Skulduggery Pleasant shot another eye-socket glare at the three men that sat infront of him.

They were taking the crap out of him because he had fallen in love. Again.

Valkyrie Cain walked in when the boys were in mid-laughter, and they all cheered, Skulduggery had had enough of it so he picked up a book and decided he was going to read it.

"Whats going on?" Valkyrie asked, a smile on her face.

"She speaks!" Vex yelled and Skulduggery threw his book at him. The three men doubled over with laughter and Skulduggery started calling them all the names under the sun.

"Okay boys," Valkyrie said, a sterness to her voice. "Whats going on?"

Ravel opened his mouth to speak but Skulduggery threw Ghastly's drink at him, however Ghastly spoke for him, "Skulduggery Pleasant is in LOVE!" he yelled, and Skulduggery tackled him, taking the boxer to the floor.

"Awhh" Valkyrie said when Skulduggery's back collided with the sofa after Ghastly threw him.

Skulduggery looked at her, "Cow" he growled.

She grinned and sat next to him, "So who is she?"

the boys snorted at what she said.

"Doesn't matter" Skulduggery growled.

"Why so moody Mr Pleasant?" she snorted.

"Doesn't matter" He said. His usually calm voice rising.

Valkyrie arched an eyebrow and poked him and he turned to glare at her.

"Do NOT poke me." Skulduggery said.

she poked him again, and he didn't react, she frowned. "Your really grumpy if your not tickling the living daylights out of me" she said.

he turned his head to her, and out of the corner of his eye socket, he saw the boys grinning again.

"Stop it." he said to them, fighting to keep the calm in his voice.

The boys went to reply with something sarcastic, but Valkyrie cut them of by pouncing on Skulduggery and pinning him down on the sofa.

"Who do you fancy?" she demanded.

"You do not need to know" he said, glaring at her with empty eye sockets.

"I think you'll find i do." she said, leaning in closer to him.

"Awkward position Skully!" Ravel yelled, the boys bursting into histerics while Skulduggery's blank skull looked horrified.

"What?" Valkyrie said.

"Shut up! the lot of you!" Skulduggery yelled.

"Oh i get it now" Valkyrie murmured, hearing this, Skulduggery wipped his Skull towards her.

"Get what?" Skulduggery asked.

"Mr Pleasant, Do you fancy me by any chance?" Valkyrie asked, and the boys cheered.

"No i do not" he replied angrily.

"Let me ask you again with your facade on, see how good liar you are then" She said, undoing some of the bottons on his shirt, and tapping the symbols and a face with dark hair and bright blue eyes flared up.

"I do not love you Valkyrie" he said. His face dead serious.

"Then why did you tell us you loved her?" Vex asked. Enjoying every moment.

"Because...Oh sod it i can't think of anything to say," He growled, his head rocketing back onto the sofa.

"So you do love me then?" Valkyrie asked, the smugness covering her face.

Skulduggery paused. "No" he decided.

"He is going to keep telling himself that from now on" Ghastly said.

"Shut up!" Shulduggery growled and yelled at the same time.

"Oh for christ's sake..." Valkyrie muttered, she grabbed hold of Skulduggery's collar and pulled him into a kiss.

She heard the boys cheer again as she felt him kiss her back, She liked to have him weak when it came to her.

He pulled away slightly so he could speek, "You cow" he muttered, a smile appering.

"I learned that from you" She said.