Danny sighed entering the house his parents were ranting again about "putrid protoplasm", and "post human consciousness." Danny rolled his eyes and continued past the angry couple electing to sit next to Jazz.

"I take it Phantom gave them the slip again?" Jazz asked Danny nodded his head colliding with the table in his exhaustion.

"Took nearly an hour... But yes." Danny gave Jazz a weak smile, "In the mean time I get to spend the rest of my night hunting down Technus, ghost master of all things 'hip' and outdated." Danny sighed his head still firmly glued to the table. Jazz sighed, she loved her parents and all but at times like this she just wanted to ram their skulls together.

Danny groaned loudly as he got up from the table and wandered toward the stairs. After staring at the stairs a good minute he forced himself up. Jazz sighed glaring at her parents, of course Danny wouldn't complain or do anything to stop the ghosts such as demolishing the Fenton Portal the source of so much of his troubles, but the least Jazz could relive some of Danny's pain.

Jazz snapped her book shut and marched up to her parents glaring.

"Can't you two ever stop to think! You say all ghosts are evil, that they have no emotion, then you toss around things like post-human consciousness, post-HUMAN! If ghosts were once human what about dying automatically makes them evil, if they were human once why can't they still be recognized as a intelligent form of humanity, Ecto-Americans!" Jazz glared folding her arms angrily. Then without leaving her parents a chance to argue the point Jazz flipped her long orange hair over her shoulder and continued walking up the stairs to Danny's room.

As she reached the door Jazz hesitantly knocked. When there was no answer Jazz let her self in to find Danny collapsed on the bed snoring. The door hit the wall and Danny jolted awake noticing Jazz his face screwed up in thought as he tried to form words.

"I... I was just resting my eyes." Danny blushed. Jazz sighed.

"Come on Danny, you need rest." Jazz insisted.

"No... I have a technophilliac running around with another half baked plan to take over the world with technology and make us all his slaves blah, blah, blah. I can't rest." Danny insisted.

"Please Danny." Jazz begged. Danny shook his head transforming into his alter ego with a flash of light.

"Besides, ghosts don't NEED sleep." Danny flashed a grin then turned and walked into a wall forgetting to go intangible and twirling around before proceeding to fall onto the ground face up. He raised a gloved hand as if pointing at the ceiling his eyes closed. "Though sleep definitely helps." Danny grumbled before changing back into his human form unexpectedly. "I... Uh meant to do that." he informed his sister half-heartedly.

"I'm so convinced." Jazz replied rolling her eyes.

"Hey I'll be fine." Danny yawned stretching and standing up once more.

"You need to get some rest, you're like the walking dead." Jazz scolded. Danny burst out laughed at this causing Jazz to blush when she realized what exactly she had said.

"You know what I meant don't be so morbid." Jazz glared. Danny snapped his fingers and pointed at her.

"What ever you say Jazz." He smiled causing Jazz to roll her eyes at his antics.

"I can't believe the fate and safety of this town is in your hands." Jazz teased. Danny folded his arms defiantly and stuck his tongue out.

"That's not entirely true, it's in Sam and Tucker's hands too." Danny argued.

"Exactly, Tucker stuck a fry up his nose the last time I saw him." Jazz grimaced.

"Excuse me, but that was on a dare." Danny reasoned.

"And who dared him to do it?" Jazz pressed.

"Sam." Danny stated as-matter-of-fact-ly.

"I rest my case." Jazz folded her arms. Danny rolled his eyes.

"Excuse me but Tucker could hack government files with only a PDA, that's not counting what he could do with a computer. And Sam can pull information on the occult, or practically anything, faster than you could blink." Danny defended. Jazz conceded the point, but still was unwilling to be wrong.

"That doesn't change the fact you need rest." She continued staring down her younger brother who shrugged.

"I'll rest when I'm dead." Danny joked.

"Danny-" Jazz started but was cut off by Danny's battle cry.

"Goin' ghost." He smiled winking at Jazz as two rings of brilliant white light formed moving over his body; black hair were replaced with white, deep blue eyes were replaced with a glowing green, and his street clothes shifted to a black and white HAZMAT jumpsuit. A stylized DP on his chest. Danny suppressed a yawn as he floated upward, he gave an encouraging smile to his sister than floated through the wall before taking off into the night.

Downstairs Maddie had come to a sudden a human could become a ghost, shouldn't it be possible to reverse the process?

Maddie suddenly had formulas and theories running through her head as she contemplated this new discovery because of what Jazz said. If a ghost was indeed post human consciousness it had therefore been human at one time, was it therefore possible to reintroduce the human to this equation. Maddie set to work immediately working out an answer and locking herself in the basement where her husband and her started working on a new experiment.

Danny defeated Technus pulling him easily into the thermos after Tucker deactivated all his tech. Danny then flew home and landed in a heap on his bed changing back to the dark haired Danny Fenton the minute his body touched his bed. As he lay on the cool sheets Danny let the thermos fall from his grip where it rolled and came to a stop beneath his bed, upsetting the technology master contained with in.

A soft snore came up from his mouth the young Halfa fell asleep almost instantly. Jazz peeked into Danny's room for what felt to her like the billionth time that night. Finding him asleep Jazz smiled before creeping into the room, easing Danny's shoes off and tucking him under the covers. Jazz picked up the thermos gingerly from under the bed and exited the room closing the door behind her.

Danny let out a deep sigh and snuggled deeper into his covers. Jazz snuck downstairs her parents having gone to bed for the night. She emptied the thermos into the ghost zone and returned it to Danny's room stopping to kiss her younger brother on the forehead as he slept.

A young purple cloaked ghost watched the scene silently in a large clock face before the scene changed to that of the Fenton lab green glowing ectoplasm turned red, it had changed into blood, an orange haired woman in a blue jumpsuit threw her arms around the figure of a huge orange jump-suited man. Once more the scene changed to that of a boy eyes colored a deep emerald green were wide with fear. The boy to whom those eyes belonged to backed up against a wall, loose white shirt stained with gruesome red color. The scene changed again this time to a grave. The emerald eyed boy laying flowers on the grave eyes no longer just a deep human emerald but a glowing acid green. The purple cloaked ghost grew ages a long white beard appearing before turning away from the spying glass.

"Everything is as it should be."