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Gage pulled Sydney up the embankment out of the ditch. His leg was numb now. The only feeling he had was fear for Sydney. "Syd. Wake Up. " He felt for a pulse. Nothing. "OH. No, No" He leaned her head back and pinched her nose shut. Giving her two quick breaths he screamed her name again. "Sydney, Damn it. Dont you dare." He started compressions on her chest as the rain continued to saturate them. More breaths. More compressions. His hope dwindling. "Come on Syd. Please." his voice in a panic knowing he couldn't, he wouldn't live without his partner. The rain mixed with his tears. So many memories flashed in his head as he continued CPR. He said a silent prayer.

A glimmer of hope. She coughed. Gage rolled her onto her side to help the water drain out of her mouth. She reached up for him with her good arm. "You're okay Syd. " he reassured her. And himself. When her brown eyes looked up at him ,he melted. What would he have done if she never looked at him again. She looked so beuatiful with her wet hair frameing her face. Gage took a moment to thank God. Then smiled at his noticed the gash on her forehead and reached for it. Not knowing what other injuries she may of sustained he merely said in a calm voice. "Just relax, Syd. Everythings gonna be okay."

Walker drove around one puddle then through a deeper one. Luckily the Ram was four wheel drive. His Cherokee instinct told him to keep going. Trivette silently grumbled as the truck skidded even though he had all the faith in his partners driving abilities. His nerves were on edge. The thunder couldn't drown out the beating of his heart. Gage and Sydney were his friends and he felt useless in helping them. Walker was driving but he was just sitting there. He had to do something but what. He called Sydney's phone one more time.

Sydney, coming to and shaking her head assessed the situation. She saw the mangled car in the ditch. "Oh God, Gage, The other driver. " Even in pain her heart was still full of compassion. Gage looked around and saw the sports car. "Stay here. I'll go." He tried to get up but quickly remembered his leg. He pulled himself toward the overturned car. He saw blood on the ground near the car swirling in the running water. As he peered into the car he saw the mangled body of the occupant. Knowing the results before hand, he still felt for a pulse on the mans neck. He lowered his head. Senseless. This was a senseless accident that did not have to happen. He hobbled back over to where Sydney sat massageing her head. By the look on his face she knew the answer without asking the question. The rain was chilly and he noticed Sydney's teeth chattering. He pulled her into his arms being careful of her broken arm.

"Walker's coming. " He said full of hope ..and dought. Sydney still reeling from her head injury groaned. "I sure hope so. I barely spoke to him when the battery died." Gage moved a piece of wet hair off her face and said, "There is always hope."

And just as the words came out of his mouth. The rain stopped. He looked at Sydney, she looked back in to those blue eyes that seemed to read her soul. They both laughed at the amazing event that just happened. Gage looking over Sydneys shoulder smiled and pointed behind her. "There is your Hope, Shorty." She turned and saw the brightest rainbow she had ever seen.

Sydney turned back to look at Gage " You know what this means Francis?" she asked smiling "This means we have to copmpletely rewrite the case file." They both laughed as a silver Dodge Ram pulled up behind them. Trivette jumped out of the truck before Walker had it stopped "Sydney. Gage. You guys okay?" He asked. They were both laughing. Walker looked at the car in the ditch. The sports car on the road and shook his head." Somebody care to explain this one?" Sydney pointed at Gage. And Gage Shrugged.


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