Snow Angel and the Soaring Fox


Naruto x Mizore x Kurumu

Tsukune x Moka x ?


Story Start


"It's been a long standing tradition for each of our kind to attend Youkai academy. I know you dread having to spend time at the academy relearning things you already know but think of it as an opportunity. Once you graduate from Gakuen all sorts of opportunities will be open for you.'' the speaker was a young woman with a slender, feminine build and bright red hair. Said hair consisting of nine long strands that reached down to her ankles.

The young man who was at her side looked up, taking a moment to contemplate what he was going to say next. He was a young male with spiked blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. He picked at his uniform green shirt and stretched his legs a bit in the bland light grey-brown uniform pants.''I suppose...I just don't see why I can't just wait until next year or transfer from a different school? I know how to live as human, that's basically part of our kind's M.O.'' he remarked as he continued to fidget. They had been waiting at the bus stop for the last fifteen minutes. Why did this random bus stop exist near the village?

''Think of it as an opportunity to make a bunch of new friends.'' she said as his hair much to his annoyance. She then noticed the skeptical eyebrow rise as she realized he must have saw the little glimmer in her eyes.

''What aren't you telling me Okaa-san?'' Naruto loved his mother, there was no mistaking that but there were three things that was always true. She was scary when angry and people ran in terror whenever she got mad, that she rarely acted her age meaning he took any opportunity to be the 'mature' one which usually resulted in his mother pranking him mercilessly in retaliation but he enjoyed as well and the fact when she had that little glimmer in her eye she was up to something and that usually spelled doom for him.

''What's wrong Naru-chan? Don't you trust me?'' she asked as she made her eyes and bit her bottom look putting on her cute act.

''It doesn't work anymore after the first fifty-times okaa-san.'' Naruto remarked as he folded his arms. ''Spill it?''

Kushia pouted, '''re no fun. I plan on having your room converted into a room for my new hot tub while you're gone.'' I deserve a medal.Kushina mentally congratulated herself as Naruto's mouth dropped in horror.

After a bunch of arguing, mostly Naruto calling his mother a traitor and how she no longer loved him the bus soon arrived.

"I'll talk to you when I can kaa-san. Love you...please don't destroy my room.'' he said as he walked over to her and gave her a hug.

''No promises.'' she remarked as she kissed him on the forehead.

When Naruto turned to face the approaching vehicle he wasn't sure what to make up it. Naruto entered the bus and was greeted by the bus driver. ''Uzumaki Kushina's kin eh? I wonder if you'll end up destroying the cafeteria like chilly pepper over there.''

''That was one time!'' Kushina exclaimed as her face became a furious red. '' blow up the cafeteria one time and people never let you live it down.''

As the two traded pleasantries Naruto couldn't help but notice there was one other occupant. A skinny looking brown haired boy that looked remarkably unassuming. Naruto wondered what sort of monster he was? Though that didn't last long as he took a seat and pulled out his iPod, put it in, and began playing Young and Hopeless by Good Charlotte. Say what one will about Ino she was good at giving people kick ass birthday presents. He closed his eyes and began listening to the song as he soon drifted off to sleep, thinking back to his past.

A young boy with blond hair in a black shirt, jacket, and snow pants along with a young violet haired girl wearing dark blue shirt and black snow pants were hanging out in a field of beautiful flowers. They were sitting amongst the field as far off in the distance their mothers were watching them. The two kids looked like they could be no older then seven or eight.

''I have to leave in a few days Mizore-chan. My tou-san wants me to join the academy like he did. Then I'm going to be trained by Kakashi-Nii, and Ero-jiji and I'll be going away for awhile.''

''How long will you be gone?'' the violet haired girl asked.

''I...I don't know. Maybe five years? Tou-san is grooming me to be his successor so that means traveling the world and broadening my horizon.'' the vocabulary the child used definitely wasn't one an eight year-old commonly used. An example of the hours of tutoring that partook each week that was started a year ago.

The violet haired girl head dipped down as sadness spread through her. ''I...I wish you didn't have to leave. I'm going to be lonely without you.'' she said and let out a small gasp when Naruto went over and hugged her.

''Don't be sad Mizore-chan, we'll see each other again. That's a promise and I won't break it.'' he assured her, flashing a warm smile and cheering the girl up.

''Y-You mean that? Then promise me something.'' she said as she took his hands.

''Anything Mizore-chan what is it?'' he asked, looking a bit perplexed for a moment only to relax upon seeing her smile.

''Promise me we'll both meet back here in the field of snow whites. That you and I will come here together once we turn seventeen years old.''

''Promise.''he said stinking out a pinky as Mizore wrapped her pinky around it as well.

''We'll see each other again Mizore-chan. That's a promise of a life time.''

The jolt from a pot hole jerked the blond causing him to wake up. He then realized a single solitary tear was going down his cheek. Using his sleeve he wiped away the tear and softly exhale. If Kiba was here right now he would be teasing him, and then the two of them would fight, Sasuke would call them idiots and the two of them would then get into it by Sasuke followed by Ino and Sakura jumping in and kicking both his and Kiba's ass. Those were days days. 'Mizore-chan I'll see you again. I won't break my promise. That's a promise of a life time.'

Walking along one of the dirt paths of the forest was a single young woman. She had purple hair that reached down to the back of her neck and blue pupil-less eyes and was wearing a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves, a black singlet underneath, and a yellow pendant over her neck. She also wore a plaid skirt and light and dark purple striped stockings. 'I hope mother was right about Naruto-kun was showing up.' she said as her mind drifted back to that day.

''Wait a minute...what is this place?'' the boy that Naruto had traveled with was panicking. ''T-There is no way...this creepy place. It's like a completely different world from before we entered that tunnel.''

''You must be the sheltered type. Quit dawdling kid before the barrier is set up.'' Naruto remarked as he began to take off ahead. Putting youki into his feet he began to shoot forward, moving yards at a time, leaving behind the boy whose voice began to fade. 'His monster type must not be all that fast?' Naruto mused to himself as he continued on ahead.

Naruto arrived, weaving through the endless amount of freshman students. The academy looked even spookier then it did in the pictures and looked more of a decor of a mansion then a school. As he walked around the smell of something in the air caught his attention as he shivered. The lingering scent seemed so familiar, what it was brushed the tip of the tongue, but he couldn't quite describe it. It was fresh, like nature but a hint of gentle coldness to it. 'C-Could it be...?'' he thought as he began looking around. ''Mizore?'' he wondered as he began his search, his eyes darting around the place as he tried to track the origin of the scent. Though upon seeing students being herded into the building he almost gave up hope until he bumped into a body. ''G-Gomen...sorry about tha...'' he trailed off as light blue eyes met dark blue eyes. 'Mizore-chan...she'!' his heart began to rapidly beat.

'Naruto-kun, you've gotten so handsome in these past few years. I missed you.''

''I...uum...hey.'' he awkwardly greeted as his face went red. Mizore held her hand up to her mouth and giggled.

''Some things haven't changed...'' she said as Naruto chuckled.

''You've...Mizore-chan, I...'' he wasn't able to finish as Mizore ran over and threw her arms around him. Her body pressed against his as his arms wrapped around her form. ''I missed you.''

''I missed you too...'' she said as she took in his scent. After what seemed like forever they departed, grasping each other hands. ''Do how I turned out?'' she asked, growing a bit shy. Ever since she heard the little tid-bit that Naruto liked girls with long hair she grew it out.

''I'm breathless.'' he remarked, true to his word unable to say anything after that for a moment. ''How about me?'' he asked as Mizore placed her finger on his chin and looked him over.

''Well for're taller then me now. '' she noted as Naruto scowled resulting in Mizore giggling at his reaction. Naruto being height challenged during his childhood was something of a sore point. ''But your looks weren't the reason why I liked you.''

''Same here...though they really help.'' he added as Mizore playfully swatted him on the arm. ''You know I always wondered how you would turn out and can I say one thing?''

''What's that?''

''The reality beats the fantasy every time.'' he said as a grin on Mizore lips and a twinkle in her eye formed.

''Oh I should I be concerned you've been fantasizing about me?'' she began teasing him, as she watched him become flustered.

''G-rated the whole time. I swear...'' he said as Mizore placed a finger on his lips. ''So what have you've been doing?''

''Missing you...thinking about you, but we have time to worry about that later.'' she said as some of the faculty members began hollering at them to hurry up and join the other freshman who were being rounded up for orientation. Once it was over the two of them planned on making up for lost time.

Chapter End

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