move on" Chuck replied not knowing what Blair was really implying.

"I think you hate me and I need to know why" there she finally said it.

"What? I don't… I don't hate you" Chuck couldn't believe it, was she blind or something, how could he hate her, if she was the most… Nate's girlfriend, correction Nate's fiancée almost his wife.

"Yes you do and I want to know why! It's been driving crazy, just tell me!" Blair pleaded walking towards Chuck who stayed at the door.

"Okay I told Nate to never share his stash it wasn't good quality" Chuck replied trying a comic answer to stop the mess creating before his eyes, he really didn't want to open the can of worm.

Blair was a little annoyed but she kept insisting until she got her answer, she didn't comment, she kept pushing and coming close to Chuck "Did I ever do something to you? Did I offend you? Are you jealous I stole your best friend? What did I ever do to you?"

"Honestly Waldorf I have no idea what are you talking about, am I not polite to you? Did I ever disrespect you?" Chuck retorted, what did she want? Wasn't painful enough to have to see her with his best friend, his brother, every day and not say a word about it. To contemplate her from afar and just wish her the best even if he was dying to touch her, to kiss her, to love her.

"No, that's the problem, you don't speak to me, you're always avoiding me, you don't like me and you hate me!" Blair was fuming and yelling and then she was within Chuck's reach that she was sinking her finger in his chest "WHY DO YOU HATE ME?"

"I don't hate you" Chuck screamed back "I don't… I…"

"You what?" Blair exclaimed.

"I… I…" and then he finally did it, he wrapped his arms around Blair's waist to pull her closer, and kissed her, he only had one shot and this was it, he was so going to make it worthy if he was going to end up slapped anyway, the kiss was raw and fierce, with passion and hunger, and their lips seem to fit each other's perfectly, it was electric and kind of magical –even if he never believed in that crap- but it felt that way… he had to pull away for air and he was waiting for the slap that never came.

To say Blair was shocked would've been the statement of the year, she didn't know what possessed her to react this way, she wanted to push him away and slap him, truly she really did, but the kiss, Chuck's lips, the way he was holding her… it was too much but if felt fucking awesome, Nate or any other guy before Nate for that matter had kissed her like that, it was like a need, like the oxygen you need to keep breathing, like your life depend of that kiss, and that only kiss made her ache for more.

Chuck was sure Blair was going to slap him like no one had ever slapped him before, yes some girls over the course of his life had walked away pissed, sending him to hell or even a slight slap but he was going to even enjoy Blair's hand over his face, pain sometimes was a turn on for him, what he's Chuck Bass even shame turns him on, but he never thought not even in a million of possibilities Blair's response.

Blair wasn't thinking anymore, all she could do was feel, and her lips were begging for more, so she wrapped her arms around Chuck's shoulder and kissed him back, yes the same reaction, it looked like if they bodies were magnetic, they couldn't pull back, soon Chuck grabbed her and pushed her against the wall, her legs acted on their own accord and hooked around Chuck's waist, thing were getting hot too soon too fast, when Chuck broke the kiss and started nibbling the tender flesh on her neck reality came crashing down…. "Stop"

Chuck went rigid, he didn't know what possessed him to react that way, she Blair fucking Waldorf, how could he do this to Nate, to her? He swiftly let her go and pulled back putting space between them… "I'm so sorry I don't know how to even exp…"

"Don't…" Blair responded.

"Blair I want to apologize, I didn't mean to…" Chuck began speaking again but now Blair wasn't hearing any of that.

"But… but you hate me, you hate me, you don't speak to me, you don't even look at me sometimes" Blair was talking to herself, she didn't understand, he hated her, he…

"I don't hate you, I definitely don't hate you" Chuck whispered.

"How could I be so stupid? I always thought you hated me that's why you never speak to me, you couldn't even see me" Blair responded.

"You're not stupid, I'm the stupid one for never growing out of this crush, I knew you could never like me, you were my best friend's girlfriend, I couldn't look at you any other way, I couldn't do that to Nate he's like my brother" Chuck explained.

"OMG! Do you… do you like me?" Blair amazed asked.

"Define like" Chuck replied.

"Oh no, no, no, no, that can't be it, you hate me" Blair repeated her old mantra.

"I think we established I don't hate you" Chuck relented.

"So…" Blair didn't even know what to do, what to say.

"So we go back to where we were before this moment, I can keep ignoring you and you can keep planning your wedding to my best friend and no harm no foul, this moment never happened and we can carry on with our lives like we have been doing for the last 8 years" Chuck solved.

"Just like that?" Blair asked.

"Do you have any other solution?" Chuck questioned, he knew even since the first time he laid eyes on Blair Waldorf she was never going to be his, she belong to the Nate's of the world not the Chuck Basses, so he didn't expect now Blair to call the wedding off and run off with him into the sunset on his white horse or black limo, yeah you get the point.

Blair shook her head, Chuck only shrugged, and Blair spoke "So if I ever ask you something again, would you keep ignoring me?"

Chuck turned his face away and Blair got her answer silence… just silence.

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