Rain began to fall as Gage and Sydney walked away from the police car transporting the prisoners they had just captured.

"Come on, Syd" Gage said as they ran to their car. They got in and shook of the rain that had landed on their bodies. Gage started the car and his blue eyes shined as put the car in reverse and pulled out if the driveway.

The rain collected on the road and the rhythym of the wipers were almost hypnotic as Sydney was making notes in the file folder on her lap.

Gage laughed and said "Is that you ever do, Shorty, paperwork?" She playfully punched his shoulder and replied "well unlike some people I like to get it done before it piles up."

Gage watched as a sports car sped passed him. "What an idiot! Driving that fast on these..." before he could finish, the speeding car hydroplaned and began to cross in front of them. Seeing the sports car getting closer Gage steadied the steering wheel with both hands. Knowing not to slam the brakes on, he took his foot off the accelerator hoping their car would slow down enough to avoid the oncoming accident. But it was too Late.

"SYD!..."Gage screamed

The sports car slid strait into their car. Sydney heard glass shatter and a scream escaped her mouth. Gage heard her scream as the darkness settled around him.