A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. Just a bit of cousincest randomness… Read, review, and enjoy!


NO nonsense
(You're n.o.n.s.e.n.s.e)
|s t r i c t| curls
(~g_e_n_t_l_e~ waves)
harsh words&&eyes
(but you only wanted LoVe)

Molly's got her w h o l e life "planned"
But you had your :whole: life planned
/w\i/t\h/ .her.
So as she
DiSentangles herself from you
["pretty baby, this has GOT to stop"]
&stands to LeAve
["you shoulda known this wouldn't LAST forever"]
&&goes without a look over her ShOulder
["i've got goals that DON'T involve you"]
you c|R/a\C-k

Mols has got another THINK coming

But she's always been too sssmart for her own gggood
&aaany attempts to wwwin her back
are f*u*t*i*l*e
because she's set on
you before you can do the _same_
to her

{and so the breeze rolls in}

It's just a gentle »nudge at first
The pokes&prods of Mols to make you uncomfortable in your own s;k;i;n
(but when has Victoire Apolline Weasley ever felt that way?)
But it's g e n t l e enough,
so you pay no mind

{the breeze becomes a wind}

Then…others start to take notice
-have you always been so disheveled?
-why don't you have a bloke yet?
-you've got a brown curl on your jumper, Vic
&&it feels as though alllll the world's ¤EYES¤ are on you&&
you start to bend

{the wind has turned into a gust}

Suddenly all the cousins are making jokes
.::two lezzes walk into a pub…::.
.::it's all SAPPHO-moric::.
.::bought any new c~a~r~p~e~t lately?::.
Yeah, they definitely k|n|o|w

Then the letters&&pictures arrive

{the gust foretold the hurricane}

A simple
[ b o x ]
was never so InTiMiDaTiNg
&&n e v e r so brittle
)Open!( it bursts
*freely* it releases
s.P-i/l:l,e\d are all your secrets for the world to •learn•

{and there's nothing after the hurricane, 'cuz you've had the wind & are crying the rain in the form of tears—there's not much left in a hurricane, is there? except for the


As you turn v:i.n:d.i:c.t:i.v:e (&isn't that what Mols wanted?)
You start to !scheme!
Hmm…maybe Daddy made you a little wolfish by ±accident±?
So it's now time for Molly's
to bite her in the
Because you c|R/a\C-k:e~d, and know you won't be able to recover from this fall

&&if you've gotta fall down, you might as well [take] someone w-i-t-h you

"Sticks&&stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt her"
Oh, you'll make it hurt, all right

(Say things to her)
((Cast nasty hexes her way))
(((Make her wonder if you've
CuRsEd her)))
((((Let her think the bleeding&&the bruises are all coincidences))))
(((((Turn a deaf ear to her cries of pain as she is physically gouged
as your heart emotionally was)))))

Ah, Mols, they know you're an incestuous traitor now

{and the storm dies down, the gusts recede into winds, the wind becomes a breeze, & all's calm again…

&&down 'n down you'll both tumble,

WAY past recovery}


Holy shit. :+ Amazing what you can write when you're angry with school. :/ But I just got a good idea in mind and so—ta da? I actually quite like this: the formatting, the pace, the conceit (elaborate metaphor, fyi), and the enmity, too. Hrmm. So yeah.

Review, please and thanks.

-mew-tsubaki :)