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The club is now flying over the lake near the big cherry tree. The sakura petals are floating in the air crossing them as they fly. Nanaka, Sae, and Akane are in front. Takeo and Aya-chan are in back.

"Nanaka! Look how beautiful the petals are and the tree has grown too!" Sae exclaimed.

"Sae, that's all we need. The tree to grow." She replied.

A single petal fell and made its way from the tree and landed on Takeo's cheek.

"Oh Takeo-kun let me get that for you." Aya-chan squealed with delight.

He made his way over and gently picked it off of Takeo. He turned red.

"I'll keep this forever." He said and put it in his pocket. ^.^

Suddenly a gust of wind caused Sae to fall off the seat of her broom. She grabbed the broom with one hand.

"Sawanaguchi!" Takeo yelled. "Hold on I'll get you!"

He quickly flew over, now leaving a jealous Aburatsubo behind. The petals were slapping against his face as he lunged forward to get to where Sae was. Just about the time he would have grabbed her hand to pull up as she fell, Nanaka flew under Sae and came upwards, allowing Sae to sit on her broom. Nanaka and Sae went up as the blur of Takeo rushed below them. He tried to stop fast and he ended having his broom buck him off. As Takeo fell through the air Aburatsubo quickly and gracefully swooped down below him and caught him on his broom.

"Oh my poor Takeo-kun, you shouldn't have done such a thing!" Aburatsubo said.

"Well, thank you." He said bright red and dazed.

Back on the roof of the school Akane quickly ran off saying she had a model shoot and she was late.

"Bye Akane!" Sae yelled to her, but she was already flying down the staircase.

"Really, that girl has no respect for her seniors." Nanaka complained.

"She's just busy Nanaka." Sae said.

"That's no excuse for rudeness."

"Well everyone the meeting is now over." Takeo said.

But everyone except for Aya-chan had left.

"Where? Where did they go?"

"Well Akane had to leave for a shoot and Sae and Nanaka left a second ago so Sae could change. They did say bye to you, didn't you hear them?" Aburatsubo said in his silky voice.


"What were you thinking about then? It had better have been Me." He pouted.

Well in fact he was thinking about Sae. How he couldn't save her before her grip had let go. If it wasn't for Nanaka, Sae might have, might have, he just didn't want to think about it.

Aburatsubo stared at Takeo-kun and saw the worry on his face. He slowly slipped behind him and grabbed him around the waist.

"Takeo-kun, what's the matter?" He whispered in his ear.

Takeo tried to wriggle free, "Aburatsubo! Let me go!"

But he wouldn't let go. Instead he pulled Takeo to the floor.

"I'll make you feel better Takeo-kun." He moaned.

"Stop that! Aburatsubo! What are you doing? No. No. NO!"

All of a sudden Sae burst through the roof door, "Gomen, I forgot my…."

"Oh, sorry to interrupt." Sae turned a fire engine red and directed her eyes to the floor.

"Oh that's okay." Aburatsubo said hoping she would go away.

Sae quickly walked over to her forgotten broom, picked it up, and started to leave when she turned around.

"I am truly sorry." She bowed low and turned to leave.

"Bye." Aya-chan said in a half singing voice.

"Wait! Sae! You don't have to go!" Takeo exclaimed trying to make it so Aburatsubo would get off him.

But Sae had left, still bright red.

"Aburatsubo. No. No. NO!"

And as the sun sets below the horizon, we can hear the faint screams of a scared boy and the opposite screams of delight."

^. ~

The End

I hoped you liked it! Now remember that last part went about as far as a normal episode would have gone. Sorry if that burst your happy bubble. Aya- chan still is happy though. I know I am. *hee, hee*