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"Do you want me to go with you?" Chuck asked.

"No, this is something I must do on my own, and you have nothing to worry about" Blair informed.

"Bu I am worried, I don't know how he is going to react, I don't want anything happening to you" Chuck said concerned not jealous Blair noticed.

"And nothing is going to happen to me, we are just going to talk, to clear the air" Blair insisted.

"Okay" Chuck relented and went back to putting his tie.

"Look I know this probably wasn't the best day to drop this bomb on you, but I need to speak with Nate, everything would be fine, and tonight we are going to celebrate the opening of 'The Empire' and all of our family and friends are going to be there and we are going to have a great time" Blair affirmed.

"Of course" Chuck whispered.

"Chuck… hey…" Blair began and went to help him with his tie, he was really nervous "I am so proud of you, you have nothing to worry about, you already double check and everything is on place, just relax, enjoy and remember I believe in you, I know whatever comes, you can handle it and I am going to be there for you, okay"

"I know, thank you" Chuck mumbled "fine go, and please say hi for me, I really miss my friend too"

"We'll work things out Chuck, all of us, you'll see" Blair kissed him, and kissed him good before walking away.


"Thank you for meeting me" Blair said.

"Don't mention it, I'm sorry… it should've been me the one to talk to you, I do owe you an apology and explanation" Nate conceded.

"Okay, keep going" Blair murmured and took a sip from her coffee.

"I really never meant to hurt you, or for any of this to happen, I think I always had feelings for Serena, not that I didn't have them for you, but with Serena it was different, and I'm really sorry I left things to get so far, I didn't want to humiliate you or your family or mine for that matter… and I'm so sorry I ran away, but I just couldn't handle my grandfather, my parents were pissed but my grandfather... well you know him, so I just needed to get away, and then you and Chuck? My best friend, I just never saw that coming…" Nate explained.

"I'm sorry about that too Nate, and for the record I never saw that coming either, it just happened, I know it wasn't the best time and we feel awful about it, but we don't regret it, we are together now, and I understand if you don't want to talk to either of us ever again, but just so you know, I miss you, I still consider you my friend, and I know Chuck misses you terribly and he'll do anything to fix things with you and I know about some friend of mine that's expecting your call too…" Blair announced.

"I missed them too, and I missed you too you know, I think I hadn't been in love with you in a long time but I will always love you, you are a friend for me too, and I'd love for things to go back to the way they were before" Nate agreed.

"Good, then I'll think you should join us tonight, Chuck is opening his hotel, I think he'll appreciate your assistance and perhaps someone else too" Blair offered "and me too Nate, I guess we were together out of habit, I think I hadn't been in love with you for a long time either, but I never meant to hurt you…"

"Thank you, and I'll think about it…" Nate murmured "I do miss you guys, I guess we were like the movie, the breakfast club... now that's gone and I really miss it"

"I know, and we were even better, we were the non-judging breakfast club, we don't judge, right? So are we okay now?" Blair asked.

"Yeah, I guess we are" Nate conceded.


"Wow this party is a hit already" Serena commented.

"Yes it really is, Chuck did a great job" Blair added.

"Where is he by the way?" Serena asked.

"I think he was showing the place to some investors of Bass Industries" Blair answered.

"I'm sure they would be delighted, everything is amazing, the service is flawless, there won't be any complain tonight" Serena assured.

"I'm sure that would be the case, the few reviews I've seen already only say wonderful things about 'The Empire' and his owner" Blair informed.

"Chuck deserves it, he worked so hard for this" Serena mumbled.

"Yes he did" Blair sighed.

"Who did what?" a voice interrupted them.

"Chuck congratulations" Serena said hugging Chuck.

"Thank you Serena" Chuck responded.

"Hi handsome, how's everything going?" Blair asked kissing him.

"Everything is perfect" Chuck relented "Serena do you mind if I borrow my girlfriend for a moment?"

"Not at all" Serena articulated.


"Where are we going?" Blair asked, Chuck was holding her hand and they were walking to the elevator area.

"So impatient" Chuck mumbled.

"Chuck you have guests, I don't think it wise to leave your own party" Blair suggested.

"I did my rounds already, and no one is going to miss us for a few minutes, just follow me" Chuck relented reaching the elevator.

"For your own sake, I hope you're not planning of us having sex in the elevator whit all these people outside" Blair hissed waiting for the doors to open.

"Mmmm… kinky, I like it, we should try that one later, 'cause tonight I have a better… idea" Chuck offered.

"What you ordered sir!" a waiter approached them.

"Thank you" Chuck replied grabbing the bottle of champagne and two flutes, Blair was just looking between Chuck and the boy and back to Chuck.

"What are…" Blair began.

"Finally" Chuck sighed once the elevator's door opened and guided Blair inside before him.


"Chuck? Seriously, the rooftop? What are we doing here?" Blair demanded.

"Come on, there's a specific spot I need to show you" Chuck said putting his hand on her back walking away.

"Fine" Blair whispered rolling her eyes, what was going on?

"Here" Chuck said pointing to a corner.

Blair kept staring the sight was magnificent, all of New York under the bright starts, it was just breathtaking; Chuck was pouring the champagne behind her.

"This is so beautiful" Blair finally spoke.

"Not as beautiful as you" Chuck mentioned making Blair turned.

"Chuck what are you doing?" Blair exclaimed looking at Chuck down in one knee, holding a black little box in his hands.

"Blair… I'd like you to give me the honor of becoming my wife, of making me the happiest man on Earth, Blair… will you marry me?" Chuck proposed.

"Yes, of course, yes, yes, of course I want to marry you Chuck!" Blair almost screamed, she was ecstatic, she was definitely not expecting this.

"Thank you" Chuck replied putting the ring on her finger and then kissing her.

"Omg I can't believe you" Blair was excited and happy.

"Shall we toast?" Chuck asked handing Blair one of the flutes.

"Of course" Blair mumbled grabbing it.

"To our future" Chuck said.

"To our future" Blair repeated.


"Do you like it?" Chuck requested lifting Blair's hand and kissing it. They were in the elevator on their way down.

"Like it? I loved it, it's perfect Chuck, thank you!" Blair sighed.

"Then I am happy, are you?" Chuck questioned again.

"Of course I am, What's going on? Why all the questions?" Blair demanded.

"Nothing, I just want to make sure you are happy" Chuck relented.

"I am beyond happy, I truly am" Blair assured "though I do have a question on my own"

"Sure what is it?" Chuck mentioned.

"You are always the one with the big gestures and everything going according to plan, so why…" Blair pointed.

"Why wasn't there a whole orchestra, and flowers and candles?" Chuck interrupted.

"Yes… I guess" Blair agreed.

"Because I want you to remember this night like this, when people ask you about tonight you can only remember…" Chuck explained.

"Us" Blair provided.

"Exactly, me, you, me asking you, just us…" Chuck affirmed.

"It was perfect Chuck, I love you" Blair murmured.

"I love you too Blair" Chuck replied then he kissed her until the ding of the elevator reaching their destination interrupted them, Blair was already pushing Chuck against the wall.

"Hold that thought beautiful, later I promise, right now we have guests" Chuck said holding Blair's hand.

"Fine, later!" Blair promised following Chuck.


"Hey guys, where were you? I was starting to worry" Serena exclaimed once she saw the brunette couple.

"We just were…" Blair began but a mass of blonde hair attacked her.

"Omg B, I can't believe it!" Serena was hugging Blair and jumping up and down with her as soon as she noticed the big rock on Blair's fingers.

"Me neither Serena!" Blair agreed and was also jumping up and down along her blonde friend.

"And Chuck, omg congratulations!" Serena turned around to address Chuck and include him in their hug.

"Thank you Serena!" Chuck replied smiling, he wasn't very fond of the show Serena was making, people were already staring at them, but as long Blair was smiling he didn't give a crap about anyone else.

"I'm so happy for you guys" Serena repeated.

"Thank you S, I am so happy too" Blair said.

"Am I interrupting something?" a familiar voice added behind them.

"Omg Nate you made it" Blair scream and went to hug him.

"No of course not" Chuck replied a little shocked; he hadn't expected Nate to be here tonight at all.

"Nate" Serena shyly said.

"Hey guys, what were you celebrating?" Nate asked.

"We Archibald were celebrating our recent engagement" Blair informed putting her arm around Chuck's waist.

"Congratulations, I meant it!" Nate assured.

"Thank you Nathaniel" Chuck spoke again.

"And where's my hug?" Nate added.

"Come right here man" Chuck conceded, happy to have his best friend back "what do you say if we get some drinks for the ladies?"

"But of course" Nate agreed and walked away with Chuck.

"Was that weird?" Serena asked.

"Not at all, I thought it would be… but not" Blair responded.

"Me too, I always imagined if the four of us see each other again it would be awkward, but I just have the feeling that everything is going to work out…" Serena provided.

"I got that feeling too" Blair added.


"Look Nate I really want to apologize, I know I should have never gone after Blair while she was still with you, but I've been in love with her for so long, so when I saw my chance I took it, I don't regret it but I do feel bad about going behind your back" Chuck explained.

"That's okay Chuck, no more hard feelings, I get it, when you have the chance you just have to take it, I'd really like to move on, and have my friend back, I missed you man" Nate confessed.

"I missed you too Nathaniel" Chuck repeated.

"Here you are gentlemen" the bartender said pointing to the drinks Chuck asked for.

"Thank you" Chuck replied.

"So… you engaged? I never thought I'll see the day, Chuck Bass getting hitched" Nate exclaimed.

"I know, and to tell you the truth, I never imagined it myself" Chuck relented "but it feels amazing"

"I guess if it's with the right person, it must be" Nate added.

"So Serena and you?" Chuck began.

"Well Serena and I… I need to talk to her" Nate sighed.

"Why don't you start by giving her this" Chuck handed Nate Serena's drink and walked away to look for Blair.


"What do you think they are talking about?" Blair asked after half an hour she and Chuck spied on the blonde couple.

"Probably whatever thing they used to talk about" Chuck offered.

"Do you think we should…" Blair began.

"No, we are not getting involve with that, you Mrs. Bass have something more important to sink your teeth into" Chuck said grapping his arms around Blair's waist.

"What did you just call me?" Blair asked, Blair Bass… that had a great ring to it, Blair Bass.

"Don't act so surprised! You know I can't wait to call you that" Chuck assured.

"I can't wait either" Blair added.

"So please, starting planning, this year is going to be a torture but I can handle it" Chuck informed.

"A year? I thought you couldn't wait" Blair teased.

"And I can't, but I want you to have whatever you, so if that takes a year, so be it" Chuck explained.

"Interesting, but what if I all need is you" Blair teased.

"That works for me too" Chuck answered "but really there's no need, whatever you want, you should have it"

"Are you going to spoiled me Bass?" Blair smiled.

"Always Bass" Chuck conceded.

"I'm being serious, all I need is you, my family and my best friends, nothing more, after spending the last year planning a wedding, I realized that everything else was pointless, I don't care if the flowers are perfect or not, all I care about is the man I'm about to get married to" Blair explained.

"Great, then it shouldn't take that much time then, where do you want to do it? Here, the Hamptons, you name it" Chuck retorted.

"Actually I was thinking my dad's vineyard, it's a marvelous place, my parents are already in Paris, we just need our best friends and we'll be set, what do you think?" Blair manifested.

"I think that sounds amazing" Chuck agreed.


"Yeah I can't believe it either" Nate repeated.

"Yes, Chuck and Blair, that's a couple you can root for" Serena smiled.

"I guess" Nate conceded.

"So…." Serena sighed.

"Look, I'm so sorry I didn't call you sooner, after you decided to stay in here for Blair I didn't know how to talk to you anymore, or if you even wanted to talk to me at all…" Nate finally said.

"Me neither, I didn't know how to be with you either, Blair wasn't even talking to me, and I figured seeing us together wouldn't please her either, I wanted to talk to you too, but I was a mess, and confused, I didn't know how to move on…" Serena explained.

"Well, maybe we should start all over again… Hi I'm Nate, nice to meet you" Nate offered Serena his hand.

"Nice to meet you Nate, I'm Serena" she responded playing along.

"Would you like to grab coffee any time soon?" Nate asked.

"I'd love to" Serena answered.


"Ms. Serena hurry up, Ms. Blair having a panic attack" Dorota pressed Serena.

"B, please calm down, everything is going to be okay" Serena offered entering the private room at the Bass Jet, Blair was pacing back and forth.

"I can't S, I feel like I'm missing something and if I did, we won't have time to come back and get it on time for my wedding" Blair hissed "my wedding S, I can't remember, I know I forgot something…"

"Okay, we'll go through the list again, and check everything before we leave" Serena conceded.

"Thank you S" Blair sighed and went to check her little planner… again.

"Should I could Mr. Chuck?" Dorota whispering asked Serena.

"Yes please, she's about to have a stroke, maybe he can calm her down" Serena pleaded and went to help Blair with the list, but according to the blonde everything they needed was already on the plane.


"Blair, stop it!" Serena snapped.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Blair retorted.

"We already triplet check the list and nothing is missing, you are freaking us all out and the Captain wants to go now, and we really need to go, Roman is doing what he can but you wanted to check the place before the wedding" Serena informed.

"I don't care what the Captain wants, he's paid to do what told, and I can't leave just now, I forgot something" Blair insisted.

But what was it, she tried to recap the last three weeks of her life looking for a clue, the weekend Chuck and her got engaged, they flew to visit her parents, all of them, to officially introduce Chuck as her fiancée, they already knew Chuck but never in a million years they thought Chuck would be Blair's fiancée, Eleanor almost fainted, Cyrus welcomed Chuck into the family immediately, as well as Roman, Harold was speechless at first but observing Blair and Chuck together finally convinced him they were meant for each other, when Blair and Chuck asked him for the vineyard to celebrate their wedding in two weeks he said they were probably rushing into things, but Roman being the romantic character he was said they were young and in love, he shouldn't forget that. Eleanor was reluctant and barely speaking to Chuck, but Chuck being well… Chuck with his natural charm won Blair's family over in no time, making Eleanor to offer to have a new wedding dress for Blair, she confessed that while doing the other wedding gown, for some reason she also made another one that really screamed Blair and in fact was very different from the five-years-old-princess-fairytale-wedding-gown Blair had requested prior, clarifying that she made it and case the other dress got spoiled or something, now she just needed to make some adjustments and the dress was ready. Roman said he would take care of arranging the things for the vineyard to look spectacular for the wedding, so everything was ready.

"Okay" Serena conceded "I'll look at the list one more time" and walked out of the room.

"Thank you Serena" Blair mumbled.


"You shouldn't be so hard on her she's just trying to help" a voice announced coming into the room.

"Chuck? What are you doing here? The groom can't see the bride before the wedding" Blair exclaimed.

"I know, but this is hardly the day of the wedding, you still have tomorrow, which won't be seeing each other, but you have to go now, Serena and Dorota will help you with anything you need, Nate and I will get there tomorrow night and the next day I'll see you at the altar beautiful" Chuck explained.

"But I can't leave Chuck, I forgot something and I can't shake the feeling that if I don't do it, it'd be of bad luck" Blair repeated now some tears were coming down her cheeks.

"Hey come here" Chuck offered wrapping his arms involving Blair's body "I know what you forgot, and only because you were in a hurry, when I came out of the bathroom you were already gone and you forgot…"

"To kiss you" Blair completed "Yes that was it, I said I needed to get going, I went to pick up my passport and got into the bathroom, I thought you were gone and I needed to be here"

"So now you can kiss me" Chuck said leaning in.

Blair grabbed him and kissed him, how could she forget to kiss him, she needed his kisses like she needed air, soon her legs wrap around his waist but Chuck stopped them.

"Wait… we can't do this here, and you really need to go, the Captain has to come back for Nate and I" Chuck informed.

"Fine" Blair groaned but unhooked her legs "but kiss me one more time"


Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door "Hey guys, we need to go" Serena said.

"Yes just a minute S" Blair yelled, she hated Serena right now, after the second kiss she pushed Chuck over the bed and they were having a really hot and heavy make out session, she tried to remove Chuck's jacket a few times but Chuck wouldn't budge, he just kept kissing her.

"Don't be like that" Chuck said noticing Blair pouting "after Saturday no one will come between us, I promise"

"I can't wait" Blair whispered.

"I can't wait either… but right now I have to go back to the office" Chuck announced.

"Fine…" Blair mumbled, kissed him again and let him go "Go and don't be late on Saturday!"

"I won't, see you on Saturday gorgeous" Chuck pecked her one more time and left.

"So can we finally go now?" Serena asked entering the room.

"Yes we can" Blair sighed.


Three months later…

"So what was the big news?" Blair asked, they were at Chuck and Blair's Hamptons' house for the weekend, like old times, the 4 of them, having a great time.

"Well… we" Nate began reaching for Serena's hand behind him, they were at the beach, Serena was sitting down on the sand, Nate was lying down with his head on Serena's lap, Chuck and Blair were on a chair, Blair was on Chuck's lap, his arms touching and caressing her belly for some strange reason, Nate thought.

"We are engaged" Serena exclaimed lifting the hand Nate was holding showing off the ring.

"Omg S, congratulations" Blair sat up and went to hug her blond friend.

"Congrats man" Chuck said looking at Nate then to Blair "Careful beautiful"

"I'm fine Chuck" Blair relented pulling her friend from the sand to give her a proper hug.

"What's wrong?" Serena asked.

"Nothing is wrong" Blair replied "let me see the ring… omg Serena, it's gorgeous, I'm so happy for you"

Nate stood up too "Maybe we should bring some champagne to celebrate"

"No… I mean yes, we should celebrate" Chuck intervened.

"What is going on?" Nate asked this time.

"Fine" Blair relented "nothing is wrong, I just wanted to pass the three months mark before telling you, but apparently here Mr. Bass can't keep a secret" going back to Chuck's lap.

"Okay… what happened?" Serena insisted.

"We are pregnant" Chuck announced rubbing his hand over Blair's still flat belly.

"Omg, omg, omg, I can't believe it, why didn't you tell me before" Serena accused.

"Sorry S, I just wanted to be sure everything was okay with the baby before delivering the news… to anyone" Blair explained.

"Congratulations guys" Nate added eyeing Chuck and then Blair.

"Thank you Nate" Blair responded "please tell me your plans, this was supposed to be your weekend, you had some news to share" glaring at Chuck "what are you plans, big wedding, small getting, elope wedding, tell me S"

Serena started to share her ideas with Blair while Chuck whispered in her ear "I'm sorry beautiful, I didn't want you to tell them like this, I was just worried you were lifting Serena, the doctor say do not use force, I can't help to worry" Blair was only nodding at Chuck's words.

"So yeah I think a small wedding would be the best, not as small as yours but yes that's kinda the idea" Serena finalized.

"Like my wedding…" Blair conceded remembering that beautiful and amazing day almost three months ago.

Her father walked her to the aisle, Chuck was waiting for her; Roman made sure peonies were everywhere, Serena as her maid of honor, Nate as the best man next to Chuck, she looked at the small audience, Eleanor and Cyrus holding hands, next to them Aaron her step-brother and his wife Amanda, Roman and Dorota with tissues drying their tears, and Sebastian, Chuck's right hand at Bass Industries, and Mr. and Mrs. Gregner, Bart's oldest friends and like an uncle, a real uncle to Chuck, and their teenage granddaughter Sage, yes this was all that she needed nothing more nothing less.

"So do you like my idea?" Serena mumbled again.

"I love it S" Blair replied.

"Well since you can't drink maybe she should bring some sparking water for you" Nate offered taking Serena's hand to go inside the house for the drinks to celebrate.

"Are you mad at me?" Chuck whispered in Blair's ear once they were alone.

She turned around and smiled "I'm not mad, I know you worry and I wouldn't have it any other way Bass, I love you Chuck, I love our baby and I know you love him already like I do"

"I do love him very much as much as I love you Blair" Chuck assured kissing her.

"I love you too Chuck" Blair said one more time kissing him again.


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