My bored mind typed this random crap... IDK what it means :| please be kind...

Hunting is a game.

There are two very simple, yet impossibly difficult rules.

Rule one: once you start to play, you can't quit. It's not even possible. You can try, but one way or another all the lonely creatures that lurk in the shadows, waiting for the kill, will find you.

Rule two: survive. You don't survive, you're done. That's it. You lose. Unless you're a Winchester of course, because then you start a small side game of whose turn it is to die next and whose turn it is to try to find some complicated way to bring the other back. In most cases, it costs your soul.

That's it. You don't play by these rules, you're demon food. There is no winning in this game, unless you die of old age. Then you've done the near impossible. But if you drop out, or are killed by a demon, you are disqualified.

Ready? Set.