Finally finished! This chapter is kinda long, but important. Also, it has some slash in it, but again, if you don't like that kind of thing I'm not sure why you are reading this story. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Harry had made it back to his room and was sitting on the bed, gently touching his lips, which still tingled from the kiss. Harry had only questioned his sexuality once before. It had been last year, during the Triwizard Tournament. He hadn't told anyone, not even Ron or Hermione, but he had secretly thought that Cedric Diggory was cute. But he knew Cedric could never like him back because he obviously liked Cho Chang. And because of the fact that Harry was a boy, and not a girl. Although that didn't stop Harry from imagining what it would have been like to go to the Yule Ball with the older boy.

So when Cedric had been killed, it had hurt a lot more than just losing a friend. After that, Harry had pretended it had just been his imagination. He couldn't possibly have liked Cedric. Anyways, just because he was in the Wizarding World didn't mean that being gay was accepted. Harry didn't even want to think about what kind of hell he would get if he was openly gay. He was Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the future savior of the Wizarding World. He couldn't be feeling that way.

But that kiss he and Draco had just shared…he had to admit that it wasn't exactly horrible. It was actually rather nice. Harry shook his head firmly. Draco took it too far, Harry reminded himself. You liked the kiss, not Draco.

He couldn't forgive Draco for all he had done. He just couldn't. He would find a different mate if he really needed one. Maybe he could find one at the party? There were sure to be plenty of Primes there. There had to be at least one other like Draco. One who wouldn't force themselves upon him.

Sighing, Harry fell back against the soft bed. There had to be someone. Unless Draco could learn to control himself he just wouldn't do. No matter how many times Draco said he loved him, the Slytherin still did things to contradict that. There was a moment when Harry thought that maybe he could give Draco a chance, but that kiss had ruined that. If Draco was incapable of giving a simple kiss without trying to turn it into something more, then he would never have Harry's love.

When had everything gone so wrong? Not did Harry have to look out for Voldemort, but apparently also for lust driven Veelas. Couldn't he ever get a break? Just once? His only hope was Hermione. She would know what to do. She could help…hopefully.


Draco stood at the bottom of the stairs, wringing his hands nervously as he waited for Harry to come down. He had spent the day with Abra getting ready. His hair was styled perfectly and he was wearing a wrinkle free, three piece black suit. He thought he looked really good.

He hoped Harry dressed up. This was his and Harry's chance to fit into Veela society. They had to make a good impression. Draco had a long list of important people to talk to once he got there. One of them being the son of some very important, very rich Veelas, who was also the host of the party. If anything went wrong then they would be instantly rejected. He couldn't allow that to happen. It was of the upmost importance that they fit in. But while it was important, Draco swore that if anybody so much as looked at Harry he would smash their faces in. Sure they weren't mated yet, but Harry was his, and Draco was going to keep it that way.

After a long wait, Abra jumped down the stairs and landed in front of Draco. "Harry Potter is coming." She announced, smiling hugely. "But Harry Potter wants Abra to remind Master Draco that there is to be no kissing."

Draco nodded even though his heart clenched painfully at the idea of not kissing his beautiful mate.

Abra continued. "And Harry Potter also requests that Draco Malfoy does not force him to drink."

"Of course I won't." Draco promised. The very last thing he needed was a drunk Harry in a room full of Prime Veelas. That would just be asking for something bad to happen. Although, something bad would probably happen anyway.

"Good." Abra turned and called up the stairs. "Harry Potter can come down now. Master Draco has promised."

Seconds later Draco heard the sound of footsteps and Harry appeared on the staircase. Draco's breath caught in his throat. Harry was so beautiful. He was wearing a tight fitting white dress shirt that showed off his lithe body and made his skin glow. His black jeans were skinny, but loose enough to be comfortable as well. He was still wearing his black converse, but Draco didn't mind. The whole outfit just showed how extraordinarily lovely Harry was. It wasn't even necessary for Harry to do anything to his hair. Its messiness just made him all the more attractive.

Draco held out his hand to Harry, who rolled his eyes and allowed Draco to take his. Draco couldn't stop staring at him. "You look stunning." He said, squeezing Harry's hand lightly and hoping Harry would accept the compliment. When Harry didn't respond Draco took this as incentive to guide Harry out of the house and to the car. Harry sat in his own seat this time, with an actual seat belt. Draco sat next to him and held his hands in his lap to prevent from touching Harry.

The car ride took forever. Sure, the house where the party was being held at was a fair distance away, but the ride seemed even longer due to the sheer awkwardness. Harry wouldn't even look at him. Draco thought that he rightly deserved it. He hated himself. He liked kissing Harry, but he always had to do something to mess it up. Harry had kissed him back. Did that mean that Harry was warming to him? Did Harry like the kiss? Draco glanced at Harry who was still staring out the window unblinkingly. Well, even if he did, Draco had ruined everything with his inability to control his Veela. That kiss had been perfect, yet his Veela always had to go too far. Yes, he wanted Harry, all of Harry, and he had had his fair share of wet dreams about the Gryffindor, but until Harry wanted him in return Draco didn't want to do anything about it. His Veela, however, had other ideas. Every time he laid eyes on Harry his Veela would leap up inside him and beg him to claim the boy. But he couldn't. He wouldn't. Not yet.

Draco continued to stare at Harry, taking in his beauty. His eyes like sparkling emeralds. His hair as black as midnight. His flawless, milky white skin. His cherry red lips. Draco remembered how they tasted. Like strawberries. Like the sweetest strawberries in all the world. Draco found himself touching his lips again, remembering the feeling and clinging to it.

Harry glanced at him for a second and then quickly looked away. He felt Draco's eyes still boring into him. He wished Draco would stop. He could tell Draco was thinking about the kiss. It was so very obvious. He could tell by the way Draco was staring at him while touching his lips. It was starting to annoy Harry. He just wanted to forget about the kiss. Why couldn't Draco understand that?

"Draco, stop." He said suddenly, turning and glaring at Draco.

Draco dropped his hand, his face confused. "Stop what?"

"Stop staring at me, alright?" Harry snapped. Draco frowned and he looked a little hurt.

"I just…I want you to know that I'm sorry, Harry. About the kiss."

Harry looked away from Draco again. "Just forget it, Draco." He mumbled.

He flinched when he felt Draco's hand on his face. "But I can't, Harry. I took it too far and I'm sorry." Draco moved his other hand and cupped Harry's face, turning it towards him so Harry had to look at him. "I liked that kiss a lot. And I…I think you did too." He leaned closer. A little too close for Harry's liking. "I love you, Harry. I just wish you would give me a chance to show you how much." And suddenly he was centimeters away and Harry could feel Draco's breath on his lips. Harry got angry. He wasn't going to do this again.

He used one of his hands to give Draco a hard shove. Draco seemed to snap out of his trance. He clutched his hair in his hands tightly and hunched over, cussing to himself.

They didn't speak to each other for the rest of the car ride to the party. Draco was now sitting stiffly straight in his seat, refusing to look at Harry lest he be tempted again. Harry had fallen asleep and was curled up by the window, his face squished against the glass.

The car stopped in front of a large pair of gates, where the driver stated Draco's name. The gates opened and they continued up a path, Draco watching as a huge manor came into view. Music could be heard coming from the house, and loud chatter. Many Veelas were streaming through the doors to join the party. Draco's heart thudded loudly in his chest. He could see them. All the Primes. And he could smell the scent of the ones who weren't mated yet. There were so many. So many Primes who would be after his Harry.

Max, the driver, drove around the circular driveway with an elaborate fountain in the middle and rolled to a stop in front of the steps that led to the front door. Shoving his fear down for now, Draco leaned over and hesitantly placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. "Harry, wake up."

Harry didn't respond. "Harry, why are you so tired lately?" Draco gave him a small shove, but Harry only whined and curled up tighter. After several more attempts to wake the boy, Draco finally gave up. He sat back in his seat, wondering what to do.

Max decided for him. "Mr. Malfoy, may I suggest you carry him in? It will show that he is yours to the other Primes, and will at least stop them from pouncing on him the second you walk through the door."

Draco thought about this and decided it made sense. It would show all those other Veelas that Harry belonged to him. "You're right." Draco got out of the car and went around to Harry's side. Draco opened the door and leaned over and unbuckled Harry with some difficulty. Slipping a hand under Harry's legs, he hoisted him up and into his arms. He placed Harry's arms around his neck so Harry could lay his head on Draco's shoulder. When he was sure that Harry was supported comfortably in his arms, Draco kicked the door shut. Max drove the car away, revealing Harry and Draco to the world.

Luckily the flow of Veelas had stopped and there was no one to see them. Draco went up all the steps until he was standing in front of the large doors. The nervous feeling in his stomach wouldn't go away. He just knew something bad was going to happen. He wanted to just turn around and run back home where he could hold Harry close and be assured that he would be safe. But he couldn't. They had to show up at this party. There was no getting around it.

Draco placed a chaste kiss on Harry's cheek, glad that Harry was asleep and couldn't yell at him about it. "I'll protect you, Harry." He whispered. He could protect Harry from the other Primes. Really, they were only bigger, taller, stronger, and more experienced with being a Veela then he big deal, right?

Draco shook his head firmly. He couldn't think like that. He just had to imagine what was at risk and he would find the strength. Harry was his mate. Draco's eyes roved over to Harry. His beautiful, perfect mate. He couldn't let anyone hurt him. He just had to let all the Primes know that Harry wasn't available so they would go after the Servile girls that would be at the party. There were bound to be a few others.

Taking a deep breath and collecting his nerve, Draco pushed open the door with one hand and entered. They were in the entrance room that led off into many different rooms. It was nicely decorated with a high ceiling and a shiny dangling chandelier. Tapestries covered the walls, depicting scenes of Veelas. Obviously Veela was common in this family's blood line.

Another set of huge doors was across the room, and Draco knew behind those doors was where the party was being held. He could hear music. He continued forward before he got scared again. Without any hesitation he opened the doors and walked into the party.

The room was large and filled with many Veelas. The girls were beautiful and the boys handsome. Even the older Veelas still managed to look good. The age range seemed to be from fifteen to sixty. The younger people wore causal clothes or some suits, while the older ones wore dresses or dress robes.

Draco could spot all the unmated Primes. They stood out in his vision, and he tried to watch all of them at once, scared they would make a move.

In the middle of the room was a bar where many of the Veelas sat and chatted, sipping at drinks. The first three fourths of the room was bright enough while still dim, but the remaining part was darker and Draco could make out the forms of dancing bodies that were moving in time with music coming from a band on a stage against the back wall. Doors were all along the walls, leading to separate rooms. Couches were placed all around the room along with tables.

Normally the entrance of more people wouldn't cause conversations to stop and for heads to turn. But this time was different. Because this time it was Draco Malfoy, carrying in his arms a beautiful sleeping boy. Draco saw the Primes' eyes darken with lust. They could smell Harry. They could smell the delicious smell that Draco had to smell every day. It was a pure, untainted, mouthwatering smell that was the scent of an unmated Servile Veela. It was driving them wild and putting Draco on edge. A few even had the audacity to lick their lips. Draco was suddenly very thankful that Harry had fallen asleep. He had no doubt that if he wasn't holding Harry right now, he would have already been pounced.

Draco wanted to kill every single one of them. Because he knew they were thinking what Draco had been thinking that day in Harry's room. They were thinking about his red lips, so delectable looking. They were thinking about his smooth, pale neck, so easy to mark. They were thinking about his long legs, imagining having them wrapped around their waists. And they were definitely thinking about his arse, so plump and perfect, shown sexily in the jeans he was wearing.

Draco started walking forward and the eyes followed him. Even the mated ones stared because there weren't supposed to any male Servile Veelas, yet there was one now. A few of them shot Draco pitying looks because they knew the hell Draco would go through trying to protect Harry tonight.

Glaring at everyone warningly, Draco made his way over to a circle of three couches near one wall. Two of the couches were already occupied by Prime Veelas whose eyes lit up when Draco started walking closer. Draco growled at them as he took the remaining couch. He stretched out on it, shifting so Harry was lying on his body, his head on his chest. He decided to let Harry rest for a while longer. Draco had all night to talk to the people he needed to talk to.

Harry's light weight pressed against him, comforting Draco. He wrapped his arm around Harry's waist to reassure himself that Harry was safe at the moment. Draco closed his eyes and let the pumping music lull him into a relaxed state. He stayed that way for a good fifteen minutes. That is until one of the Primes decided to talk.

"Sexy little thing, isn't he?"

Draco's eyes snapped open angrily and he looked to see both of the Primes were undressing Harry with their eyes. A low growl started in Draco's throat, a warning, but the Veelas didn't seem to notice. They just continued on. "Just look at that arse!" Said one, probably seventeen years old. "I can't even imagine how tight he would be."

"I bet he's a screamer." Commented the other, licking his lips.

Draco sat up quickly, angry. Harry whined a bit at the sudden change but didn't wake, instead snuggling deeper into Draco's chest. "Don't talk about Harry like that." He hissed, eyes darkening. "He's mine."

One of the Veelas chuckled. "You better watch him. Leave him alone for one second and we won't hesitate to grind against that little body. That scent is so overwhelming. You're a fool if you think any Prime at this party is going to leave him alone." He turned to the Veela sitting next to him, smirking. "He's a tired little thing. You know what that means…" The other Veela nodded that yes, he did know. Draco, however, did not, and he had had enough.

Draco stood up furiously. "If you dare even breathe the same air as Harry I will rip off something very important of yours so that you will never be able to mate with anyone, ever." He stalked away, fuming. How dare they talk about Harry as if he was an object? Harry was more important than that. Much more important.

Weaving in and out of people around him, Draco made up his mind. He needed to find someone he could trust to look after Harry while he went to talk to those important people. Somebody to watch him and make sure no Veelas would mess with him. He scanned the crowd and spotted someone. A grin spread across his face.

He hurriedly went over to the bar and tapped a middle aged woman on the shoulder. She turned and, noticing him, gave him a soft smile. She was wearing a very pretty pale blue dress and a lot of jewelry. Her hair was a chocolate brown color that was slightly streaked with grey. It was pulled back into an elegant bun. The corners of her eyes were crinkled, showing that she smiled a lot. "Hello, Draco." She said.

"Hello, Josceline. " Draco replied, shifting Harry in his arms.

Josceline looked at Harry, her smile widening. "He's very pretty, Draco. But not mated. You know how dangerous that is."

Draco sighed. "I know. But I don't want to pressure him. I love him too much."

Josceline lifted his hand and touched Harry's face gently. "Does he love you?"

Draco's whole mood darkened. His heart began to ache. "No." he whispered, turning his head away.

Josceline saw how much the topic was getting to Draco, so she changed the subject. "He's very tired, hmmm?" she asked. "You know what that means?"

Draco shook his head. "He's been sleeping a lot these past few days. And he fell asleep in the car. I can't wake him up."

"It means, Draco," she said, rolling her eyes at having to explain it. "That he's going to come into his inheritance soon."

Draco's eyes went impossibly wide. He looked down at Harry, trying to imagine him looking even more beautiful than he already was. "He is?"

Josceline nodded, causing her dangly earrings to swing. "Very soon. This is the first stage. Believe me, I know. I went through the same thing myself." Her mouth turned down in a frown. "I know you are trying to get his love, Draco, but it is very, very dangerous for you not to claim him. If he comes into his inheritance still unmated…" She paused, worry etched into her face as she stared at Harry. "I don't even want to think what could happen. You have to realize, Draco, that he isn't just a regular Servile. He's a male. The only reason he hasn't been attacked already is because you're still holding him. Don't you see the stares?"

Draco looked around and saw them. Many, many Primes had their eyes locked on Harry, eyes filled with lust. He instinctively tightened his grip on Harry. "I know, Josceline. I know that it's dangerous. But I can't do that to him. I almost did and he was so scared of me. I couldn't stand it. I want him to love me, and I'm trying really hard, but my Veela keeps messing things up. I want to hold him and kiss him, but every time I do my Veela wants me to do more. I…"Draco closed his eyes and moved his hand to Harry's soft hair, stroking it. "I can't force him. I just can't. And I am very well aware of what could happen, but I can't do anything that could hurt him."

Josceline placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "And that is what makes you great, Draco. You care for him so much that you can resist what your Veela is telling you to do. But you also can't force him to love you if he doesn't. No matter how much you might love him."

"I know." Said Draco sullenly, not meeting Josceline's gaze. He knew that kidnapping Harry had been wrong. He knew locking him up in that house was wrong. He knew taking away Harry's wand and preventing him from doing magic in that house with wards was wrong. But his heart was too in love to care about things like that. His heart told him that Harry would fall in love with him and then Draco would be able to finally, finally, make love to the beautiful boy and then they would be together forever.

Josceline gave his shoulder a light squeeze. "You're so young, Draco. This is why it is common to come into your inheritance at eighteen. At least then you are a bit more mature." She gently guided him to the stool next to her and forced him to sit down. "Now, why did you come over here?"

Draco then remembered why he had tapped Josceline on the shoulder in the first place. "Oh, I was just wondering if you could watch Harry while I go talk to Lance and a few others. I have to make a good impression, you know. But I'm worried about leaving Harry alone and I can't bring him with me, so I was thinking…" Josceline cut him off by lifting her hand slightly.

"I'll watch him, Draco. But first perhaps we should wake him? He and I can have a little chat while you are away."

"I've tried waking him up, but it doesn't work." Draco shifted Harry again so that they could see his face.

Josceline gave him a look that clearly told him to be quiet. Her fingers moved until they rested on a spot on Harry's neck and gently pushed.

Harry, who had been enjoying his sleep, felt it suddenly disturbed by a weird feeling on his neck. It wasn't painful it was just…uncomfortable. He squirmed a bit, hoping it would go away. It didn't, and the longer he tried to ignore it the more insistent it became. Reluctantly, Harry opened his eyes and was suddenly attacked by the sight of Draco Malfoy's face. It took Harry a second to recall the past few days and why he would possibly be anywhere near Draco Malfoy.

Groaning, Harry pushed away from the blonde slightly and looked around. Wait…was that a bar? Why were they at a bar? And why was there music? And who was that lady sitting next to him? The last thing he remembered he had been in the car with Draco heading to the…party. That must be where he was. The Veela party.

"We…the party?" he mumbled, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Warm hands wrapped around his owns, holding them lightly. He heard Draco speaking to him. "We're at the party, Harry. You were asleep so I brought you in. But I have to go talk to some people. So you have to stay here with Josceline." Draco gave his hands a kiss.

This made Harry snap back to reality. He ripped his hands away and struggled to get out of Draco's lap. "I said no kissing, Draco." He hissed.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Fine. I'm leaving anyway. Just promise you won't talk to anyone but Josceline. Don't talk to any of the Primes or anything, okay?" He tilted Harry's head up so he had to look into Draco's eyes. "Promise me?"

It was a plead. "I promise." Harry said, because it was true. He didn't have any need to talk to any lust crazed Veelas tonight. He glanced around and saw them. They were staring at him, eyes darkened, and when they saw him looking they winked and licked their lips, thrusting their hips suggestively. Harry didn't feel safe at all. He could tell they were itching to come over, but were only held back by Draco's presence. "Draco…do you have to go?" At least with Draco Harry knew he wouldn't be jumped. With the other Veelas though, he bet they wouldn't hesitate to do so.

Draco looked around and saw why Harry had that nervous hint to his voice. He growled angrily at all the Veelas. For a moment he considered staying here with Harry, holding his mate and assuring him he would be safe. But he couldn't. If Draco didn't get a good word in with the right people then it would only be worse for the two of them. "Yes, but you'll be fine. I trust Josceline. I'll be back soon." He leaned in to kiss Harry, but was stopped by a finger on his lips.

"Try that again, Malfoy, and I won't hesitate to punch your teeth in." Harry threatened, finally succeeding in getting out of Draco's lap and onto his own separate stool. "Just because you're preventing those Veelas over there from attacking me, doesn't mean I give you permission to kiss me."

Draco looked hurt. With one last look to Harry, Draco slid off his stool and made his way through the crowd to find who he needed to talk to. Harry turned to the woman sitting next to him, Josceline, who was smiling at him gently. She reminded him of a mother. She seemed nice enough. He held out his hand to her and she shook it. "My name is Harry." He said.

"You may have already heard, but my name is Josceline." She tilted her head to the side. "You have very pretty eyes." She said certainly, like there was no debating the matter.

"Thanks…" Harry wasn't sure where to take the conversation from there, so he asked the first thing that popped into his head. "How do you know Draco?"

"Oh," Josceline laughed. "He was at the party that was held a few months ago. He was so young, so new to being a Veela. He was trying to look brave but I could see how scared he was. I helped him out, introduced him to my husband and spread around a good word about him. All he really had to do was say his last name, though. The name Malfoy holds a lot of power, even here. He was very sweet, so I…"

She was cut off by the bar tender who placed a glass in front of Harry. "Compliments of the gentleman over there," the bartender pointed at a man a few stools from Harry, who was raking his eyes over Harry and smirking. "And there," the bar tender pointed to another man and placed another drink in front of Harry. "And there," Another point to another man and another drink for Harry. "There, there, there, and there." Harry now had seven drinks in front of him, all different mixtures that he had never seen before. "And this one," said the bartender, placing down yet another drink. It was in a tall glass and was a bright blue color. "This one is from me." He grinned at Harry, leaning forward but stopped when he caught the glare that Josceline was giving him. Frowning, he backed off and went to attend to the others sitting at the bar.

And if all the drinks weren't enough, one Veela took that moment to wrap his arms around Harry's waist from behind and whisper huskily into his ear, "Hey, Sexy." Harry nearly choked as the man's breath blew other him, heavy with the scent of alcohol. One of the man's hands went lower and lower on his back until it cupped his ass and squeezed. "Nice little butt you have there. I bet it would feel so good to have it wrapped around my cock."

Before the man could say another word his hand was grabbed by Josceline, who looked very, very angry. "You see these?" She hissed, shoving her hand in the man's face, showing off her wickedly long painted nails. "If you don't let go of him right now and drag your sorry self back to where you came from your eyes will be speared on the end of them. Understand?"

The man instantly backed off, eyeing the long nails warily. When she was sure he was gone, Josceline started laughing. Harry looked at her as if she'd gone crazy. "What's so funny?" he asked, finding nothing even remotely funny about the situation.

Josceline smiled at him and gave a little shake of her head. She reached out and took one of Harry's drinks; a pink one filled with a lot of cherries, and sipped it. "Not bad," she commented. Then she locked eyes with Harry. "They get better, you know."

"Who gets better?"

Josceline chuckled. "The Primes." She elaborated when she saw Harry's disbelieving look. "They do, believe it or not. Before they are mated nearly all of them are downright rude, heartless, and violent. But after…after they find their mate they calm down and can actually be quite romantic. It's their Veelas need to find a mate that makes them act the way they do. Some Veelas can power through it, while others never grow out of it. My husband, Harold, perused me relentlessly, but when he had finally made me his mate he turned into one of the nicest men I have ever met. I was very shocked by the change. It took him a while to convince me that he had actually changed. But now I love him."

"Well, I don't care. They treat me horribly right now and I hate all of them. I don't want a mate."

Josceline rolled her eyes again. "You will want one. But I agree. You shouldn't be forced with someone you hate and who treats you badly. There are, however, a few good Primes even before they are mated. Unfortunately, I know only two."

This perked Harry's interest. Even if he wanted to deny it forever, he knew he needed a mate. And he wanted one who was nice, not like the assholes running around here. "Who?"

"Well, one is Draco." She smirked as Harry's expression darkened. "Come now, Draco is a good boy. Sure he has his faults, but a good heart lies under that icy exterior."

Harry held back what he thought about Draco and instead asked about the other person.

Josceline's eyes lit up. "The other one is Lance. He is just a sweetheart." She gushed, taking another sip of the drink. "Seventeen, I think. Or maybe eighteen. Anyway, he's hosting this party. His parents are ridiculously rich. He came into his inheritance about a year or two ago. And he is just the most dapper boy you will ever meet! So polite. You know what?" She gestured her drink towards Harry. "You two would be perfect! I hate to do that to Draco, but now that I think about it…Lance has been looking for a mate, but he isn't about to settle for any old Servile girl. He wants somebody special. And guess what? You're special! You're the first male Servile in hundreds of years." She downed the rest of her drink and looked around. "You simply must meet him."

Harry was worried that the drink might have been stronger than Josceline intended. He wasn't surprised. Those other Veelas would have loved to get him drunk. Josceline stood up suddenly and grabbed his hand. "Come on, I'm sure he's around here somewhere." He was dragged through the crowd and away from the bar, following the slightly intoxicated Josceline further and further into the crowd. But his fingers started to slip and Josceline didn't even notice. In seconds, before Harry could tell her to slow down, she was gone, and Harry was left alone in the middle of the party. And the Primes knew it. He saw their gazes lock on him. Some started forward, eager to get their hands on him.

Harry started walking deeper into the room, searching for a familiar blond head and black suit. But he couldn't spot Draco. This worried him. There was no one stopping the Veelas from attacking him now. 'Except yourself,' Harry reminded himself. He could protect himself if he tried hard enough. He had managed wand less magic before when he had been in danger. Hopefully it would kick in now.

Before Harry could think of a plan, the back of his shirt was grabbed and he was pulled backwards. Harry struggled, yelling, but the music and the chatter was such that he could not be heard. With another painful jerk he was slammed against a wall. He let out a moan of pain, closing his eyes to try a clear the stars that he saw when his head connected with the wall.

A body pressed against his and a hand grabbed both of Harry's wrists and yanked them above his head. Harry groggily opened his eyes to see a teen, probably a year older than him with hair slightly less red than Ron's and dull green eyes. The boy used his other hand to run his thumb over Harry's face and down his neck. "So beautiful," the boy whispered, watching as his thumb slid over the smooth pale skin.

"Let me go." Harry growled, struggling even harder.

The boy didn't even seem to be putting any effort into holding him there. He leaned forward; face centimeters away from Harry's. "Not without tasting those delicious looking lips." He closed the distance and kissed Harry roughly, forcing his teeth open with his tongue and exploring Harry's mouth. Harry was tired of it. He was tired of always being forcibly kissed and taken advantage of.

So he acted quickly. He bit down harshly on the tongue inside his mouth and lifted his knee to ram it in between the boy's legs. While he was dealing with the pain of these to attacks, Harry managed to slip from his grasp and was about to run away when he felt a hand grab his hair and yank him forcibly back. He was again thrown into the wall and held there. "Not getting away that easily." Said the boy before forcing Harry into a kiss again.

Harry bit down on the boy's lip, hoping it would make him stop but it only made him deepen the kiss and moan. He paused only for a second to mutter, "You taste amazing,", and then went back to kissing. His hands snaked down Harry's sides and grasped his butt firmly in his hands.

But in a flash the boy was on the floor, being towered over by a very pissed looking Draco Malfoy. Harry slid down the wall and sat on the ground, wiping at his mouth and swearing. The boy attempted to get up to fight back. Draco knocked him back down with a kick to his stomach. And Harry thought this was enough. The boy was off him and everything was okay. But Draco was still angry. He went down on the ground and started punching every inch of the boy he could reach. "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HARRY!" he screamed as he beat the boy mercilessly.

Harry tried to stop him, as this was going too far, yet he was not strong enough to pull Draco's arm away. "Draco, stop it!" Harry shouted over Draco's growls. Only when he heard this did Draco pause. He turned his eyes to Harry and the anger faded away. He pulled Harry close to him and started searching him for injuries. "I'm fine, Draco."

Assured that Harry hadn't been hurt, Draco picked him up in his arms. Harry was going to protest until Draco silenced him. "Just hold on to my neck, Harry. Please."

Surprisingly, Harry did as he was told. It was just the tone of Draco's voice that made him think that listening to the boy would be best. When Harry was holding on tight, Draco looked down at the boy he had beaten. There were lots of bruises, and a bit of blood. The boy didn't look like he'd be moving anytime soon. Draco wasn't concerned. Veelas healed fast and the boy would be fine. But while he was still like this, Draco had a little warning to give.

Draco grabbed the boy's hand and dragged him behind him. He used his other arm to hold Harry tightly to him. He had seen a group of Veelas sitting on a couch not too far away, cheering on the boy as he kissed Harry. It angered him. Nobody touched Harry but him. Harry was his.

When he made it over to the group of about seven Veelas, who had all fallen silent at the sight of their friend's beaten form, he threw the boy at their feet. "If you get anywhere near Harry you will all end up looking much, much worse than this." He growled, lacing his voice with as much hate and anger as he could. And he knew he looked and sounded scary by the shiver that spread across the group. Then he felt Harry shake a little in his arms and he felt terrible. He was scaring Harry. But he had to do this. Those Veelas had to know. Harry wasn't available for the taking. "Stay away from him." Draco hissed, showing off his sharp teeth, and then he walked away, stroking Harry's back softly.

He led Harry back over to the bar and sat on a stool, placing Harry in his lap. He turned Harry's face towards his and placed butterfly kisses on his cheeks, chin, and neck. Harry tried to move his head but Draco held it in place firmly. "I have to get his scent off of you." He continued with the light kisses and then he reached Harry's lips. They were so perfect, yet tainted with the kisses of others. 'You have to fix that,' his Veela told him. Draco nodded. He did have to fix that.

Before Harry knew it Draco was kissing him on the lips. At first he was shocked and angry, but then he actually felt the kiss. It was so gentle. So nice. It wasn't rough or forced. No tongue, just lips. His eyes fluttered closed. There was the barest hint of alcohol on Draco's lips, enough for them to taste a little bit like wine. Draco's soft hand moved to the side of his face, touching it gently.

After a few more seconds, Draco pulled away and stared into Harry's eyes, breathing softly. Neither said a word, just trying to get over the shock of what had just happened. Harry was the first to come out of it. He remembered who had kissed him. Draco Malfoy, the person he had forbidden to kiss him. He grew angry, lifted his hand, and gave Draco a firm smack across the face. Draco, still in his shock, only touched the spot where Harry had hit him with his fingertips, looking a bit dazed.

Harry left him, too angry and ashamed to think straight. He pushed deeper and deeper into the room, holding back tears. He hadn't liked that kiss. He hadn't. It was a mistake. A huge mistake. Draco had forced it on him, just like every other damn Veela in this place.

Harry had been so distracted with his thoughts that he didn't realize he had wandered into the dark section of the room in the way back. Suddenly moving bodies were pressing against him, touching him. Loud music was blaring against his ears, distracting him. Veelas were dancing all around him, throwing him from side to side. He finally managed to find a small space where he could stand and regain himself. He managed a few deep breathes until two Veelas had him pinned between their bodies, with one grinding against his front and the other against his butt. His attempts at moving away were hopeless since the Veela at his back had a firm grip on his hips so he could grind harder. The one in front of him had attached himself to Harry's neck with his mouth. Both men moaned loudly, and the one at his neck bit down harshly, making Harry yelp. The one at his back grinded even harder, making sure Harry could feel his erection.

"Damien, Abram, that's enough." Said a voice that made Harry freeze in fear. He couldn't even move as the two men were replaced by strong arms that circled around his waist and pinned him against a large chest. "Did you miss me, Beautiful?" Endus whispered in his ear. Harry let out a whimper, suddenly wishing he had stuck with Draco. "I missed you. I've been waiting for this day. I knew Draco wouldn't have the guts to claim you. And now I get to. All three of us will get a taste of that gorgeous little bum. Such a shame Darrius is too busy flirting with that Servile girl to join in the fun."

He was dragged back with a hand over his mouth so he couldn't call out for help. Damien and Abram stood close, hiding Harry from all the others. Harry struggled, throwing his weight from side to side, tears streaming down his face because he knew what they were going to do to him. "Shhh, Beautiful. We'll be gentle. As long as you do what we say." Endus slipped his hand into Harry's pants, under his boxers, and wrapped it around one of Harry's butt cheeks. Harry screamed into his hand. "I can't wait." Endus growled, squeezing painfully.

He heard a door open and was pulled inside. Endus lifted him up off the ground and carried him down a hall. He opened another door and waited till Abram had shut the door behind him. With a wicked grin he carried a struggling Harry over to the bed and threw him down. Harry moved to roll off the bed but suddenly his arms were pinned above his head by Damien and Abram, who both shot him a sickly grin.

Endus got on top of him, straddling his hips. His hands roved over Harry's body, his eyes glowing with lust. "This is going to be wonderful." He chuckled. "Ready, Beautiful?"

"G-get off of me!" he yelled, unable to keep the fear out of his voice.

"No, not right now. We still have so much to do. Starting with kissing those lovely pink lips until they bruise and taking off those concealing clothes." Endus slammed his lips down on Harry's, taking no time in shoving his tongue down Harry's throat. Endus used one hand to hold Harry's head still and he reached the other out to Damien who handed over a knife.

If Harry was panicked before it was nothing compared to now. He started crying again, done with trying to look brave. Endus bit his bottom lip, causing it to bleed. When he pulled away from Harry's mouth his lips were stained red. He saw Harry eyeing the knife. "I'm going to cut those clothes to shreds. You won't be needing them anytime soon."

Harry opened his mouth to protest until his lips were caught by Damien, who took no time in mapping out Harry's mouth with his tongue. Harry could no longer see Endus, but felt a slight tug at his shirt and heard a ripping noise. Goosebumps appeared all over his skin as it was attacked by the cool air of the room.

Harry pleaded in his mind for Draco, or anybody to come and stop this. Endus's hands were now sliding over his chest. The hands stopped and Endus teased Harry's nipples with his fingers. They hardened at the contact and Harry let out a moan, much to his embarrassment. Endus laughed and continued his ministrations, turning Harry into a shivering mess. "Damien, stop." Endus ordered. "I want to see his face."

Damien obeyed and back off. Endus locked eyes with Harry and slowly lowered his mouth towards Harry's chest. He took one of the pink nubs in his mouth and sucked. Another moan. Tears poured down Harry's face. Why did his body like this? Why did it feel good?

Endus bit down and Harry screamed, arching his back off the bed. Endus gave the other nipple the same treatment and then pulled away, smirking. "That felt good, didn't it, Beautiful? You liked it. But I'm going impatient." He slid down Harry's body and paused at the button to his pants.

"No…no, please." Harry begged. "Please stop it…please…"

Endus laughed again. "Your begging is only turning me on more."

"Please…don't do this…please."

This didn't stop Endus. He swiftly undid the button and pulled down the zipper. Taunting Harry even more, he licked a line up Harry's stomach, then back down and swirled his tongue in Harry's belly button. Then he placed bite marks all over the pale skin. Harry let out another small whimper.

He moved back down and used the knife to cut huge slashes in Harry's pants, revealing inch after inch of pale leg. With the help of Damien and Abram he managed to rip the pants off of Harry till he was in nothing more than his red boxers.

Without any sort of hesitation Endus ripped off the underwear and stared, his eyes wide. Harry saw that all the men were distracted at the moment, and made a move to escape. Endus noticed and slapped Harry's face hard. "You're not going anywhere. We're going to ravish your sexy arse until you can't walk for a week." Endus's voice had gone so deep it was practically a growl. "Look at you," Endus raked his eyes over Harry's body. "So beautiful. Draco is a fool. He should have claimed you while he had the chance. But now I will. And you'll live with me, where I'll get to fuck you anytime I want. You won't need clothes. I don't want anything to cover this delicious looking body. And you'll shake that little ass for me, begging me to just rip you apart. My little slut. Every day I'll have your mouth wrapped around my cock, sucking it like a whore." Endus's face spilt into a huge grin. "I just thought of a good use for that pretty little mouth."

Endus got off of the bed and started removing his clothes. While he was busy Damien and Abram leaned over and began touching him, running their hands over his body. Damien kissed him again. Abram trailed his finger down Harry's stomach and reached his cock. He stroked it gently and Harry started shaking again, bucking into the man's hand, disgusted at himself.

Soon Endus came back over and shooed them away. They too striped down, eager for their turns at the beautiful boy. Endus placed his knees on either side of Harry's neck, his cock erect and very huge, throbbing with need. Harry's eyes went wide and his breathing became irregular. He shook his head wildly and begged the man not to do this. Endus only grinned and moved his cock closer to Harry's mouth. Abram had settled between his legs, forcing them apart as far as they would go. He licked Harry's cock and Harry had to hold back a moan. "Open wide, Beautiful." Endus hissed.

An idea struck Harry. It was his only chance to get out of this. He did open his mouth and he let out a high pitched whining noise. This earned him another slap to the face. "You're going to pay for that, Beautiful." And then he moved forward.


Draco was talking to Lance, the host of the party, and sipping at his drink when he heard it. The noise. It was the sound of a Servile in danger. He looked around to see if anyone else had heard it. Nobody seemed to notice. That meant it was just for him to hear. Draco's eyes went wide and he dropped his drink. "Harry…" he whispered. "I'll be right back." He said, and took off towards where they were come from, leaving behind a very confused Lance.

He pushed through the crowd, not caring about the dirty looks he was getting. Harry was in trouble, but where. He sniffed, trying to locate Harry's scent. He turned, barreling towards a door, snarling at anyone who got in his way. He threw it open and stormed down the hall, sniffing the air. He could smell Harry but he also smelt others intermingling with that scent. That meant someone else was with Harry. Draco was so mad at himself. He had hurt Harry, and hadn't gone after him because he couldn't face the boy after stealing yet another kiss from him.

Draco ran down that hall and threw open every door. He started to lose hope as he neared the end of the hall, but then he paused at one door and heard a moan from the other side. Draco knew he had found the right room

He opened the door and was met with a horrible sight. Something straight out of his worst nightmares. Endus had his knees on either side of Harry's head and was thrusting his cock into Harry's mouth. Abram was between Harry's legs, sucking Harry's cock like it was a lollipop. Damien was dragging his nails across Harry's stomach and licking away the blood when it rose up. Harry's face was stained with tears and was bruised.

Draco was frozen; staring as the sensations became too much for Harry and he came into Abram's waiting mouth. His crying doubled, and the extra stimulation was all Endus needed to come deep and hard down Harry's throat. Then pulled out and forced Harry to swallow it all. "Now let's move on to that tight little ass." Chuckled Endus.

"NO!" Draco screamed and shot forward towards the bed, wanting, needing to rip Endus to shreds for what he was doing to Harry. Endus was shocked for a second, but then he jerked his head and the two other Veelas got up and succeeded in trapping Draco. "NO!" Draco struggled with all his might.

Endus lifted himself up and harshly turned Harry over and onto his stomach. He straddled Harry's legs. He moved his hands to Harry's butt, groping it and rubbing his hands over it. "Draco, Draco, Draco…" Endus said, pinning Harry down when he tried to struggle. Suddenly, Endus gasped in pain and removed his hands from Harry. "You burned me!" he yelled, grabbing Harry's hair and tugging it backward until his lips were at Harry's ear. "You just lost all chance of me preparing you." His other hand moved to Harry's neck and started choking him. Harry's eyes bugged out of his head, his face slowly turning purple.

Endus turned his head to face Draco. "You should have claimed him, Draco. Now he'll be mine."

"LET HIM GO! NOW!" Draco roared, finally managing to slip free. He moved forward, but was stopped as Endus tightened his grasp on Harry's neck.

"Or what, Draco?" Endus asked, quirking an eyebrow, oblivious to the fact that Harry's face started to slowly take on a dangerous shade of blue. "I do not fear you."

"But you do fear Lance's parents." Draco hissed. Endus's face scrunched up in anger. "I'll tell him, and he'll tell them, and then your life will be over. They won't appreciate you trying to rape a Servile at their son's party."

"You wouldn't," Endus spat, his fingers loosening a bit and allowing Harry just a tiny bit of air.

"I would," Draco said with absolute determination. "And don't think you can just keep me shut up in here till you're done. I was just talking to Lance and he'll be wondering where I am if I'm gone too long."

Endus was trying to find a loophole somewhere. When he couldn't, he turned back towards Harry and whispered in his ear. "This isn't over. We'll continue it another time. Keep that little ass safe for me."

With one last squeeze to Harry's butt, Endus got up to put his clothes on, Damien and Abram soon following suit. Draco glared at them hatefully as they left, waiting until the door shut behind them before going to Harry.

Harry hadn't moved. He was in shock. He could still feel Endus's hands on him, stroking and touching him in places that shouldn't be touched. He could still feel Endus's lips, tasting like alcohol that made Harry want to vomit. He felt Draco next to him, who had somehow retrieved his Harry's underwear and with shaking hands was sliding them on so Harry didn't feel so exposed.

Draco's face appeared in his line of vision, tears filling his grey eyes. "I'm so sorry, Harry…I shouldn't have kissed you…I should have been here to stop this before it happened…"

Harry couldn't look at Draco. He felt so dirty, so tainted. "Go away…" he whispered, not wanting to talk to Draco at the moment.

Draco's face grew even sadder. "Harry, please, I just want to help…I want you to know that I'm sorry…" He gently grabbed Harry's hand, stroking the knuckles with his thumb in what he hoped was a soothing way.

Harry flinched and pulled his hand away. "Draco, leave. Just leave."

"But, Harry, I…" Draco was cut off with Harry, who sat up quickly and glared at Draco with angry, pain filled eyes. "I said leave, Draco! This is all your fault. If you hadn't kidnapped me, if you had just left me at Privet Drive, none of this would have happened. I didn't want to go to this stupid party…it's all your fault. Just leave me alone, please…" Harry hid his face it the pillows.

Draco stared at Harry for a few more moments, and then pulled the covers on the bed up to Harry's shoulders, warming him. He left silently, wiping the tears from his eyes and hoping that somehow, someway, Harry could forgive him.

Harry sobbed, finally letting the events of the past few minutes overcome him. If Draco hadn't stopped him, Endus would have gone a lot farther. He would have raped him. Another fresh wave of tears poured over his face. He had never felt so disgusted with himself. His body had reacted without his consent. He had come. The thought of come made Harry sick to his stomach. He could still taste Endus's in his mouth, so bitter and salty and disgusting. Harry swore he would never get that taste out of his mouth for as long as he lived. The whole thing was etched into his mind, every horrible minute of it. And Endus had promised it wasn't over. He was going to return someday to finish the job. And Harry, being the weak, stupid, pathetic Servile he was, wouldn't be able to stop him.

Harry was too caught up in his grief to hear the door open again, but he did feel the bed sag under somebody's weight. Suspecting Draco, Harry didn't even acknowledge the presence and instead continued crying his eyes out.

He felt a touch on his shoulder. It was gentle, soft, caring, but definitely not Draco's hand. Harry shook. Was it another Veela come to take advantage of his venerable state?

He was caught off guard when whoever it was said, "What is wrong?" The voice was male, but not Draco's either. Harry didn't turn around when he replied, scared of what he might see. "It's none of your business." He mumbled, sniffling.

"But I think it is," said the voice. "This is my party, and I would like to know why you are crying here."

His party? But did that mean this was…? "What's your name?"

"My name is Lance. What is yours?"

Lance. Joscelin had mentioned someone named Lance. Slowly, Harry turned to face the boy. He let out a small gasp. Lance was very handsome. He was wearing a black three piece suit with a white dress shirt, which looked tailor made. A red tie hung from his neck. He was slightly tan, but not too much, his skin only barely sun kissed. His eyes were blue. Blue like the deep ocean, lightly flecked with gold. His hair was dark like Harry's, but perfectly coiffed. He was a bit muscular, not unlike Draco, and he was tall from what Harry could tell from looking at the boy while he was sitting down. He looked to be about seventeen.

Lance's eyes went wide as he gazed it the other boy's face. He was beautiful, pure and simple. His eyes sparkled a green so bright they put emeralds to shame, though they were hidden behind wire rimmed glasses. He skin was like porcelain, pale and delicate. He had a heart shaped face and pink lips. His hair was messy, but it a good way that made Lance want to run his hands through it. He was small, but perfect, absolutely perfect to the very last detail.

But then he noticed the bruises and the blood. He noticed the tear stained cheeks and red rimmed eyes. And the pain behind those stunning green orbs. He wanted nothing more than to take that pain away. He caught the boy's name as it tumbled from those lovely lips. Harry. Such a beautiful name to go with such a beautiful boy.

Harry felt a bit uncomfortable with the boy's staring. He knew he probably looked like crap, but it wasn't something he could help. Lance cleared his throat and spoke, "What happened to you?" He took Harry's hand in his own and stroked it much like Draco had.

Reminded, Harry's eyes welled with tears again. He couldn't stop them from slipping down his cheeks. His body was racked with sobs again and before he knew it he was pulled into Lance's arms and his head was placed against his chest. For some strange reason he felt safe, even though he had known this boy for only a few minutes. He clung to the boy, letting out all his pain. Hesitantly, Lance placed his hand in Harry's soft, soft hair and ran it through his fingers. Lance wasn't very good at comforting, as his parents hadn't exactly been the comforting type, but he wanted to try for Harry. The boy felt so right in his arms, so soft.

Slowly, Harry pulled away, still sniffling. Lance wiped the tears away with his thumb. "You have to tell me what happened, Harry, so I can help."

Harry stared at Lance and thought he could trust him. Lance could do something about Endus. Harry gathered up his courage. "Endus…Endus tried…he tried to…" However hard he tried Harry could not say the word.

It seemed he didn't have to. He saw the dots connecting in Lance's mind. "He tried to claim you, didn't he?" It wasn't a question. Lance knew. "He is gone."

"W-what?" While Harry wanted Endus gone, he also didn't want the man to have any more reason to hurt him.

Lance cupped his face in his hands, staring into Harry's eyes. "Any one cruel enough to make someone as beautiful as you cry deserves to die a thousand deaths."

Harry blushed deeply at this statement. He had been complimented before, but never like that. Though he was nervous because Lance was in the perfect position in kiss him right now. While he liked the boy, he didn't want another kiss forced on him tonight. But Lance only gave him a perfect smile and got off the bed, extending his hand. "Would you like to join the party again? We can confront Endus. I will protect you."

Harry shook his head hurriedly, his blush deepening. "I…I don't have any clothes. Endus destroyed them."

Lance blushed too and he admitted some very undapper thoughts crossed his mind. He shoved them back. "I'm sure I have something." He turned and walked into the closet, which was filled with clothes like every closet in this house. He searched, looking for a perfect suit for Harry to wear. He smiled when he found it.

Harry waited patiently for Lance to come back from inside the walk in closet. He noticed that Lance, in the little time Harry had known him, had treated Harry at lot better than Draco ever had. He was so glad he had found a Veela who wasn't intent on jumping him at every opportunity.

Lance returned carrying a three piece suit in his hands with shoes, only this one had a green dress shirt. He handed them to Harry and allowed him to go into the bathroom to change. While he waited, Lance moved over to one of the dressers and opened a little box that was on top. He pulled two little mirrors out and slid them into his pocket, smiling even wider. He heard a click and saw Harry exit the bathroom. The dress shirt clung to him, showing off a lithe body. The color accented Harry's eyes, making them even brighter. He looked gorgeous.

Again Lance extended his hand towards Harry, who took it and allowed himself to be led from the room and back out into the hall. Lance helped him take what had happened and shove it into the back of his mind. Lance's hand was warm and reassuring. It gave Harry a sense of protection. "How did you know I was in that room?"

Lance frowned. "Well, I was conversing with Draco Malfoy when he suddenly took off. I waited for a bit and saw him at the door that lead to this hallway, not letting anyone through. He seemed really distraught. I immediately knew something was wrong. So I took one of the other entrances and found you."

They had now reached another door. Lance opened it and they were attacked by the music and chatter of the party. Lance tightened his grip on Harry's and started forward, eyes searching the crowd. No Primes dared move towards Harry while he was with Lance, and this only strengthened the feeling of safety Harry had around this boy. They spotted Endus sitting at the bar, drinking and chatting with other Primes. "Stay behind me." Lance said firmly, his eyes darkening in anger. Harry did as he was told. He knew it was for the best.

Lance walked right up to Endus, head held high and a frown on his face. Endus regarded them as they approached, scowling. Then he noticed Harry hiding behind Lance's much taller frame and he smirked, sending a shiver of fear down the small boy's spine. The memories came back and he shook until he felt Lance's hand squeeze his reassuringly. Lance wouldn't let anything happen to him.

"Endus," Lance stated clearly, with a very political like voice, as if they were discussing a law of some sort. "I demand that you leave at once."

Endus's eyes darkened as well and he growled lowly, slamming down his drink and standing. He towered over Lance, casting the boy in his shadow. "Is that so?"

"Yes," said Lance, his voice never wavering. Harry liked how brave Lance was.

"And why would that be?"

Lance's courage must have ignited some of Harry's own, because Harry got out from behind Lance and placed his finger on Endus's chest. Lance was telling Harry to come back, but Harry wasn't hearing it. "You know very well why, you bastard. I told him what you did to me."

"Did you now?" Endus said this so calmly that a little stab of fear returned to Harry. In a flash Endus had wrapped his hand around Harry's arm and yanked him off the floor to hold him in the air. Harry let out a cry of pain. "And who said you could do that, hmmm?"

Luckily, Lance quickly took Harry back and wrapped one arm around him, holding him to his chest in a protective stance while he glared at Endus. "Get out." Lance commanded.

Endus shot one more dirty look at Harry before picking up his glass and leaving. Lance led Harry over to a couch and sat him down. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He steadied his breathing and then leaned back against the couch. "What's Endus's problem?"

"Endus is just not a good man. He's had two mates previously, but they died under 'unknown circumstances'. I think he killed them. Unfortunately, we have no proof, so he got off." Lance sighed. "You must be very careful around him. You have no idea what he is capable of."

"I think I do…" Harry whispered, staring at his knees and again trying to forget.

Lance instantly felt bad. "I'm sorry, Harry, I forgot. But don't worry. I won't allow anything like that to ever happen again. Do you trust me?"

Harry didn't know. He hadn't known Lance for all that long, but he seemed very nice and trustworthy. "I guess so." He yawned and laid his head against Lance's shoulder, who instantly stiffened up and then relaxed. "Yeah, I do trust you."

He had almost fallen asleep when Draco showed up, looking anything but happy. "Harry, it's late. We should leave. You're tired." He glared at Lance, who instantly moved to the side so that Harry was no longer resting on his shoulder. Reluctantly, Harry stood up and moved to Draco's side to prevent Draco from getting in a fight with Lance.

Lance stood and took Harry's hand. Giving a very gentlemanly bow, Lance kissed his hand softly while and the same time sliding something into his hand. Harry closed his hand around it, deciding to look at it later. Straightening up, Lance gave Draco a firm handshake. "It was a pleasure to have you here, Draco. I hope to see both of you again soon. Perhaps we can write to each other?"

"Maybe," Draco said, a frown on his face.

Draco then wrapped his arm around Harry's waist and tugged him away towards the main doors. Harry looked over his shoulder to see Lance shot him a wink and point to a tiny mirror in his hand. Harry realized it was just like the one in his. He didn't know what it was, but he smiled back and Lance until the doors shut behind him…

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