The Amazing Chan Adventures Episode 2 – Old Friends And Enemies

Disclaimer: I do not own Jackie Chan Adventures, or any of these characters.

Synopsis: After returning home from their adventure in Mexico, the Chans' hope for time to rest is dashed when an old friend meets mortal danger.

Prison years are not something many enjoy, particularly not Daolon Wong. Being trapped in an infuriatingly average prison like an infuriatingly average person was… well… infuriating. He should be lording over the fools who trapped him in this foul jail not locked within it like some common criminal – he was master of dark chi, a shade above the unexceptional brutes that dare call themselves kingpins, not some vagrant thief.

Stuck in drab, demeaning prisoner's clothes, spending his days ladling food for slobs and vagabonds in a filthy kitchen, looked down upon by the young, ignorant prisoners around him. It was enough to make him retch. A life sentence, feh. He knew that even without his power the chi influence on his body would give him twenty, maybe thirty years left in this worthless hole, with no chance to escape without his power.

"Blast them. Blast them all!" he ranted in his cell, as he often did at night – at this point, the others in his cell block were too used to it to bother trying to make him shut up – they just shut it out. "If not for that treacherous dragon Shendu and that sanctimonious good chi wizard I would be all powerful, instead of languishing my years away here in this forsaken prison." He paced around his cell, gesturing wildly. "Surrounded by fools, reduced to the meanest position like a common man. Is this what is to become of the great Daolon Wong? Withering away in this humiliating environment?"

"Ancient wisdom. Only through humility may we learn the true nature of success."

Daolon snapped towards the sudden sound to see a man who had not been there a moment before sitting – no, floating – above his bed. He was short and scrawny, with a thin, weasel-like face and a ratlike grin spread under his long, wiry moustache.

"How dare you!" he shouted. "Who are you and why have you invaded my home!" He winced at referring to his drab jail cell as his home, but he had spent years there after all.

"Now, now… is that any way to someone who is going to return you to your former glory, Daolon Wong?"

"You know me?"

"Of course. Your name is famed among chi practitioners."

So, this man was a chi wizard, that narrowed it down. Wait… that face! He sneered, "I know you. I've heard about you, anyways. You're a low class magician who uses artifacts and the fruits of others' skill to give yourself power, when you have none of your own!"

The small man's face turned impassive. "Ancient wisdom: those who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

Daolon scowled, "touché, magician. What is it that you want? Here to see what happened to the once great dark chi master?" He bitterly gestured to his less-than-stellar surroundings.

His gave him a flat look, "as I said, I am here to return you to your former glory, though if you don't want me to…" he made to get up off the bed. Daolon calmly stopped him.

"First, you will tell me how you plan to do so, magician. Then, I may refuse."

The man smirked, "The good chi wizard removed your ability to use your vast skills in chi magic, yes? And I am a monk, not a magician."

Daolon sneered again. "Whatever, and yes. Thank you for reminding me."

The monk ignored his last remark. "That is the key. He only removed your ability to tap into chi magic, not your vast ability and skill in using it."

"Yes, so? Get to the point."

"Patience, my friend. Over the years I have a acquired a spell that can circumvent the wizard's 'disenchantment,' by allowing you to use a limited portion of my own power-"

"What? You would have me use your pitiful skills?"

"No, not my skills, just my chi. You would use your own magic, but use my chi as a kind of magical battery to power it." The monk's eyes narrowed. "And it would do you well not to be so condescending in the future."

"Urgh… fine. Proceed."

"It is not much, and it is only a temporary solution. Luckily, however, I know of a scroll holding an enchantment that can permanently return your magic, just as powerful as it once was!"

Daolon snorted. "I see. And if you were in such a position to help me why wait until I have been in this rathole for years before offering? I sense an ulterior motive."

The monk smiled that ratlike smile again – neither he nor Daolon Wong had any pretence that his visit here was spurred on by actual altruism. "Recently, I have located a book containing spells of great interest to myself. A collection, actually. Spells of the type that are no interest to you, but which I am most intent on obtaining. They are held within the same place that the scroll you require is held, but unfortunately, due to the events of my last visit there, I cannot return without endangering myself. I do not possess the skills to overcome this setback, but you do. With your help, I can remove that danger and help us both."

"I see, so you only truly help me once I have done what you want. Feh. Daolon Wong is no one's puppet."

"I assure you, this is more of a mutually beneficial partnership – we will both end this getting exactly what we want. And plus I give you the opportunity for something we both want very much."

"And what is that?"

"Revenge on Jackie Chan…"

Daolon Wong smiled wide, and an old malevolence sparked back into his mismatched eyes. "Well, then… what are you waiting for?"

Author's Note: I always found the fact that Daolon Wong went to your average, everyday dreary prison to be extremely funny as a fitting punishment. More full notes next chapter.