Snow Angel and the Soaring Fox


Naruto x Mizore x Kurumu

Tsukune x Moka x ?


Story Start


Naruto leaped back and covered himself as the area was instantly chilled over. Over his crossed arms he could only see hints of movement, ice knives being hurled, and the sound of scraping. The sudden blast of ice coating the area had caught him off guard and nearly zapped him of his breath. What was this coldness? It was nothing like Mizore's, it was filled with so much…malice. Kurumu proved faster than anticipated as her sharp nails tore into Mizore's shoulder.

The snow girl let out a hiss and fell back against one of the building's chilled doors. Placing her hand against the ground several ice shards erupted from the ground, causing the Succubus to slow her descent with a flap of her wings.

"You are in my way! I won't let someone like you beat me! It's unforgivable!" Kurumu shrieked as she dodged more projectiles that Mizore sent her way. Kurumu flew past Mizore to gain some distance in order to gain some speed during her next charge.

"You…someone who wants to turn my Naruto in a plaything." The chill in the room grew to an even colder degree as Mizore's eyes grew almost as pale as the moon. "That is what is unforgivable." She softly murmured as she shifted her right arm into a blade. Kurumu came flying at her as the snow girl moved with ethereal speed.

With a single swipe Mizore's blade slashed into Kurumu's side. The Succubus spun, gasping out in pain and clutching her side as she slammed into a wall. An unearthly shriek of pain escaped her lips as she moved to her hands and knees, her wings badly bruised and bent. She coughed in pain as blood dribbled down her mouth.

"No one will take Naruto away from me. No one. So just die." The snow girl spoke in a hollow tone as she raised her arm to deliver the killing blow.

Fear whelmed inside of the Succubus as she found herself unable to move. She was going to die. She heard stories of how vicious Yuki-Onna could be once they set their mind to something.

"Mizore-chan! Don't!" Naruto's voice pierced through the Snow Girl's consciousness causing her to stop. For a brief moment the snow girl hesitated and Kurumu saw her chance. Though, before she could land the blow Naruto appeared between them. Her claws dug into the flesh of his arm, drawing blood. The girl's eyes had widened in shock at this intrusion.

''Why...'' she said as her anger momentarily faded . "Why did you interfere? What is so special about this snow girl you won't even consider looking at me? Am I not beautiful enough? Is there something about me you don't like? What the hell is it that makes her so perfect?''

"Mizore-chan, is my precious person. She means the world to me and I want let anyone hurt her." He answered.

"Naruto." Mizore thought, her cheeks darkening.

''Arrgh! I hate you! You're just like all the others! I won't let you hurt me anymore!''

Kurumu snarled as she charged at the blond. Her fury making her strikes sloppy as he swayed to the side, left and right and even ducking under the claws. ''Kuruno-san...please...I don't want to hurt you.'' he tried to gently calm her down, but Kurumu wasn't having none of it. ''Then I'll fight back'' he said as he summoned some Foxfire It was more of an attempt to scare her than anything as he countered, swiping at her forcing her on the defensive.

Kurumu gracefully moved to the left and right, dodging Naruto's attack with a dancer's grace as the blond continued to push her towards the wall. Her illusions weren't having an effect and if her claws didn't connect she wouldn't be able to fight back. Though she didn't have to worry about that as Naruto had popped up behind her and before she could react he tightly formed his arms around her and supplexed her of all things. Kurumu didn't know what was worse. The unusual and just plain humiliating way he took her down or the fact she seemingly failed her duty to her race.

''Kurumu...I...'' he tried to say something, anything but she cut him off.

"Shut up!" Kurumu yelled back. "You… Naruto-kun. I opened my heart to you and trusted you. I thought you were different from all the other boys. And I was beginning to think you could have been the one, my chosen one. Yet you shoved me off of you like I was garbage. Like I was some kind of hideous thing! Do you hate me so much?'' by this point Kurumu was desperate, she felt a pain she hadn't since her father died. And there was one person because of that pain. Without warning Kurumu lunged at Mizore with her claws out, surprising the young woman.

She looked like a deer staring at the headlights. Whatever that occurrence was that allowed her to so quickly chill the battleground had left her drained and unable to move.

Seeing this, Naruto came to her rescue and shoved her out-of-the-way. Naruto's face contorted in pain before the full force of Kurumu's momentum with her poised claws stabbing into gut.

''Naruto-kun!'' Mizore exclaimed as she reacted. Seeing Naruto injured had filled her with new energy as the rushed over to her boyfriend. Using strength she didn't know she shoved Kurumu off of Naruto and sent her flying back. ''Look at what you done Succubus? This is the second time now that you've harmed Naruto. If you really cared about Naruto-kun would you have hurt him like this? I assure you that if you ever come near us again, I'll make sure you'll never be a threat to anyone."

Kurumu and Naruto were both surprised at the intensity of her words.

''I...'' Kurumu stepped back, the heel of her shoes stepping upon a piece of shattered glass from one of the windows that fell apart during the commotion of the battle. Trail of tears seeped down from Kurumu's eyes as guilt filled her. ''I'm sorry...'' she whispered before taking out through one of the clear windows. Kurumu kept on flying and flying until she couldn't fly anymore. She finally came to a stop and made her way to her door room. Her face was stained with tears and she was confused. So much she let her guard down and was unable to avoid the strike that broke one of her ribs and sent her sprawling to the ground.

"I'm fine," Naruto assured Mizore who was fussing over his injuries.

"You're injured." She remarked, softly placing her fingers over his wound. "It's my fault." She stated with a sniffle.

"Are you kidding me? My Okaa-san does more damage whenever I tease her about her age." Naruto laughed off, though on the inside he was shivering. He wasn't lie, his mom had a hell of a temper. Worst part was that one moment she beat the hell out of him, the next she was taking care of his injuries and acting motherly, as if she wasn't the person that initially kicked his ass. Kiba was right, never asked to be trained by your mom. That just instilled all sorts of emotional paranoia after the training session was over. "Besides, I'm not the one that's hurt." he said as he turned to look in the direction Kurumu went with a forlorn look.

'' want to go after her don't you?'' Mizore accused him as Naruto looked down at her downcast face. "She's a Succubus Naruto-kun. All they do is destroy lives and treat men as playthings. She doesn't deserve our sympathy." Mizore argued. Mizore had heard all sorts of rumors off how heartless Succubi could be and the lives they ruined.

''She's my friend, but you...I still care about you Mizore-chan so don't ever think otherwise.'' he said as he reached out and took her hand. ''My heart is and will always be with you, but even after this Kurumu-san is my friend too. I made a promise to myself that I would always stick by my friends unless they've fallen too deep into darkness to rescue. That was regret in her eyes, tears of shame. Someone without a heart wouldn't have been able to cry or feel shame.'' He explained.

"You…you idiot." Mizore told him as she turned away from him and ran.

Speaking of pain Kurumu found herself in an unfavorable position. The last thing she had even thought or considered was being attacked by one of the boys she hadn't ensnared. "You thought you could get away with ensnaring my gang huh Tits? I think you owe me an apology and I know just the way."

The student was something of a humanoid, grey creature. More befitting of a monkey than anything, but he didn't look like any particular species of monster.

"Get off me you ape!" Kurumu screamed and fought back. Normally such an ape would have been easy to deal with, but her injuries left her in a state where it was difficult for her to fight back.

"You don't have a choice in the matter." The creature heaved, his fowl breath causing Kurumu's eyes to water. The creature let out a howl and dropped Kurumu when something dug into the creature's hand.

"She said…get off her ape. Is your hearing as bad as you look?"

"Naruto!" Kurumu gasped in surprise. Why was he here? Why was he helping her.

"And who the fuck are you? Get out of the way you prick before." The creature let out a grunt as Naruto punched him in the gut. The weakest ones were always cocky and barked the loudest.

His opponent took exception to this and threw a giant, arcing haymaker at the smaller boy. Naruto ducked back and easily dodged the attack as he leaped up into the air. Bringing his arms back he shot them forward and stabbed them into the eyes of his opponent, blinding them. The monster let out a roar, flailing his arms about and stomping, hoping to hit Naruto by blind luck. The blond dodged out of the way as the creature stamped into the ground, causing tremors. This monster was no trained fighter, used to his strength and size to intimidate others.

Students began pouring out and wondering what was going on. "Hey! Piss off man!"

"Yeah you lumbering giant! We're trying to sleep!" several students angrily exclaimed. Some monsters were easily violate and did not like to be disturbed.

Naruto decided to end this quickly and charged forward. Using the technique his father taught him he charged forward and rammed a Rasengan into the creature's lower stomach. The shredding attack, while it looked ineffective due to a lack of visible damage true powered lied in the fact that it did damaged from within its target. Without a doubt whatever organs the Rasengan hit were twisted and damaged. While normally none-violent in nature, Kitsune did not shy away from killing in defense of their kin or their home.

"Dude that was sweet!"

"Damn you're pretty strong."

"Finally someone took down that monkey." Several students congratulated and being talking up a storm. Rumors were already being formed. Naruto looked around and notice Kurumu had fled. He sighed, realizing he would have to try and talk to the Succubus later. He didn't stay to chat with the students flocking him, deciding to go look for Mizore. It didn't take him long to find her, she was sitting by a pond, skipping rocks.

"Mizore-chan." He called out to her. "I'm sorry." He said as Mizore continued to ignore him. "I wasn't trying to disregard your feelings, but you know I can't compromise my words."

Mizore stopped in midstride and stood up. Dusting off her skirt she turned to face Naruto, her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying.


"You probably think I'm being foolish, but I've seen firsthand what a Succubus can do. Do you remember my Uncle Brumal?" she asked as Naruto closed his eyes, and tried to connect the name to a face. He began to put the image together.

"Yeah, he was a Hybrid Snow Yeti right?" he asked as Mizore nodded. "I've only met him once though."

"Two years ago he was taken from my Aunt by a Succubus. Things started to heat up because of that, but we were forbidden by the Snow Priestess from taking action. Our species is already becoming endangered and the last thing we can do is engage in a violent conflict. That was why I was so afraid, I thought I was going to lose you." Mizore's voice cracked at the end of her explanation. Her father had died when she was a child and she didn't have many memories of him. Since Snow Women were a single sex race it was rare for men to take permanent residence within the snow village due to survival reasons and the different biologies between the races. Her Uncle Brumal was one of the rare male exceptions who had not only taken residence in the snow village, but had fallen in love with a Yuki Onna. In a sense he was like the father she never had.

Naruto moved over and wrapped his arms around Mizore. "You'll never lose me." He gently assured her, holding her tight as she wrapped his arms around his midsection.


"Promise of a lifetime." He promised her. Naruto spent the rest of the day assuring her that he wasn't charm or effected in any way. No wonder Mizore was so vicious towards Kurumu. Though he found it hard pressed to consider Kurumu like the Succubus that ensnared her uncle Brumal. By the time he finally returned to his dorm it was dark out. If it wasn't for the macabre lighting fixtures he would have been cloaked in total darkness on the way back. Closing the door behind him he began taking off his clothes.

''Hey there, I've been waiting for you.''
Naruto froze as he flicked on the lights. Sure enough was the beautiful and busty Kurumu in a clear white see through gown wearing a black lace bra and panties.

''Kurumu-chan, what are you doing here? How did you get in here?''

"I flew in through the window." she answered his question like it was obvious and to be fair considering she revealed her form to him no more than a few hours ago, it kind of was.

Naruto turned to the window. ''Damn you window. Three to two huh? I'll get you next time.''

''Naruto-kun is definitely a funny guy.'' she replied with a shy. ''Why...why did you protect me?'' She couldn't help but wonder what his deal was. She was helpless earlier today and he came to her rescue. He had protected her from Mizore as well and seemed intent on being nice to her.

''Why...what was this all about?'' he asked as he sat down on the bed. He attentively listened there as Kurumu fully went into detail about her thought process and her motivation for her Harem plan.

"I… I understand if you don't wish to have anything to do with me.'' she said after she finished telling him about her attempts to charm him.

''I don't hate or blame you Kurumu,'' he replied as Kurumu looked up in shock. ''It's...simply your species nature. I know all about losing one-self to instinct so it would be hypocritically for me to hate you over something that's a part of you.'' he said as he caressed her cheek. ''You're a beautiful girl Kurumu.

''H-How?'' she softly asked. ''How can you be so forgiving?''

''Because I can see it in your eyes, the loneliness you experienced. I also know the stories as well and your species plight. The succubi are a dying breed and you have a duty don't you? I can't say that I'm your destined one and I can tell you now I'm in a harem situation of my own. I don't want to hurt you or lead you on so you deserve to know that. If you want me can give things a try?''

Naruto's understanding words struck a chord in Kurumu as her eyes began to tear up. A smile formed on her face as she threw her arms around Naruto's neck. "I'm so sorry Naruto I promise you won't regret giving me a chance.'' Kurumu had to restrain herself from wanting to claim his lips right then and there in a soul searing kiss.

Naruto wrapped his hands around Kurumu, resting his chin on her head. ''I'm sure of it. Now come on now, dry up those tears. I have to get ready for bed so maybe you should go?'' he suggested as Kurumu sniffed and wiped away the tears, a small blush forming on her face.

''M-Maybe, you and I can share a bed?'' she stammered slightly as he rose an eyebrow.''Well I am a succubus Naruto-kun. I'm a Succubus! My kind thrives for touch. We live for sex. So why don't you indulge your desires with me. I can be anything you want. I'll do anything you want. I can be your mistress or you can be my master.''

''Kurumu-chan...'' he said shaking his head. ''I can't. I'm with Mizore and I can't betray her like that. You're a wonderful girl, but I highly doubt she's the type to allow a mistress." He jokingly added.

"I think I understand." She replied with a dejected sigh. "But I'm not going to give up Naruto. But can I ask you something? Do you think I'm beautiful? I mean not my breasts, but me?'' she asked, wondering if he could grow too really like her.

''You're definitely beautiful Kurumu-chan. That light blue hair and those eyes of yours are enchanting.'' He complimented. "You'll find a guy who'll treasure you. Believe in that you know." He encouraged her, in hopes of uplifting her spirit and ensuring her she had a friend in him.

''T-Thank you...'' she answered, looking down at the floor as her cheeks began to redden.

''Let's just keep what happened tonight between you and me ok?'' He asked as she brightened up.

''Ok...thank you Naruto.'' She told him as she exited the room the same way she came. Bidding him goodnight Kurumu had made her decision concerning the blond.


Chapter End


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