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Different pairing for a change 8D I was going to do VanAqua, but that was taken so I started this. I know it's a bit over this time, but the rest won't be, I promise D:


The pitter patter of a child's footsteps bounced about the peaceful halls in rapid succession, one after the other, some coming two at a time. Occasionally a frustrated moan would interrupt the constant, somewhat high pitched grunts as something obviously thin and sleek whizzed through the air.


It was followed by a slightly delayed oof and the angry slap of palms meeting a stone cold floor.

"Why can't I get it right?" A young boy, physically ten but his eyes and face hinting at an approximate age of eight, flung himself spread-eagle onto the floor so his brown locks slid over the floor and arms bounced with the sudden impact.

Click, creaaak.

He quickly turned his head to the left, taking no notice of the freezing floor. Sliding onto his knees, he cautiously crawled over to the nearby railing, and in the back of his mind played a boy's fantasies of sneaking up on enemies in a scarred battlefield. He pulled himself low to the ground and controlled his breath. In a flash, he was gripping the railing, eyes flashing, ready to pounce.

Instead of some mysterious enemy clad in heavy armor foreign to his eyes- though not his imagination- he found himself staring at a girl.

A girl with hands clasped behind her back while whirling around cheerfully, absorbing in the sights with a quiet hum. Her blue hair swished over her shoulders with her animated bouncing. Cerulean eyes wandered over the walls until they widened at a new sight.

Stained glass filtered now colored streams of light so they fell in a scattered circle over the floor. Intricate designs were woven into the glass with the delicate care of an experienced tailor, and she had a hard time believing it wasn't made of something less fragile, like yarn or cloth. And it even reflected her eye-

Wait. Those weren't her eyes.

Something closer to her than the window stirred against the high railing, and flashes of brown played through the bars.

Great, she had seen him! He had been having fun playing spy with himself; the Master would always sense him nearby and wasn't as tolerant as another child would be. But maybe, maybe girls were good at playing spies too...

"Hi there!" She stood on her tiptoes and waved cheerfully to him. Just say hi and you'll make new friends, or so her parents told her. Truth be told, the butterflies in her stomach wouldn't go away, but she had seen the boy perk up for a second.

Maybe he just wants a friend too!

Brimming with newfound optimism, she gave her brightest and most radiant smile possible.

"H-hi..." He lifted a hand awkwardly as if to wave, but it just hung there limply like a marionette's hand held up by a thin string.

"I'm Aqua!" She leaned forward with hands still grasping one another behind her back. Why wasn't he coming to greet her? Isn't it polite to greet guests? "What's your name?"

He kept to his perch, not wanting to leave its safety. The metal dug into his palms. "Terra."

She rocked back on her heels. "That's a pretty name," she mused.

Some of his manly composure coming back, he put his little fists on his hips as he straightened up. "It's not 'pretty!' I'm a boy, and Terra means earth in Latin."

"Well... flowers come out of the earth."

"But rocks too."

"Oh, and trees! They can be pretty," she offered.

"Well..." Geez, the girl had just gotten there, and she was already arguing with him! "Rocks are manly and they're brown and my hair is brown, so therefore my name is manly and not in any way 'pretty'."

The highly illogical argument made enough sense to him; he had used many more words than the average child would in a sentence- therefore, the better argument.

"If you say so..." She shrugged and leaned her head a bit into her shoulder nonchalantly so she could murmur stubbornly to herself. "But it's still a girl's name."

Just trying out a new pairing; hopefully I didn't kill it. ;; They've always struck me as the arguing, married couple type... XD