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Just like any other day, by: KatChanQ

Sae had just been awoken by her sister Suki and was slowly getting out of bed. While shuffling to the closet for clothes she tripped two times and landed on her face both times. "Why do I have to be so clumsy!?" Sae exclaimed. She rubbed her forehead while removing from her closet, her school uniform, and club outfit for after school. After getting dressed and packing her club outfit in her book bag, along with wand, she headed downstairs for breakfast, tripping halfway and rolling down the stairs to a halt against the wall.

On the way to school Sae meet up with Nanaka. "Nanaka, you're going to come to this afternoons club meeting, right?" "Sae," she sighed, "only if you go." The rest of the way Sae walked into three poles, tripped over two curbsides, and bumped into five people, while repeatedly saying sorry to Nanaka and the people for being clumsy.

When Nanaka and Sae walked through their high school's gate they spotted Takeo. "Hello

Takakura-senpai!" Sae yelled out to him. "Oh it's you Sawanaguchi, and Nakatomi. Are you ready for this afternoons special meeting?" he asked while trying to look important. "What 'special' meeting Takakura? It's just a trip to the school's roof." Nanaka said matter of factly. This stripped Takeo's "proud" look. "Well I'm ready, I even brought my club outfit to change into." Sae said. This gave Takeo his proud stand again and said, "Good job Sawanaguchi." But then his mind trailed off and he started to think of Sae changing into her club outfit….

"Takakura-senpai? Could you unzip my skirt? It's stuck and I can't reach it to fix?" "Sa..Sa..Sawanagu..gu..gu..guchi? No it's not right." "Oh never mind I got it." As Sae pulls her zipper down it reveals her underwear. "No, no, no, no, no, no….

…. IT'S NOT RIGHT!" Takeo exclaims coming out of his dream. Luckily no one was left outside, unluckily the bell had run and he was late. He sprinted into the building.

Aburatsubo sighed as he watched his Takeo-kun through the window. Seconds later Takeo burst through the classroom door. "Takakura! Why are you late?" the teacher yelled. At this Aburatsubo stood up and said, "Sorry, I asked Takeo if he could run an errand for me." "Oh, okay Aburatsubo, if it was for you. Sit down Takakura, you're excused." Takeo made his way to his seat next to Aburatsubo.

"Takeo-kun just what were you dreaming about this time?" He said jealously.

"Oh nothing."

"It was about Sawanaguchi, wasn't it." He said with a slight whine in his tone.

"Uh." Takeo turned red in the face.

"I want you to dream about meee." He whined.

After school they all met in the clubroom, Sae is the only one wearing her club outfit. "I can't believe you actually wore that Sae." Nanaka sighed. "It's for the club." She replied back. "That's the spirit Sawanaguchi!" Takeo said with star shaped pupils and hand clenched. Aburatsubo grabbed Takeo's arm, "Ohhh, you're so powerful!" "St..St..Stop that!"

They made their way to the school's roof. "Today we are going to practice flying." Takeo said. "That's it!? That's the 'special' thing we'll be doing today?" Nanaka said unbelievingly.

The club starts chanting the spell, "Isaki apam mehinam, eto caffe nam!" over and over. Slowly the club starts rising, even Sae. "Sawanaguchi, you've gotten good." Takeo complimented. "Oh, thank you." While saying this though she lost concentration and started to fall. "Concentrate Sawanaguchi!" "Isaki apam mehinam, eto caffe nam. " she chanted.

As they flew over their town Akane, Nanaka, and Sae start talking. "So Akane, I see you could stay for once." Nanaka said. "Well really I'm just doing this to avoid this thing my mom wanted me to do." "It figures." She retorted.

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Oh and if I spelt any name wrong tell me, the chant was the normal one they say for flying.