Home Alone 2: Lost In New York: "Season of Tears and Sadness"

A/N: This story follows Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, only I wrote it a lot differently.


Kevin stood in front of Harry and Marv and looked with absolute shock. He couldn't believe it, they had found him again—only this time, it was in front of the hotel there in New York, whereas the first time, it was in front of Duncan's Toy Chest, in New York. Kevin screamed as loudly as he could, which got the attention of every walking person on the streets of New York. Harry and Marv looked at everyone standing around them, with a worried look. Then, immediately, Kevin took off running down the street, while screaming. Harry looked angry, immediately.

"Look! He's running away! Let's get em'!" Harry said with excitement.

Harry and Marv quickly took off running after Kevin. Kevin was running faster and faster and as he looked back, he saw Harry and Marv were not that far a distance from him. Kevin began to run faster—not even looking as to where he was going, as he bumped into several people in front of him, beside him, etc. Each time, Kevin would look back to see if Harry and Marv were following him, and they still were, only now, Harry and Marv had gotten a few feet of distance away from him (Kevin). As Kevin continued to run, he ran right out into the street, a street where the traffic light was red for him and all other pedestrians to stop and for the cars going across to go, but Kevin, not really realizing it was a red light, but only worrying about trying to get away from Harry and Marv, continued to run and as he saw a car speeding right towards him, Kevin looked at the car and gasped loudly and then—

Suddenly Harry and Marv heard a LOUD screeching sound and a crash and several people yelling horrifically, a few feet of distance from them. Harry and Marv stopped instantly in their tracks and looked with wide eyes at what they were seeing in front of them. They ran a little closer to where they heard the frantic sounds of screaming, loud chattering and loud gasping. As Harry and Marv reached the crosswalk of the traffic light, they saw a big crowd gathered around someone who was lying on the ground, in front of a yellow taxi.

"Harry—I—I think it's the kid." Marv said in a whisper.

Harry still had his eyes on the crowd, trying to see what they were looking at.

"Yeah, yeah, I—I know. I'm trying to see."

Harry managed to move past the crowd and Marv followed him, and finally Harry and Marv were standing in front of the crowd and they saw Kevin, lying on the ground, blood around his body, and he was unconscious. The driver of the taxi cab was steadily talking on the phone, to what seemed to be the paramedics. While others standing around were crying, loudly talking with panic, horror and disbelief.

Yes, this was the day that would change Kevin McAllister's life and the life of Kevin's family and loved ones forever, this was the day where his life would hang in the balance. This was also the day that neither Harry nor Marv would forget, because this was the day, that their criminal behavior caused the tragic accident of Kevin McAllister, a accident that would determine whether Kevin lived or died this Christmas season….