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"A Job Well Done"
by DragonDancer5150


It was practically routine. Everyone knew how to respond. And where.

Engineering. This time it wasn't just Wheeljack in there, though, but Skyfire and Perceptor as well. The first mechs on the scene worked to clear the debris enough to reach the trapped. The hardest to free was the large shuttle-based scientist, as he seemed to have taken the brunt of the damage. The easiest was the researcher – Skyfire had apparently turned and thrown himself over Perceptor to protect him and managed to stay up enough on hands and knees not to be laying on the microscope-based researcher. And across the room, the Autobots' favorite engineer had managed to dive under his worktable to avoid the plates of ceiling that had ripped loose and fallen over him.

Ironhide was livid. "Wheeljack, you destroy this ship one more time an' I'll-"

"Ironhide, please." Perceptor tried to interrupt with a hand on the security head's arm.

Ironhide's aide, Red Alert, shook his head. "I'll check the tapes, see exactly what happened. This time."

"You do that, Red."

"I can tell you what happened, Red Alert."

"Not now, Skyfire. Med-bay. Now. All three'a you!" Ironhide pointed.

As the trio marched down the hall, they passed mechs who either swatted at Wheeljack in half-sparked irritation or jokingly clapped him on the shoulder for "a job well done". Sunstreaker was outright laughing. "Good one, 'Jack! Think that was your best yet!"

In the Med-bay, Ratchet took one look at the three of them, huffed at Wheeljack, and ordered him and Perceptor onto repair berths while he slipped out to one of the storage bays. He'd need more than he had on-hand for the injuries, especially Skyfire's.

The shuttle eased himself onto the floor, as there wasn't a repair berth big enough to support him. "Wheeljack, I-"

"Nah, it's okay, 'Fire."

"No, Wheeljack, Skyfire's right-"

"Percy, don't worry about it. Let 'em think what they will."

"But . . . it wasn't you!"

Wheeljack looked at the two of them, heels swinging gently back and forth as he sat on the edge of the berth, shrugged, and shook his head. "It's been me enough times. Really, it's okay. I'm used ta it." His tone turned fond and amused as he admonished, "But next time I tell ya that a human-built synthetic barrier material isn't as strong as ours even though all tests show it should be . . . just trust me, okay?"